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Awfully I want the guy... from I think everything will be will be... and me already 17 was also not a normal relationship... I of course also kissed and indulged in gentle caress, but all somehow not on long. not interestingly, without this nice feeling - Love. It is a lot of guys who want with me close relations, but I don't know why won't gather in any way... And I wait... declarations of love on the Internet, everything what they are capable of, of course some asked with me for a bed.... but in life they communicated with me simply and not passionately... sadly sadly... Here I go along the corridor schools... I was late for a lesson... mm much more... so I won't go, I go to myself I go. I think of the... as here to me in a back some hogwash hits, I turn with a full mouth of mats, iiya... I see one of the Internet of boyfriends... хм, I threw. the leaflet crumpled... cunning I smiled and went back home, the fool... Obviously business with a dirty trick, I lifted a leaf, I read, I became stupid... "Speak you give all and everyone, for cigarettes." There are bitches someone floated a rumor? I will kill To hell... And for cigarettes... let me smoke... and what? that for your mother... I decided to catch up with the fellow and to torture cruelly... I went down on the first floor, nobody... there is a pancake... I do an abrupt turn and I encounter some creep of the 11th grader, чейт all shcheritsya so today... - Ou, the pussy, you don't wish a sigarette? - nearby the standing friend began to guffaw... bitch... - Get lost! - having kicked him on the most intimate I quickly left and to someone hunting to listen to curses in the address?. It is necessary to find out about these rumors, you never know will reach parents... I decided to get by the balls the smallest and coward. My friend understood everything at once, almost without words... we share everything with her and she knows that I want, but I don't do. And by the way I Lille am called. The awful name, but is pleasant to me. Business was on change, I took Mark by hand and led with myself... the girlfriend went to a vzada. Mark the sickliest fellow of our class not to tell that the freak, but not my bag... and besides coward. I brought him to a closet. The girlfriend (Mashka) laid chickie. - Well and? - seriously I - asked That? - again this grin your mother - From where these rumors? - About what you? - "innocently" he said - don't feign ignorance! - I made terrible eyes. - I understand Nothing he...-smiled - And if I to you suck off? - I asked, having passionately licked lips. Mark considerably sweated. obviously I hesitated... - Well... do. - the Whore you to hell, you will tell, I will make! You will tell lies I will cut off to devils sobachy your economy! - All right. - Well? - generally, at us such counter is that. - At someone at us? - At boys, at our, abrupt is shorter... - And you there from where? - I couldn't restrain - Now I will tell nothing - All right, all right... - Well is shorter, we have a counter if to the girl who still the virgin all will be speak that she lets all then she oversleeps with somebody sooner or later and that type will prove that she was a virgin and. - And if doesn't oversleep? - Well. her right, but all will scoff, and she either will prove the return, or will be hitched up that is a little probable. - And if? - Well we not absolutely stupid, chose more feasible... - That is me? - Yes - he grinned again - Ah you are bitches, whores конч. - Yes, we such - Mark - smiled even stronger And what then? how will all rumors leave? - Well in you bronut a leaflet again that the pier was understood, forgive. - Yes all school to hell already knows... - No! Anybody except ours and 11 B of a class, and that only boys. - Perfectly, thanks for information - I undertook the handle of dverki - EE and will pass? - Markusha, suck lollipop... - the Creature... I left a closet... we propped up a door a mop, let will sit... As it appeared made it in vain... Next day all only also buzzed about my blowjob, as about taken place moreover and those last rumors... everything, both girls and boys pointed a finger at me, and the most sensitive screwed up the face and turned away... I heaved a deep sigh... Mark diligently avoided me, or rather every time ran away as I went... I escaped from the first lesson... I don't know even what now to do... I won't be able to prove anything, is clear that any whore will build herself innocent if only to erase shame spots... having deeply thought, I nevertheless decided to be hitched up that for life... But then, what to hell to revenge and live quietly... I watched somehow the movie "Teeth", her method is simple and cruel, I want also... But it won't