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Small, but important preface. This story is written at Lyudmila's request from Murmansk. I tried to execute all your wishes, and most precisely to describe the events told by you. It is impossible to transfer by words as far as I am grateful to you for the provided opportunity me to write this story. I hope, nothing will prevent our plans, and we will be able to meet. Part 1. Nesmotrya on the age, Lyudmila was a modern woman. I went to a leg so time and I wasn't afraid of innovations. It very quickly understood brand new and very expensive model of the smartphone presented to her by ee the daughter and the son-in-law for day of the birth. She wouldn't buy for anything to herself this phone because of its high cost. No ee children didn't regret money for mother and brought on ee fifty-year anniversary the small box which is wrapped up in the white sheet of paper ornamented by a children's hand. Ee the son-in-law who became for it the son of which at it wasn't (in good sense, it isn't worth thinking that she didn't love the daughter), I made good money and I could afford similar wastes. He considered Lyudmila the second mother and tried to support in every possible way ee. As morally, so and financially. He lost the parents at young age and, having got acquainted with parents of the spouse, recognized mother whom so early I lost in Lyudmila. Lyudmila tactfully refused expensive gifts, but accepted phone, having considered refusal for bad tone. And here two years this smartphone served her as belief and the truth. Ee of the girlfriend in panic were afraid of "glass plates", didn't understand why she needs the computer, a for eyes washed out stones, envying ee of the developed life. No they forgot that ee fine life began only after death of ee of the husband. Similar o of relatives is bad to think, Lyudmila of o such also didn't think, but somewhere in soul depth she realized — all this ease and tranquility came to her when she became a widow. Ee the husband was not always such disgusting person. He seemed lovely and careful, but his true essence dozed somewhere deeply. Having lost work still in far the ninetieth, he and his brothers by misfortune, trying to leave somehow the developed situation, quickly gave up and with open embraces accepted the glass friend in the ranks. The green serpent should have whispered only and during this instant the apple-tree was peeled, without having left on it even leaves. Ne having opportunities to spit out the anger in a face to chiefs and hated money-bags, Pyotr began to break on the wife, a sometimes and on the daughter. Each booze came to an end with a beating. Lyudmila, as also most of women, I suffered the similar address. The sound of the opening door became for little Ania a nightmare. Having hardly heard click of the lock, the girl was enough a plush bear and was killed under a bed that the father didn't notice ee. Having strong pressed a toy an elbow, she closed ears if only not to hear the events. Once, trying to protect mother, Ania learned what is pain. And now she only needed to close ears and to hope that the father is too drunk, and he won't have enough forces to splash out the rage. Having graduated from school, Ania chose institute far away from the house and I ran away. Lyudmila not of ee vinyl for it. She was glad that now ee the child will be far away from this despot. I collected all savings and I saw off the daughter. Illusion of security of the lonely and minor child in the big, unfamiliar city eclipsed bitterness of parting. Pyotr so time lost a former heat and now only drank and dragged money from a purse of the wife. In the end having ruined a liver, he died on the forty fourth year of life, twelve years ago. Having learned o of death of the father, Ania didn't utter teardrops, a Lyudmila at last deeply sighed though she didn't give herself in it the report. Having remained in forty one, Lyudmila didn't even think o a repeated marriage. It seems, blossoming of forces. Ne twenty five of course, but there will be enough remained gunpowder to level densely inhabited city with the earth. She didn't want it, she got used to rely on herself, yes and to find the good and lonely man after soroka is quite problematic. So she assured the girlfriends and herself. Na the business, she was afraid of repetition of last situation, but on a root smothered this thought and enjoyed loneliness. Till the moment which changed ee life. Approximately in one and a half years after the previous events, Svetlana, Lyudmila's girlfriend, celebrated the forty-year anniversary. Light I was soul of the company, people reached for her. The small country lodge cracked from the number of the friends who gathered there. Lyudmila with pleasure accepted the invitation and in such case bought a very expensive dress and shoes. Though time in life she decided to please herself. It seems a trifle, but for Lyudmila that there was a rotary moment. Trying on a dress in shop, she shone with happiness. Having picked up suitable shoes and having paid off at the checkout, Lyudmila without what or regrets stretched money to the cashier and I left the trade center with a smile on lips. The dress approached ideally, hiding shortcomings and emphasizing advantages. Years