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Came nearer on February 14... This night I with friends and the girl was going to go to night club of Ayr (Krasnodar)... But I didn't know what on itself to dress, and I called the friend to do a bit of traveling with me on shops... It wasn't necessary to choose, and we went to boutique of clothes (diesel)... There was a lot of choice, but we with the friend even became puzzled a little and called the consultant... The girl of year 21 — 22 was a consultant... She was of average height, dark hair, a beautiful face... in a word very nice. She brought me several models of shirts and cardigans... They were all very cool, at first I wanted to buy everything them, but chose the best of a new collection. Approaching on cash desk I remembered that I left the discount card at home. I had to fill 10% anew, for this purpose I left all the data and the phone number... Having calmed down, that, me is in what to go, I with peace of mind went with the friend to drive through the city. Having arrived home, I found the new message in phone, I didn't give him what value... I thought that it from my girl. Having opened it, there it was written "good taste, you have a young man", it strongly intrigued me because number wasn't in the notebook. After not long correspondence, I understood that it is the girl from shop, she was called Christina. We decided to meet in spite of the fact that I at that time had a girl. The park was the meeting place. I didn't know on what more better to go, on the minibus or by car...!. I solved, it is more best by car... Suddenly still somewhere we will go... I for that time had Honda civic of 2008. Prior to a meeting remained minutes 20, I decided to stop by in the flower market, to buy one big rose... I arrived before her, I so thought... Near my car there was Mazda 3, and began to blink to me headlights... I didn't give to any value... She left Christina... I began to feel not comfortably... Without having become puzzled, I presented a rose and kissed on a cheek... She was completely dressed in clothes from a new collection of the Diesel... The fact that on her the coat of vanilla color was put on was lucky... At that time I was 18 years old... We decided to close cars and to walk on the park... Sat down on a shop near the small river and began to start a conversation, I behaved is a little enslaved as she was 3 years more senior than me as it appeared... Later minutes 20, all of us found a common language... At a conversation with her I in general forgot, that I have a girl. We joked, were kidding, jeered, talked seriousness but) I wanted to make an impression on her, and I suggested to go at the sea... She agreed... To the sea was kilometers 120... here only didn't know someone driving... She decided to leave the car on the parking, having once again convinced that it is closed, sat down to me... We stopped by at supermarket, took power engineering specialists and some cakes... The road was not really, there was strong fog... It very much was pleasant to me, all road to the sea, I compared her to the girl... On a floor of a way, she fell asleep... As she was good... Having arrived to the sea, I got up near the central beach... When she woke up, on her face there was a smile... we walked on the beach, suddenly a bottom of what began to embrace... I didn't attach it any significance... It was quite cold near the sea and we decided to go to the car... Having got into the car we cast away seats, and decided to lie down... As to me with it it was good... Stars, noise of waves, beautiful attractive girl... I very much wanted to kiss her, but didn't decide... Having looked in my eyes, she as though read on them what I want. Christina decided to undertake an initiative... I never had such kisses... she had a little bulked up lips... After such kisses, I got up a dick at once... I suggested her to cast away seats forward and to get back, she of course agreed... After several minute kisses, her hand it appeared at me in jeans, I decided to undo her blouse and to climb under a brassiere, nipples were firm then I undid also her brassiere, she as didn't resist... I began to lick them... She moaned a little, decided to unzip my jeans as it was romantic... It proceeded several minutes... then she took my dick in a hand and began to drive accurately up, down... After that, she bent down facing it and began to kiss it gently... I don't argue, she did it very well... But I am such person that I not really love blowjob... I like usual sex more... It is good that back Civica seat very big... Christina decided to sit down from above... Here it is long-awaited romantic sex at the sea, at noise of waves... I drank sports tablets as I was engaged professionally in kickboxing... And because of it the first stick could reach till one and a half o'clock... After half an hour of sex, she began to moan strongly, and took my right hand, and began to suck round all fingers separately... On her loud groans, I understood that she will receive an orgasm soon and doubled speed... You would hear as she groaned... it was just tremendous... After that I decided to be from above, our bodies merged in one... I entered a dick, removed it... It brought her even stronger... she was shocked, from what I so long don't cum... naturally I told nothing to her about sport, and about tablets... I bended over her and began the fast movement by the dick... at the same time the hand, I took her hand and its hand I began to finger her perineum... as she groaned) we were so wet that it was possible just to squeeze out undershirts... in too time of romanticism I never had such passion... I took out a dick and presented it to the Kristininy person, she took him a hand... at the same time other hand she massed the perineum, she began to suck it and to bite it the beautiful teeth... Christina having heard my groans, I began to jerk off my dick, and at the same time powers in a mouth a head of my body... I didn't begin to cum her in a mouth, and took a napkin hygienic and terminated in her... As to me it was good, you just don't represent)))))) After that we decided to get forward and just to lie down near with each other... She couldn't depart from sex for a long time, she shook legs... and it strongly made laugh me... after that we decided to put on and turn on loudly the music, to open doors and to go to the sea... After such sex there was no wish to sleep... but nevertheless it was necessary to go back to Krasnodar... She decided to take the wheel of my car, I allowed her as I had business cards, on a case if militiamen stop... Having driven up to the parking, it having kissed me on a cheek and having said "for the years, you are very good" passed to the car... I didn't begin to leave, and is ordinary about got via the automatic transmission... The next morning, she admitted to me that she for the husband... And it didn't upset me at all as I had a girl... Here and so... Now for myself I know that it is possible not only to buy good fashionable things, but also to receive to all this a gift for one night... Author's E-mail: gay dating apps on app store date of spanish flu site mapMain Page