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Marcela brought me into the hall. On a sofa the women's clothing and footwear which are picked up especially for me lay. It were panties shorts of black color, dark stockings, a red sundress and red sandals on a high heel. — Put on! — I ordered Marcel, having thrown me stockings. I began to put on stockings. Then put on all the rest and sandals. She helped me to make a make-up. Itself put on after that. The hostess of the house put on red baud, dark stockings, a dark miniskirt and on a high heel red shoes with an open toe. Special spirits I sprinkled a little myself and me. — For me! — Marcela ordered and went ahead. — Don't leave alone! — I run — I followed for her. — Remember — she when we got into her car began — you call Joan. You are a girl and has to communicate from a woman's face. — It is clear! — I understood her. — Now we go to the closed club — said Marcel and added. — I will leave you in club till the morning. Itself I will go to negotiations. You in this club will work. — To work? — I didn't understand her. — To trade in the body — Marcela said. — You will receive quite good money for it. — What do I have to do? — the question flew from my lips. — To be a passive whore, to be given to men at each opportunity, not to be rude to clients — Marcela began to list my affairs. — It is clear — I said. The rest of the road we went silently. Through a quarter of hour were on the place. We were passed without problems. And here we drove on the club territory. Closed gate behind us. The high red fence protected the closed club from strangers. Marcela stopped the car. To us helped to leave. She went ahead, I — afterwards. Entered the building through red doors. — Hello hostess! — the tall man of years of thirty ran her towards. — Hi Aaron — I said Marcel. — How are you are in our club? — Everything is quiet — Aaron told. — Whether all girls on the place? — the hostess asked. — Yes — I gave the answer subordinated and I added. — And it someone with you? — The newcomer, call Joan — Marcela told and ordered. — Lodge her in the room. Explain rules. Make of her the beauty and give her to any clients. — The order understood you, I will execute — Aaron rapped out. — We will combine practice with the theory — I said Marcel. — Or pleasant with useful — Aaron added. — I have everything — threw Marcel and continued. — I on negotiations. Joan at your order till the morning — and she left. — And you don't stand rooted to the ground, follow me — Aaron told and went along the corridor. I followed him silently. We entered an office. It sat down at a table, I sat down on a chair near a table. — Sign — he gave me a leaf. — What is it? — I asked. — Rules of your behavior and our institution — Aaron said. — I can get acquainted with them? — I asked a question. — You can — he told and added. — And I will find to you the curator so far! — also I left. I began to read rules. Belonged to my duties to serve men according to their first requirement. During the parties I needed to be among guests in an image. If me ordered, I undertake to serve them at once or to carry out to restrooms that were located on the second floor. But before to rise in these numbers, I need to learn tastes of the client and whether there are available rooms. If number is occupied, then the red lamp will burn over number. The green lamp — an entrance is free. At the order I am obliged to put on a neck a lacy choker of dark color which says that I am chartered. If on me a red lacy choker, then I have to be punished. A white lacy choker — it is ordered by the VIP client. A blue lacy choker — I am free. The main condition — not to forget me choker, differently waits for punishment. Choker with pearls — departure to the customer's address. With myself on departure I have to carry a bag of the average size in which has to lie female things in which the customer wishes to see me. I have to withdraw the sum for service at once. Then has to change clothes in the things stipulated earlier. The client has the right after sex to add to your fee still money. Also the client after sex with me can put on a wrist to me tapes which I undertake to carry in a handbag, a certain color — whether it be on departure providing sexual services or in the closed club. Red color — 10 points, blue — 9, green — 8, yellow — 7, violet — 6, white — 5, pink — 4, orange — 3, gray — 2 and black — 1 point. At arrival to club of a tape scan and each 12 hours there is a calculation. Each twelve hours one of us rewarding — plus waits for a bonus. The top ten was awarded always. For the 10th place the bonus — 10%, the 9th place — 20%, the 8th place — 30%, the place at number 7 — 40%, the 6th place — 50%, the 5th place — 60%, the 4th place — 70%, the 3rd place — 80%, the 2nd place — 90%, 1 place — 100% relied. Same occurred at the end of the month — the result in a month was summed up. Only in a month the first five was awarded. To all of them permits to rest were issued. Each of the five reserved for itself the resort. Sentence was imposed by council of three — the managing director, the deputy and Madam. Everything depended on what fault on the girl. The most terrible punishment is a two-day sex without rest punished with change of