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Hello. I would like to tell as I for the first time tried a dick and since then became the girl. It is a little about itself, Zhenya, further Evgenia call me. I was born the boy, but there was strong desire to become the girl. I am 18 years old, growth 162, the brunette with long (up to shovels) hair, eyes blue, chubby sponges, I not high for the age but also still very thin, at the same time I have elastic round buttocks. There is almost no vegetation on a body, and that that there were I shaved. As I thin a figure at me very slender. Dick of 14 centimeters. As the city where I lived, was small and to find the guy who agreed with me it was difficult to oversleep. And here having graduated from school I went to other city where to me freedom opened. At first I lodged in halls as I didn't manage to find the apartment. I was settled to the undergraduate, called him Andrey. He was 22 years old, height about 185 centimeters, big shoulders, a well-muscled beefy body, he was pleasant to me at once. We made friends as neighbors. I very much liked its big, in comparison with mine, 17 centimetric dick. I saw it nearly an every day as he liked to sleep stark naked. As he liked to walk in the evenings, I had a lot of free time for myself. Almost at once I bought, blue stockings, women's brightly blue jacket, a linen set nebesno of blue color and a blue short skirt. Also I had lipstick, shadows and ink. When he left I indulged completely in herself at the same time playing the bought anal pro-barrel. Somehow at night I woke up from noise. There were already two o'clock in the morning. I saw that Andrey hardly stands on the feet, having got up began to help him to reach a bed. Understanding that he strongly п ян began to undress him. I tried to concern as much as possible to his body, hands, a breast to a stomach. I wasn't surprised when having taken off trousers found out that it without linen. Having undressed him I ran to the bathroom. especially for etales.org Quickly changed clothes and made up. Yes — it was my chance. Heart beat in boobies, legs gave away a little, the dick stood a stake since that moment as I began to undress him. When I left a bathtub I saw as dim light of a floor lamp lit his back. Slowly I approached him and I began to caress her. Carrying out by fingers from shovels on r back to buttocks I began to squeeze them and to move apart, at this moment his big balls were visible. I knew that he won't wake up as its after п was always not possible to wake the Yankee, but all the same a thought that if he wakes up saw me and fucked as the bitch, the ringleader is even stronger than me. I turned him on a back, placed legs and villages between them. I began to drive fingers on the dick, balls. Having bent, I gently kissed the dick, then having bared a head began to kiss her. Having closed eyes I took him in a mouth. The mm is a feeling of not got up dick. A hand I massed to him balls and I began to suck. The dick began to react quickly getting up at me in a mouth. I took him in a hand and began to jerk off him, falling sponges to balls. Catching their smell I began to suck them at first took in a mouth in turn, delayed, licked, playing a uvula. Then I took all ball sack, greedy sucking it. It was the high, I wanted that it didn't stop. Feeling that balls strained I a mouth a little passed to the dick. He already stood completely, I greedy began to suck but all he didn't enter a mouth. Having taken a dick on I could I began to push it in a throat so many. As it was pleasant to feel a throat a head, to drive on a trunk a uvula and sometimes to play language with balls, having put out him a little when the dick appeared completely in a mouth. Having a little taken I let out him. My saliva flew down on him together with his lubricant. I took all dick in a mouth and the beginnings again they can tell to fuck the throat. Having felt a hand that balls strained I took a head in a mouth and fingers I began to jerk off. And here I felt mm as balls were drawn in under a dick contracting, the dick began to pulse, and the viscous cum began to fill my mouth. The first stream struck directly in a throat from surprise I swallowed. When he ceased to cum I had a full mouth of a cum which I one drink swallowed. Having sucked round his dick and balls even minutes 10, I undressed and laid down. Having made several movements on the dick, I received the strongest orgasm cuming on myself. The cum reached even to the person. I brought together by a finger her all to myself in a mouth swallowed and quietly fell asleep with I think that this my beginning and I on it won't stop. exclusively dating quotes date today hindi site mapMain Page