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- Gennady, you executed my order?! - Yes, Evgenia Georgiyevna. I made everything as you asked. - It valid such boy whom I ordered to you? - Of course, Evgenia Georgiyevna. - Virgin? - For it, I can be charged by anything. His mother, told me, he is so constraining that reddens at presence even of her girlfriends. She tried to acquaint him with the daughter of the close girlfriend, so he ran away from her. - Perfectly! Immediately bring him to me. I want to see him. - I obey, Evgenia Georgiyevna! - The colonel, - reproachfully said Evgenia Georgiyevna. - It is time to forget the army habits. - Sorry, Evgenia Georgiyevna. He will be here soon. - Zhenechka, my boy. For you have to arrive now. Obey these people, do everything that they will tell. Did you understand me? - Yes, mummy. - Be obedient the sonny. Otherwise, I am waited by big troubles. - Well mother. I will try. - What is done by the little girl, Gennady? - I, ordered to feed her. - Don't overfeed. Sex on a full stomach very badly. She, I hope, the virgin too? - Yesterday, Alexander Sergeyevich checked it. I told what everything be all right. - Perfectly. The boy already goes to us. You will bring her in five minutes. And, don't forget to tell that Maria undressed her previously. Boy too. - It will be made as you ordered. - Well. Send to me Nastya. "Old whore", - Gennady Vitalyevich thought and scaredly I looked back. In the presence of Fedortsova, he was afraid even to think. This woman, is devilishly acute and can read mind according to eyes of the interlocutor. In it, the former colonel of the Soviet army, and now the chief of bodyguard of the president of Russian Beer concern, was convinced not once. Risked to think at her presence, about Fedortsova, badly, a bit later they got into serious troubles, in the form of a car accident, or even plane crash on which, they had misfortune to fly on affairs. Fedortsova spared to performers no expense. Zhenya was entered into the luxurious bedroom. Such luxury, he saw only in videos. Now he stood near huge as the airfield, beds and with some fear watched on серебристо the streaming fabric of an easy blanket on which he should have laid down. He already knew that he should make love to the beautiful very young girl. His contemporary who, the same as he, too, probably, has to be a virgin. He was warned that if he refuses to do it or will badly do, his mother will surely suffer. Therefore though it was very a shame to it to do it in the face of adults, he decided to quash the feeling of bashfulness and to make everything that the invisible audience (he was sure of their hidden presence absolutely), remained, we are very happy with him. The girl unfamiliar to him who will take part in this shameful action, most likely, the same victim as he. It is forced, to be engaged with him in it, under pressure of the severe conditions established to it and her family. He, didn't wish, to do it troubles. - Take off clothes and lay down on a bed. But, be not covered. I have to see you. Zhenya shuddered. The female voice sounded nearby. There was such feeling as if the speaking woman, stands behind his back. He looked round, but found nobody. - Hurry up. Now, she will come. Take off all the clothes. Everything, without exception. It was very a shame. It is a shame the, the dick which heatedly is sticking out, despite of everything. In this state, it is for some reason especially big. - Be not closed. I want to see everything. In a voice of the woman light hoarseness appeared. It, even shivered a little. Zhenya realized that, examining him, she derives pleasure. He was invited here in order that from it, the woman unfamiliar to him derived sensual pleasure. He, unexpectedly remembered that his schoolmate, very beautiful girl Luda, didn't appear on occupations several days. At lessons, sitting at his back, girls whispered among themselves that for very big money Lyudka visited a bed of one large chief. As if she told about it the girlfriend Tang from parallel the ninth "And" that it was sold by mother who did debts for the huge sum. Mame Luda was necessary to pay together with the daughter two days for them in a bed of this chief. - You represent, Svetka, he at first had mother on her eyes, and then had her in the face of mother who is near them. And, in the perverted form. - How it, in the perverted form?! - With curiosity Sveta asked the girlfriend. - In buttocks. - What horror! - But Lyudka, remained a girl. And buttocks … You will think! - It likely, awfully painfully? - Nothing, she has big buttocks. I represent what now Slavke from the tenth "In". - It, which boxer? - Well and. - Poor Slavochka. - Poor Lyudka. In Ira's voice mischievous notes sounded. Probably, she nevertheless wasn't indifferent to sporty Slavke. Then, Zhenya didn't attach particular importance to this chatter. But, now, when itself I fell into a similar state, involuntarily I thought that it can be the truth, and Luda sympathized unfamiliar. He didn't consider himself the victim. He will be … the girl, but not him. Though … Anything can happen. You never know will climb up in the head to this lover of erotic pleasures. And if, she wishes itself, to appear on the place of the girl? But, this thought, oddly enough, didn't seem to it awful. If only it wasn't too old and unpleasant. Evgenia Georgiyevna, was nearby. In total few steps away from him. Zhenya didn't suspect that the huge mirror which is built in a wall, it that other as an ordinary window, only unilateral. Evgenia Georgiyevna saw everything, and he in him saw only the reflection. She