of sedentary work and constants zazhevyvaniya stresses though made the ordinary-looking fatty of Lyudmila, but the last months of quiet life rendered favorable effect. Excess weight didn't leave anywhere, but skin turned pink, nails ceased to exfoliate, hair got former volume. And as it was pleasant to hear complements from familiar people this evening. Svetlana didn't take offense at all that ee give to the girlfriend bigger attention. She was glad that Lyudmila at last got out of the shell and without what-libo envy, in difference from some, I was glad for her. No that was only the beginning. As looked at her men! She noticed the first of such absolutely accidentally. He stood at some distance from her and talked so the friend. His friend, that-to emotionally I told, gesticulating hands. A this man only nodded to his words and looked at Lyudmila. Compliments of girlfriends didn't go in kakoe comparison with this look. The woman who tasted horror and didn't break thus felt shy as the schoolgirl and, having awkwardly smiled, ran out on the street. The cool breeze blew in skin, but the heat didn't fall down. Lyudmila saw how ee the hand holding a glass shivers. The dress became close, didn't gasp. — Forgive, we it seems are unfamiliar, call me Victor. — that man arose from there is no place. Lyudmila plunged into the thoughts and didn't notice how he approached. — Luda. — in a throat dried up, the voice was high so as if to a cat stepped on a tail. — Very pleasantly. — Victor smiled and stretched a hand. — Mutually. — Lyudmila got rid of a lump in a throat, I took a glass the left hand and I reaped the stretched hand. ... Seven happy years flew by imperceptibly. Victor was a man, o which it was only possible to dream. No the romantic cinema for adults ended, having left after itself smack of emptiness. Lyudmila knew, o of a disease of Victor and his loss wasn't surprise. After his leaving, she tried not to think o bad, remembering only all the lightest. And hidden from all. It appears, the woman can get pleasure from sex too. Yes still kakoe! Victor was one of those men that others interests above the, in the sexual plan put. Lyudmila very much was afraid of their first time. The main fear — to appear bared before this person. No the horney sexual body and the devouring look saved from all fears and doubts. This evening Lyudmila learned what is the real orgasm. A then still time. Pleasant pricking accompanied ee all next day and, without waiting for the next meeting, she called Victor and invited him to herself. Lyudmila plunged into a whirlpool of debauchery and couldn't get drunk from this lake. So time, to traditional sex added oral. Wishing to show, ee love to this man is how strong, it clasped with lips his dick and began to move ineptly. She liked to observe how the cum shoots from the dick while she drives on him a hand. Reciprocal reaction didn't force itself to wait long. Having felt others lips and language caressing ee a clitoris, Lyudmila terminated almost at once, skoree from a juicy situation, than from pleasant feelings. No all good early or late comes to an end. Na this time, Lyudmila definitely didn't wish to look for the man. Ee of feeling to Victor were extremely strong, and nobody could replace him. No the libido didn't give it rest. Thirst of sex appeared above ee of forces. And Lyudmila resorted to the only thing as it seemed to her, to an exit — masturbation. "To begin to masturbate in 49 years, wildness what!" — she thought in one of sleepless nights, but the hand itself got under fabric of panties. Time went, and simple masturbation ceased to bring pleasure. Lyudmila ordered the vibrator on the Internet, but and it for a long time didn't help. I tried to watch the erotic movie, but everything looked so not naturally. All these languid sighs and groans seemed not real. And what to do to me now? To kiss each counter? — Andrey smiled. — Ne everyone, but that in it it? The worst that can happen — will put in you slap in the face. Ne such high price, in comparison with what you can receive. — Lyudmila, itself without noticing it, I carried out by language between lips and I bit lower. — It can be right you. — Andrey stared in a floor and became silent. "Now or never. If I don't make it, the second chance can not be. If it doesn't turn out, let thinks what wants". Lyudmila got up and sat down with Andrey nearby. I put a hand on his leg and quietly I started talking. — Ne worry you so. Yours that years... You have still all life ahead. Andrey looked in Lyudmila's eyes. — I don't worry. — he smiled and put the hand not of ee. The shivering Lyudmila's hand spread up and stopped on the guy's fly. — What do you do? — Andrey skoree was surprised, than confused. — It isn't pleasant to you? — Lyudmila squeezed the guy's groin a little. She was nervous and was afraid to miss the moment. — I... — the guy didn't manage to finish speaking as the female hand got under his shorts and pants and I grabbed by a dick. Lyudmila felt as the dick of the young man began to rise. — Ne be afraid, I won't make anything bad. — she helped herself the second hand and the guy's dick released. Andrey stared down, badly understanding what occurs. Lyudmila bared a head. Andrey moved and looked at the woman who is strong holding him for