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I am an ordinary Yalutorovsk man, I am 45 years old, call Sergey. For quite some time now I ceased to have "a bit on the side" from the wife, too troublesome this business, – heavy expenses, the wife catches a smell of foreign woman and bothered to change them because they after two – begin to raise three months the claim to you, you leave her and you get new. Another matter the passive little man, he doesn't need to give flowers, to drive on restaurants, just you meet in the secluded place and you receive what you looked for. Sometimes such guys who like to put on in women's come across. Such are also given as women. By the way, and I glance at the son-in-law very long ago. The strong little man, with dense buttocks, and legs at him thick as at the woman also remind female thighs. I peeped it accidentally when he walked on giving in shorts. To dream, as they say it isn't harmful, but I always after a joint feast with alcohol, in thoughts represented him naked and tried on on him female features of my wife. A brassiere, tights, panties, and, above all that in my dreams everything met and didn't look ridiculously. The contact with the son-in-law was always friendly, we sometimes with him go on hunting. And on hunting you understand, a fire, hundred grams, jokes and of course stories about the past. Generally came to terms. Somehow the wife with the daughter left on the South according to permits, and we with Oleg, with my son-in-law, remained on economy, we had big plans for repair of kitchen and what to tell, living in the private house, there will always be many different cases. In the first day as soon as the plane of our women came off a runway strip, we decided to drink vodka, to make shish kebabs and for one to update a new bath. We took seat in the yard near a brazier, and the bath burned so far, imperceptibly under brochette sentenced vodka about a liter. A word the bachelor party was successful wonderfully well. My son-in-law purely city dweller and when wasn't in a ban with men. He always came into her as in the museum and with interest looked around. In public baths he wasn't too, on it, for him a bath, it is almost an extreme. For the end we came into a bath and I the first began to undress to a goal. – What the father to strip to the skin perhaps? – Of course to a goal, I answer it, I a venichok will steam you, you learn what it is a high … I look, he timidly undresses, and itself glances at my dick. Well, I think, only those men who want something brand new in sex stare at others dicks. My dick and balls at me are always shaven, but I only slightly shorten hair on a pubis, in order to avoid excess questions from the wife. At me though brief experience in bisexual questions, but on a case of an unforeseen blowjob from the wife or the constant friend, I keep the economy in an order. As soon as we undressed, I led the son-in-law in a sweating room and having seated him on a bench, began to spill water in basins, – he here for the first time, – still will burn …. I look, he still doesn't lower a look from my dick, and at him the dick began to get up. Soon he at him stood as a stake that to me was very pleasant. I look that Oleg tests some awkwardness, covering him with hands, and then I decided to relieve the tension. – Oleg, you what never saw a penis? You can touch at me, he doesn't bite … I look, and my zyatk slightly exhausted, he smiled, timidly gave a hand and my dick felt. – Yes it is more courageous, be not afraid! We relatives someone learns. He ineptly feels, and at me the dick began to get up too. I took seat near him and threw back the head back, – ah as it is pleasant when to you the dick and balls caress. He at me so was already poured that I was ready to make nonsense, I didn't know about desires of my son-in-law and didn't want to look silly in his eyes. Nevertheless, I spread the legs wider what and my balls derived pleasure and whispered, – ah as it is good – that. Oleg. You are so lovely with me … I feel that he clasped a trunk of my dick with all fingers and began to masturbate slowly. – In, shit I think how remarkably everything develops, now I will always have a friend in a bath for a drochka … I brought up him to myself closer and I feel how Oleg began to kiss a head of my dick. At first shy touches by lips, the kiss then assured and here it, заглот heads in his charming mouth. – Unless it not happiness to have in a ban a blowjob from the relative, same it is healthy. I couldn't constrain the groans and began to stick his head on the dick. Continuing to think only of good, I suddenly understood that at us with the son-in-law it will be obligatory sex. It is an obvious passive, and therefore at me in the head the plan ripened, – I have to dress him as the whore. If I terminate to him in a mouth now, then the high will break off and accidental sex which can be copied then on anything will turn out. No, I think the sonny, we will organize all this efficiently and with feeling now, so to speak. I discharged him, raised, his dick took in the hand and having kissed him at first on a mouth, and then and in a head of his current dick, forced him to terminate directly to me in a mouth. Having swallowed everything till the rest, I asked it, – it was pleasant? – Yes! Just very well father … – We will continue houses? – By itself … He leaned back on polat and relaxed. We were washed, I steamed out his bum a broom so that it was silk and pink as buttocks of the baby. Someone someone, and I – that know how I am pliable the daddy when to relax her in a bath a venichok, it is only necessary to hurry. – Wait, I now for you will bring a dressing gown, only don't put on, – I shortly threw. I hurry to the