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I like to walk on shops in loneliness, of course, a new jacket or the last model of Nike sneakers it is remarkable, but koe that pleases me much more. School medical examinations brought me the mixed feelings of shame and excitement, the I became more senior, the less remained shame. To a regret it happened to enjoy it absolutely not often therefore I made a step towards to the insanity. At the beginning I considered it normal, it seemed that all my contemporaries are fond of it on an opportunity measure. Ne in details I will describe as came to it, I want to share the experience only. Having left the guy after long courtings, I why that was nearly upset though I itself got acquainted with him and everything could turn out. I will give a small example, having come into what-nibud public toilet, I feel more excitement and emotions, than in kiss time. I sit down on a toilet bowl and if it wants to someone, will be able to see my lowered jeans and panties. Sometimes I untie laces, I come into a toilet and I begin them to tie slowly, in passing examining legs in cabins. Everything, it quickly bothered me, even if someone sees my linen, it will be the girl, an I even not bi, I like men. I live in the center, only expensive boutiques so any fashionable and design stuff nearby, there it is boring. A here in cheap little shops and second-hands most that. Men, women, children, teenagers — everything go, measure, some directly between ranks. At last, having stayed the last couple in University, I glanced to the bathroom where I made brighter make-up. Then I went to one earlier looked after town. I chose nice shorts and I came into a fitting room. To Na Street it wasn't very warm, all still went in autumn therefore now it is possible to buy very cheap that-nibud for the summer. It is necessary to tell, I came successfully. Except me and the seller who sat at the beginning of the first row nobody was any more, all shop was mine. I was undressed and pulled down the jeans, then removed panties. There was a wish to pick up shorts, such as carried last summer, only here for winter of the priest it was considerably rounded. New were such small, I don't know as could pull them on herself. I looked out for a blind, was near nobody. Ne taking off shorts, barefoot legs I splashed to the last row, in hope to find the size more. — Chto-to to prompt? — I called behind a men's voice. — Yes, you have shorts, a more? — I looked back, it was the seller. Shorts were just indecently small, so that it was visible not sunbathed skin in a bikini zone. Behind probably looks even worse. Turning over options, I unintentionally threw off couple of things and sat down to lift them. Shorts stretched and I felt a cool below, having remembered that I without pants. I turned the head and I caught on myself a look of the seller. My God, as awkwardly and in that time it is pleasant! Heart began to knock more loudly and quicker. The man didn't hurry to leave and helped me with search. — Here, try on! — with a note of delight it handed me shorts, on a look there are even less previous. — Try, they last. The man passed throughout them hands and showed, stretching them in the different parties. Having taken shorts, I went to a fitting room. Five minutes of attempts to undo a lightning later, I despaired, so and not primeryav others. There is a pancake, it is necessary to buy, pull down them there weren't enough forces at all, very much strong they stuck into my hips. I went to cash desk and put on a table 500 rubles together with "rubber" shorts. — A what so, didn't approach? — the man grinned. — Yes I will take these, aren't undone... — I was embarrassed and awkwardly I smiled. — O, we will understand so now! The man bent down and got a small yellow tube from a table box. — The lightning rusted, probably from last year lie here, we will grease and delov that. Having sat down opposite to me, he awkwardly pushed hands around my hips, without knowing as to make it, still and the shirt closed a view of a damned fly. I looked in the party, trying to do a look that I am quiet, then sharply moved when he touched with the fingers my stomach, removing a shirt. — Here it... — the seller raised the head. I silently undid several lower buttons that didn't prevent to repair a lightning, having bared the navel. It was possible to sprain also everything, rushed in the head, however it isn't important, everything equally is visible nothing. Then I presented what will be when the lightning gives in, under shorts there is nothing... I strained even more, so a forehead sweat flew down, palms were already wet. Through shorts I felt as he drives the tube on a fly, there here, up down. The body distorted. — Oh, excuse — the man sharply rose and postponed a tube for a table. The shivering hand I pulled a fly and sharply ee undid, having reached a locker room, calmed down and tried to remove it fucking shorts a little. Centimeter behind centimeter they slipped