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Outside the window infinitely monotonous landscapes rushed: wood, glade, again wood... Masha looked out of the window of the car and from it her melancholy amplified even more. Sergey's father — Stanislav Igorevich was driving, and they came back together from military unit: today Seryozha took the oath. Already forty days as he was taken away in army, and didn't receive already forty days as Masha in the pizda his fat hot dick. He was such beautiful on the oath! And after him released in the first discharge for three hours to the city. But because Masha was with Sergey's father, they managed to kiss only a little bit. As she wanted to feel his dick in herself! Thoughts were turned in the head one behind one, it represented how his cum strikes with her in a uterus. Between legs it was already hot and damp. It is necessary to notice that weather was given extremely hot. in the middle of June week there was a wild heat. The girl was dressed in a light beige sundress with a pink floret. If he was slightly shorter, then Stanislav Igorevich would see already damp strip of white panties. And so he only sometimes darted a glance at the beautiful girl to the right of him. Her a little sunbathed hips attracted a look, and perfectly looking boobies of the third size allowed to be late a view of them. Masha was actually a beauty: average growth, a fair hair and innocent expression of a face attracted guys. But in 18 years she fucked only with one — but now it was on service. — Stanislav Igorevich, let's stop for a while? — Masha was tired to suffer and decided to descend on need. — Of course, Mashulya. — telling it, the man again accidentally looked at fine hips of the girl. His dick moved and began to rise slowly. The car moved down from the route on the forest road of meters thirty and stopped. The girl went out of the car and went to a thicket of the dense wood. Having pulled together panties and having sat down, Masha began to write. In her head the familiar picture rushed: beautiful, high, in a green form Sergey thrusts it the dick into a pizda. Having finished business, the girl licked two fingers of the right hand and directed them down — to a pizdenka. Masha almost never masturbated, but now she needed to make something with tension inside!... As soon as the girl was behind trees, Stanislav Igorevich began to undo trousers. Having got a floor the got-up dick, he began to jerk off him intensively. Oh, how long he wasn't made horney so strongly! Though he also had a regular sex to the wife, he liked to look at very young girls. And I didn't shun to dream about all someone already began to spread legs — up to seventh-graders. Doing measured movements by a fist, he represented how licks fine, gentle skin of hips of this baby... (Especially for) Suddenly few steps away from the car he saw the going Masha. Probably, she left slightly on the other hand. The man clumsily moved down below and began to button trousers convulsively. As ill luck would have it nothing was impossible, and the got-up dick didn't want to get into a narrow fly. — It isn't got? — Masha, having seen the movement below a wheel, for some reason I decided that Stanislav Igorevich as in the American movies tries to start the car reknocking about wires under a wheel. She went to a driver's door. — Now I will help! Nothing is more best without having thought up, the man covered somehow the sticking-out dick with hands. And, probably, this silly maneuver would be successful if Masha didn't decide to help. She sat down at an open door to look at a bouquet of multi-colored wires, but what she saw, threw her in shock. The fat dick with the appearing veins in the most fighting state. Something similar on "OMG" or "oh" escaped from the girl's throat. It is difficult to tell: there was this amazement from what was seen or apology. She froze and even without blinking looked at this thick stick for a fucking. — It is pleasant? — the man broke the ridiculous silence. The girl as буд didn't hear. She continued to look at already slightly dick pulsing from tension. — Do you want to touch? Masha apprehended these words not as a question, and as the instruction. Having licked lips she, I gave a hand and I began to rumple greedy standing dick. The man published a simplification sigh. — It is pleasant to me. Wait wait a minute. — he exposed legs from the car so that now the dick was closer to the sat-down girl. Now Masha could consider perfectly this attracting dick. She did measured movements by the handle, giving to the man a great pleasure. After a while her look fell slightly below — by two huge spheres. Sergey had here many hair while at his father it was shaven there. Maybe from it they seemed even more. The girl interrogatively looked at the man, for the first time having during this time torn off a look from the dick. Stanislav Igorevich as буд read the girl's thoughts. — Don't hesitate... Masha moved forward. For this purpose she had to kneel. Without coming off a hand the dick, she stuck we will kiss on leather sacks. She began to lick slightly sweaty balls, having narrowed eyes from pleasure. Stanislav Igorevich looked at the girl licking his balls from above. It was madly exciting picture. He lowered hands slightly below and groped the girl's ears. Having undertaken them he began to send a dick to her mouth. Masha with pleasure let in a head the mouth, but the man wasn't going to stop. Having pulled for ears, they Chala to put the дрын in a throat of the young girl. She began something to low. Without listening to low, the man began to fuck the girl's throat. At last having thrust a dick into a throat to the eggs, the man was satisfied and released the girl's head. Masha was discharged and began to cough. Having hardly constrained an emetic reflex, the girl became straight and departed forward. She approached a car pered, the dexterous movement removed panties, put hands on a cowl and bent down, having exposed buttocks. — Thrust to me into a pizda... — she managed to tell it by a modest voice. Stanislav Igorevich approached behind and grabbed hands elastic women's the daddy. From under a sundress chubby sponges of a pizda looked out. From them lubricant therefore he grinned almost flew. Having substituted a dick to a wet crack, he sharply pulled the girl's hips on himself. Masha with relief sighed. The dick hardly, but quickly entered a hot vagina. — Oh... oh... oh... — Masha accompanied each push with such sound. — Where to terminate? — In me... — the girl whispered. — I don't hear!! — telling it he began to fuck the unexpected production even stronger. — In a pizduuua!! I want your cum in myself! — she began to shout because she was covered by an orgasm. When the girl began to twitch, cum splashes in the reduced vagina followed... At this moment in the lowered trousers phone rang out. — Sergey calls. Masha, you will talk? The girl wrapped up the head: — Will call back. I was so tired! — she started giggling enough... Write — we will get acquainted gay dating apps lebanon html date utc site mapMain Page