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My university is literally in 3 stops of the subway from my house. Having gone down in the subway I noticed that there is a lot of people though yet not rush hour. Having hardly pushed into the car, I got up near an entrance quickly to leave. As soon as we went down in a tunnel, I felt that to me under a skirt someone's hand climbs. She impudently reached panties and began to caress fingers a perineum. I didn't begin to turn around and take away a hand, and only placed legs more widely. The stranger removed a thread of panties and implanted two fingers into the become wet vagina. I strong squeezed lips not to moan. Judging, by the sizes of fingers, the impudent fellow was a large man. He continued to mass my pussy, periodically fingering a clitoris. Later a stop, I felt that I will terminate soon and began to be stuck on a hand to the stranger. Unexpectedly, he implanted a finger of the second hand to me into buttocks why it became a little sore. I slightly opened a mouth and licked lips. The man was active both hands, fucking me in an anal and in a vagina at the same time. I was strong stuck to him on fingers and, suddenly, felt a strong orgasm. Without turning around, I jumped out of the train and ran on the street. Today there was a difficult day, I should ask for leave at the dean for a week from occupations as we with the father had to fly to Dubai in a holiday. — Alexander Ivanovich — I knocked in a director's office. — Enter — the male voice answered. — Alexander Ivanovich, my name is Sokolova Maria, I from the 3rd course and I want to ask for leave from occupations for a week. We with the father go to a holiday to Dubai. — Хм — the director discontentedly frowned eyebrows and loured, — Masha, and you know how it is necessary to ask to receive days off? It is very important for me that schoolgirls were formed and diligent. You are, here, a diligent schoolgirl? I don't see on you an educational form and golfs. I understood at once that it is necessary for the director and told that I will come through an hour. He approvingly nodded with a grin. On the opposite side of institute there was a shop of carnival costumes to which I immediately went. — Hello — I blurted out immediately. — I look for the schoolgirl's suit with golfs to hips. Do you have such? — Of course, now I will bring options — the slender brunette left to other hall and dragged several packed sets. — Let me help you to change clothes — she told, hardly biting chubby lips. — Oh yes you very much will help me — I wildly wanted that the sexy shop assistant touched me in a fitting room, besides, I constantly examined her nipple which slightly got out of a deep decollete. Having come into a fitting room, the shop assistant got up behind me on knees and began to pull together with me jeans. I threw off a shoe to facilitate it a task. Then the brunette clasped with both hands my hips and pulled panties down. I was very much made horney and spread legs a little. I always so do, intuitively, when I begin to become wet. The girl noticed this movement and two hands undertook my buttocks. Suddenly, I felt that she covers it with kisses. Having moved apart two hands my buttocks, the shop assistant carried out by a uvula on edge of an anus several times, and then at all inserted it into a hole. — Oh — I moaned from excitement and slightly bent to a mirror forward. — Yes, more deeply, more deeply, lick my buttocks — I was overflowed by emotions. My assistant was the skillful master and I felt strong inclination to her. Having bent down as much as possible forward, I placed legs and itself moved apart to myself buttocks hands that it was more convenient to girl to be active. — Before to dress new panties from a set you need to lick properly a pussy, and that you will soil linen — the brunette a little prichmekivy said. Then it is a podlezla under my basin and greedy I clasped with lips all my pizda. — Oh, you such juicy, I to you will lick everything to the last droplet here. — And yes, here so, suck my clitoris, a suchenk — I was in frenzy. The shop assistant strongly drained in my skolzsky sponges together with a clitoris and I powerfully terminated her in a mouth. — Give, pressures a pussy are more feasible — the brunette slightly opened a mouth and took out language, having set up the person directly under my vagina. I strongly strained and felt that from him a lot of liquid directly on language to the shop assistant flows. She licked lips and my pussy enough, without having left, droplets, as promised. Having put on in a set of the dissolute schoolgirl I went to a director's office to elicit a holiday. — Alexander Ivanovich, it is possible to enter? — I knocked in an office. — Come, the child — was distributed because of a