from me, hips were reddish from irritation. Having carefully wiped itself a damp scarf, I sat down on a stool. It is necessary to give a little air, let skin will calm down, there was no wish to pull the fitting jeans at once. I removed panties from a hanger and was only going to put on them as I was guarded by rustle behind a back. The blind of a fitting room was a little removed and I caught a look of the seller in a mirror. — It is busy! — escaped at me. The seller in a trice disappeared, so and without having drawn a blind till the end. That he wanted, only frightened. There is a devil, he saw me without panties. He what I thought I won't notice? I quickly pulled pants with jeans and went to an exit. The seller who was furiously fingering sat at a table that-to under a table. My God, he there what, jerks off?! Having seen me, he jumped up so a chair. I, it is terminated, I could make a look that I see nothing and to leave quickly, but it was somehow difficult not to notice his standing dick and a dense black shock of hair on a pubis. I for some reason felt sorry for the unfortunate seller, it is difficult to present itself on his place. Costs without trousers here, frightened as as if to him 15, a caught him. From other party could retire somewhere or he wanted that I saw? — It not the fact that you thought... I silently smiled, watching his awkward attempts to button trousers. Different thoughts were at the tip of the tongue, there was a wish to encourage somehow him, very pathetic he looked at this moment, a pier of nothing terrible to someone happens... — Now we are quits! You saw me, now and I you. — Well yes, probably — he smiled to me in the answer, already sitting at a table, scratching a nape. — Yes you don't worry, there is nothing bad in it, all it is done — I continued. The seller sat, insincerely smiling, it obviously didn't seem to him than-to normal and nepostydnym. Then one more foolish idea came that-to didn't give me rest to my mind, I began to make advances. — Did you like to look at me? His eyes were sharply dropped on the level of my hips, then mechanically took them to the party. — No that you, in sense not that that wasn't pleasant, just I didn't want, but you anything, the truth. — Do you want more? — Well it, I don't know... you is serious? I, of course would look, you have a slender figure, of course it is interesting to look as in whole... The seller made a serious face and bypassed me, having crossed hands on a breast. I lowered trousers completely and crossed them, having remained in one checkered shirt and black house panties. I turned in the different parties, having shown the figure to the seller. Time slowed down, he silently looked at my legs, an I thought what to do farther. — You in what-nibud are engaged probably? — the seller interrupted silence. — Someone, I? Well, sometimes with girlfriends we run, but it isn't serious — I was embarrassed and I put hands behind a back. — Very slender body! You have a model appearance and don't hesitate. All to girls as you... — Oh all right to you, thanks — I was embarrassed again. — Show still that-nibud. Try to pose as for the photographer, I will estimate a, is sure at you well it will turn out! And you can take off a shirt too! I felt shy even stronger, having remembered the first medical examination when I for the first time had to undress at foreign people. I undid a shirt, I thrust the thoughts where far away and I tried to get from it pleasure. It what I so wanted! Having taken off a shirt, I bent behind trousers and put everything on a table. I covered a naked breast with a hand and I turned around, showing the figure. — Well here and I, how to you? — Super! You have a smart body! — Thanks, I am the truth no I posed for time, at most at home at a mirror. It was partly the truth if not to consider how I considered myself in mirrors of public toilets when there was nobody. Now this place seemed to me more and the feeling of vulnerability increased. It seemed, looks at me ten, a that and one hundred people though here we were together. I sharply wanted to put on and after all to leave home, there are enough adventures on today. It was one of those moments when you understand that it is possible to come far, but it is interesting to continue. — You know, I probably will already go. — Already? If it is possible, you have only one time well very cool body, I seriously speak to you. The seller approached closer, greedy considering me, he was one head higher than me. I felt myself as the schoolgirl, only he isn't a teacher, an on me some panties. — Can you become A cancer? — impudently the seller gave out. — What?! — having smiled, I was indignant. — If you don't hesitate, please. I will depart, everything is equal nothing it I will see... — Well I don't know, only stand on the place, all right? — Of course. I turned to the seller a back, expecting so that he didn't see a breast and fell by all fours, having already at all forgotten as it everything isn't correct. No, it