turn out, I in general all in confusion, go to hard drinking na... something should be done... the third day I stay at home under the guise of fatally sick. The girlfriend calls, says that she was in a stew to explain with everything that it is not the truth and someone in it is general trusts in it?... хм there was everything... The class teacher heard something like that too... tomorrow to himself hauls up me on the carpet... it was necessary to go... she began to rub that it is impossible and that is possible what the strong love and premature her brings occupation to... generally it is clear... Exhausted I left her office... the fine thought came to my mind. and Mashka will help me. I wrote about 30 letters with the same text: "If you not pants come to st. *** house 5 apartment 9 tonight, I won't beat, I Wish fast death, Poured" the Plan we will discuss therein... generally all came. Hardly found room in a kvaritirka (which I am deliberate I removed) All took seat, and in all eyes stared at me. I was absolutely one, among them... - Well as all of you gathered here, I want to start business... - You about chtola sigarettes? At me is *** - the cute fellow got, under a loud laughter of friends I got to me with the ruchenka. - Go na.! - the babe is more silent, I am already horney! - vakhakha-again And here I burst into tears... I began to sob more precisely... it was out of my plan, but these humiliations and offense... - Why you so with me? - hardly I squeezed out.... In the room there came the silence... but someone after all pokhryukivat... - mm... - the beginnings was one - What I to you made? - again I addressed all And again nobody could answer... - We probably will go. - my schoolmate told, and he when that was pleasant to me... All so amicably agreed with him. and already began to gather... - it is good if it is so convenient to you... let there will be one, I will prove everything to you, but only stop it... I beg...-I absolutely gave up, forces weren't any more... dreams of an otomshcheniye somewhere were gone, so there was a wish back in quiet life... One guy approached, embraced for shoulders and whispered at the ear: Sorry, also I left... I stood in silence, was afraid to raise eyes and to see somebody... but in the room was nobody... At school since then nobody communicated with me, even Masha, there was such ultimatum if you with me, then everything mind also you too... I suggested mother of times 10 to change school... she didn't understand, and didn't resolve, said that until the end of the year practically nothing, and there and we will think... But it is practically nothing two more months... Week I go on school as the zombie, the public reduced the heat, but all the same avoided... and those guys, they didn't look in my party in general, really it is a shame? хм... I went from school... one. such burning desire to rush under the car... as I hear me someone calls... - Lille!!!! - someone shouted. I turned. It was my daavny acquaintance Dima, too studies at my school, and obviously too it is aware of the latest events. - What? - I asked when he ran up. - You че one? - it is simple - Give I take? - not necessary I quietly told - That's OK I don't bite... - he lovely smiled I only nodded, he went nearby. We go and we are silent... and че he then in general approached. - What you wanted? - Nothing, is simple to carry out - хм... and confuses nothing you? - I asked - No, and you? - do you Scoff? - I stopped, tears gathered in the eyes - You what??? - he touched my cheek. - As if you don't know, I everything the giving chippy! - But even if it so, me all the same... And? I didn't mishear? He told that to him all the same? - you Know, I am more best one I will go... - and I ran... he it seems something shouted after, I don't know. In the morning when I left was already light, I walked quickly on the lane, I heard some crunches to a vzada, but didn't turn around... but when they became already absolutely close, nerves didn't sustain and I sharply turned back and faced it. With Dima... From surprise I got nervous, but he pressed me to himself. I calmed down and looked waiting to him in eyes... And he... he kissed me... I sharply pushed away him - You what? - And what? - he approached me again... I moved back back - don't leave... As though by order of I stopped, he embraced me again. it was so warm and pleasant... He didn't insist on a kiss any more... We went to school holding hands... the passing soshkolnik stared at us... strange probably... at school Dima gave smacking kiss to me in a cheek and went to the class... I all trembled... His schoolmates maliciously looked at me... oh bad feeling, they will beat me... and what? for it not a sin to fight... Dima is not really high, but