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In 2005 when I after the first divorce had in the head some bubbles and at that time Beeline tested GPRS in the Yaroslavl region, I by phone on the website Nikita got acquainted with the future spouse. At that time I wasn't sure up to the end that I like unfaithfulness. I was in search of the spouse (new), on purpose that she didn't approach in any way and any space for my first spouse and that there were most serious intentions. But as tell a thought it is material, and god gave me such chance. There was a time we corresponded called up, then visited to each other and finally business reached a wedding. I throughout all our acquaintance prior to a wedding in the head had a thought about which I didn't decide to ask at once and directly. The essence of a thought was such is — how many to me at her was partners or partners what age, how often, that was done and as, and with me seriously or so for a while. Here I had such raskoryachenny thoughts at that time in the head. Knowing that I can get the heave-ho on the questions I decided to come on the other hand. During sex or after it I unostentatiously asked information interesting me. But attempts at the nobility all and weren't crowned at once with success, but also too as it was my darling these questions, but slightly in other statement were interesting. Therefore once again during sex I afforded more frank imagination on MZhM, and darling in it supported me. After sex she snatched on me with inquiries how often whether I changed the first wife and her I changed. It was necessary to take the first a step and to tell about my unfaithfulness with the first spouse. It so brought my darling that we continued sex and during my explanations. But what my surprise when I learned answers to my questions concerning meetings on the party to me was. There were I was already at the end of 20-ki. It strongly surprised me and internally I felt sincerely excitement from everything heard. Then every convenient time I specified details, and on me it made strong excitement. I looked in the face of the darling and understood that I looked for this person in the life and I every minute love this person more and more. Further for strengthening of imaginations in business we bought the computer and here incurred me, I began to explain to darling that there are ICQ, mail and dating sites and another where it is possible to communicate is much and not only. This idea was pleasant to her, but meetings she decided to exclude and correspond only and to flirt. But for me and it was big progress. Then the son was born, had no time for imaginations a certain period. Though nevertheless occasionally darling came both into Asya and on a dating site (was about 20 in my opinion men and married and so someone didn't lose hope to catch my darling to himself in a bed). And so I happened that the Internet at us was at home always round the clock, I was in a business trip in other city. A year later already. My dear calls me and tells her correspondence with one of men who is more senior than it for seven years, and so briskly. So far I listened to her story in all paints, in my head of times in 100 quicker, than there was her story by phone there was a thought which needed to be advanced in any way. The thought was to resolve and persuade anyway it to oversleep with this man. What I also began to embody without waiting for the end of her conversation. She at first flatly refused, then asked whether I love her? And having received the affirmative answer, and together with it and a heap of arguments that I not against it but only behind hands and legs and that in this situation she anything won't be able to bring the best to me, I answered — told what will think. Later 2 3 hours can she called back to me and first of all in the receiver instead of hallo, blurted out if I with him oversleep you me will stop loving! Here I was ready to explanations of this sort and I repeatedly tactfully had to explain to darling that everything is good and fine in our relationship. In reply I heard again — that she will think and promises nothing to me. And literally in an hour it is ringing from her again — I told that agreed about a meeting, and for this time of the son will leave at the mother-in-law. And as then all will pass will tell me. Everything passed like clockwork because when through, probably a couple of hours, she called me, in her story there were so many emotions and pleasures, there are so much details that I was in the seventh heaven. So in our family the first time occurred the treason moment from which all had only good memories. eharmony dating for seniors date of india match site mapMain Page