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Outside the window again rain, and cool, unusual to summer. The rumble of cars from the avenue reaches. Some sirens, beeps, signals. But it doesn't distract me at all, I am busy. I sit on a visit at Alina, the girl 23 years. I don't sit more true, and I stand on knees, in a collar. Alina sitting in a big, easy chair. Pulls a lead chain, forcing me me to move ahead above and above. Licking skin it сапожек, krasivenny red jack boots. On the platform and a high thin heel. I with pleasure kiss them, and with each kiss, Alina pulls a lead, and I am closer and closer to her pussy. Alina the ordinary girl in life, the brown-haired woman with hair is slightly lower than shoulders. The blue-eyed beauty growth under 170 cm, thin. No more than 50 kg, work as the nurse. Sociable, cheerful, friendly. But she has small secret about which knows very narrow circle of people. From time to time this girl, from the lovely nurse turns into Domina — a straponessa, from Alina, into madam Alina. She is satisfied long ago by only hard sex, and at the same time she has to be tough. I was lucky to enter a circle of people, let into her small secret. Among few girlfriends, there were I. The only guy, and that thanks to the love to disguise in the girl. With Alina I was brought together by the neighbor Nastya, having told about our entertainments with a strap-on. And over time, we on a visit at the same Nastya. Got acquainted with Alina. Communicated some time, and Alina directly said. What wants to have such bitch, among the girlfriends. The only condition to be obedient, and to keep secrets and not to stir — by itself. I agreed with pleasure, to be to the involved in some secrets, closed companies. Always interestingly, and if it concerns sex and beautiful girls, then doubly. And here after some communication and short meetings at my neighbor Nastya. Time to get acquainted with Alina closer, to learn the secret party of her life, and even to participate in her came. Knowing that Alina expects me, in agreed time, I went to her. Having taken with itself a backpack with some things necessary to me for targeting of an image. There was a rain, streets became poorly populated. The taxi gave a ride to me to the treasured address. And the I was closer to her apartment, the stronger worried. Without knowing itself why. On-door speakerphone button, elevator, apartment door … And I on a visit, at the medical sister. She met me already as madam. In very tall red jack boots from which type already took down the head from excitement. In black leather pass a short skirt, and a red leather bra with snakes around nipples. Her hair were collected in a tail behind. One her look demented. We greeted, she showed me where it is possible to change clothes, guide an image. To prepare itself where a bathtub and a toilet. Without keeping her waiting, I as soon as possible began to direct an image. To me to the 18-year-old, thin guy, 177 cm in height and weighing 60 kg, it wasn't difficult to emphasize the femininity, stockings, a belt with garters, a wig, and a brassiere brushes. And there are I the living room of madam Alina, already in an image of the girl. She orders to kneel to me, puts on a collar with a lead. Also forces to kiss her boots, and so far I kiss them, she pulls a lead, forcing me to rise above. It very much makes horney, beautiful sexual boots, on slender legs of the young and beautiful girl. And here ruin mine above and above, Alina having seated in a chair, widely I stretched legs, and I tightened a lead so that I was a person at her gladenky pussy on whom there was no uniform hair, pink sexual sponges and attracted to themselves. The small accurate clitoris as a magnet pulled to itself, I began to play with him, to tease him, to suck, lick, pinch lips … It lasted not less than a half an hour while madam wasn't satisfied. Alina by a happy but strict voice, ordered me to get up and approach a window. To lean against a window sill and to expose buttocks, meanwhile she dressed a strap-on. The strap-on was small: about 20 cm of long and small width. On a window sill I found a tube with lubricant, and so far Alina dressed a strap-on. I prepared the buttocks for work. And when she approached, I already stood having rested hands at a window, a bottom to her. Alina approached behind, put to me on hands cuffs, tied with a scarf a tape eyes and inserted a huge ball gag to me into a mouth. Which was hardly located at me in a mouth and to long hold it it was uncomfortable and it is even sick. But it very much brought to too time. Especially when I felt a strap-on tip the anus. Alina especially wasn't too soft, began with the first movements to tear up me as the skilled whore. Her movements were sharp and deep, she seemed just about will tear to me an anal. But the buttocks quickly got used, began to accept a strap-on more willingly. And the fucking began to give very pleasant feelings. From which I received a high. Alina didn't stop, and on the contrary became more energetic. Her addiction to tin, had an effect. It aimed to fuck me until I terminate. So some time lasted until I felt pleasure and I terminated. Having fucked me, Alina slapped me in buttocks. I told that though she also got used to do it with girls, but it was pleasant to her. And she will be glad to see me among the girlfriends bitches. And that next time, will be at my place. And I will have to meet her adequately. And not to someone not to tell about her visit (except the neighbor Nastya) which acquainted us. We said goodbye to Alina, and I sitting in the taxi went home, with full content. I represented as it to repeat at my place as I will meet Alina as I will accept her on a visit. 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