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Valera got up at 10 in the morning. Today I was output, and he knew, than will be engaged. After he washed and drank coffee, began to put on for a visit of shop. Valera was a linen fetishist, that is he liked to put on lingerie: panties, stockings, a belt with garters. At all this it was a normal heterosexual, fucked only girls and about sex with the man didn't even think. Here such he had a strangeness. At least, Valera so thought. He was going to shop of lingerie, and from this thought his heart began to beat without restraint, and the dick began to harden. Since morning in such shops to the people is practically not present, and will prevent nothing to it. He dressed bright pink lacy panties, from above black jeans and a light shirt wide open, tightened panties so that lacy edges got out of jeans, and went outside. On the street it was already very warm, even for morning, he went along the road, in thoughts anticipating purchase. Wind blew a shirt and Valera felt that lace of the panties which are looking out from under jeans is visible to people around, and his excitement accrued even stronger. He mentally scrolled as to him right thing to do: "I will come, I will look round if young is, then I will leave". Valera hesitated of young shop assistants in such shops. For bravery and relaxedness he paced the road and bought a bottle of strong beer. I drank. As in a stomach except coffee nothing was, degrees went to the head very quickly. Alcohol made the business, Valera felt more relaxed and courageous. He reached the nearest shop of linen, approached an entrance, from there it was visible that in shop customers weren't. He came in shop looked at the shop assistant, it was the woman of years 40, quite nice. — This will approach! — he noted. Having passed to a counter, he stared a look, choosing panties and at the same time stockings. — To help you, the young man? — The voice of the shop assistant rezanut his hearing. He turned the head in her party. That interrogatively looked at him. Before Valera's eyes there was "highest wave", legs shivered. voice too. — Panties are necessary to me! — For someone? — For the girl - he consciously told lies. I couldn't tell "for myself". — What size at your girl? — I don't know. — She at you full, thin? — As I. — What style? Valera felt that his heart will jump out now, and the dick will tear panties. He croaked: — White, lacy thongs. And stockings still. Second having hesitated for a time, it was solved, undid jeans that his pink panties became visible. — Here such! The shop assistant having looked at him, I nodded and I began to look for. — Here you look, a cool modelka. The woman vglyanut on him. Valera stood as after a bath all wet. He turned panties in hands, felt lace and having told: — Beru! — I got into a pocket behind money. — And here such stockings. — And white color is? — Please. He felt as his hands shiver, I couldn't pull out money, but understood what not still I made, there was one more moment. He asked: — How many from me? — 900 rubles. Having paid off he put away everything in a package, and having decided at last told the shop assistant quietly: — Sell me the panties which on you! I will give one thousand more rubles to you! The woman having looked at him, I asked: — Do you need so it? — It is necessary! — Valera blurted out. She thought still for about a minute and having removed at him panties, showed him and told: — For two I will give. He resignedly put money for a table, she gave him panties, and he left shop. — IT TURNED OUT!!! Valera rushed home though legs were still wadded, but he didn't feel it. Having flown home, he stripped to the skin and began to unpack panties and stockings which hurt the eyes in the white color. He started with Chulkov anew. He slowly, the hands a little more shivering put on one stocking, then another. I looked at myself in a mirror. He was horney to a limit, the dick was stone. White stockings were completely lacy, and such were on sale not everywhere, he dreamed of them long ago. Then he got panties and was already going to put on them as he remembered panties of the shop assistant from shop. He got them, examined. It were simple panties, yellow color, with a small lacy triangle below. He put on them, they appeared just right, Valera was twisted in the attire about a mirror, and felt that he needed to jerk off urgently. He didn't begin to remove panties, just removed them aside, pulled out the big dick and literally through 2-3 movements by a hand he terminated. Having opened eyes, he saw that on a mirror the cum flew down, on a floor there was a small puddle too. He smiled to himself, with relief exhaled and went to clean up. Day off proceeded. free dating online chat site dateline obsession site mapMain Page