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Having fallen to her already completely wet pants Vadim, I involved a nose its aroma which was so exciting and enticing that he didn't keep and touched with lips that place where there was her horney clitoris. This touch forced her to scream and to mechanically shift legs, squeezing his head. Having understood that he on the right track, but wishing to tease her, Vadim began to lick her sexual sponges without concerning a clitoris. He did movements by language up and down. Her breath began to become frequent very quickly. Oksana began to catch a mouth air, so as if she choked, and not in forces to keep more on elbows simply laid down a back on a school desk, getting pleasures, having forgotten about everything on light, indulging only in those feelings which proceeded with a bottom of her stomach, slowly covering her with the head. Having lost control over itself, Oksana began to ask Vadim to enter her because she wanted it each section of the body. But Vadim didn't hurry and began to suck her clitoris, taking him in a mouth, kind of trying to drain in him inside. Oksana already began to feel how the huge wave began to collect in her vagina. Vadim having understood that she can terminate soon it was discharged of her and I pulled together pants in a bottom, cast away them aside. - Here lines I didn't take condoms - she heard But she so wanted to feel his dick in herself that she told: (To have sex in educational offices the dream of many of us! Look at those lucky someone managed it - an editor's note) - Give without him, and I won't sustain that more Then he for convenience moved up one more school desk, having made thus similarity of a bed, and climbed from above, having settled down in a missionary pose at her between legs, began to kiss her. Oksana felt as his genital touches her hip that brought her even stronger, but also meanwhile having caused fear she was afraid of pain which arises at the first penetration. Vadim having seen that in her carrying out something changed asked: - What happened, you don't want it? - I want, but I am afraid at me it in the first Наволнуйся, also relax, I will try to be accurate: - Vadim answered But not so that was easy to satisfy his request, but she tried to satisfy his request. Having understood it, Vadim began, lying on her, to kiss her neck, the person, lips helping her to relax. And when he was convinced that it helps, he decided to act. Having dropped to her lips in a passionate kiss, he rose on hands and tried to enter her. But as he had a small experience, he not from the first couldn't enter. Through couple of unsuccessful attempts Oksana having taken the initiative, having reached a hand to his dick it I took him in a hand for the first time. She few times ineptly ran over him a hand and felt as far as he strong, He was about 16 cm in length and quite thick. Then Oksana had a thought as he such will enter me? But desire exceeded fear and then she brought a head to about an entrance to a vagina. And when she felt as the head touches her sponges slightly moving apart them, she tried to move closer closer. Vadim having realized that it is time, slightly I pressed and I plunged slightly inside. Then Oksana felt as the dick moved apart her lips and got inside, доторкнувшись to some barrier. Vadim, having understood that it is a virgin pleva for a second was late, I began to kiss passionately her in lips, I moved forward a basin. Oksana felt as tore her plev, and sharp, but not severe pain, and that as his dick got centimeters on ten in her, And also that as under pressing of the dick walls of her vagina are moved apart. From pain she tried to scream but he kissed her and as - would accept her shout in itself. Having waited couple of seconds that there passed pain, Vadim began to move in her, and Oksana felt as his dick since the beginning left and then moved inside again. About N I began to enter actively her making sharp smooth pushes, feeling as her still narrow, damp and very hot tubule as though silk his body envelops, pulling out groans. Oksana having felt as unpleasant feelings are replaced pleasure, raised before the standing divorced legs it is slightly above, and and embraced it them, began to move the basin to it towards. In minutes of the 15th such gallop Oksana already slightly - whether didn't shout therefore Vadim had to close her a mouth, a hand kissing her. And in rather an a Vadim began to feel as her body began to strain, and he understood that she can terminate soon. Oksana noticed as in a bottom of her stomach the wave hitherto of feelings unknown to her, and also the fact that Vadim accelerated began to accrue, and she felt as that his dick became still hardening. When Vadim understood that whether both of them will terminate soon he asked her he can terminate in her what she agreed to, without thinking about последствях. In a couple of minutes of the strengthened gallop Vadim felt as Oksana's body began to shake and as her already narrow vagina began to be reduced neistovno. He stood for a second and the cum began to be thrown up from his dick. Oksana having understood that she terminated felt as her sexual sponges squeezed the pulsing dick even more densely. And suddenly She felt as the first streams of his cum shot at her vagina as they spread filling her very narrow vagina. From it Oksana terminated once again. And Vadim cumed everything and cumed looking in her face, and seeing in them gratitude and satisfaction. There was many cum. When Vadim began to take out the still the standing dick he heard: - Don't take out, let's enjoy So They lay still a couple of minutes. Oksana felt as from her pussy not located cum follows. Having caressed Oksanino a body a little more, he at last took out the already faded body. Having had a rest not much they put on at having agreed will phone left together school. Having kissed at parting they went home Thanks to all for attention. If it was pleasant to someone, then I will write continuation. Considering that it is my first story, your opinion is interesting to me. I ask send the responses and wishes to bori_2006@mail soap. ru. I will be glad to your letters, especially letters from Kiev, Ukraine. facebook dating only showing 5 matches date ideas nj site mapMain Page