door. The dean sat on a chair at the big oak table. He had extremely serious look. He attentively examined me frowningly. For nearly sixty years he enough, not bad looked and had a good constitution and growth. His gray-haired, but thick hair was disobediently disheveled that made him very lovely. — Approach me, Sonechka, closer. — Of course, Alexander Ivanovich — I immediately approached the dean and got up directly before him. — And now lift up a T-shirt and caress the nipples. I immediately lifted up a top and began to rumple nipples fingers. The dean thrust the hand into the same time to me under a skirt and began to caress the become wet panties. I got up so that he took with tongue to nipples and could take them in a mouth, it very much makes horney me. Several moments later I already flowed and wetted linen through. Then the dean took pity and removed from me panties. I began to worry that he can not get up a dick, it not young, but to my amazement a knob on his trousers was just huge! — Now I want that you sucked to me a dick, only at first jerk off it, and then strongly pull skin so that the basis had your cam and then suck! — professor distributed instructions, as at the lectures which he gave between the main work and a fucking of schoolgirls. I felt that I strongly pulled skin and his huge head literally began to flush, but I liked to look at sweet sufferings of the dean, and it is necessary to an old goat. — And you, unless, won't lick my pussy? — I began to elicit pleasures and for myself. — That you the girl, of course, I will be, climb on a table. I dexterously jumped on an oak table, laid down on a back, having widely stretched legs. I was very much made horney by my own stretched legs in stockings and the varnished shoes, besides, the corbel for stockings so supplemented a picture that could be terminated even without having begun. Professor undertook both hands internal parts of my hips, and itself began to lick a clitoris. It is necessary to notice, my excitement was very strong because of understanding that the old dean licks my small pussy and constantly swallows of my lubricant. — Oh, Alexander Ivanovich, you so well lick, thrust a finger to me into buttocks, I ask you! — I began to beg the old man to humour me! — I fuck the girls only in buttocks so you came to the address. The director took a penis in one hand, and another smeared fingers in a vagina until they became absolutely wet. Then properly I rubbed a head with my lubricant and I put her to my anal. — Weaken a hole, make to me pleasantly, give, Mashenka, don't resist, I all the same there will get. Professor persistently pushed a dick to me to the back from what fat is very sick and I moaned at the top of the voice. — And, Alexander Ivanovich, to me it is painful, stop thrusting a dick, he doesn't climb, you don't see!? But the old man wasn't appeased. Having a little taken pity, he bent and spat my anus to make him more pliable. Then the head started over again breaking in a hole, but this time she managed it. Having inserted a dick to me into an ass, the director moaned and strongly achieved of speed. — It is pleasant to you, the little bitch!? If you love my penis, then tell!? Alexander Ivanovich reveled in the victory and his pushes became stronger. Just broke off my anal from his dick, I shouted, but now not from pain, and from pleasure. One hand I fingered a clitoris, and the second caressed a nipple while the dean strongly fucked me in buttocks. — Oh, Masha, your buttocks the narrowest of all what I hollowed where you want that I terminated — in a mouth or in buttocks? — I want both there and there, professor, please — I begged about a cum, choking with these mad pushes in an anus. — Well, then substitute a face — the dean got a penis from buttocks, and I sat down to get him a mouth. Having grabbed two hands a dick, I began to jerk off it that is forces. — Oh, the bitch, oh, what bitch, jerk off still, I almost cum — Alexander Ivanovich spread my mouth on the dick and I felt the first wave of a cum in the throat. Then, he sharply pulled out a penis and directed him to my person. Couple more of powerful splashes it appeared on my face. Then the director quickly laid me back on a table and sharply the dick back stuck into a razdrochenny hole. Passed about half-minute and only after that Alexander Ivanovich got a dick outside. — Well, Mashenk, things are easy, you needed to lick my dick and to pack him back into pants, then you can fly to have a rest with the daddy at the sea. I obeyed his ox and began to lick already wrinkled dick and balls. Then I jumped out on the street with unclear feeling. Whether I was a whore, whether the nymphomaniac, but now knew precisely — I love sex above all! hide dating apps on iphone date x days from now site mapMain Page