very, very cool. Big brown eyes and darkly fair hair... And in general if so I am pleasant to judge his hands... such strong... and reliable. Хм... though know I too not to sneeze at... too with big brown eyes, only hair at me not fair-haired, but chestnut slightly with a red outflow, in the sun in general chic. But frankly speaking with these problems absolutely I threw myself, many days I walk in these jeans and a jacket, I am not painted, all the same every day I roar... I don't know why but began to pull me to Dimka. he the first gave to me a helping hand, didn't turn away... I became such hypochondriac, as in his kindness I feel a dirty trick too. Home I was taken besides by Dima. He kept to me so close that sometimes when he embraced me from a back I felt something firm on buttocks... it so made horney... that I came back home nearly howling from desire... We began to meet... Though all also look askance at me, it became much easier for me... There were five more days till May 25... then transitional examinations and all... hurrah! farewell this school. even the fact that Dimka here, I will leave we and will see each other so, he lives absolutely nearby... The last examination is passed, I left a physics office, Dima waited for me in a corridor, for joy I hung at him on a neck... he squeezed me very strongly... and I felt his machismo again.... it was so zavorozhitelno... and in me happiness spark - flew that he mine!!! Today in the evening we sat at his place, his parents weren't... I all razveselenky from degree of champagne danced on a sofa, Dimka sat next and keeping the eyes glued watched me... I squated and kissed him on a mouth... having removed he also looked everything at me... it seemed to me or he and впрям sad? - Something happened? - I alerted I took seat near him - No... - I see - All in an order - he roughly told and having got up went to the bathroom... Somehow it isn't similar to him... I very quietly approached to the door to the bathroom... I slightly opened it... Dima rinsed a face in a sink... I approached him and touched a shoulder... he shuddered... having switched off the crane and having wiped he looked at me. I looked somehow strange... then he sharply took me for breasts and drove into the corner... further he began to undo quickly and roughly my blouse... I not knowingly looked at him... I opened a mouth to object but he stuck into me the lips, I temporarily lost an opportunity to speak... while his lips sucked in mine, Dima already got rid of my blouse, he raised me and threw back my both legs for the waist... I sat on him in air... No, it needs to be stopped... I sharply pushed away him, and right there it appeared on a floor... - Ouch... - I am a rasshibla a knee. He from unexpectedness of the events in embarrassment looked down on me... Then having pulled together a towel from a hook, I began to wipe blood from a leg... having erased blood he kissed my wound on a knee. inside at me everything contracted... - Diim? - compassionately I stretched... - M? - gloomy that responded - Why you so roughly? - you about what? - and what on yours just was? He was silent. obviously pouting... I the truth didn't understand on someone and because of what... Dima lifted me from a floor and incurred on hands on a sofa. He sat down, I nestled at him on knees... also embracing all as when he carried me... his hot breath gave me on cheeks... I raised the head and slightly touched with lips his chin... it having right there reacted I kissed in reply, but already on a mouth... slowly it put me on a sofa, and was arranged from above... he did everything so accurately... that I was surprised to such change... his hands pulled together from me a bra, it having risen took off from himself both jeans and a t-shirt, again laid down from above... we merged in kisses, at first gentle and then it passed into passionate, I already panted from the shortage of air... one hand of Dima wandered on my body... having gone down he took off from me jeans... I remained in some panties, as well as he... Dima kissed each section of my innocent body... but whether he knew about my innocence? - Dim, wait... - I rose on an elbow, it отлекся from my breast... - Yes? - I. I...-hardly coping with breath I said - at me is for the first time... He mistrustfully frowned... then I sat down on a sofa, having turned away from me... I rose too and having embraced it to a vzada whispered: - Something not so? - No...