partners from two to ten people. Still was held in high esteem round to pass the guilty girl. Punishment — a pillory was considered as less shameful — it the girl to special adaptation was tied, put on her the head a leather mask, wrote the word Slut on a back and everyone did with her everything that wanted. Issue to the girl the admission according to which she can enter into the closed club. She is lodged in club. In each room there are LED lamps for a call of girls to the hall of reception of clients. — Signed? — Aaron, возвратясь in an office with the girl in a red latex mini-dress, dark stockings from nylon and the red varnished shoes with the closed sock on a high heel asked. — Yes — I told, having put подьпись under documents. — It is your copy — Aaron filed to me the document and presented me to the girl. — This is your curator Lexy. She your mentor in this club. You obey her as to Marcel. Everything is clear? — Everything is clear — I said and I addressed to the tutor. — Joan, very pleasant! — Mutually! — she told and ordered. — For me Joan! We left the managing director's office. Passed in the end of a corridor. Left the building. I understood that it was the office building. Passed on a footpath to the blue building. Entered it. Appeared in the spacious room. — Now we will put you on trial to know all pluses and minuses of your work — Lexy said. — Do that is necessary — I agreed. — Dare — Lexy told and I left, having dipped a few light to create a situation. I stood in the middle of the room and waited for the fate. Uncertainty made horney. My nipples stood a stake, the dick was reared, the anal ringlet was convulsively reduced, eyes burned with lust. The automatic lock clicked. And here the door the second was opened. It left the man. Light flickered. I could distinguish a dark skin, a long dick and a mask on a face. The man approached me. All my nature trembled in anticipation of the beginning. Standing I hardly resisted. Here he costs from me at arm's length. Offers to me a hand. I in his hand put the hand. And the man in a mask, having squeezed my hand, attracts me to itself. I don't resist. On the contrary, I am eager for sex. His hand on my back. Our lips in millimeters from each other. He doesn't force an event. The stranger in a mask examines me. Brings closer the lips to mine. Kisses me. His hands slip on a back down. The sundress is raised. The hands it masses my buttocks. I didn't rub яюсь also I take in a hand of his python. I jerk off his dick. I feel a dick of the stranger, each millimeter of his penis. The stranger removes shoulder-straps from my shoulders. The sundress slides off me on a floor. To his look my look in night-clothes opens. Panties and stockings on me. The language he concerns my cherries, works with it. Fingers my nipples, bites them, soaks up. The groan breaks from my lips. Stranger runs fingers over my nipples. I close eyes from ecstasy and luxury. Suddenly he puts a hand to me on a shoulder and presses him. I move to his force, having sat down on knees. Holding a hand at the basis of his dick, I take him in a mouth. I work the head. I try to swallow his boa completely. I don't manage it. But I don't despair. Again I jerk off his dick, working with his balls. I lick the member of the stranger from the basis by the end and back. His dick is ready to fight. My bottom is ready to accept a dick too. I get up from knees. I turn to him a back. I bent and curved a back. He to knees pulls together from me panties. Also the dick begins to enter into me. My eyes are covered. Here his dick touched my buttocks. I help him, having moved apart buttock hands. Concerns a ringlet. Also gets further. Expands my anus. Input continues. Pain and luxury mixed up in me. A half of the dick in me. The stranger stops input. Allows my bottom to get used. Also begins to work with a basin. Pain disappears. It is succeeded by pleasure. Groans break from my lips. With each movement his dick gets into me more and more deeply. The head of his dick touches my prostate. These contacts carry away my nature on the peak of pleasure. I straightened a back. I turned to him the head and I kissed. His hands slide on my nipples, a stomach and hips. And my dick costs a stake. Soon from him the cum begins to shoot. I cum. It at me for the first time. I understand that all was given him without the rest. He didn't stop when I cumed, on the contrary, slowed down speed. If his hands, I would fail. A moment later the stranger took out a dick. I understood that I will fall therefore became knees on a floor. It at once entered the dick to me into a point. Again I did it accurately and slowly. Having entered, I resumed work as a basin. From my lips groans flew. My dick was poured and dangled between legs again. Here the man in a mask all over laid down on me. And I under his weight sprawled on a floor. He continued to move a basin. His dick was completely in me. — Yes — I shouted. — Still! Don't stop. Fuck me. And he fucked. My cries brought him so that he pumped up my bum the cum. Also the dick didn't take out until the erection stops. Then his dick weakened and itself slipped out my anus. I, having squeezed buttocks, I kneeled. He laid down near me. I began to suck his dick. In a minute the dick of the stranger