lay on a bed on other side of a mirror and, considering the boy, his young, stubborn sticking out dick, voluptuously caressed the horney clitoris. She had often a good time the fact that she with greedy curiosity observed how, on that side of a mirror, on a magnificent, wide bed, the young girls and boys still even not podozrevabshchy about existence of each other leave innocence. Sometimes, for sharpness of feelings, it selected for this purpose contrast couples in which beautiful girls and ugly pimplies participated. Or, on the contrary. She, was also amused the fact that she stacked on this bed the adult woman with the young boy then observed how, being given him, she writhes from humiliation. Once, the Gennady's hands, she laid mother and the son on this bed. It was worth admiring it. The dick of the son fucking own mother she pierced pride of the once very arrogant competitor who took away at her the former beloved husband. But, someone could accuse her of anything. Her someone and when at the same time I didn't see. She was always present invisibly. Other not friend who was the manager of the central market, having nonsense publicly to mock at her, Gennady's helpers brought to her apartment blindfold. Evgenia Georgiyevna forced her to pass through all stages of humiliation. Having tied her dog-fashion to a bed, inserted a dildo of the biggest size into a vagina. It as a stick, small shaking, stuck out of her hairy sexual crack. Within several hours, she writhed from uncountable orgasms, expiring juice. Then in all openings street urchins - homeless children whom her security guards ruthlessly sent from the market serially had her. They that tried wonderfully well, обкончав her face, big tits and having jam-packed the big back. The boys who became stupid with happiness within two weeks incessantly had her. After all this, she was untied. All the same she couldn't escape from the enclosed space. The boys who felt impunity to whom it fairly annoyed in due time, hands of cruel security guards, sending them from the market, absolutely completely terrorized it, having broken will. She implicitly carried out their any, most unusual, most ridiculous requirements. Evgenia writhed from mischievous laughter, admiring as, swallowing on the balls, she obediently sucks dirty dicks of boys. The most ridiculous was in what, despite humiliations, she at the same time often and passionately cumed. After such school she either will begin to hate sex, or will become a passionate supporter of oral and anal sex. It is natural that after that, dishonored, peretrakhanny all city homeless children, the manager of the market, not only couldn't work at the market, but even, it is simple to live in the city. Today, on account of payment of a debt, it took his young innocent daughter from the debtor. The boy will deprive of her virginity. Then, the girl will live at her, will have a sleep on this bed, and Evgenia coming in darkness, will corrupt with caress her. Oh, she was able to do it. Evgenia was afraid to recognize that she revenges people for the crippled youth. Once, long ago, to make the office career, as a payment for her, the father gave her to the first secretary of regional committee of party, the old corrupted gay adoring having girls in round hard buttocks. She still remembers, that wild pain when he without feeling sorry for her beautiful buttocks, without pity the dick stuck into an anus. Zhenechka crying with pain and humiliation, peed the pants under him. Having passed through it, she promised, to revenge this old libertine. Also I revenged, but not to him. He by then, to the happiness, he already managed to die. Otherwise all the same wouldn't sustain humiliation which was transferred by his family. It was necessary to pay for his sins to the wife and the daughter and granddaughters which he, loved very much. At first, she still acted roughly and rectilinearly. By means of the intermediary, I employed two tyrants. Having broken deception to the apartment, they in the face of the members of the family of the deceased party functionary who were present at the same time, serially raped all women. Didn't spare even eleven and twelve-year-old girls. Being present at the same time, Evgenia whispered to one of mercenaries that she wants that the boy fucked the mother. Bitterly sobbing, he on pain of death, obediently executed the order. The most amazing that his dick regularly stood at the same time. On the other side of her back one of tyrants rammed the healthy dick. Evgenia with gloating, and curiosity, observed how, despite the severe pain which is breaking off the back, the woman cums much. The old woman wife of the deceased party functionary sitting in a chair watched the stopped eyes as rape the daughter and her bitterly sobbing granddaughters. Hidden behind a mask of Evgeny, eloquently I described her as she which was at the age of her beloved granddaughters was raped to the back by the husband. Having sold for nothing the house, soon they hasty left from a shame. Evgenia was revenged. The picture lying between the spread boy's legs, with unclear passion fucking mother twitching under him was always on her mind for a long time. Evgenia was sure that at the end of a coition, she terminated under the son. She wanted to hope that the sonny who fucked mummy, will continue to do it further. And girl pretty, - she noted, having seen the girl entering the bedroom. Though she knew that there will be a boy, all the same bashfully reddened and instantly closed a palm the sexual crack. - Take away hands, - she immediately ordered. The girl hasty executed