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Next day I arrived to the house of the uncle. I was met by mother and without any confusion began to tell me about my new duties. I was struck with everything that was told to me by mother, but, it seems, she sincerely thought that all this was quite natural. It is necessary to me obdumatyuslyshanny and again to talk to her. My life changed to unrecognizability for the last two days, but I wasn't sure that I will be able to cope with new calls though it was, anyway, more fascinating, than all that happened to me in my previous dim and sad life earlier. Then mother decided to find Vasily, and we began to examine the house. To find him it was quite simple business. We heard Maya's groans so, appear, they decided to have sex again. We entered their bedroom, and there Vasily lay on a bed on a back, and Maya is vigorous as on classes in physical culture, I jumped up on his dick. I stopped and thought to return here after they finish, but at mother in the head other ideas turned. She leaned on a chair, thrust a hand under a skirt, removed the panties, got on a bed and sat down on Vasily's face. On her all there was a skirt therefore Vasily that is called lost sight, skirt fabric completely covered his head. On the face of mother no emotions so Vasily probably didn't react to the sudden blindness in any way were noticeable. But in a couple of minutes on the face of mother a little silly smile, obviously appeared, Vasily's language at last found her clitoris. Only I remained to stand as if to nobody the unnecessary dummy, any excess spare part by this holiday of life, the dick and Vasily's mouth were out of my reach, but here reached me that he had free hands. So, I fast removed panties and directed Vasily's hand to my pizda, having allowed his fingers to wander in her. The first Maya reached orgazmichesky heaven, but she had an advantage before us on time, I terminated following because sex still was a rarity in my life, and eventually my mother who literally is washed away from Vasily by a flow of the skvirt which unexpectedly happened to her joined us. The poor man who just had sex with three women at the same time looked, frankly speaking, shaky, a little reddened and slightly strangled as if it appeared in the waiting room at Lord. I asked the uncle, whether all with him as it should be whether my mother strangled him? — Well, all super — Vasily answered, but on looking at him, I not up to the end was sure of it. He needed some time to recover, but in a couple of minutes he recovered, turned pink and began to smile. He still lay on a bed, and to me there was one more shock when I saw how mother suddenly began to caress Maya's pizda, licking from her Vasily's cum. And here my look was suddenly focused on still reared dick of the host still covered up to the basis with his cum and Maya's allocations, and I, to own surprise, suddenly carefully pinched all this cocktail the uvula. It was very tasty and exciting. Apparently, my body at this moment not the head, and some other body directed. Mother told then me that I am the best daughter in the world... and very attentive. I was her only child so it was not the most successful compliment from her lips. A little later all of us together sat on a terrace. Vasily quietly about something talked to mother within several minutes, and then cleared the throat as though he was the royal herald who is going to declare arrival of the queen. He really looked a little confused. — So, Marina, welcome to our business, Mischa was very happy, and I am sure that over time you will improve the skills. Your mother will bring you to a meeting with the husband and the wife Ivanov after a lunch. In a word, I became the full employee of the company and went to the next meeting. Nobody mentioned what my work, payment, terms of employment will consist in... but... I decided to go down stream! Ivanov' family it appeared few years for 70. Mother and they were very old friends so she presented me and told them that I am her daughter. It seems that it amused them, especially mister Ivanov. He attentively examined us. — I see similarity in your persons, hair color and so on, but as far as you are similar in all the rest? Mother told him that he is a disobedient boy, but this enfant terrible suddenly got up and asked us to follow for him. He went on a ladder to the second floor, I followed for him, and mother with the hostess of the house after them. When we appeared in the huge bedroom, Ivanov without any preludes began with our boobies, having released them from тисок bras. Further on a floor mother's skirt, and then mine departed. I was shocked, having seen that mother didn't put on panties, Ivanov was very interested in such liberty in clothes of my mother! I removed the thongs that we fell into a state, equal with mother. Mister Ivanov flushed, and madam Ivanova began to lick lips. Now we were completely naked, except for our sandals. Spouses gave to us the hands. Ivanov seized me and at once thrust two fingers into my pizda, Ivanova sat down on a floor and buried a face directly in a perineum of my mother. Ivanov's fingers furiously began to move in my vagina, then he pushed all the palm in depth, and his hand, having completely filled my pizda, buried in a uterus wall. Unexpectedly for myself I almost at once terminated, still getting used to infinite sex! My mother, also, as well as Ivanov' family, didn't wish to cum as quickly as I, was required to them much more time. The