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Rasskazik the first. Spread legs, the babe. - Spread legs, the babe. I want to look at you,-. and she spreads legs, obedient, similar to a beautiful plastic doll. I come off foolish reading matter and I look in a blue, for a window, a good clean plastic window, same sterile as my life... before. And to what actually? What it occurred? I fucked with the person whom I wanted. Mm. no. Not just I fucked, cool I fucked. It is a basic difference: if fucks without pleasure, would feel dirty, deceived, and deceived. And so: everything turned out naturally and with taste, without pomp with which usually you spread legs as though you make a sacrifice Priapu. Here pier she I, treasure. Take me and appreciate, such what is, with all my cockroaches. I approach a mirror. I smile in the dark to the reflection: ah what eyes, honest-honest, and a smile sincere, having... good girl. Nobody would think that all a few hours ago this good girl coiled as the last bitch under a male body. Others body. Ah yes. Chief's body... About isn't present, not my chief, it would be vulgar and uninteresting. Husband's chief.... this already juicy and somehow especially sharply. I stretch as a cat. The breast pulls a dressing gown. Somehow details are painfully pleasantly remembered and between legs it becomes damp..... Whether it is possible to be dirty in a sauna, in the pool? It is possible, still as it is possible. For the first time in life I understood that means to feel dirty in a sauna. To it-her, otymet as the whore... in a sauna... faugh.... and in it too something is, something that pulls nerves. when you go to bed. And fingers reach for a clitoris, and a thoughtless smile upon the face and nipples sharp as needles. Also you represent his fingers between legs. cold from water in the pool, and from it even more feeling you everything, and his language, such thriftily sure... and why not? He is an owner because he disposes of your body. And you are only a thing. You want to be a thing. And in the head it is empty because thoughts everything fight somewhere between legs as water: I want him, I want, let will fuck now, let will enter so that it was sore without any preludes. Preludes for those someone make love or for those, someone on them have time. We have nothing: neither love, nor time. And nothing is necessary. Only his dick in you and all. The throat clenches from emotions and you hear own semi-whimper semi-groan when at last it enters you. What big. As it is sick... painfully... as it is good. His dick and his language move at the same time and measuredly as two well debugged pistons. well. Still. Still slightly. Still. And then inside as if slowly, the spring from which you vibrate itself as a string painfully slowly finishes. Also you constrain the torn shout of a female as it is sweet. You can't be at other loss for words. And with pleasure to see his eye, without thinking that it can plays with you. Maybe is amused. What to devils dog a difference. Now in his eyes something. Something imperceptible why sweet spasms become even longer. - it is pleasant to you that I am the chief of your husband? - doesn't ask, and demands. Demands, having put me on all fours. Can demand. Has the right. In such pose.... - I am not present-try to resist. No. - then I admit rather to myself than him - yes. Yes... Beru in a mouth his finger not to shout from pain and pleasure. I can't more, I can't. I was tired. Allows to have a rest... and could not resolve. On it he has a right too I consider him, listening to the feelings: stranger... such stranger, it is the most pleasant. Others eyes, others lips, hands. All unfamiliar. I feel like the alien. Indecisively I touch the dick. I hesitate. Here it is silly. I hesitate of the person thanks to whom just I groaned from pleasure. - His kiss I raise eyes on him. It is a shame. Unless you will explain? And it is a shame to explain too. Nonsense what. What it would seem more simply. I don't know how to ask to show how it is pleasant to him. Хм. Ingenious. - Take a head in a mouth, lick. And hand... quicker. I do as he asks. I lick a head: hot and a little salty., In the head foolish thoughts: interestingly, and somebody could him entirely in a mouth jostle? I would wish. I don't feel first anything except easy surprise: too big for my mouth. Then the feeling of own bestiality comes. Here rubbish that, I do blowjob to the husband's chief. So far the husband earns money at office. And from it I am made horney, without noticing it. And he seems notices on the become frequent breath. Attracts to itself. Kisses. Almost with tenderness. - We will continue in water? - it isn't sure that will turn out in water, - I whisper, nestling on him, not such stranger any more. His fingers caress my clitoris, from his look is stirred up in eyes. It seems, now I will see blue stars on a ceiling. - we will try, - his voice is quiet, it the hell looks quiet. except for an intense dick. I am touched by it. And makes horney even more. He raises me for hips. Enters a sharp push, again causing fleeting pain. Water and his dick - an amazing tandem. - not so badly, - to a boromoch I between kisses, his finger caress my buttocks. There is a wish to seize to him hair, to scratch a back. to hurt him for what he does with me. The spring begins the slow turn, in legs easy pricking inside. The tickling feeling runs on a body, choking, I throw back the head, then I kiss him again, so I want to feel his language at myself in a mouth and to hear his groans - the best that can be heard. - still, still slightly, so well, I want you, fuck me, - I ask, I throw back the head... also I see stars. Blue stars on a ceiling. And then his eyes. In which there is something... something why the spring is developed promptly inside. Rasskazik the second. Full and bitch