her order. "Perfectly mummy trained her, sending to me, - grinning, she thought. - Begin. Lay down legs to a mirror that you saw how his dick enters you. Move apart a sexual crack, and relax. Let he will take you. She didn't spare vanity of the girl, purposely using not too rough expressions. But, the very young sikushka was so frightened of the forthcoming proximity with the boy that it for certain didn't notice it. Having obediently fallen by a bed, she slowly leaned back on a back then, having turned in under the back of a leg as it is possible more widely moved apart before it beautiful knees, showing, Evgeny a pink wrong side of the revealed vulvar lips and a pancake nipple of the sticking-out clitoris. "And she is already very horney", - the woman grinned. Having awkwardly crept up to her, the boy kneelt and began to stick with the dick into a groin of the lying girl ineptly. - Send to a sexual crack his dick. You see, it is impossible to him. She with gloating and nervousness observed how, having carefully taken two fingers his dick, the girl obediently inserted his head into the sexual crack. - Good fellow. You are an obedient girl. Zhenechka, and now set with her on balls. Don't pay attention if she screams. At first all of them shout from pain, and in the end, all the same cum from pleasure. Concha in her, fill her with the cum. That it began to flow from it. And, force to terminate it. You have to try. - Sorry, - Zhenya quietly whispered, leaning on the girl. She was very beautiful, on - maiden chubby, with well created hips and the convex, nervously shuddering under him stomach. Hardly his dick entered the girl as Zhenya screamed and staring the watering eyes convulsively was pressed in her, filling with a cum her vagina. - Good fellow, Zhenechka. Cum. Cum in her more that from her began to flow. Having for a while stood, he raised the head from the girl's breast and in embarrassment admitted: - "He, at me … fell". - Nothing, the girl has to try that he, got up again. Clasp his dick with fingers and gently frig him until he gets up. - I … am not able. - Then, study. For the long life, you should do many times it that men wanted to love you again. - I can't. To me, it is very a shame. - Well that. Then I very much feel sorry for you. It is necessary to give you to the man that he taught you skillfully and to be given passionately and also to jerk off to him a dick. Squeeze him more safely. Don't be afraid. And, jerk off him up-down. Here you see, at you perfectly it turns out. Their dependent intimacy lasted two weeks. During this time, they quickly accustomed with the new situation, and even began to derive pleasure from coitions. Zhenya was the gentle and sensitive partner who is intuitively guessing desires, the girl lying under him. After the seventh or eighth day of sex, Lena passionately terminated, hotly answering his kisses. It is good that it wasn't seen by the being absent Evgenia. They made love at own will. Having woken up after the first night, they found total absence of the clothes, and they had to go naked. It involuntarily enhanced their mutual sensual inclination. At night, lying in the general bed, they nestled to each other and hidden by night darkness, passionately connected. Evgenia Georgiyevna didn't manage to have fun with Lena. She had to go to Moscow therefore, considering that completely I paid off her humiliation with mother, she ordered to release the girl. Jeunet at parting when he remained one, was necessary to learn the hostess. She came to him at night. Now, having tried a female body, he was not that bashful boy any more. Therefore without testing special bashfulness, he implicitly fulfilled her requirements, having it in front, behind, thrusting a dick into her eager mouth. From it, he only took pleasure. He met Lena, a month later. During the first moment, at them, both, were desire to escape from each other, but perfectly understood that they aren't guilty that they in the purposes, were used by adults. Besides, having returned, home, he often remembered her. And nearly an every night, going to bed I jerked off, remembering, her elastic body, damp depth of a close vagina in which he so often cumed. Imperceptibly for himself he fell in love with her. The same happened also to Lena. Having a little departed from each other, they at the same time turned back and indecisively met. - Hi, Lena. I, every day, at night also, remember you. I can't forget you, - having timidly reddened, Zhenya told her. It bashfully flashed, but didn't look away from it. - I remember you Zhenya too. - Well, or it is bad? I am not guilty of it. - Well. I know Zhenya that we were used so I don't become angry about you. On the contrary, I too, very often remember you. - Lena, mother now at work. I live nearby. Perhaps we will come to me, we will a little sit? - I don't know. - Lena, I want to talk to you. - Well, we will go. Both of them perfectly understood value of his request. He wanted it. It wanted him too. Having closed an entrance door, he turned to Lena, and she nestled on him, having raised a face up. - I awfully missed you. - I missed Lenochka too. - What silly this woman. She thought that, having put us in a bed, having forced to do it, she will damage to us. But, she was mistaken. Without wishing that, she only pulled together us. For it, I even am grateful to her. - And I, Lenochka because fell in love with you. - We will go? - We will go, - Zhenya responded. And, they went to the bedroom, hasty undoing and throwing off on the run clothes. 15.09.2002 facebook dating unmatch date ideas in los angeles site mapMain Page