elderly family was still completely dressed, and they looked as prudish and decent couple of pensioners. So never judge the book on her cover! But in about twenty minutes, eventually, from a mouth of my mother the stream of the grunting sounds streamed, and to her pizdy there was already the second on my eyes real сквирт, and she covered a body and Ivanova's face with a large amount of the vaginal liquid. Ivanov, obviously, already passed through it therefore he got a beautiful clean men's scarf from a pocket and wiped the face of the wife. Such charming gentleman. Madam Ivanova sat down on the chair again, as well as mother. — A marine, you couldn't help my husband, please? I looked at mister Ivanov. He already undid buttons on a fly so I helped him. A lot of time was required, I had to work diligently that the dick accepted it vertical position, and then the short interval time followed, and he terminated. I with pleasure swallowed all cum which streamed from his dick that very much pleased Ivanov. While I helped mister Ivanov, madam Ivanova cooked for all tea with flat cakes. We sat down, drank after-dinner tea and lovely chatted. It seemed that this business which was so pleasant to me half consists of sex and half of a lovely tea drinking. And here reached me that I sucked two different dicks today, I was touched to intimate places, but still not fucked properly, in a pizda the dick. Well, tomorrow there will be a new day! ====================== Mother called me in the morning and made an appointment with her in cafe in the downtown at noon. I had to put on the usual casual clothes, but at the same time on me there has to be very sexual underwear. That day in my clothes there was only one tolerable set of underwear which it was possible to recognize at some imagination as sexual, all the rest was washed already decently off and shabby so I had no other options except how to put on it. When I arrived to mother, she sat in the small company from three people, namely Dubtsov' family consisting of parents and their son Andrey. Parents were approximately my age, and Andrey was about twenty years old. Mother explained to me that we go to Dubtsovym on a lunch. They went by the car, and we followed after them by mother's car. — What do we do today, mother? — You understand, at Dubtsov the problem which needs to be resolved now was for many years multiplied. Andrey from the childhood is fixated on the mother, doesn't meet girls because can't find similar in everything on her. It isn't pleasant to mister Dubtsov, and madam Dubtsova didn't tell me that she thinks about it, but generally as I understood, you have to replace her today, and Andrey will fuck you, representing the mother. — I allow you to use the word "fuck". But what you троём will do at that time until Andrey fucks me? — Anything special. We will look to understand how at the boy the situation in the sexual plan is. Sometimes it seems to me that this woman really was my mother, but, recently I think that actually she is my stepmother! We arrived to Dubtsov, and they had really very good house. Mother explained that madam Dubtsova inherited a lot of money from parents. It is her family house. Mister Dubtsov doesn't work, but finds "what to be engaged". Andrey had to enter the university, but everything postpones this decision. It seems that all men in the world know that to them it is assigned huge responsibility, and they are happy when they are left alone. We politely greeted each other, and it was possible to call it pleasant small talk. Dubtsova showed us at first the first floor of their house, and then and the second. The last room to which we got belonged to Andrey. We entered in it, but actually it was not one room, but two, with imitation of a partition between them, like the living room with a bed. Mother with Dubtsov sat down on a long sofa, and we with Andrey remained to stand. Mother waiting looks at me. I understood this penetrating glance and began to take off with myself clothes. Coat, woolen jumper, jacket. I remained in a bra, a skirt, tights and comfortable shoes. Daddy Dubtsov approvingly nodded, looking at this striptease, and my mother and Dubtsov looked quite interested persons, but as for Andrey... that he looked very confused. I see the problem pursuing him, and I understand how to solve it. Right there I take off footwear and tights, I am developed to him by the person and I undo a skirt, I allowed to fall it to a floor, and all saw my bra and a string of thongs behind, on buttocks which at all desire, couldn't cover a brown hole of my anus. I turn around and I look in the face to the father Dubtsov. He nearly had an attack when he saw my panties a fullface, they very thin, transparent, lacy and very small, and were much as I should like not able to hide the zolostisty volosik framing my pizdyulinka, and my vulvar lips which are sticking out for show and, unfortunately, my pizda right there began to flow from these views and the damp spot on my panties appeared. The bra had the same shaky front part so now my nipples stuck out through lace as the bullets which are taking off from a revolver. I look at Andrey and it seems that he already once terminated. I approach him and I begin to undress him. He was an ordinary guy sredneno of growth and shapes of his body were quite average and ordinary for the young man unfamiliar with fitness. Any relief muscles, the small tummy, is a little breast hair. When I took off from it trousers, only one joy began to see for me that he was