-and after some pause I added - darling... I kissed him on a forearm... he seems was brought... and having turned we anew began caress... he was even more gentle and tender... having pulled together from me and from himself pants he was conveniently attached from above... I all shivered... suddenly in the last second it became very terrible... - I will try that to you it wasn't sore... With these words his friend whisked a head in me, I devnutsya, but Dima all over pressed me, spreading my legs more and stronger... he slowly went deep... and on time I entered me completely.... - AAAAAAA-cried I.... I felt dreadful pain, I don't even know what to compare it to... it was another, it was in me... - More quietly, more quietly...-he stroked me on the head... Tears rolled down my cheeks... - to You it is strongly painful? - scaredly he asked - N. no - I lay... - If you want, then we won't continue, I not. - No, no, I want that to you it was good - he kissed me, and kissed constantly while we made love... I at first suffered, but then groans escaped from me... it was sick, but it was tolerant... such extraordinary feeling that for some time you merge with the person... that your second half connected to you, filled that emptiness... At the end I stuck noktyam into Dima's back when I felt as something blew up in me. pierced with an arrow and spread on all body pleasure.... Having terminated Dima slipped from me and settled lying near me... I felt his naked body at myself on one side... I lay bezdvizhno... I couldn't recover the breath in any way... and when turned to Dima, I saw that he looks at me the shaken adoring look... I confusedly smiled. - Why you look at me so? - You, you indeed the most innocent being in the world...-still not trusting eyes it surveyed me. - Already not...-I bashfully reddened and looked down. - I so love you! - his words forced me to return a look up... and I nestled on it, I even felt as his heart strongly fights... - I love you too... Was already заполночь... it is necessary to come back home... and so there was no wish... I naked rolled on a sofa and watched how Dima in some pants botches to us tea... But here in an entrance door noise was heard... Dima became straight, and I all strained... - Parents! - Dima whispered... - Holy Christ mine what to do? - we Run... - having grabbed all our things we ran... in his komant. I recovered the breath, began to look for convulsively in a heap of things the underwear... having put on in a bra of melting and having thrown with a blouse, we were waited again by a surprise... someone already pulled a door to Dimina the room... from surprise I screamed, Dima closed to me a mouth a palm... he threw off a cover from a bed and both of us climbed on a bed, I under a blanket, he still looked out... _dimochka? - I heard a female voice - Yes mothers? - didn't You why remove after yourself the hall? Under a blanket became hot... and I was promptly made horney.... having slightly moved with a hand I touched mm. pants? Oh... he nearly moaned... it was pleasant to me... I put a hand on his dick again... he instantly responded... I slowly and accurately lowered his pants... it seemed to me or Dima zamateritsya? - Dima, are you ok? - And?... there is no everything perfectly... - Precisely? - Yes ма, you go. I will sleep... - an aaa, by the way as you passed examination? Dima's mummy all didn't leave in any way... and I couldn't wait so long... having touched "his" hand I all was exhausted... such hot... having carried out by a finger lengthways I found his head... Number couldn't stop cough... - You got sick my darling. here it happened awful, his mother approached and sat down on a bed, I stood in fear... - Neeet, I choked... - to Bring waters? - Please if you can... She got up and I heard as the door slammed... Number opened a blanket - You what you create, abnormal? - with wild eyes he whispered to me, I having innocently clapped eyes answered: - I Study you - Well not now!! The door opened again again and I came to be in the dark. - Thanks.-Number drank water, I heard a byulkanye in his stomach. - All right the sonny, sleep, have a rest - good night mothers... Well at last!!!! I with a force was put out from under a blanket. In the room it was dark. I gave honest pioneer that more I won't do similar... but then having reminded him that not the pioneer got back down... he having moaned too I left under a blanket... we were knocked. he about my knee a forehead... - Oh, oh forgive...-I kissed him bluntly. He ulyubnutsya... - do you Heal wounds kiss magic? - Daa, helped? - I asked - Very.