already stood. Then I in turn began to sit down on his dick carefully. Now semen of the man played a lubricant role in my bottom. Having driven in itself his dick on a half, I began to jump, falling each time is lower and lower. And here the dick of the stranger in a mask in me completely. I twist a bottom on his dick and I jump. I sit to it the person. My eyes burn from lust and passion. He caresses my nipples language and lips. Pleasantly up to the soul depth to me to feel as a toy in his strong and strong hands. Suddenly I get up from his dick and I lay down with it nearby sideways. It turns over sideways too. The dick to me enters into a point. Has me. Stops. But I don't want it. Itself I move a basin on a meeting to his dick. Again the cum shoots my of my dick. Together with me also the stranger began to cum, filling my bunghole. We lie and we kiss. Here he took out a dick from my bottom. I was arranged in his legs, having begun to polish with his dick. Having polished a dick to him, I laid down near him. From a bottom his cum followed. I wanted still. But suddenly... Suddenly the call was distributed. The man in a mask quickly retired, having disappeared behind the second door. Click of the lock. The door is closed behind him. And here light in the room becomes brighter. Eyes get used to light. The room is entered by Lexy. She to me puts on a red tape a wrist. — For what? — I asked. — You were given to the man completely, without thinking of consequences — Lexy said. — And it led you to an orgasm without hands. — Whether you joke? — I didn't trust her. — I tell plain truth, Joan — with gravity she said. — What to do with things? — I pointed to a sundress. — To take away with itself — I gave the answer to Lexy when I lifted a sundress. — For me! Having left this room, we passed along the corridor. Appeared in a shower cabin. — Undress and become under a shower — Lexy ordered and added. — I will be later. Only I will prepare an enema. — What for? — I was frightened. — Remember once and for all — after each coition you have to clean the bottom from a cum — Lexy said. — I understood everything — I began to undress, having put a sundress on a chair and sandals near it. Stockings, having removed, I threw in garbage. — Clear head! — the tutor told and I left. I became under a shower. I washed. I washed away from myself sweat and negative energy. Five minutes I took a shower. — On knees also move apart buttocks! — Lexy ordered, having entered the room. I didn't begin to disobey her. I executed her order — I kneeled and I moved apart buttocks. Lexy entered to me into a point a tube, and hung up a mug on a hook. Water from a mug went to me. This procedure lasted two minutes. When the mug bulknut, Lexy took out a hose from my anus and ordered: — Squeeze buttocks and lay down on a back, having raised a bottom up! I executed her order. I lay in this situation five minutes. After her team I ran on a toilet bowl. There was with water all superfluous. A minute later Lexy rinsed me from a shower again. I greased my anus with cream. I gave me to hands a dressing gown. I put on a dressing gown and slaps. I took a sundress and sandals in hand. I went after Lexy. We and this building left. On a path passed to the green building. Near this building there was a yellow building, and between them there was a transition on the second floor. — What the yellow building is? — I asked. — Building of receptions — I gave the answer the mentor. — And therefore to transition you will meet to the main hall where you will be waited by clients for the choice. — It is clear! — I told, having entered the green building. — Marissa — addressed the girl on a reception Lexy. — Yes — Marissa responded. — The room for Joan — I ordered the mentor. — The thirtieth room — called Mariss's number. — It is good — I said Lexy and I began to walk upstairs. Posemenila I behind her. We rose by the second floor. Turned on the left. Went along the corridor. Stopped at a door. Lexy opened it, and we entered. — Settle down — Lexy told and added. — In half an hour on your door will hang up the plate with your name. — For what? — I asked a question. — In this club it is so accepted — she said and, having made a pause, continued. — According to Marcela's recommendation to you the nutritionist will glance tomorrow and will prescribe you food. — It is clear! — I said. — Have a rest — and Lexy left. The situation of the room pleased. In my room there was a double bed. Near her on both sides two curbstones stood. Over a bed the sconce was located. Opposite to a bed I hung smart TV on a wall. To the left of a bed there was a case with a women's clothing and footwear for every taste and a style. Also there was one more door that conducted to the bathroom. There were two more windows: one overlooked the courtyard, the second — on the forest. The room was lit with two floor lamps. I took off from myself a dressing gown. I got into a case. I put on white panties a devan-deryer and a red peignoir. In it I laid down on a bed. I turned on TV. Automatically the training rollers to a make-up, a pedicure, to manicure and a vizazh joined. I fell asleep when began to broadcast a roller about blowjob. facebook dating x due date calculator yourduedate site mapMain Page