dressed in Muppet pants, and they got wet. It became clear that Andrey already managed to shoot by this time at them from the musket, but all attendees in the room managed to notice it, and quite obviously him it oppressed, and he wasn't able to utter words. Andrey's face became purple-red, and was it seems that he is ready to burst into tears. His parents made nothing somehow to settle a situation, but, at last, my mother got up and brought the young man out of the room, presumably, to the bathroom. All this time I continued to face Dubtsov in underwear, and they looked at me, more precisely, on my wet perineum. I smiled and sighed. Madam Dubtsova got up and having approached me, one hand began to twist my nipples, and another to caress a palm my pubis. The wet site on my panties began to expand promptly. Dubtsova suddenly receded on a step backwards and made some sign to the husband. He approached us and having kneelt before me, seized me by hips. Strong holding me with hands, he attracted me to himself, and his face inevitably met my clitoris. He became is noisy to inhale a nose, enjoying aroma of my pizda exuding with juice. His tongue was put out, and it began to lick my panties outside, and his wife began to pinch me for nipples again. Pain and pleasure, groans and convulsions — result can be only one. I cum, and very violently and uncontrollable. At me for the first time in life I happened сквирт so mister Dubtsov has a disorder in a hairstyle and a sticky face from my allocations now. He got up and again sat down on a sofa, wiping a face a towel which to him was given by the wife. My mother returned together with Andrey at this time, he is completely naked also the dick of his straight line as a spear of the Roman legionary now. Good fellow, mother. I took off from myself the bra and wet panties, and having taken Andrey by hand, led him to a bed. At this moment it is possible to characterize his state two words — impatience and a fright. I have not so many knowledge of this sphere, but I am capable to draw a conclusion that I deal with the virgin. With them there are no particular problems as I once read, everyone has to begin with something, but I have not enough experience for this purpose. Virgins to me didn't occur in my course of life yet, and here I was come to the rescue by my mother. I lay down on a bed, mother conducts Andrey to me and puts him to me on hips. Then she takes his dick in hand, slightly strokes, and then when the dickhead gained purple color, vigorously entered her into my pizda. The first time for several months I had a traditional sex therefore I was also excited, as well as Andrey, but isn't so frightened, unlike him. I have a narrow and hard pizda, I didn't give birth, was seldom fucked and almost didn't use the vibrator therefore I feel Andrey's dick as if he big and thick. Actually he wasn't that, and I don't complain. Mother moves him a body back and forth until he accustoms. At last Andrey develops good, steady speed. Being a young man, he is zealous in knowledge of new boundaries, and, in a couple of minutes begins to lower directly in my pizda, but, having shot back, continues to work as what didn't happen. It is pleasant to me. To be fucked — it is fine, and to be fucked several times in a row — just magically. Andrey continued to make the vigorous frictions some more minutes, and I, at last, plunge into not too intensive orgasm. Having felt change in his actions, I believe that he will terminate directly in me once again soon, but for me it is not a problem because I still take a pill. Wow, the last several pushes of Andrey were so strong that he nearly tore off me from a mattress together with a head of the dick. I feel how he shoots in me, is very powerful this time. I didn't terminate, but I don't complain. Andrey falls on me as though just I ran a marathon that, I believe, he also made! Some time we lay not movably. I even forgot that some more people look at us. Andrey, at last, got up from me and stepped aside, very happy with himself. I looked to the right and saw Dubtsov at a bed. He took off trousers, pants, footwear and socks. His dick costs directly. His dick goes to me. He gets on a bed and thrusts him to me into a pizda. Prelude... caress? May I caress, please, you Marin? Would you like to fuck a little, beautiful Marina? Anything similar. He just thrust the dick into my already a little razjyobanny pizda and edges filled with a cum of his son, and began to fuck me, without words and compliments. He moved in me quicker, than his son, but I argued with myself that he won't hold on more than two minutes. Besides, a pizda at me of the riparian forest, and his dick is more, than at the son therefore he feels fine and skillful yobary, but, it seems, I have much more patience, and I will never be able to reach a new orgasm. I feel how the member Dubtsova begins to fight in convulsions, but this fool instead of shooting at me and to give me pleasure, pulled out the dick from my pizda and scattered the cum on my stomach. Dirty bastard! He is rolled away aside, and there his wife, obviously, waits for the turn. I look and I think that she can't fuck me. But, it appears, I am sometimes similar to a silly cow. I feel how her fingers clench in my pizda. At the same time it bends and pinches a cum from my stomach. Entrust the hostess of the house multitasking! Besides three fingers in my vagina by which she persistently tries to reach the basis of my peshcherka she also had rather skillful thumb running up