On the way to the apartment I feel low in legs and a panic. Hardly I get it together not to jerk from there with hare peep. Stops only shame: what to be foolish that. Itself wanted. I wanted, with a side sideways I turned. I thought: well when already when I so to speak make final moral degradation. At a door to the apartment I lean on a handrail not to fall because legs wadded, and in the head only one thought - My God, if only not to be dishonored... in what the possible shame consists - even I don't give the report to myself. The apartment pretty for the whorish territory. I expected that to see a certain pagan temple where a sacrifice is made to sexy Moloch. Owner... хм, you won't call pretty. But normal.... however what to me difference. If only the dick stood... oh and the whore, I think. Oh and whore. Only few months ago I couldn't allow a thought that with foreign man to fuck. And here... in general unfamiliar. Watchfully I watch him, he weakened. With laziness, in my opinion in general it is all the same: well brought the girl, we will credit and though Naomi Campbell. I go to a shower, I shiver with fear there as the last virgin given on worry to a Minotaur in a minute joins Andrey. His hands slightly calm a nervous shaking, his language convinces that everything will be good... of course everything will be good. With him it shouldn't be bad. - begin. I will join - the owner advises, disappearing in the bathroom. Horror from a thought that I will be seen now by naked two men - the last silly emotion in my head. When Andrey enters me, having put on all fours, all unnecessary feelings disappear. There is only an animal pleasure from the movement of his dick inside. And when Dmitry joins, I feel nothing any more: neither shame, nor fear. And obediently I take in a mouth others, still a soft dick, feeling as he hardens and becomes quite big. And knowing that it is seen by Andrey, I am made horney from the fact that I suck the stranger's dick the hell of absolutely foreign man. I am a thing... I am just a thing. With me it is possible to do anything. I won't begin to resist. I am a weak-willed amoeba. Here pancake philosophy bestial - flashes in the head. They are interchanged the position: to me all the same. Let fuck as want, here I already suck other dick, but the excitement rolling waves prevents me to do it, the Orgasm sharp. Unexpected. And from that more pleasant than usually. And now I want the most important, what I thought of, turning in the chaste bed at night, what I saw in a porno and always I wanted to try. Andrey lays down on a back and sticks me on himself, the fleeting fear, his language and hands caressing a breast and at this moment Dmitry's dick rests to me against buttocks. I shudder and I fade, trying to relax. The dick enters carefully, but is painful to me. Very painfully. Hardly I constrain shout, Andrey throws back hair from a face, I nestle facing his breast, hiding the risen tears. Unsuccessful attempts don't bring anything except pain. - All right, Dmitry won't-gives up. After pain that asinine obstinacy which in myself I call the trampled vanity comes. I also won't be able? - No, we will be. - We will be? - we will be, otherwise why I came here. - The good fellow, - they laugh. Look with pleasure Dmitry enters me a sharp push. Painfully so that there is a wish to shout, they fade both, four hands stroke a body, and pain is succeeded by pleasure, not less strong than pain, I nevertheless almost shout, feeling on both sides hot male bodies, feeling as in buttocks and the pussy at the same time rub, straining, two absolutely rather big dicks. and the spring is developed with such force inside that I lose feeling of reality. My brain floats somewhere in nirvana.... in eyes mutno. Dmitry cums almost at the same time with me, I am extended near Andrey. - I want you in a bottom. - Give, - unless I can not resolve... yes anything. We wanted it so long ago that the pleasure from purely physical passes into the category of emotional. I am pleasant to feel his dick inside. I like to hear his breath, it is pleasant to feel touch of his lips, a shiver of his body when he cums. Then the feeling of full, senseless content comes: yes, I made it, and the devil me loss if I don't repeat it sometime. Yes however I repeated ten minutes later. Movements of dicks in a mouth and inside force down from a rhythm and from a thought, it is pleasant to feel how the dick in a mouth bulks up as he hardens, forcing to choke nearly, feeling such as if I am a girl on a call, the cheap whore. Which have as want because paid.... well. I work.... yes, thought pleasant: I WORK. This time feelings stronger, me podtryasyvat, and it is sick and good, for some instant it seemed to me that I was disconnected.... only then I remember that wanted to see Andrey's eyes when I cum.... however to me it is pardonable.... because I forgot where I that I and why..... funny: atom in world chaos of pleasure. amen.... yes will be so.... it is a pity for one: the second partner is indifferent... and I to him. It would be twice more pleasant if both caress with a heat with great feeling. So to speak, how long yearned on my body.... And so: theater for three actors.... well we will allow passion we don't represent. And there aren't enough emotions that devil take it. Isn't enough. I drink garnet juice, I examine thoughtfully myself in glass reflection: good girl, ouch good. Someone doesn't know - and won't think. - you smell of sex - Andrey as if having read thoughts suddenly speaks I slip from a sofa, on all fours I creep up to it. Gladu the head on knees, full of gratitude. - little full bitch, - he says thoughtfully The concordant, I am rubbed by a cheek about knees - it is precisely... full and bitch.... To be continued....... gay dating apps for hiv positive date excel to text site mapMain Page