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Hi I read all many stories and I decided to write the story. My name is Nastya to me 20 years appearance at me very sexual the 4th breast size a beautiful waist, the pulled buttocks, on the person too the sweet girl I live with parents I study at the university, the release from guys was always not, many guys were ready to throw everything for the sake of me, but I was always attracted by men of the senior years, even grandfathers, don't know, they here make horney me most I at one thought beginning to flow. one morning day I woke up I liked to sleep in panties and an undershirt. There were houses was of nobody, took a shower, has breakfast and began to be going to the university, so... so outside the window spring... эм... I decided to put on red linen, a white t-shirt with a deep cut, and direct облегающею a skirt hardly the covering my buttocks, хммм... and can without linen? Precisely it there is nothing, on a naked body a t-shirt, a short skirt, flats a bag voila!! I am ready. The father presented me the car long ago but today I wanted to go by bus, there arrived the bus and into him broke to many people, I got up at a window looked at flying by by a landscape, to go to me long still... Suddenly on a bottom I felt a huge hand which strong and roughly squeezes my buttocks... about oh it was very pleasant... I looked on the parties nobody paid attention, I pulled out a mirror I looked that behind me there was a grandfather looked decently... Me it made horney Ooooo) even more) Д: the baby to be pleasant to you? — The Aaa and, continue Д: Well He began to squeeze stronger her, about got the rough hand to me between legs Д: Ah you are a hooligan, without panties you go))) — Yes, I love, you see, I didn't lose. Д: Yes you only should be fucked) — I don't mind. He began 3 — мя fingers to fuck me I began to flow... stories erotic it seemed to me that my hlyupa are heard by all bus, ооооо, I didn't sustain. I terminated to it on a palm Д: Yes you sweet — the grandfather told, licking my fingers. — Insert to me, I ask! Д: Well, time you wish. He undid a fly and touched my hand the dick, Ltd company, he was big and thick. Д: Well as, the babe, somebody fucked you such economy? — There is no Ltd company, he is such big!) He slowly began to enter into me a dick... I knocked down legs I began to fall Д: The babe, so it isn't convenient to me, keep! — LLC LLC, this such pleasure! Д: Yes you are narrow! Having entered me he began to fuck me rigidly and quickly, at the same time I squeeze my breast through a t-shirt — Yes continue Ltd company I spoke in a whisper, after a while he told me on an ear Д: The babe I will begin to cum now — Concha in me, I accept contraceptive Д: Well He lowered everything in me! Ltd company of a da!!! I didn't notice as drove up to a stop necessary to me — Holy Christ, me to leave thanks, the sun — I told having kissed his cheek and lowering a skirt from which the cum followed, I fluttered out from the bus — The devil, a cum flows, it is necessary for me in a toilet. first date questions to ask reddit date in spanish site mapMain Page