and down my clitoris. That's all. The husband and the son achieved nothing acceptable, but Dubtsova forces me to terminate, and I am thrown up as if a volcano. Afterwards she forced me to scream a little, having again pinched for nipples, but now it is a high time for this purpose. Oh, it is devilishly lovely. I am so happy that having risen, she grab a face and I kiss. I don't know someone was struck more, I or she. As always, my mother knows more better what it is more best to do in this situation, and she came to us with hot flannel towels. She rubbed off me them and whispered on an ear that everything passed perfectly and my affairs go up. It agrees, in the last hour I had more sex, than my husband in recent years offered me. Too well at me everything turned out in the sexual plan, we will look how affairs with money will be! I went to other room to change clothes, and then mother brought me home. Next day mother arrived to me home in early in the morning and came into my room with a big bag for clothes. What, interestingly, waits for me now? She undid a bag and pulled out a uniform of the nurse. It is not a joke, the sea of sexuality, judging by pornofilms any more that I managed to see recently so me it seemed to me that I am waited by the real adventure. — Give, change clothes, please, and find in the clothes shoes at the average height of a heel, black tights, decent underwear, and I will weld to you a cup of coffee so far. — Thanks mother and, mother! Changing clothes, at me left minutes five, mother during this time managed to make for me coffee so I was really happy daughter this morning especially as I really liked to wear a uniform, and she, generally suited me by the size, maybe, was slightly longer. — Drink, wait for us! A coffee drink, take my bag and go to the mother's car. But at first read it — she told me and stretched the sheet of paper. Before my eyes there was a typographical leaf with the instruction under the name: "Manual pump for decantation of milk". Now I completely got confused. In twenty minutes we already go on the city, and soon we drive up to the big estate without fence. Vasily's car costs on an access path near the house. We knock, and the door is opened by the young woman. She has a huge bust so I decided that she is the feeding mother. She smiles, kisses my mother and shakes hands with me. — They above. So, we will walk upstairs and the real surrealism begins. In a bed without bed linen, absolutely naked, the man of years of sixty lies. (So it seemed to me). His body is huge, as at the wrestler or the rugby player. The problem is that because of it visually his penis looks tiny though in fact it quite decent average size. I begin to get experience of a soizmereniye real and global. Vasily costs at a bed in a white dressing gown of the doctor. I understand that it is all uncle's clothes at this moment as his dick sticks out through open tails of the robe up. One more Viagra? Mother opens the handbag, and gives me a package of a pomp. The woman who met us at an entrance approaches and sits down on a bed sideways to the man. She undoes a blouse and undoes a bra. I swear, My God, her boobs not only are huge, but also are really full of some milk. I walk forward and I stretch her the pump. I assume that she knows what with it to do, and this is true, milk and poured down from her breasts. We four together with admiration watch her. I never saw it earlier, it was just interesting to me, but men really slobbered. Perverts! She doesn't hurry, but eventually completes process. She stretches me the pump and slowly... well very slowly rises from a bed. Our patient confined to the bed monitors each her movement as if a hawk on hunting for a rabbit. It a beret a container with milk also goes beyond a door. I follow her with a pomp as it needs to be washed out. She conducts me to the bathroom. — Oh, damn — I told her — it was interesting. — It depends on your point of view. I all the same have to decant milk, and Petya loves when I do it on his eyes. And he pays me for it quite good money. For me all this is a new experience. — Why to you to decant milk? — Probably, judging by the words of the local midwife, I am too developed as mother, and I should be a wet nurse in good old times when there was no dry food for babies. — Excuse for curiosity, but someone such Petya? — He is my husband. And seeing expression of my person, adds — I am Sofia, his third wife, besides the divorcee. His previous two marriages were childless therefore he saw in me a certain fruitful example of femininity. Petya investigated depths of the Internet, trying to understand what characteristics of the good producer of children have to be. Anyway, he decided that my physical characteristics suit him, parted me with the husband and I married him, gave birth to him not just to the child, and the boy, the son and the successor. — I congratulate. But she didn't seem completely happy. I represented a mute question on the face: "What happened?". — Petya shoots blank cartridges. And here I was helped by Vasily. — Oh. Forgive for sticktoitiveness, I didn't even assume that my uncle kept up also here. After that we talked about life in general. I from the very beginning liked Sofia, and I hoped that we still will meet more than once it. We exchanged phone numbers and returned to the bedroom. At a door I stopped because because of a door quite voluptuous sounds reached. — Don't stop, enter — the shriek was heard. So I also made, though wasn't sure that I should