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All began in the summer 1997 far now. I then left the ex-wife Olga and temporarily lived at parents. With them at that time there lived also my younger brother with the family, and once his wife Tanka, the cute brunette with a pretty figure, she then was only 27 years old, suggested me to go together with her to her acquaintances behind apples. They gave them absolutely free of charge. — Sash, it is possible to ask you one question how to the loved one, only you then tell nobody about what I asked? — the wife when we were together in a garden at her acquaintances told a bratov. I intrigued promised anybody to tell nothing, and the daughter-in-law gave out: — Sash, how according to you, I have good buttocks? — Good — I mechanically answered. The buttocks at Tanka and really appetizing and elastic, were also seductively excreted through plotnooblegayushchy trousers. But I then still strongly endured parting with Olga and to me was not the bratovy wife... There passed year, and somehow time I already with other wife Lyudmila and Tanka went to bathe to the small river. Having seen the daughter-in-law in a black-and-white bathing suit bikini with astounding naked white thighs and the bottom which is only symbolically covered with a very narrow strip плавочек there I for the first time felt the strongest desire to fuck her... In couple of days I who a little drank arrived to parents. Them and the brother of the house didn't appear, there were only Tanka and them with Vovka the five-year-old daughter. — Tan, I beside himself go the last days — I addressed the bratovy wife, having waited when Yulka runs to play for the yard with other children. — And all because of you! — And what it?! — she asked, watchfully smiling. — You only don't take offense, all right? And I will tell directly — oh, you have what thighs beautiful! I as saw them when we together went to the river, so they still are always on my mind! — I gave out, and then repeated. — You only don't take offense, all right? — And I also don't take offense. On the contrary, me as to the woman, it is pleasant that my thighs were pleasant to you — slightly confused bride answered and in turn I asked. — Sash, and those two men whom you on the beach approached what they spoke about me? Having understood that Tanka meant my familiar police officer and his friend photographer, I told lies, without batting an eyelid. The same that you have astounding thighs. — And still, something was told? — Spoke, but I can't tell about it — I told lies again even stronger to intrigue a bratova the wife. — Sash, well tell, it is interesting to me. — she asked. You only don't take offense, then — I warned, and then thumped. — Still they said that it would be quite good to fuck you. — And you didn't tell them that I am a wife of your brother? — to my astonishment the daughter-in-law didn't take offense at all. — No. I told only that you are my godmother — I shook negatively-headed then as if continued. — Yes you not only they, and and many others would like to fuck. You are such beautiful. Vovka only doesn't appreciate it. Drinks. Moreover also changes. I don't know why you are loyal to him? Some are ready to pay you if you allow to fuck. For how many will you be given? Call the sum, and I will tell them. — Oh, you that? I except Vova had no other men! I was never engaged earlier in prostitution — was confused, but Tanka wasn't indignant. Anything. All of us do something for the first time. — philosophically I noticed. — Sash, you want that I became a prostitute. And you didn't forget that I your brother the wife? — even stronger the daughter-in-law was confused. No. I didn't forget. But you very beautiful also shouldn't belong only to one to him. I already said that many men want to fuck you. You will begin to be fucked not only with Vovka, and and with others, persons interested will become even more. And you will always be with money and you will be able to dare to buy everything that your soul will wish — I answered and, having got several hundred ruble bank notes from a pocket, told — I dream to fuck you. Raise on yourself a skirt, please is higher. I want to admire your thighs at first. Bratova the wife at first hesitated, but then, overcoming confusion, pulled on hips a skirt up. Having bared thighs slightly more, than half, she stopped — Well! It is too low! — disappointedly I stretched. — Raise above. — I am afraid that Yulka didn't return and didn't see. If sees, can stir up and Vova learns. — the daughter-in-law answered with a guilty voice. If Yulka, however, decides to return, at once you will straighten out a skirt and all. She will see nothing. Well, for now she is absent, give, raise a skirt even above — I told, having significantly shown her notes. Tanka obediently pulled a skirt further up. Having seen completely astounding thighs of the bratovy wife and white треугольничек panties now, I felt the strongest excitement, and my dick instantly became firm. — Go to me — I called the daughter-in-law and when she approached, put her to myself on knees and put one hand to her on a thigh. Tanka shuddered, but didn't take away my hand. When I began to caress gently a bratova the wife on thighs, she at first sat intense, but then calmed down and even confusedly began to smile... — It isn't necessary. Yulka can return at any time and parents — the daughter-in-law when I put off her from knees protested and I began to pull down from her panties. — I to you another time will allow to fuck. But while there is nobody — I began to finish Tanka. Eventually the bratova the wife agreed to leave panties. She was still afraid to be fucked, being afraid that behind it somebody will catch us. However I didn't begin to resist when I, having seated her to itself on knees again, moved apart at her more widely than a leg and I entered the index and average fingers of the right hand compressed together into a pizda. I began to act with fingers as a dick and soon the daughter-in-law began to moan and "make upward movement" voluptuously, vigorously aberrations a basin. Still in a few minutes she violently terminated and became soft. Hardly Tanka managed to get up from my knees and to straighten out a skirt, parents came back home... Having improved the moment when we with the bratovy wife remained for several minutes confidentially, I gave her several hundred ruble bank notes. — Well, here I also became a prostitute as you wanted — having taken money, she grinned, and then I asked. — Sash, tell also others what I allow to fuck, I should pay only. And I for it will give you free of charge. Having presented mentally as from Tankaya others have sex, I unexpectedly for myself felt a jealousy prick... Nikita Salov elon musk dating kim kardashian date spanish name site mapMain Page