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Hello, everything reading! First of all, it would be desirable to tell about himself. I am a guy, 20 years, I live with parents, but the speech not about it. Just there was a wish to tell that parents limit me in many respects, too strongly care though I consider that I already quite adult and independent. And when parents allowed me to go with friends to the resort, and is more specific to the city of Gelendzhik, I was madly happy. Though some freedom for a while. I already anticipated infernal fun and binge, but as it appeared in vain, friends refused for the reasons, everyone on the at the last minute. I nevertheless decided not to speak about it to ancestors and began to pack things. It, it is rather even, pleased me at heart that friends won't be able to go with me. There is now an opportunity to be given to secret joys, such as disguise in women's. Initially, I didn't even think it there to be engaged and especially this desire disappeared somewhere, but time dropped out such case why not to use. I changed clothes in women's only at home as almost at all it occurs at the beginning this lingerie of mother or sister, in we wash mother's case. I didn't decide to go outside in such look as in we wash the area me all know and communicate with me. It would be equivalent to suicide. But it didn't mean that I look in women's as the guy in a skirt, just the opposite. Guys constantly pin up me concerning my appearance, it somewhat девчачья: growth is slightly lower than an average, curly hair to shoulders, from sports, to be exact thanks to squats with a bar and to many other exercises on legs and a bottom, I looked quite appetizingly in these parts, also earrings in both ears and swarty skin because of east roots. And so during my period of hobby for it, I got quite decent clothes of female things, but to use them except as houses it wasn't possible anywhere. Can someone and all this is uninteresting to read, but described all this with great pleasure. We will return to my trip. Things are packed: men's and women's. Of course, previously hidden in an entrance near the elevator in a package as mother almost herself collected to me a bag. Here at last with all things I go by the car to the railway station. Here I already settled in the train in which nothing interesting occurred. I think it is worth lowering this moment. Here I and in the solar city of Gelendzhik. Heat it is also full of half-naked people, strangely enough, despite my hobby, female bodies I am attracted more, to tell more precisely that I didn't think of guys in this plan at all. And of female attention it wasn't deprived, despite my shchuplost, the lovely attractive face with girlish features always helped out, such girls love, not all of course, but everything suited me. Generally, having arrived to the place, it was necessary to resolve an issue with housing. Here everything is very simple, full of people, local of course which are ready to shelter for a certain sum. Well you know everything how there in resorts. And they come to stations with offers, among them I chose the granny who brought to the house with a great number of other lodgers. I demanded a single room as there was a wish to do the favorite thing alone on what I was refused, due to the lack of such rooms. But she lodged me in the double room in which practically nothing was, except beds and bedside tables, the kitchen and a toilet were absolutely in other place, but it didn't confuse me. () Especially, I was meanwhile one in the room. The grandmother who handed over this place, told that so far here nobody moved into and probably I will carry out the rest without neighbor. I spent the first day on the beach of the Black Sea, swimming and sunbathing thanks to what I became even more dark. Having returned to itself, I fell down and almost at once fell asleep. When I woke up, I decided to stand out at last near a mirror in women's. Сходив having taken a shower, I began to dry hair and to display the things. Without thinking twice, I chose a set from the lacy tango of blue color and a brassiere. In all this I looked irresistibly: a suntanned body with juicy buttocks and slender legs in a sexy underwear, long strongly curly hair. Вертевшись so near a mirror I didn't notice (I will begin nevertheless now from a feminine gender) as the room was entered by the guy and not just the guy, and the black high rolled guy. You can think I reconsidered pornofilms, all this imagination, but actually such guy came. Having seen me, he became stupid and if he wasn't black, he precisely would redden. He having closed eyes, it began to be developed to an exit, absolutely silently. I decided that it is necessary to tell after all something, the hostess of the house settled him to me as guy to the guy and if he went to her again, having told that found the half-naked girl there, then still it is unknown kind of she reacted, the woman of the Caucasian blood. Having hardly been in time, I told: — Postoyte, young man! — Sorry, I was mistaken, I already leave Practically without accent he answered me and still hurried to leave, but having suddenly stopped, he asked me: — Guy or girl? — The guy, just like that it turned out... I a little bit tarried, didn't know what to tell what to think up in the justification. He smiled and told me: — And then you won't tell, I determined only by a voice — Give, we will just forget also everything, I will change clothes now — Your business, I here on a side job, here I will be in the evenings, do that you want — Nevertheless now I should change clothes After that he left me one, alone with the thoughts. For the first time in life me someone saw me in women's, except me. Actually it wildly made horney me gay dating apps in uae date calculator seconds site mapMain Page