have done it. Petya lay on a stomach on a bed, and Vasily lay on him, and... kind of to tell it more softly? I fucked him in a bum. I never saw earlier it alive, except as, watching a porn of which I was fond when my husband refused sex with me, and it was just sharply necessary for me this viewing of a porno to facilitate itself. I understood that an appeal: "Don't stop, enter!" I treated not me at all. Unexpectedly for myself, I saw in the bedroom the mother who sat on the edge of a bed and looked at them. I don't know why, but she seemed happy. I interrogatively looked at Sofia, it nodded to me, we left the bedroom and went down to drink coffee. — Do you often see it? — I asked her. — Vasily is quite frequent guest in our house and when I became pregnant, he almost lodged at us. Well, and he, definitely, lived also with me long enough. Frankly speaking, it was the best sex in my life, it is a skilled lover. I still was in the nurse's uniform, but so far especially didn't need her. Here to us my mother went down and joined us. — Why did I need to wear this uniform today, mother? Sofia with astonishment looked at me, but now it knew that I am a daughter of Lyudmila, the woman whom she knew for a long time. Petya in the childhood very long, up to seven years, had a wet nurse, then the nurse, and then the tutor before it went to boarding school so he likes a form. It sounded rather simply until she told: "The same and with the man whom we will visit now". Having left Sofia and Petya, I got into mother's car. Our following stop was in the country. Very beautiful house, a fine garden, but obviously thrown. Mother called, and we stand at an entrance door and we wait. Eventually the door is opened by quite imposing gentleman. — Lyudmila, as it is pleasant to see you. I gave to personnel day off. It is pleasant to see that you took with yourself the nurse. The uniform really works wonders with my libido! And he leaves, and we go after him. We come into the room similar to an office, with a table and a chair, a set of books, a big fireplace. I have such feeling that he is issued as a director's office of school of last years. Mother stretches me a box and several latex gloves. In a box ointment lies. I am puzzled. Mother goes to a room corner, the host turns a chair to himself the person. Mother comes back with a cane in a hand. Now all events begin to find sense... or like that. — Give the boy, lower the trousers and bend. The voice of mother sounds demonic. I am frightened, having instantly remembered the childhood, for a second having thought that I began problems, but I hope that I won't be punished this stick. But the host with pleasure submits to my mother and already he bared below a belt, having bent, shows us the lean buttocks which will obviously not be able to sustain too strong flogging. Below his bum couple of spheres and a standing dick are visible. It seems that it tied up the dick and balls a wire from the real gold, or something similar. — The nurse, with each wave of my cane undo one button on the form — mother ordered me. — Yes, мэм — I answered, having really been frightened of this new manifestation of sexuality of my mother. The blow, cane flies by air and falls on the back of the host. I undo one button, the red bloody line appears. Blow, button, red line. I have 10 buttons on a front part of my uniform. Everyone represents the bloody line across a back and the man's bum. He with firmness sustained flogging, without uniform grumble. — The nurse, take off a uniform! I do it immediately, повинуясь to this woman who scares me to death. — Apply ointment on the back of the boy! I hurry to make it. While I execute order, mother came over to other side of a carpet and got up directly before a table. Expression of her face frightening. — Boy! — this only word that she cried out. Our gentleman reacts to him and kneels before her. She exposes one leg forward, and he bends and kisses her shoe. — The star form — roars my mother. The host is rolled back and lays down on a back, having extended in sides of a hand and leg. He becomes really similar to a starfish. His dick which is rolled up directly at the basis in a gold wire and balls stick out directly up. Mother follows and puts a foot on both sides from his hips. She raises the right leg and presses a boot sole to his dick, and right there from him the powerful stream of a cum shoots. Then mother departs from the man and calls me. I take a form, but I have no time to put on it. I am still naked, in latex gloves... also I hold in hand a jar with ointment. We leave through a street door, we get into the car and we leave. Mother askance looks at me while she drives the car. — Don't worry, it is pleasant to him. — Devil take it, you really could would like to try to deceive me, my dear mother. We with mother went to following to do shopping. Today in the agenda there were funeral clothes. Since I began to work for her and the uncle Vasily, I got used to any surprises. Every day something brand new. I found incredibly various and interesting life, infinite еблю, it is a lot of money and a heap of new clothes. And I believe that now I was finally free from the husband. Vasily took care of it, having sent him further away from our city, for hundreds of kilometers, for work to the holiday camp. I heard nothing about him since then and didn't try to contact him. C'est la vie. Mother selected to us suitable dresses. We have nearly one size therefore we bought kuchuodinakovy clothes. It is so