house, and at most in temples began to knock from t Oka of good luck, not – I will insert, not – me it was lucky???... I run to the bedroom and I am enough from a case a silk dressing gown of the wife which she likes to dress when we are houses some. He only slightly closes her buttocks, and she constantly him seduces me on sex. I want that he dressed him if he dresses, everything, he will become my mistress. When we went to the house, I suggested him to remove a dressing gown. He complied with my request, and I having given him on a bum a good slap, added, – now you are my wife, let's go vodka we will drink the darling … Oleg having smiled I agreed and we slipped in the house. In the house we continued our feast, I absolutely to remove stress confessed that on service of me there was a partner, the fan to suck. Here and mine зятёк frankly said that he sometimes wishes to try on lingerie. This idea very much was pleasant to me also I сходив to the bedroom, returned with underwear of my wife. There were also lacy panties and stockings on elastic bands and even a brassiere. The son-in-law considered this wealth and from it he a stake had a dick. – Go put on, be my whore, well today? Oleg, I will call you Olay today … Oleg what without having answered with huge interest examining the new things I disappeared in the bathroom, and I went to the bedroom. There I included video with a disk where young people suck at healthy and adult men, I was very much brought by this subject and I slowly nadrachivat the dick waiting for Olechki. At last it appeared in the same dressing gown which as if accidentally I fell down from his shoulders. The picture was that it is necessary. His fat legs were covered with openwork stockings mine wives, from under openwork panties the penis stuck out. A picture, indescribable and invigorating. I still then thought, this dick he fucked my daughter, ah, as I want to fuck him now … Without hurrying, I approached him, that is her, to Olga, stroked his naked back lowered a hand on his velvet buttocks through panties, then pushed a hand to buttocks and having groped his hole and began to finger a finger his hot anus rotating the finger clockwise. I look, at the son-in-law eyes became drowsy, and he was seized by a shiver as if it with him for the first time. – You are a tselochka? quietly I ask him … – Yes, he as if lowed this some misunderstanding. – What terrible, now we will correct it the darling, and bended over him. From him panties already flew, but stockings remained to flaunt on his legs as if it is the whore. It is a pity that there was no linen of my daughter, flashed in my head, I would represent now that I fuck her, but not the wife. I plentifully wetted the dick and his anus saliva and rigidly inserted, wishing to tear a tselochka at one stroke. Olechka screamed from pain, oh it isn't necessary, I changed the mind, I am not such … Perfectly, I thought and with big persistence I pressed on an anus of the whore. Olya cried with a new force, but I raised her pants with lace and thrust them into her mouth. – Suffer the lovely girl, here so, and my dick broke in his intestines. Interesting feeling, I thought about myself. I every time feel it when I someone deprive of the anal virgin. – As soon as you appear in virgin buttocks, you for some reason think how abruptly, to you here someone was ever, and you as the pioneer, rammed a path for others … I hear the body that on a body of my son-in-law there is a nervous trembling and a small fever. – Perfectly I thought, really it was a tselochka and having listened to his body I began to increase turns gradually. Him so far already I began to accept well me, and unrestrainedness of a fucking led both of us to an orgasm. The boy groaned under me as if the woman at whom the orgasm just about will approach. At last his anal muscles as if at the woman, began to contract convulsively and from his dick breakthroughs the cum began to stream. The son-in-law strained and moaned through a gag of panties. From such high and I had a plentiful eruption as though I gave monthly norm. – Here it is happiness when you cum along with the partner, I thought and I left him. My dick didn't fall as it happened to the wife, and was ready for new feats. Oleg fell sideways and I just saw happiness tears on his face. Panties were in his mouth, he deeply breathed a nose, and from his pulsing buttocks my cum proceeded. – Yes, long ago I had no such outright sex, I thought about myself and stroked his buttocks. – Thanks the daddy, having pulled out panties of my wife from a mouth, my son-in-law said. – Don't tell thanks the sonny, I to you tore a tselochka … – Yes horse-radish with her with the virgin to someone it is interesting the main thing I felt something new … On it and thanks. – Well time so, then we will always fuck now when you want … You will want? – I will surely want the daddy. He bent down the head to my dick and having taken both hands him in a mouth, made him stronger and asked, – and now vyeb me slowly. He pulled on himself these panties, and I having removed серёдыш panties aside, slowly and slowly inserted the hot dick into the smashed hole of my son-in-law. I felt how on intestines my white cum which greased all stenochka so that it became pleasant to both was smeared. We slowly shook on a bed, Olya lifted up legs up and cried with happiness. So my son-in-law Oleg – Olya became my mistress, the mistress of the father-in-law. Skilled: This story under a liqueur glass was whispered to me by my cousin when I was at him on a visit. The son-in-law at him and the truth the cool guy, I also was convinced of it. biact6252@mail. Write ru, tell the stories, we will publish … host for dating game date excel formula site mapMain Page