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Dear sirs, I will begin with the fact that I already as am month in the city of Sochi in a business trip. And for this month I could devote to rest as handed over an object to this pus to the Olympic Games. I won't go into details of the work I will tell only an essence. In the commission which accepted I обїект had a girl — the secretary who wrote down all questions and answers and well and any hogwash, and so at us with her from the very first day the sparkle but to a relationship as didn't reach slipped and was once. Last Friday I after all handed over this object and on pleasures invited Natasha in restaurant. She at first didn't agree and said that she doesn't love these sit-round gathering but on her eyes I saw that she wants will meet me. Eventually she agree but not to restaurant and club the Beacon well and on it all and settled. I came for her by car she left and we drove with her in club. The club at the first look was pleasant to me we rose with her by the 3rd floor sat down to a table and began to thump and of course to communicate. So I flew by likely hour can and one and a half we drank with her almost a bottle to cognac and a talk went more frank. At this time in club the entertainment program began acted the transvestite of a show and respectively the conversation at us with her passed about transvestites. Of course to me was this subject is pleasant but I couldn't admit yet that I too from this circle. Then we went with it to dance there on a dance floor it was difficult to communicate with it as music rattled and to us it bothered both and we decided to leave this institution and went outside. Natusik so I called her after club suggested to go to visit to her girlfriend at the same time her eyes something brightly burned and it is very tempting smiled. I agreed and we caught I left the wheelbarrow on the parking and went to visit to the girlfriend. In the car she called the girlfriend and as I sat next to her I heard that in a tube not a so female voice. when she terminated to speak with her I took an interest at her but she only began to smile asked me to trust her and to trust that it will be pleasant to me. Soon we drove to the house. It was the private sector and a beautiful three floor cottage. We passed to the house in the doorway of us the hostess but her voice not met as didn't meet with nice and even very sexual the girl. The hostess was called Rita but something in her was feeling suspiciously familiar to me and when I looked at her seductive neck I understood what the feeling is was. On a neck at her under a necklace the kadychok flaunted. I didn't begin to say what and we passed to the living room where the table was laid. Here so we also began to communicate and in the first toast I of course suggested to drink for men in an image of the woman both of them exchanged glances put the glasses on a table fixedly both looked at me just now I understood that from the very beginning I communicated with Natalya and only at a table she and her girlfriend Rita understood as both transsexuals. But they didn't know that I too in a subject and I am a transvestite that I also made having admitted to them. They about the beginning just hesitated and then cheerfully burst out laughing. So this evening I got acquainted with two very beautiful and sexy girls Rita and Natalya. This evening we just communicated to us was cheerfully and very interestingly I showed them the photos they at me always with myself on the USB stick. And there passed night in our close circle behind a booze and stories about our adventures. In the morning I woke up in the room both on a bed moreover and with the sore head and all swelled up. TO BE CONTINUED... good dating apps in usa date x cube site mapMain Page