economical. Beautifully cut out dresses, stockings, shoes, a belt for stockings. On our funeral we, probably, shouldn't look for underwear! The next morning I am ready to new adventures and I wait for mother. I slightly cut hair on the pizda, but didn't begin to epilirovat them completely. To men it is more senior it is pleasant. Vasily comes for me by the Rolls-Royce car. My neighbors will look out of the windows and to envy. Mother was on a back seat, and I join her. — Good morning to both of you. Whose is such cool car? Vasily nods to me in acknowledgement. — It is a pity that without washing, the babe. She belongs to the guy whom we bury today. Yes, it is right. I had to guess, it is so obvious. Vasily moves, and mother educates me. — Late is Grigory, and his widow is Sara. They are our very old friends. To be very old friends of these two old znakomets as I already managed to acquire, usually means that the man of bi or the gay, and Vasily regularly fucks with him, and bi wife, and my mother, many years is engaged with her in various types of sex. It is also our respectable family business. So, Vasily brings us to a country house. The big, grandiose, darling, who is well combined with Rolls-Royce. The excellent garden, is enough place to build couple more of tens of houses if, of course, it is possible to get the construction license. To meet us there was very bright woman of years of fifty or sixty. A slender long dress to calves thanks to which she looked even higher. The minimum quantity of jewelry, but a pearl necklace on a neck, has to be cost a fortune. High heels and black stockings... or tights. All this in general instantly turned me into the ordinary thickset housewife who I, in principle, also am. — You, has to be, Marina. Vasily and Lyudmila told me about you very much. We at us had recently too many days when Grigory badly felt, but you amused him a little recently to return to life. It seemed to me not too true story. Many elderly people are glad that yet their turn to go to the next world didn't come, and our priest Vasily who brought us here too often and fixedly glanced at allegedly heart-broken woman of years of forty with a big breast. Probably, tiny breasts of Maya already began to bother, and he just wanted to bury a face in something more essential, or, maybe, he just stupidly wanted to be trained in a fucking of boobs. After a funeral ended and dug poor Grigory, all went to the best hotel of the city to a commemoration. This dirty bastard, my uncle, managed to approach the head of this action and palmed off on her the sheet of paper. Intention to put a dick on several centimeters in her pizda was the following step, obviously. You quite reasonably can draw a conclusion that I am not especially religious, time me was visited by all these thoughts in church. Probably, therefore I asked the uncle in what our general interest, but not him personally. — She is a wife of the nastiest priest in the area. I told me that will call in the morning — and Vasily smiled to me. The dirty bastard chucked in all of us again. — So you made for us? Specifically for me? — I approached her and I told that the chorus sounds perfectly, but I looked at her all the time. — Oh — I asked — you want to tell that you hinted her that you are a fan of boobs? — No, I just gave her the business card and told that she called me. Commemoration took place normally, like clockwork. Vasily, appear, knew practically all guests and did them the honor, having talked to all. Sara also exchanged a talk with attendees, but, generally it was silent thanks, and then she passed to the following person. Eventually she remained with mother and me. — Lyudmila. I hope, you left the panties at home. After this today's shit I will need to be engaged in something. Mother smiled and nodded. Here unexpectedly from my mouth escaped: — Sara, if you want to replace a clitoris for caress, you can make the same with mine. I stood stunned. For my mother, already, probably who got used to my trick in recent days it was quite normal phenomenon, but for the widow wishing to have sex on the husband's commemoration... it seemed to me that she felt a little ill at ease. But I kept silent. Each to their own. Here Vasily very opportunely returned to us. — The young daughter Lyudmila has ahead a lot of work. — he whispered to me on an ear. I wasn't going to argue with him. I regularly received improbable tasks, but Vasily very well paid me for them. — It is time to go. Vasily sat down on a driver's seat, and we, three ladies, mudflows behind. — Directly home or small detour? — Vasily asked. — Detour, please. — the widow ordered. We with mother only shrugged shoulders as we had no right to vote. In a couple of minutes I understood why we go to a detour. Sara came to be directly before me on a lap, and my dress got off around a waist. Sara sucked my clitoris, forced me to approach an orgasm, and then skillfully relaxed then she returned back me, in a predorgazmichesky state again. It was fine. Of course, those someone drove near us passenger cars look in a window of our smart car, but see nothing if only you are driving the truck. Somehow Vasily always kept up with any truck which came across to us on the highway and tried to move near him so their drivers didn't tear off views from inside of our car. Sara brought me to an orgasm so many time that my clitoris flared and was insufferably sensitive. I begged to take a break, and Sara took pity it is necessary and switched to my mother. Eventually we arrived