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Week flew by imperceptibly. And on Saturday ko to me Evgenia Aleksandrovna (Zhenechka) and Natalya Andreevna came (Natashka). They were on friendly terms long ago, years twenty or thirty, and, probably, had almost no secrets the friend from the friend. Natalya Andreevna, several years ago, buried the husband and life of ee was uncomfortable. Therefore, Zhenechka always tried to sponsor the Natashku. Having entered ko to me the apartment and having friendly kissed in a cheek, I led women to the room. Evgenia Aleksandrovna did a look that very much hurries on affairs, tried to create a situation for our communication with Natashkoy, a somoy to be removed. Talking on different subjects, Zhenya put forward Natashku an itself calmed down and soon left... I understood Natalya Andreevna's desire to communicate so me as last Saturday we communicated with Evgenia Aleksandrovnoy. Having seated Natalya Andreevna on a sofa, I sat down nearby and as in last time with Zhenechka, I took Natashku for a hand and began gently ee to kiss, drawing near closer and closer Natashke and already kissing ee rumyanenkiye cheeks. Natalya Andreevna timidly allowed me to do it, having slightly cast away the head back, showed me all magnificence of the gentle neck. All kisses passed to a neck and a soft chin, small ruddy ears and then lips greedy swallowed sponge ee. She began to answer me willingly. Ne speaking words, I quickly removed from her sviterok and a brassiere. The breast wasn't bad, but at Zhenechka — it is more best... I began to kiss and suck ee large nipples and to gently knead tit ee. Natasha obediently sat on a sofa, having cast away the head back. Long I didn't want to potter with ee boobs. I raised Natalya Andreevna and as in last time with Evgenia Aleksandrovnoy, I removed from her panties, tights and a skirt. Natashka on the it was beautiful though conceded on many indicators to Zhenechka... A hair on pizde and the vicinities, Natashki had ee more. Everything reminded the old, thrown garden with thickets around a well which the gardener and the sensible owner was necessary. And I undertook work. Again I spread out a sofa and Natashku on it. I moved apart her poshire legs and I began to examine ee "garden" and "overgrown well". "Well" was a little mokrovat. Having quickly put on condom, in passing caressing Natashku, I brought horney "paleno" to ee to "well" and began to enter him slowly. The entrance to Natashkin "well" was rather small for my "palena" and I put pressure more feasibly... In it the guilty moment the precept from the BOOK was remembered that it is necessary to enter the close gate conducting in life... I liked close entry into Natalya Andreevna. — Oh-oh-oy, painfully — oh... delightfully I moaned Natashka, and I was already deeply in ee "well". Ulegshis poudobnee I began to kiss lip ee. She skillfully and tasty answered me. Having come off ee of kisses, I began to fuck at the fast, rigid rate of ee... — Oh-oh-oy, painfully, again I moaned Natashka. I ceased a little, and again we merged in a kiss. A small respite, and I began "to drive in" Natashku into a sofa. Natashka began to groan pleasantly. I stopped and a mouth began to caress tit ee — "paradise fruits of ee of a garden". Natashke it was pleasant. Having played enough with ee breasts, I became on knees and attracted Natashku to myself. Very much everything wanted to be repeated, how with Evgenia Aleksandrovnoy. Natashka gently I embraced me, and I entered her. Sitting on my "log" Natashka slowly I tried to make upward movement, but it is visible not that temperament. Zhenechka will be more temperamental and more active... I took hands Natashku for buttocks and began to set speed. She began to accelerate and pant... Having released ee, I turned ee on a tummy as did with Evgenia Aleksandrovnoy, and began to caress ee zadik. Ee pyshnenkiye yagodichki, reminded me two ruddy loaves, only that taken out from the furnace. I with pleasure began to kiss and rumple this beauty, to kiss and stroke ee a back, plecheki, a neck. Then I raised ee zadik and I put Natashku on all fours. ee admired "the thrown garden with thickets around a well", I caressed ee a hand between legs. Natashka was mokrenkoy, and I quickly entered her. I began to enter at average speed her. Hands I kneaded, sipped, turned boob ee. Natashka, pleasantly groaning, I began to make upward movement to me the appetizing back. In ee "well" champing was heard. I stopped, and Natalya Andreevna began to be stuck vigorously on my "log". There was a strong wish to terminate. I took Natashku for hips and rhythmically bothered ee, having plentifully filled with a cum condom. Having left Natashkinykh of thickets, I removed condom. Natashka wearily I laid down on a tummy. I drew near her, stroked ee on a soft bottom and gently kissed on buttocks. Natashka turned ko to me the tired, but happy face, I kissed me and I began to gather quickly... Saying goodbye, we gently embraced and kissed. Natalya Andreevna thought and told that she, probably, will come on Saturday ko to me together with Evgenia Aleksandrovnoy exeter dating over 40 date night dresses site mapMain Page