-I felt warmth of his lips and tenderness of hands again... he tumbled down me on a bed, having appeared from above he got down... to my "flower" he stuck lips into "me" immersing языв inside... I resorted to very big forces not to cry from pleasure... Having sated with me he returned, I overturned him on a back now... and too I fell... I seized gobum him a head at once and greedy sucked round it... Number quietly moaned... In all this there was such risk, but it also added to me so much courage and dissoluteness, I wanted to become the bad girl... When I already almost reached the epic, number sharply lifted me and from above put on himself... there were absolutely other feelings... coiling I I fell almost to his breast I overturned back. We terminated together... I was flat-out tumbled down to him on a breast... he the weakened hands embraced me... so we also fell asleep... In the morning, a watch in 6 I already I woke up... I didn't begin to bother number, and just I put on... and походив to and fro on his room, I decided to remain still for a while. At 7 o'clock I heard as in those rooms too all wake up, while the going is good I hid in a case... also I fell asleep there... I was woken by voices, from a prosonye I didn't even understand where I... aha precisely it is a case... уф... it isn't good to overhear, but when you in a case remain nothing else... - Well? When will you return to our ranks? - voice familiar... where did I hear it? - I don't think that I will return - it is number... at once so warmly inside. - And what? This chick so hooked? - She... she is another... they now about me perhaps? - Daa??? And when you will make check? - the guy began to guffaw... yes I learned... same that 11th grader - About what you? No check will exist! - Number somehow roughly talks, isn't similar to him... - And how our counter? We have to test it in practice! - the creep was indignant That? He was too there??? Pancake as it is badly heard... I pressed slightly on a door - I not.-and here I передавив fell out of a case - Wow! Daa Dimka, giant! Yes you already hilled it!!! - a vakhakhakha - About what he Dim? - I with insult addressed number - don't listen to him.-sharply that told - Daa! Well and how Diman? She the virgin was? - ChTOOOOO???? DIMA???? - I exclaimed from indignation - Poured I I will explain everything, listen. - NO! I DON'T WANT to LISTEN to YOU, NOT to SEE, NOT to KNOW!!! - I ran out from the house, fighting back tears I ran down the street... as it is sick... it was the setup... cruel.... Houses, without listening to shouts of mother I went to the room, was locked there.... as there was a wish to die... I went down on knees and поморщилас from pain... having looked at legs I saw that wound... I formed a lump in a throat... I as a small fish swallowed of air, and it wasn't enough... phone rang out... I pulled out it... Dima number.... I from all force threw phone against a wall... it seems even slightly released... I stayed at home three days without budging from a place, I felt that in me there are changes... I all the interior understood that now I am a woman... Having left the room I went to the bathroom... There was a big mirror, having undressed I examined myself... it seems I, but already another... not the little girl... and time so I have to cease to behave as a snotty zachukhanka... now I am a woman, strong and imperious... I left the house, having deeply inhaled fresh air I with calm smiled... I went on the sidewalk, along very familiar road... Having stopped opposite to his house I distorted shoulders, but quickly calmed down... I knocked at a door, mother opened it... She let in me, I came into Dima's room, he lay on a bed, sleeps? eyes are closed, My God, and isn't present breathes... фуф... he so with pleasure slept, sometimes only nervously pulling a shoulder... I touched his cheek... he shuddered and opened eyes... at first just I looked at me, and then sharply I jumped on legs and with astonishment I stared... I got up too... I looked to him in the face... - Sorry, forgive me please, forgive Lily I didn't want, but I... I am a fool... I am a moron... I full идио... - Stand - I covered with a palm of his lip... he obediently became silent... I began to undo buttons of his white shirt... it so shaded suntan of his breast and a press... I touched with lips his naked breast... he with pleasure shuddered... also I became covered by goosebumps... - Lily... - languidly he whispered. - Be silent.-in tone he was told by me, having risen on tiptoe I kissed him directly on a mouth... he without moving a body I answered a kiss... I he think is afraid... is afraid that I can leave... but I didn't gather... having come off his lips I carried out a path from a chin to a stomach... to his press... it raised my head for a chin and stuck lips... we lay already on a floor and sank in caress of each other... - did You forgive? - he distracted from kisses I was silent... he tensely looked at my face, trying to read the answer... - I love you... - only also I told... I closed eyes and in corners tears appeared... Dima kissed both of my eyes and whispered - I will always love you... first dates kim kardashian look alike date ideas boise site mapMain Page