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After the memorable playing volleyball (a gift of schoolmates for February 23) Nastena became my woman. Our sexy contacts weren't frequent, however are regular. Because of the fact that my girlfriend was virgin. We had to be limited, generally to oral caress. Whether it is necessary to stir that I passionately wanted bigger. Well and my nanny-goat, ripened п to present to me "the most precious". By mutual consent a defloration, decided to date for a birthday of Nastya. The birthday passed on Saturday, at first May, at her place. On a celebration were: her mother, Nastin of forges, with parents and three Nastiny close girlfriends. I was officially presented by the birthday girl, to her family. Evening ended with dances. Having kissed me at parting, Nastena ardently whispered to me on an ear: - Vasya is favourite, come to me tomorrow evening, mother will be on watch, we will be some. I will present you unforgettable night of adoration! Nastina mother is Natalya Nikolaevna was divorced and the daughter one brought up. She worked as the doctor in hospital. Considering coming an event. I decided to prepare and move thoroughly to him him to the dacha, in the subsequent days off. I wanted something not ordinary that it was remembered on long. Having made not difficult calculations, I thought, it will be possible to do without elastic band. It is possible for me, to arrange phone call which tore our passionate embraces, on Sunday evening. Falsely swearing, I got away to the house – type on an urgent matter. During a week, I found a heap of excuses, answering persistent requests of Nastya – "to come to her into the house, at least for hour or so". Let to suffer! On Wednesday, I came to Natalya Nikolaevna into hospital. And without efforts I persuaded her, to release the daughter to the dacha with spending the night. Having made oath promises to look behind that Nastena didn't drink unboiled water, didn't catch a cold and a lot what not … When for the morning, at school, I told Nastya about the future trip. She sincerely was delighted, however her satisfaction was not long. On her happy attractive face, the frowned cloudlet threatening to spill heavy rain of tears ran. Sniffing, she said: - Mother won't release me. Having learned that, it is not a discrepancy, the nanny-goat presented the real, puppyish delight, got to kiss. On the subsequent change, we discussed that it needs to take with itself and how to put on. To meet agreed at the station, on Saturday morning. To the electric train, Nastena came dressed, in го any jacket, a checkered short skirt – is sensitive above knees, dense stockings (mother insisted) and red rubber boots. In the train Nastena incessantly I chirped, retelling me, the last maiden gossips: - Do you know Tank Kuzmin with someone goes? You won't believe! - And Sveta that generally with 2 guys walks, - having noticed that this subject doesn't disturb me, the talker began to ask that we will do at the dacha. - To the forest we descend to take a walk, later in a bath we will take a steam bath, - I avariciously answered, from her party the hail of voprosets fell down. Having given a flick to her, I said: - To the nosey Parker – on a market the nose was torn off, - having falsely taken offense, the fidget ceased, having put a head to me on a shoulder. On the way to the dacha, at the small river, I broke to steam of branches blossoming, with stupefying a smell, lilacs. At the dacha, at first, I kindled the furnace to turn out, cold and dampness. I gave to Nastya of means, I sent her, through two houses to the aunt Nade. Having punished to get, new eggs and pair goat milk. - I don't know her at all! Let's go in common. - More safely, about! on it is quite good about knows me. Be not afraid of Palkan, he on a chain. - Also invite her in the evening to take a steam bath in a ban, to hours to fathers-in-law, - I shouted after the running-away Nastya. Itself went to kindle a bath, to carry water. Nastena came back, apart from food soon, brought grass collecting, for a bath, Nadezhda explained to her as it is true to make it. - Go to the house and make herbs and collect in a basket, for a picnic in the forest, products. I so far here will finish, not to forget a broom for to soar. We send to the forest, I bore a backpack, with 2 curtailed tourist rugs and glass jars and all necessary for gathering birch sap. The girlfriend bore a basket with food. The spring wood is magnificent – it is breathed, simply and far not that in the town. The pleasant dampness soars in air. With small, not unpleasant, rottenness impurity – mushrooms so smell. The sun shone, the bird's chorus was filled in – arranging the love affairs – soon nests to twist and to sit down on balls. In flood gullies and poles the dark forest water which wasn't in time to be absorbed after snow thawing melted. On certain trees leaflets arose young, sticky. Having plunged in spring euphoria, Nastena, cheerfully singing, I rushed around me. It reminded me, the young, quick nanny-goat who is let out after long winter from a close, smelly stall. Having seen couple curling in air, butterflies Limonnits, Nastena started catching them, slipped and with a laughter fell down, having poured out provisions from a basket on the earth. For the bivouac I chose the highest bank of the malekhanky forest lake, in suite of birches. We settled down, near the birch which is tumbled down by wind, huge. I spread rugs on the earth, went to put cups under birch sap. Nastena sorted a basket and laid the improvised table. Time has come to one o'clock in the afternoon, the appetite at us was played not a joke. We with pleasure soaked up sandwiches, washing down them with birch sap. Nastena drank juice for the 1st time, he to her absolutely attracted. Nastena got up from the earth and said: - Vasya, it is necessary for me in bushes, - and I got away. I heard a murmur soon. I wanted to have a look long ago as she pisat. However, despite of the fact that we perceived a shower more than once contain, she refused to me it. I said that it is absolutely a shame to her. That ability miss I couldn't. Having got up and having taken couple of steps, I saw it, she settled nearby, under a fir-tree, on cards. Having lowered stockings and pants, below knees, she held with 2 handles a short skirt and floors of an unbuttoned jacket. The falls practically ran low, hips strained, still the small stream spilled. Having turned buttocks to shake the last droplets, Nastena lingeringly broke wind. Having stood up, she began to put own toilet in order. Here I saw, at her on the left buttock, a green sketch. Not to be overtaken on the crime scene, I retired, back on a rug. Nastena approached in about 5 minutes, with a bouquet the Stepmother's Mother in hands. I asked her: - Well precious, show that it at you on the daddy? - You what, peeped at me? - during an instant, having reddened, she asked, with a shiver in a voice. - Yes, I saw how you pisat. You especially were also not concealed. - Look what darling, I collected a yellow bouquet, - I made attempt to get aside out of replying, she said. - You don't fool me by fine words, a goat! Turn to me a back and заголяйся. Vividly! - Vasya, it I to you wished to make a surprise. However time you already saw, look. fake dating books na date ideas cleveland site mapMain Page