a dick. — It will be pleasant to you, I promise. — ee eyes sparkled. Lyudmila approached lips of the guy and stopped in centimeter from them. Andrey moved forward and Lyudmila, at last felt that, o than dreamed the whole hour. She closed eyes, got language into his mouth, and began to move a hand. Having come off the guy's lips, she smiled, fell before him by knees, lowered shorts with pants that stirred nothing and, having looked at Andrey in eyes, his dick to herself shipped in a mouth. Andrey cast away the head back and enjoyed new feeling. Lyudmila took away hands and worked only a mouth. She involved in herself a dick as if drank cocktail from a straw. Ee of an eye were closed. She tried to ship it as it is possible more deeply. To the guy it brought improbable pleasure, but that was from selfish motives. Lyudmila wanted to experience all its length, without the rest. His head rested her against a throat, and she tried to push it even further. The neck quite quickly became numb, the long lack of practice affected. Lyudmila stopped, holding a head in a mouth, so involving everything and driving on all ee of a circle language. Legs of the guy began to shake. Lyudmila released a dick from a mouth and seized him with a hand. She didn't manage to be discharged, and the first dense stream of a stagnant cum struck with her in an eye. No even it didn't prevent her to enjoy ejaculation of the guy. Having blinked one eye, she strong held Andrey's dick in a hand, moved on him a hand and with ecstasy considered how the cum shoots up. The orgasm ended, and Lyudmila got napkins and a pocket mirror from the bag. An eye reddened, but the happy smile in reflection eclipsed all unpleasant feelings. It approached Andrey and wiped a cum from his groin and a stomach. He was pressed by a back in a wall and was afraid to open eyes. As the napkin touched only his skin, he understood — all it in reality. The adult woman really only that sucked away at him and wipes now his cum from everywhere. He slightly opened at first one eye, then another. Lyudmila finished the manipulations and looked to Andrey in eyes. — I will return now. — she smiled. Ee the left eye was red. She crumpled napkins in a hand, took so a table a bottle with water and left a compartment. Andrey so also remained to sit with the dick outside. Painfully I bit myself for a lip that it will finally be convinced of the occurring situation. "What it on her found? Such lovely and timid lady. Someone could think!" He pulled shorts with pants and pressed legs to a body. Unexpectedly come thought was reflected in consciousness bright flash. "A suddenly it only the beginning? That if it allows... "Andrey didn't notice a difference at age. To him was to spit! She became his first woman in the plan of sex. Oral or vaginal, what difference? It only that at him I sucked away! Even if everything ends on it, everything is equal it will remain for him the woman who deprived of him innocence. Till the end of life he will remember the great mature lady who presented him improbable pleasure. Lyudmila came into a compartment and breathed a sigh of relief. While she washed, thought that Andrey can be frightened and run away. Na it ee an adventure, a will end tension between legs it is necessary to cope with it most. It closed a door, villages opposite to Andrey and looked in a window. — Excuse. Lyudmila looked at Andrey. He pointed to the left eye and awkwardly looked at her. — Nothing, it will pass. — she smiled. — I not strongly frightened you? — No that you, I... — Andrey stopped short and didn't know what can be told. The treacherous smile blurred on the person. Lyudmila looked in a window again. "Ne left, everything still talks so me, a happy smile on a face..." — If you want, we can continue. — she looked to the guy in eyes, expecting the answer. — Yes. — the answer turned out too loud, Andrey moved a little forward and lowered legs on a floor. Lyudmila got up, leaned the elbows on a table and lifted up a summer dress. Ee hb-shnye panties closed almost all ee a magnificent bottom. She didn't know that this train will embody all dream ee in reality. She quickly threw off them and caved in in a waist. Andrey approached her behind and lowered shorts with pants. — I have no condom. — he as if looked hypnotized at a naked bum of the mature woman, but all still thought. — Ne it is terrible. The main thing — be not fond and in time pull out. — To Lyudmila was to spit on contraception. If even he also terminates inside, then chance to become pregnant in ee age — minimum. The climax though didn't come, but was not behind mountains any more. Andrey clasped with a hand the got-up dick and pressed on back pass. Lyudmila moved forward, having painfully rested legs against a table. — Let me help. — she pushed a hand between the legs, grasped the guy's dick, carried out several time by him on sexual sponges up-down and directed. Each woman knows — what realistic wouldn't be faloimitator, he everything equally won't be compared to the real dick. Having felt nature of this young man in itself, Lyudmila was filled by the forgotten feelings. Andrey, in the turn, felt these feelings for the first time. He grasped Lyudmila's waist and the beginnings in a mad rhythm o ee the back bangs the groin. — More quietly, we