is already search, very not an ambiguous pose. — Ne hesitate, at you great it turns out! — Thanks, but I probably... — Bend slightly a back, a class! — the seller interrupted me — Wait, don't get up! To you so very much goes. As as if for ero the magazine removes. No for some reason I couldn't master myself and just leave from here, my body held down. Probably it much more was pleasant to me. I tried to receive from it again that-nibud I began to make advances to the seller, it seemed to me if I cause in him confusion, then everything will end. Vulgarly I turned the bum as tempting him, but he only smiled and filled up me with compliments. — Here if at me is normal fotik, there would be just smart pictures, I am sure! — Yes well, still what?! — I was taken aback from such statement. — Well I wouldn't do without your consent of course, you don't think. — Can somehow still, already knees hurt me. I offered, itself without realizing what nonsense I do. I rose from a floor and having again covered a breast with a hand, looked round on the parties, already turned sign "openly / ºa¬ÓÙÔo", strange hung on a translucent door. — Why a breast you close A, a bottom it is clear, you know, many on the beach so go, brassieres already in the past, an in magazines so already at all hesitates nobody, even in usual — the seller continued to convince me. Also it is necessary to tell at him it turned out, I exposed me what-to gray mouse, I build of myself the virgin the touchy person here. I of course was engaged in sex, but it was only several time and with one person and as I didn't try to conduct myself raskovanno, it turned out not very well. Having a little rumpled on the place, I smiled and lowered a hand, didn't come to mind one normal excuse. — Here, a beautiful breast what you were afraid of, I don't know — he smiled to me in the answer. Of course I don't extol myself, but I love the tits, full dvoyechka, two elastic cherries with big pink nipples. That it wasn't pleasant to me, so it is a bottom, during the winter still added couple of centimeters in a grasp. At 170 with a tail was not very much as on me. — Thanks. — I spoke, you have a model appearance, you can't hide it! — Yes I also don't hide, it is simple as that... — A you can... you know as in magazines, throw hands for the head and fall by knees. Try, I will tell a, goes to you or isn't present. Again carrying out a request, I became on a rough carpet already slightly shabby knees, widely placed legs and crossed hands behind the head. A won't prevent me an extension, I thought, the perineum has some sheaf zanyli. Indulging the admirer, I dismissed a tail and straightened hair. The seller burst in compliments in the address of my bust and a figure again. — Well everything, already time probably, I will go I will put on — I insisted and went to a fitting room. A and the truth of nothing, I stood out at a mirror a little, the breast was somehow poured, cheeks blushed. Well I give, wouldn't believe still yesterday that I am capable of it. Where I lost my education, absolutely shame. Standing in some pants, with hands on a belt, I looked at reflection, shipped in itself. The fear already somehow absolutely vanished, felt herself freely as with the girlfriend in a sauna. Then the excitement wave gushed, below there was desire, nipples got skilled even more, an on a leg from under panties ran a drop. So, it is necessary to take himself in hand! It is necessary to put on how many I already here stand? I unwillingly put on a shirt, trousers seemed to me not pleasant, here is too stuffy and I hesitated again, examining the reflection in a mirror. — At you in an order? — unexpectedly the voice behind a blind was distributed. — Yes yes, I now. Then the blind was sharply removed, the seller impudently oblapal a look also continued to watch me silently. I covered boobies again and was developed to him by the person. — That you... — It is possible to ask something, you here so far? — the seller interrupted me. — Of course — I politely answered, estimating that there still to him climbed up in the head. Why not to tell isn't present? Here cunning, constantly politely asks, knowing that to refuse it will be rough from my party, such all from itself the gentleman in glazhennykh gray trousers and a black t-shirt. The man as the man, for 35, I would tell in a divorce and decently long ago, is sick he anxious. I felt shy again, together in a fitting room was close and it became even hotter. — Only don't leave, it won't take a lot of time, I would be very grateful to you! — Yes what there, you tell — I didn't sustain, having smiled. To that he asked, of course, didn't plunge me into shock, I skoree didn't know as to me to be. It is somehow opposite, ridiculous, but in that time funny and just ridiculously. — It is possible to jerk off on you, we hardly still will meet you, so? You have nothing to be afraid, I won't concern you, can not look if you want! I beg, it will take not more than five minutes! — the