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Timofey stood in the doorway when she fluttered out a butterfly from a bathtub splashing and squealing. My God, to his look the naked goddess, the fairy by the name of Asya appeared. Her body, except famous places, was covered with suntan. It without coming off I looked at her slightly rather heavy breasts, a round bottom (about itself noting "this milkings", "this пердак"). She span in search of a towel or some clothes. His look wandered around a pubis from which water droplets flew down. Mentally he already pinched them. Timofey reddened. To him it became awkward for the standing her, he recovered thrust him for an elastic band of pants. He earlier, especially on — youth, so did that the dick fell down, thrust him for an elastic band of pants. Having thrown with a tunic, Asya at last noticed him and having slightly been confused reddened. Through the become wet tunic the strained brown large nipples were looked through. From other room, Oleg, Asya's husband came. Thriftily touching her back, I presented them each other. Asya and Timofey got acquainted, having shaken hands. Her palm was late in his calloused hand a little longer, than it is accepted, on her body ran, a pleasant wave. She even slightly shuddered... It didn't escape Oleg's look, but she the account he didn't bother. He was confident in himself. Asya went to other room to dry hair. The husband was called and he asked Timofey to wait for him minutes 15. Told Asya that treated the guest with cocktail. Not especially being self-controlled, Timofey rushed into the room to Asya. She having already dried hair, I was in black-yellow lacy panties shorts and I tried to button a brassiere, connecting the ends of a fastener. Having already clasped, she, without turning around I heard, some movements and suddenly I felt shy touch. It was Timofey, having taken away her such "temptation" of nothing without thinking, began to kiss a back. Falling kisses down, I managed to undo teeth a brassiere fastener, releasing boobies. Ah these boobies, with large brown nipples, boobies of yet not giving birth girl. Asya tried to escape, and by a sweet, languid voice asked, to calm down the madman... She very much was afraid that they will be found by the husband. Asya practically didn't change Oleg. Only from time to time I sucked away at the father-in-law, I polished his gray-haired ball sack, I licked an anus and I allowed to urinate to myself in a mouth. About what strongly I worried, but regularly I coped with a role of the slave, slave of the father of the husband. But it was a secret behind seven seals and wasn't reflected in their matrimonial life in any way. It is rather on the contrary, her feelings were updated, were more various. Whether could happen in a different way?! Someone knows? Once long ago prior to a wedding (about four years ago), Asya came to Oleg home behind abstracts, the door was opened by his father. He was having drunk in which unbuttoned dressing gown between floors his long fat her looked out. A lovely penis, she thought then. Oleg's father literally dragged her to the apartment. She tried to call back to Oleg, but he was ahead of her with a call, asked her to wait for the house and to be afraid of nobody. His father meanwhile whether it be poorly understanding what occurs, with a force I pressed on Asya's shoulders and she kneeled. It was farther for him a trick, he practically enclosed the still a trailing dick, her in a mouth. Asya escaped, but the daddy skillfully held her for a nape. The dick promptly increased in her mouth, stretching lips. She cried, with shame and pain... Nearly pulled out her, the dick wasn't fresh. It was the firstborn of her mouth... Oleg's father dispersed, the dick went on a spree more promptly in her mouth, sometimes coming up for a kiss, and a licking of eggs. Drunk, future свекр exulted. Such young woman was caught in his net. To be honest, Asjka, was made horney too, it with fear alternately with shame, felt that it began to flow... She already responded surer posasyvaniye of the dick when he suddenly terminated. I terminated filling in with a cum of companies, a face, hair, a jacket. She sat under his her and cried... What is interesting, everything occurred without the words of delight and derogations to stop, only the movement, puffing, fight. Having devastated, the father left to sleep. Minutes twenty Asya vomited, brushed teeth, washed a face, hair, washed a jacket (she still was in clothes). In about forty minutes Oleg came, Asya departed a little by this time. Oleg apologized for the fact that the father is drunk and complained that he can't acquaint them. Asya first, wanted to complain to Oleg, will call militia, suddenly decided to tell nobody nothing. Some time Asya avoided campaigns to Oleg home, refused under any pretext. But on his birthday, she appeared in their house and so to speak got acquainted with his father Gennady Rudolfovich. The father didn't give a sign that recognized her. Though she felt that yes, I learned. Alone she didn't remain. As in fog she endured hours of stay in his house. Next day, Asya coming back home from institute about the entrance I saw the man with flowers. Oh, my God, it was Gennady Rudolfovich. At her legs nearly gave away, he after all recognized her, the female intuition didn't fail. He was clean-shaven, smelled delicious, is solidly dressed also with an astounding bouquet of flowers. To someone it he, it seems again flashed in her head, but having seen Asya rushed to her, having presented flowers worrying, confusedly explained why he here. I suggested to get into the car and there long I apologized. And he charming, not beautiful, charming, Asya thought. How many his monologue lasted she didn't remember any more, but modest, efficient Asya found herself kissing passionately with Gennady, and his hands having undone a brassiere, thriftily touched her juicy breasts, skillfully it is necessary to tell touched. It terminated in what she again at him sucked away. Ineptly still, but it is active and diligent, she made his amends, inhaling a smell of the turning gray hair of his pubis. He caressed her hair, fingered nipples and terminated deeply in a mouth. Asya to a uniform drop swallowed everything and still some time wasn't released by the dick from a mouth. "Nice succession of events, nice mouth", Gennady Rudolfovich rejoiced (by training he was a veterinarian). She left without agreeing about anything, but both understood that he will have her, she will be his whore, his rag. Probably, the destiny returned him a debt, for the fact that once having come back home found the son on the young stepmother, his new wife with whom he fell in love, in many years after the death of the first wife, Oleg's mother. Already probably having done a big way on a lobby of a body of the stepmother, Oleg hollowed her to the back. He understood it on their short a phrase. It praised him for how he licked her pussy, and he her for the back which kept virginity. To lick a pizda, Gennady Rudolfovich taught Oleg. I learned that to lick a high for the woman in her morning, waking up. It was a good pupil, the teacher. That day Gennady left unnoticed, went to the dacha, all night long drank and cried. Since then in general I began a thicket to drink. He forgave the son, is fine like, young, the dick smokes, she gave a reason he and coveted. And her darling, that with which the life rest dreamed to carry out, expelled. (Especially for) I Expelled after farewell night in which the last time licked it, хорошенечко but already not so, and probably conceding to the son, I pulled, the truth with her voluptuous shout. However she didn't present the back to it. By hearsay the sonny continued to potrakhivat her. From it it was even more sore. Since then they lived together with the son, he with pain, loved it still, with infrequent calls of prostitutes, the son with sense of superiority over the father. Gennady by the way and explained to Asya that he took her for the prostitute called by him by phone from the first comer in the newspaper of salon. And so the circular lie hooked on them. A lot of things was in Asya, Oleg and Gennady Rudolfovich's relationship. Still it is necessary to remember it. For now, the sound of the opening lock of an entrance door was heard. Timofey recoiled from Asya, she threw with the dressing gown lying nearby. Oleg entered the room not at once so they managed to cool down and make toilet, pretended that consider their wedding album. Continuation surely follows... Sergey Svodnik gay dating apps taiwan date required html site mapMain Page