Sara's home. — You come, tea on a table. And for us four the buffet more richly, than on an official commemoration was arranged. Sara passed by food and at once passed to binge. We with mother drink gin, Vasily drank a little beer because he was driving, and Sara drank off a large portion of one-malt whisky. While we drink our gin, Sara took off a skirt, having shown us a lacy belt without panties, and suddenly, is unexpected for me, I didn't see it even in pornofilms, began to rub madly expensive whisky in clitoris skin. Vasily immediately went down to her knees and began to pinch whisky from a pizda. He suddenly remembered that he has a phone number of taxi service. Mother was busy. She opened a case and pulled out from it several things. She, quite obviously, knew where and what is and contains in it. Sara got up and put in the center of the room something like a chair without back. Her stomach appeared on a chair seat, but her boobs hanged down since one his end, and a bum from another. Vasily threw off trousers and pants. His dick already stuck out, and mother opened a small jar and began to rub something about a head of his dick. — Ah, cocaine, it бест, the best that makes horney me. I stood and looked at this action as zavorozhyonny. It was for me some space. My mother grated cocaine powder on a dick of my uncle, and now Sara his dick was going to suck and to swallow of cocaine. It definitely was beyond my experience, but I was ready to look what will occur further. Vasily looked so as if just about will blow up. I didn't know that cocaine made with his dick, but he definitely looked very happy. Sara with enthusiasm sucked his dick. Mother looked some time at it, and then looked at me. — Thrust it in Sara's bum. The string of a beads was the first subject, each of following beads of which was more previous. I approximately knew how to use them. The dildo with a big thick head was other subject, I wouldn't like that he was pushed into me though I guessed that Sara already did it earlier. I inserted the first two beads to her into a bum and continued to insert on one until the most part appeared inside. It was already so stretched that when I inserted the last bead into an anus, her pizda suddenly yawned as if a tunnel to the coal mine. Then I pressed a dildo to her vagina and slowly inserted inside. Sara's groans was loud and bright, but she never asked me to stop. When the head of a dildoe passed through an entrance to Sara's pizda, I heard the loud champing sound, and right there stopped. I left a dildo on the place, I began to play occasionally with beads in her bum. One entered inside, two left. When they entered, the soaking-up sounds, and at the exit — си cottons were distributed. I already considered myself the good organist, enjoying this music. Sara estimated my efforts. I played these toys of minutes twenty, and she still sucked Vasily's dick. I was puzzled with such sluggishness of partners, but mother explained to me that cocaine somehow slows down Vasily's ejaculation, but holds his dick in constantly standing state... Sara continued to suck it too, being not with a state to be discharged. But in a couple of minutes she began to yell and violently terminated, and then several times though nobody touched her any more. Has to be, it were consequences of cocaine blowjob, and now there came the culmination point. She sharply fell forward, having allowed Vasily's dick to slip out her mouth, and her spasms and an orgasm lasted, appear, the whole eternity. We stood and looked. Eventually she calmed down, but still didn't open eyes. Vasily took the responsibility to interrupt this silence. — Put her to bed, girls, and I will bring a little food. I think, to us, probably, it is necessary to stay overnight. A marine, I'm right, thinking that still didn't fuck your bum yet? The marine lay in a bed and thought of how her life for some three-four last days changed. A week ago she lived, though isn't quite happy, but in marriage with the husband Sasha. But here, Sasha was dismissed, and the uncle Vasily found to him work for one hundred kilometers from their house. She didn't see Sasha long ago and already didn't even think of him. The marine learned that the uncle Vasily to it at all not the uncle. He was a lover of her father, and then the lover of her mother, and then he and mother created joint business, and now Marina was involved in him. The uncle Vasily lived along with several women, Maya was last of which. The Maya I was Asian and I hated to Marin. Possibly, she was afraid to be expelled from Vasily's house in favor of Marina, but it not especially concerned her. She was sure that Vasily himself will deal with it. Marina's mother was for her a real discovery. As well as most of children, Marina thought earlier that her mother was an ordinary housewife, but now when she together with her began to travel around the neighborhood of the city of Sochi, meeting Vasily's clients, she understood how she was mistaken all these years. The marine noticed that if it is about sex, then usually it had to show activity while mother sat and looked, or directed an action. The marine didn't object. It had more sex now, it is more than orgasms and new adventures, than ever earlier in her life. Well paid her (but only you don't speak about it in nalogovovy), and Marina became at last, for the first time in the life, to dress well. Now she spent a lot of time and money for the hairdresser, the cosmetologist and the massage therapist, but Vasily strictly