don't hurry anywhere. — Lyudmila slightly turned and held the guy with a hand. Andrey looked at her in bewilderment. — Pomedlennee. — the young man listened to the lady and tried to execute ee a request. — Yes, here so. — she adopted the former provision, stretched a hand back, to the touch found a hand of the young lover and put ee to herself on a breast. The guy painfully squeezed. "Nothing, let feels, still will learn". Andrey panted. He lost control already long ago and from the last forces tried not to increase speed. His feelings surpassed all expectations. He didn't understand why around sex there is so much hype, but having really felt the woman, he realized what is nirvana. Full loss of self-control, loss of mind, the main thing — the peak of pleasure. Above there is already no place! As he wouldn't try, a speed all accrued and accrued. He rumpled a hand through a dress and a brassiere a breast of this woman and he wanted to feel flesh without all these things. Overcoming itself, he stopped, having plunged into Lyudmila almost to the basis. I lifted up a dress almost to a neck and I tried to undo a bra. After several vain attempts Lyudmila came to the rescue. She threw off a dress through the head and got rid of a brassiere. Andrey two hands seized for a soft breast of the woman and continued forward movements. — Polegche, you don't want to tear off them. — Lyudmila turned the head back. — More gently. Yes, here it is so good. Several years male hands didn't touch this breast. The breast drooped under the weight, lost former elasticity, but probably it was pleasant to this fellow. — Let's move to the shelf. — hands already became numb and she very much wanted still though just once to kiss the fellow. Andrey didn't want to stop, but listened to the woman and receded slightly back. She turned to him, and now he saw ee completely naked. The big and drooped breast, a chubby tummy, full legs and a triangle of black hair between them. Tell it someone that such woman will become his the first — he would burst out laughing to him in a face. No now she became his ideal. Even it seemed to it that he was made horney even more. Lyudmila approached Andrey closely, having stepped through the panties, put hands on his person and, having stood up on tiptoes, kissed. The small heel was too small to level their growth. The young man strong pressed to himself the woman and the stomach rested the dick against ee. Lyudmila dragged him for herself and, without coming off his lips, settled on a back, widely moved apart legs and directed the guy. In this situation, the dick plunged more deeply. Andrey pressed down the woman the body and moved only a basin. — Stand up a little, to me it is heavy. To there was a small lie. The guy was not heavy, it was even pleasant to Lyudmila how he pressed down ee. She felt approach of an orgasm, and she didn't want that it terminated before time, a she remained with anything. A little selfishly, but the fellow that inexperienced, is possible also for o itself a little to think. Andrey stood up on hands and saw how one hand Lyudmila dived between them. She clasped with the second his neck. She that-to furiously I rubbed the hand between legs and in several moment began to shake and with a force pressed it for a neck to herself. Andrey felt as the vagina is squeezed by his dick, the woman clasped him with the full legs and tries to press into herself as it is possible more deeply. The shiver passed, Lyudmila relaxed, but everything couldn't unclench eyelids yet. She felt a dick in a vagina, but the guy didn't move. — Everything is good? Lyudmila opened eyes and saw before herself a look full of concern. — Yes, darling, even very much. — each word was pledged to her hard. She carried out by a hand on hair of the young man and kissed. — Continue, only remember — in me it is impossible. And it was the selfish lie. Lyudmila wasn't afraid that the guy will terminate in her. She wanted to see his cum at herself on a stomach. Andrey stood up on hands and continued begun already long ago. Lyudmila knew that the sexual act will be a little longer, so as she made previously to the guy blowjob, but all equally thought that he will terminate before her. Andrey with each blow increased the speed. Lyudmila helped him a little, but was exhausted and ee the help was almost not felt. And here the guy pulled out the dick and grabbed him. Lyudmila quickly intercepted an initiative and began to move a hand furiously. The first stream of a cum got on ee a lip and a chin. Breast, the second on ee. All the rest appeared on ee a stomach. Andrey hung on on hands by the skin of teeth. He didn't want to press down the woman who presented him such pleasure. He sat down at her in legs and leaned o shoulder a wall. Language itself touched a lip, and Lyudmila felt taste of a cum. She and to this ee tried, but now felt all this bouquet. She knew that she taste at a cum different, thanks to the beginning writers, but couldn't even present that so can be pleasant to her. She collected a few seed by a finger at herself from a stomach and, fixedly looking in eyes to Andrey, licked him. — Very tasty. It was necessary to go eight hours. Fortuna smiled to them and they spent all eight hours alone. early dating memes date jar site mapMain Page