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- Why you so with me?! - my wife to cynicism of the watchman was surprised, - I always treated both of you kindly as to the family, it is possible to tell... - And we you too... we love, - Vasily Petrovich answered her, taking off clothes. - No! I ask you, don't do it! - Lena begged, having put hands under a chin and moving back back. - What do you cost, the mouth rozyavit? Скидавай belongings! - the uncle Vasya to Ivan said. Having undressed, they spread out my resting spouse on a banquette. Vasily Petrovich held her by hands, and Vanya spread her legs and tried to insert not on age a large dick. - Yes you don't fuss, - the watchman taught him, - the woman it is necessary to knead in the beginning, and well caress her I am sensitive! - Stop him! - my wife began to ask, addressing Vasily Petrovich, - He is still a child! - Nothing, is necessary to him when that to become the man, - the uncle Vasya objected, - at him what "pepper" shot up! Maybe more still than at your hubby will be. After these words Lena involuntarily raised the head and tried посмотрть being given to drink to Ivan towering over her below, and that having used that she ceased to kick for some time, laid down on my wife all the boyish body and began to kiss her vguba. Having felt that my spouse ceased to escape, Vasily Petrovich released her hands, one of which gradually moved to a bum to the teenager, and Lena began to send another his dick to itself... - Уф! - Ivan sighed, getting down from my wife and patting her on hips, - Is good, the bitch! - Here you see, Elena Aleksandrovna, - the uncle Vasya grinned, - you the same were pleasant to the guy. Lena, meanwhile, being burned with shame, I hid the face in hands. - Will you with her be sucked? - Vasily Petrovich asked Ivan. - I don't know and that? - that answered with a counter question. - Yes nothing, just in a mouth I want to give her... Having told it, the watchman took the head of my wife in hand and threw back it back, at the same time kneeling and substituting the dick to her lips. In spite of the fact that situation was not absolutely convenient and Lena tried to wind the head, to the uncle Vasya everything was succeeded to force her to oral caress. Here, again in an evening, at a door the call was distributed. - The devil, it taksit probably, - Vasily Petrovich rugnutsya without coming off process, - Hear Kirill, you here? I kept silent, but the uncle Vasya shouted again, addressing me: - Go, open a door! Having followed instructions of the watchman, I let in the taxi driver inside and suggested him to wait a little here, however he refused, having told me that he will be in the car. Having returned to observation of the events in a locker room, I saw that the situation changed there: now Vasily Petrovich sat on a bench, облакатившись a back on lockers, and my wife literally jumped on him astride, vigorously wagging hips. Here she speeded up the movements and having thrown back the head began to groan loudly. To be mistaken it wasn't possible - Lena cumed. - Ooh, Elena Aleksandrovna, and you hot thing! - the watchman admired, removing from himself her emaciated body, - Wan, you will be still? All this time Ivan stood apart and the dick therefore the question of the uncle Vasya seemed to him even strange nadrachivat: - Of course, only I her it... to the back I want. How do you think, to turn out? - Now we will try, - Vasily Petrovich answered and again I shouted in my address - Kirill, bring a mop! I looked round around and having noticed, the plastic mop thrown by the cleaner in popykha, lifted her and incurred in a locker room. - No! What are you going to do with me? It isn't necessary, please! - my frightened spouse lamented, having involuntarily nestled on the watchman. - Yes you don't shiver so, Elena Aleksandrovna! - the uncle Vasya embraced her for shoulders, - Ivan with you, one may say, lost innocence, here and wants you too, in some way, to deprive of innocence. It is sick only at first. Well, lozhites on a stomach! Through joint efforts Ivan and Vasily Petrovich put Lena on a banquette facedown, and then the watchman ordered me to expand slightly with the mop handle her an anus. Despite crying and entreaties of my wife, I obediently executed Vasily Petrovich's instructions. - Now depart! - resolutely Ivan ordered me, thrusting the dick greased with some cream into a bunghole of Lena. To appease her sobbings, the watchman thrust the elda into a mouth to my wife again. I needed only to look obediently at all this, feeling incomprehensible even for me pleasure until again called a door. - Long still to wait? - the taxi driver asked me, being on the threshold. - Probably even minutes fifteen, - I answered uncertainly. - All right, give quicker! - he waved a hand, - I sit in the car here, just in case. I was going to slam a door as suddenly from a locker room the uncle Vasya's voice was heard: - Stop! Elena Aleksandrovna already all right! Hastily the dressed Vasily Petrovich and Ivan supported my wife on which there was a fur coat and boots. Having approached the taxi driver, Lena stopped. - You taxi driver? - she asked him a silly question. - Well like that, - he shrugged shoulders in reply. My wife suddenly opened a fur coat under which more nothing appeared from clothes and melancholically stroked the taxi driver on an unshaven cheek. - Fuck me, - she said in embarrassment, sitting down on a table and spreading legs. The driver dumbfounded by such turn of destiny tried to tell something in reply, but Lena didn't give him such chance, having closed his mouth we will kiss. All the time, while he had her, she looked to me in the face some released look... After the taxi took away my spouse, I sat in the car for a long time, trying to recover and home arrived already far заполночь. On a hanger I noticed the taxi driver's jacket at once. Having undressed, I quietly slightly opened a door to our bedroom and saw as my wife peacefully sleeps, having settled down on the tattooed taxi driver's breast. I came on kitchen to drink a glass of water and saw a note of the following contents on a table: "I all the same will have you or will leave, but if nevertheless you decide to remain, then keep in mind that I now another, this evening changed a lot of things in our life." facebook dating messages dated and related aftermath site mapMain Page