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Part 4. Moving - Sasha told me that you were called Sveta - Vika already at home smiled - asked me a name and this the first that came to my mind - I answered - perfectly, now you will be Sveta - Ania Told - well, I like this name Having finished a conversation we went to the big bedroom and half of night fucked. In the morning I woke Vick. - Light get up I rose, went took a shower and sat down at a table to have breakfast - Here take the money - Vika stretched me 100 dollars - Mine? - I was surprised - I had no money - it is your percent for yesterday evening - The sapper - told I and took money - Now we will eat and we will eat to you in halls behind things - what for? - to you they what it isn't necessary at all? - it is necessary but: - and no but's, now you live here and it is a point, clear? - yes Having had breakfast I was put on in men's wear and we went behind things. Vika remained in the car and I rose to the room. I lived with the neighbor and he just was now there and read something. - and what you things gather? - Denis asked when saw what I do. - yes I move down, I found the apartment - and, clear - that you read - I asked - yes so, comedy one: estimate the man one here I remained naked and near at hand only the women's clothing was and here he puts on it and tries to come back home through all city, and there was he such simpotyazhny little girl that every second man wants him: I probably too would like to fuck such woman, would give any money - he grinned I knew that he has money since at the father of money as manure in the village and I had a plan - you want you speak - I kind of thought - if you want I can such throw to you if you want that I can learn how many it will cost - what the truth can you? Well give, only this, same will remain between us? - of course, calm down I was winded down to Vika and told her about everything, she agreed and told that for one I cost 300 dollars. I returned and reported about the price to Denis and he agreed to this price, then I told that Sveta will come tonight. Houses Ania told that she has no against this order minds nothing. In the evening I was put on is more cool and went to the former room. The door for me was opened by Denis at once didn't think for what I came and of course didn't recognize me. - I to you beloveds - told I - To me? - Denis looked down - yes, yours дружёк sent me - and, I remembered, come I passed to the room and took seat on a bed having thrown a leg on a leg. Denis locked a door and approached me. I undid to him a fly and the sluggish dick got from trousers. I didn't take not time in a mouth the become soft dick yet and I to horror wanted to try it. The dick was nice to the taste and I with pleasure sucked away at the former neighbor. When the dick got stronger I let out him from a mouth. - well as to you began? - I asked - well I pulled together from myself a skirt and was stretched on a bed обперевшись by a back about a wall. According to the plan Denis had to approach and fuck me now but he arrived absolutely on another. Denis fell before me on knees and начл to lick my balls. It terribly was pleasant to me and I didn't begin to interfere with him. Then the denim was clasped by my dick with lips and began to suck, I decided to change a little a pose and tried to take away Denis's head - A billeting, I still want - well, only let's change a little bit a pose, lay down on a bed. Denis completely undressed and laid down, I laid down on him and we were in a pose 69 now. Denis with greed swallowed my dick and I am him. We long sucked and in a few minutes violently terminated each other in a mouth. - it was super - Denis told when recovered - yes, but at us time comes to an end soon so I would like to finish our acquaintance Having finished speaking I sat down at Denis between legs and began to suck as if the sluggish dick. When he got up I saddled the friend and began to jump on him. Denis closed eyes from pleasure and having embraced me for hips stroked them. I terminated quickly enough and the cum got to him on a face and a stomach. Having made toilet I gathered and left. Part 5. Party When I entered the apartment that was pleasantly surprised. There was the real party with a heap to the people. Ania poured to me a glass of vodka which I at once devastated and put in the middle of the living room on a table where some maiden already danced. I got up nearby and we began to dance a striptease undressing each other. I undid on her a blouse and quickly threw off, the devusha slipped to my legs and pulled together a skirt. I want to tell that she was pleasantly surprised having seen slshky большёй a hillock on panties. We continued to undress each other in the same tempe and already in a few minutes I remained only in stockings, and my partner in what gave birth to mother. Around all already began to stick and touch the friend to the friend. I was removed from a table by some man and forced to suck away to him, side sight I saw as my partner on dances did most to other man too. After a mintny blowjob the man wanted bigger and having bended over me he began to fuck me. To pered still someone approached and my mouth again was occupied by the dick. Soon mine ебарь terminated also to his sma! other Nile. So I served about 7 people then I was left to lie on a floor and the majority to the people ran up on rooms. I opened eyes from what felt as at me someone sucks, at first I thought that all this a dream, but actually it was my nedavneshny partner from a table. She very professionally sucked and soon I terminated. - Masha - was presented she, giving a hand - Oleg, or just light - I with pleasure reaped her small palm - Very pleasant: Light and how you got here? - I live here - and I was dragged by the father, he is a fan of all orgies and I decided that too it will be useful for me to learn what is it. - you cool suck - I told after a zatyazhitelny moment of silence - I know thanks. Listen and what you do tomorrow? - I don't know, probably I will go by orders - so you are a prostitute? - well that like it - and give I you for tomorrow I will redeem - it not to me and to Ania or Vicki - then I will talk to them on this subject. Having told this is Masha again I took my dick in a mouth and I sucked so far he didn't rise. When the objectives were achieved, she saddled me and began to jump. Unexpectedly hundred that I approached sideways and the dick to Masha put in a mouth, that began to suck quickly. In a moment one more man joined us and the dick to me thrust into a mouth. When I terminated Masha came off me and having kneelt continued to suck, I arrived in the same way. - Beloveds you insert into me more better - I told the man what gave me in a mouth He only shrugged shoulders and having developed me the back the dick thrust more deeply. I began to sigh but right there one more dick shut me a mouth. The dick was some acquaintance and having raised eyes I understood that it is Vika. Vika took me for ears and pissed from all force to stick me on the dick so I was even afraid to choke. But my rescue came soon and Vika terminated, but she was replaced by someone else. In short I served the person 10 again. I regained consciousness from the fact that someone tried to push in me a dick, I the doge didn't begin to watch someone it was and having got up on all fours opened the road, fuck began right there. I to us was stuck on a dick and one hand massaged balls ёбарю from what it fast terminated. When it vyshat from me more persons interested weren't and I wanted that still somebody fucked me. I rose and looked round. Five men and three women lay in the room, all were unconscious. I went to other room, there too валякось I booze sleeping to Arad. But in the third to the room at last there was something live. In Vick's room I stood crayfish and it was fucked by some man, I approached them and sowing before them kneeled to suck Vikin a dick. The man began to increase speed, probably was ready to terminate soon and then I released Vikin a dick and began to lick the man's balls from what he right there terminated. When the man pulled out a dick I at first completely licked him and then passed buttocks to Vikina and pinched all I will terminate that poured out from her bum. It soon bothered Keke and she told! and what I would lay down on a bed that I right there also made, then it lifted my nights, put them to itself on shoulders and quickly a vogl, it began to fuck madly quickly me that very much was pleasant to me and I felt that the orgasm approaches. And vsleduyushch the moment he came, from my dick shot and and the cum departed to me on lives. From an orgasm my anus began to contract and from that terminated also Vick. This time I woke up already from the fact that Vika Vytaskimala from me the dick. Outside the window was already light and we went to a shower where Victoria with pleasure udvoletvorit my request and fucked me. When all guests left in the apartment there was only Masha who talked with about something to Vika and Ania. I all that time having put on an apron I removed the apartment. If you want continuation that write on BlueLedi@inbox. ru free dating sites for over 50's in the uk dateline flying high at cocktail cove site mapMain Page