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I feel myself dirty and tired, a still this taste of cigarettes which just sticks in a mouth. I hate this world, people, the Universe though it is a lie. I hate only myself — for nonsense, for naivety, for unwillingness to think. Interestingly, parents are happy that they managed to bring up me such sympathetic and understanding. Precisely I know that mother would swear because of a cigarette, a said then that I am guilty of everything. Unless the nice young person, the perspective employee, the general favourite can turn attention to the ordinary-looking sitting duck. Of course, everything can be dumped on dress-kod: light tone, a soft make-up, gray color a suit, with my appearance it is similar to become the invisible being. Here the head of department can afford small liberties, in that number and in clothes. Only I — not the head though could become: all such clever and executive. No appointed the Roman. It is possible to tell that for the first time in life I was lucky — when Natashka from personnel service I blabbed out about the signed order. Okh as in time it blabbed out. The cheek runs cold from touch to the frozen window. Roma was so convincing, so passionately convinced me to bring a gift in "A rose of winds". How did he speak? — The darling, I understand that it is unpleasant to you, but signed contract will allow to show itself the cool expert. You are worthy increases. Now — only the girl on pobegushkakh. Prove that I am capable to accept decisions, a not only to make financial reports. Roma didn't like to make financial reports, figures directed at him boredom. But I was able to sweet-talk people, to convince, force to do so as it is necessary only to him. Talent, as in any way! A still it was a good lover. Each time caressed so as if before it its only and desired, the embodiment of erotic imagination. I purred on an ear that it is necessary to carry out the imaginations. Providently o of safety both cared. Or only the o? Office novels are forbidden by corporate ethics, dismissal threatened both it and her. The rage forces to gnash teeth!!! The sugary freak knew, than to attach to himself — mind-blowing sex, the gentle address and sure care. Woman's dream. Okh, Alechka-Alka, only as you could depart to heaven and believe in a miracle? I feel how with shame cheeks burn, I nestle on a window more densely. So there is a wish to burst into tears, in eyes burning, an of tears don't. Everything is dry, and in soul too. Well why, why!? I knew o appointment, an everything equally removed money so accounts, put in an envelope, and this foolish contract — unpacked and took with itself. What silly farce! The role played till the end, on that order that was discussed the day before. It seemed to me, all it is noticeable as fingers of hands, small, in a disgusting way, to an itch shiver. With work I forced itself to stand nepodvizhno and it is lovely to smile, not to turn attention to a contemptuous look of the secretary. It was succeeded not to move when that with slight boredom filtered: — You can enter, you are expected... The office is very dark, even gloomy. Massive furniture — a table, a chair, a case — pressed so all the parties, forcing to be ashamed unclear of what. I remember how the white envelope absolutely ridiculously looked on it is opaque-temnoy to a table-top. But the folder with documents was somehow lost from a look. The voice of the man sounded unexpectedly. Any greeting, acquaintance, only a question - a statement: — To you this contract is very important?. Uncertainly I nodded. Why there was a fear when it bypassed me and stopped behind a back. I bent, his breath startled a disobedient lock. — I want to see your breast. Any harassments, only a breast. Undo a blouse! Why hands obediently spread up? Why touched the top small button and slowly undid ee? Why, having trembled, fell slightly below — to following? And, it is interesting why then I remembered Natashkin a cheerful voice: "You represent, you will have a new chief. Rudenko was lucky, will get to a flower bed, okh also will spoil maids! Only you to nobody, are yet a secret yet, but the order is signed!" Romka knew, I knew about it even in the evening! My contract just solved nothing. The feeling of danger overflowed me and deafened. The instinct of self-preservation included an organism on the reserve mode. Further everything went on the automatic machine, I remember so as if looked at herself so the parties through an easy haze. — Hot at you — a smile, an easy nod. — The request is impracticable. He does couple of steps, looks to me in eyes: — A bribe — serious violation. Blackmail? With