forbade her to cut or to completely epilirovat her golden volosik near a pizda. It was pleasant to Vasily, and in this question she had no right to vote. Word of the owner, as they say, law. Phone of the Marine rang out. It was mother with her daily instructions. — You don't need clothes, I prepared for you your new dress. What needed to be done Marin? To walk up and down on the apartment naked and to wait for arrival of mother? So she also made, enjoying feeling of all-consuming freedom. Mother came to her in a suit for riding unless, except a helmet. — Went, we will manage to change clothes in the stable. The marine shrugged shoulders, going down stream, both absolutely naked and free spiritually, took seat in mother's car. Stables to which they arrived represented a grandiose institution, not less than on forty-fifty horses. The marine suspected that nearby surely there has to be a majestic castle or the mansion. Today all nouveau riches tried to present themselves descendants of noblemen. — Perfectly, we arrived to the destination so put on, please. The marine, still naked, went out of the car and got up at a door. She took clothes which were bought by her mother, and found out that it were some leather belts, but not normal usual clothes. Mother helped to deal Marin with this leather Lego. So, her equipment consisted of reins, a small saddle and belts which were twisted around Marina's legs and were fixed on her stomach. Fortunately, day was warm therefore there were no goosebumps. Then mother gave to the daughter something else. The marine looked. It was the butt plug with a horse tail behind. She saw such jewelry only in pornofilms earlier and it is clear imagined their purpose. All right, not important. Mother took this harness and led to Marin towards stables. They entered larger building, inside there was a place covered with sawdust similar to the circus arena. In the center the pole and a long belt was established. Mother, having attached a breast-band to a long belt, I pulled out to Marin on the arena at belt length, approximately in three meters from a column in the center. — Run slowly, and strong hold a thong! — Mother ordered. So, as it became clear, Marina has to represent the horse caracoling around. Having taken three detours, she was out of breath and began to breathe uchashchyonno. Unexpectedly mother ordered her to stop, and Marina turned to her. Near mother there was a lovely couple, the man and the woman dressed in suits for riding. Each of them held a switch in hand and knocked him on boots. They smiled that disturbed to Marin above all. She already perfectly understood that the smile of her clients doesn't promise her anything good. The man approached the Marine and undid a long belt which connected it to a pole. He took her harness and brought to a number of bales of straw. Behind one bale there was a set of stacks and lashes, and Marina began to understand what will occur further. The woman approached them with a cashmere body cloth and threw with it one of bales. It was ordered to marine to lay down on a body cloth, and her hands were right there tied by belts. Then she felt as someone ties by her legs belts which she didn't notice on the earth. That now. These preparations looked enough threateningly. The marine wasn't a masochist, she didn't love pain. Her mother to take care of her? I hope. The marine couldn't see what will occur then. The man whom mother called him the grace took off boots, trousers and pants, and then again put on boots. Then he laid down on Marina's back, having tightened legs up that they approached a pose for riding. The tail of a butt plug of Marina began to hang down between her legs. The marine felt how his firm dick lay at it on a back, and she expected that her it is fucked, but it didn't occur. Then mother told that her grace will take a switch now and otkhleshcht it her daughter on buttocks. His grace right there I reared, having nearly fallen down from Marina's back, but right there it was again recorded on her, and to a srazuzha on her buttocks the shower of blows, however, fell down they were weak. Literally rejected a marine aside, but his grace strong I held her by hair. Then Marin granted freedom, her grace herself got on straw bales, and otklyachit the bum waiting... punishments. Mother ordered to strike Marin ten biting blows without any pity. His grace I didn't make a uniform sound though Marina knew that if she was hit at least once with such force, she the shout would break a roof of this house. Then mother told that her grace wants that she got on straw bales too, got up over his grace and urinated to him on a back. The marine executed also this order, and now he already shouted from pain, and Marin to all other ordered to rub urine in cuts from a lash on his back and buttocks. After this procedure the man turned over from a stomach on a back. — Give, suck and lick his dick! — Mother ordered Marin. The marine bent to the man's groin forward. First it was unpleasant to it, he all became permeated with the smell of urine and hay also fairly smelled slightly of her, but she quickly got used to it, very soon this smell even began to make horney her so she zaglotnut a dick of the owner of the stable with such rage that he began to coil and spin, shout from pain and pleasure, didn't shoot at her throat incredibly powerful stream of a cum yet. Mother silently showed Marin that their time ended here, and they went to an exit. facebook dating app on desktop date ideas site mapMain Page