seller began to chatter, having already begun to undo a belt. Having covered with a palm of companies, I nearly laughed, there was no wish to upset unfortunate to me, he is sincere. Really I so made horney him that he went to it. Yes what to be surprised though would throw with a shirt, I stand in some pants. — Oh, I don't know... Ne waiting for my consent, the seller quickly undid a belt and its trousers moved down on a foot, then it removed an elastic band of pants and got behind the device, at this moment I lowered eyes and sat down on a padded stool. My God, I don't want to look at it, it became a little terrible, I won't be helped by nobody if that. — Khm, I quickly — a hoarse voice said the seller. Several minutes I listened to his uneven breath and persistently looked down. — A breast it isn't visible. I lowered a hand, having opened for him the nipples, I think to argue wasn't special need, but shoulders stooped, an a back stooped, there was no wish to open to me. All right, nothing, will finish now and I already precisely go home, a point. Me here nobody knows the main thing what problems to worry not o than. The neck became numb and I looked on the parties for a variety, the seller made that time a short step ko to me, his hand already with might and main ground a dick, the champing sounds were distributed and in a nose I struck a sharp smell. My God, faugh as it is nasty! No aloud I of course told nothing. Him писюн was almost at my forehead, I closed eyes and leaned back back, having rested a back against a mirror. I splashed sharp sighs of the seller and his fountain in my party, getting on a stomach and a breast, having quickly awakened me. — Ouch, you what?! — I cried, having stared at him, but he all still poured out the seed to me on legs. — Forgive, I thought you doesn't mind... — Seriously?! So, all prior to an appointment, miss! I quickly grabbed in an armful the things and tried to leave a fitting room, but the seller didn't pass me. — You know how long ago I didn't fuck, I still will be able precisely, wait please! Heart stood, after the word "fuck", I not on a joke got a fright, having stared at his hanging dick from which the cum still dripped. Ne turning attention to the seller, I began to put on, put on a shirt, then bent behind jeans as suddenly I was seized by panties, the body held down again. It was terrible to move, directly as in the childhood when you hear at night rustle in a case and having guarded hearing, you lie without moving. In reflection his dick stood already again, an a wide head was poured by blood and all shone. The seller took me for a waist and nestled ko to me behind, a his dick rested against a back. He began to make what-to strange movements up down in all rubbing off my back the groin. I on former tried not to move though and perfectly I understood to what everything goes. I didn't want it, only not here and not with him at all! — It is possible I will go? — I squeezed out. — Of course, still time and everything, I quickly, promise. He passed fingers to me under panties directly between legs and removed them in the party, having bared my holes, then having aimed shipped a head directly in a vagina, the dick slipped inside as on oil and I left attempts of resistance, without expecting that he will so easily slip through my intense buttocks and legs cramped together. The seller strong grabbed my bum and already stuck me on the bayonet to the basis. I looked in a mirror behind the boobs which are looking out of an unbuttoned shirt, a he greedy looked to me at an ass. I finished badly, everything, arrived. — Ne I can — the seller a minute of continuous frictions said to me later. — What? I will go? — Give on another, I so am not able. Having used it, I was quickly turned out from under the seller and became to him the person, his dick looked to me in a navel. Ne long thinking, I went down on knees and at once grabbed a dick and began to suck it, having collected all will and patience that at thinking remained. I tried as could, it though was my first blowjob, but I saw as it is done in a porn, take him entirely, licked on sides, touching balls in a palm. The taste of lubricant was not such opposite as I thought. Having terminated the second time, he would definitely not want to continue, I thought, and far more better if it streams to me on boobs, than in a vagina or still where pokhuzhe. — No, no... omm... — the seller lowed. His legs began to tremble and I felt a hot bitter stream at myself in language, then a little more which I so accepted in a mouth and I spitted out everything on a floor as only he finished. The dick instantly became soft in my hand, I grabbed things, jumped out of a locker room and ran out from shop, already on the street at passersby having put on trousers. — Girl! — I heard behind a back in several seconds, but I without turning around went to the party of the stop, in passing wiping lips from the cum remains. due date facebook quote date calculator days site mapMain Page