astonishment the eyebrow rises: — Vzya-a-atka? Do you offer a bribe? Stretches a hand to an envelope and, grinning, fades. I snatch out an envelope and documents from under his palm. I rise, straightening a back. — I am afraid, I misunderstood you. It seemed to me, we discussed introduction of prepayment under the contract in a type of cash means. Vo all calculations we carry out avoidance of further misunderstanding in the future through bank. I had enough forces only with advantage to leave the building. Already on the street in what-to lane I wildly laughed loudly and scratched nails shoulders. It was deserted — in it I was lucky too. Then I regained consciousness at home. In a saucer the cigarette smoldered... Documents littered with small scraps a kitchen table. I waited for the lover, parodying demotivators, sat on a window sill, having covered eyes. — The sun, you will arrive? Mrr, I wait for you. Yes, soon the eighth of March, you can make a gift... I will send stockings and a corset, the sizes a sms. I stretched and went to prepare ko meetings enough. The draft to an adventure has to overcome. That more it makes horney red varnish on nails — at everyone the fetish. And in the end I got an anal stopper with ornament — a February gift that so and I didn't allow him to test. Everything was even simpler than was represented, a can just good luck on my party again. Of course, the Roman refused in the beginning when I whispered imaginations with futanari, with insult bent sponges. The lover was horney, but didn't agree to change clothes. I tried to nestle. Itself didn't expect the rage. The slap in the face turned out ringing. — Designate hands! Also put on, I was tired to wait — the voice was not less ringing. Then I continued more quietly. — Also remember how many times I covered you? Interest in eyes and as I could will fall in love with it. — Only stockings and a corset — he is too angry. — A then sex, you can also fuck as you want! Give quicker! I was solved, the truth was necessary to help. Having fixed a corset, the dick squeezed poluvozbuzhdenny, corrected elastic bands of stockings. I slapped in a bottom. — What will we begin with? I from above? He didn't refuse, in sex always preferred is below as spoke, there the look is more best. A still loves when the partner is active. We too long were together, and I know what is pleasant to you... Till this time I remember how quickly to bring to an orgasm... I remember also his slight drowsiness after it. Therefore managed to fasten those vulgar handcuffs with brightly-rozovym operenyem. I came to myself long, I licked the dried-up lips, smearing only that the applied lipstick. In a lens the camera was just charming. The planned image is created. Several photos for memory. I put on without hurrying, sobirav hair in an eternal tail. Keys from the apartment in a pocket, from handcuffs are near a cheek — on a pillow. Phone there. Suddenly you won't manage to undo, I all didn't want death. It is a shame to me... It is very a shame... For the imaginations and for the fact that so also I didn't carry out them then. For the fact that just silently I ran away. Two weeks of silent views. Attempts to talk. And only one SMS: "I don't want to see you. Naidoo other silly woman". After it he lagged behind. I left me at rest. Last working day. Na I a dark blue blouse, don't have cosmetics almost, only easy dab on lips. Pallor for nervousness. I look for some reason well. Attractively. I listen to beautiful words, kind wishes. My new chief disappointedly sighs, loss of the valuable employee. — Ne you will change the mind? Inertly I wind the head. — How will you live? I shake shoulders. — To help with work? I correct a handbag. I decide to answer: — I already ee found. Good accountants are necessary to much. The conversation is finished. The stage is passed. New life. Any corporations, any serious networks. Only freedom. Only so as I want. Of course, you won't tell mother that I keep the reporting for shop of toys, adult toys, but and this work has the pluses. The hostess — the living person. And even I became a girlfriend. Also I learned everything. Also I helped. And now, a year later, I feel myself dirty and tired, and the nasty taste of cigarettes irritates. Also I hate this world, people, and the Universe. Na kitchen table of the photo. Beautiful, sure, horney, strong, big. In black stockings, a red corset. Bright make-up. Only there are no handcuffs. All voluntarily. And USB stick. And disgustingly doubly. And the address of the former management is gathered. One letter. Five files. To send? free dating bumble date calculator days before site mapMain Page