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My name is Alina, but I won't open a surname as I from decent east family and if the family learns... Generally today on May 1 I went to shish kebabs with the Russian friends. I am quite full girl, I have the 4th breast size and my buttocks... I am happy large therefore to me not just to find the guy in Moscow where all girls walk on hairpins and in miniskirts and look as goddesses from a cover. From it I was simply happy when Volodya invited me to go with them to shish kebabs. I tried to put on so that to be pleasant to him — let long dense black hair down... I dressed high sabots... the high platform sole very much was suitable for my sensual legs... the breast fitted only a thin golubenky topic... before an exit itself even I didn't keep that few times with a force to squeeze them... I dressed buttocks in the brilliant sports panties emphasizing my east silhouette... I allocated eyes and I added playfulness having extended the line a century... it is pleasant to guys — I know such furtive look at girls... Having met at an entrance to the wood, I got acquainted with two guys Andrey and Lesha and two girls of Olay and Sveta. Andrey suggested me to help to carry a package from shop at once and all road examined my naked legs in a sabot and modestly glanced at my magnificent breast... Has to tell that I lead very Puritan life — I am not a virgin, but I had no sex ооочень long ago therefore throwing back a hand hair from a shoulder I tried to see enough of high and strong Andrey much. Between legs at me became hot from one his look: the strong brunette with strong hands, his beefy shoulders fitted by a t-shirt for a long time drew my attention though I also tried to hide it, trying to start talking to Lesha which went slightly behind all... Lesh told me that I the smallest in our company, me 23, to other children and girls on 25 — 26. still he somehow casually noticed that I am Ossetian though usually nobody notices it. And also I hinted that knows as the Ossetian girls love the Russian guys. His cynical statements that even married Ossetians like to do it with the Russian guys me wildly got though I also tried to argue with him. My breast already shivered with excitement, but I tried to calm down the fact that I was fond of cooking of food. I cut tomatoes while Volodya prepared a shish kebab. Volodya my fellow worker and time tried to look after me at corporate parties, but roofing felts I too strict, roofing felts he too shy — so far at us nothing left. Here and today so far Volodya carefully suggested me to drink juice and promised to make for me the best skewer, Andrey approached behind me when I stood at a table and cut onions, embraced for a slender waist and nestled on my chubby bottom... My God... At him I was just huge!!! Really I even thought that he applied a sausage stick to my perineum, but he was such hot... From this point I in general more of anything I couldn't think. What there Volodya!!! Little girls laughed because Olya came with Andrey, and Lesh with Sveta and they knew that today they will receive that they want, and I again with the Caucasian education will remain one! I looked at Olya and didn't understand as the big and thick penis of Andrey enters such slender and distinguished girl? Volodya brought to me plateaus with onions, greens and a shish kebab, and Andrey and Lesh embraced the girls... but looked at me... as embracing behind the girls they could be without risk noticed to examine me they it and were engaged!!! I time saw as Andrey looked at my boobies, and looked Lesh at my rosy cheeks and impudently drove a look on a neck. Darkened. We drank and I quickly became tipsy. Volodya sat down on a brevnyshka nearby and embraced me for a shoulder, and I, frankly speaking it is a shame to me to admit, but wanted that somebody a hand squeezed me between legs!!! As soon as I having abandoned Volodya departed behind ketchup Andrey approached me. He sharply seized me by a breast and pressed to the next tree... I also couldn't dream of it, but he nestled on me the big shoot... he rested to me against a tummy and I quietly moaned, and he rumpled my breast and roughly told: — It is pleasant, the whore? As soon as he told it at me in the head as if something blew up. From such address mine клиторочек strained and I almost terminated. Cheeks were filled in with crimson. Andrey rumpled my big boobies, and I could hardly speak "leave alone" excitement. In a moment he released me and returned as in didn't happen in anything to Olya. And I in panties had the real flood. The clitoris hardened so that from each movement I rubbed about panties and I shuddered on the run. I decided to go to a toilet, but me quickly caught up with Lesh, he took me for an ass, developed to himself and ordered: — On knees, quickly, the Bitch! Drunk, I expedited what she I told. He lowered trousers to knees and sharply stuck to me into a mouth the big hardly standing dick. Having forgotten about the education I began to suck as the hungry whore... Juicy, big, fragrant, Russian dick... I just went mad so that now it is even a shame to remember... Lesh collected my hair in a bunch on a nape that they didn't prevent to suck. Then with chpoky I removed me from the tasty dick and I put on a dick of Andrey who appeared from darkness... At him such big and juicy that I slightly in a faint with happiness didn't fall. Guys surrounded me and called, offending me for what I suck at strangers... and I sucked round to them in turn two fat dicks are insolent handles and swallowed everything that sucked... They lowered my topic in front so boobs fell out outside. It was pleasant to me that it was made by Andrey. The attention of the Russian guy with such big penis was pleasant to me. Slapped Lesh the dick to me in breasts and it wildly brought me. — The whore, fucking, suck more better! — Andryusha addressed me... — Is more silent than children... will hear... — I tried to warn them choking with slobbers. — So, damn! Don't reveal Roth, you here to suck but to teach us, clear, a bough?! — Well, boys. I about Pyana thought why they with me talk so loudly? But having soon opened eyes I saw that Olya and Sveta film me with the camera... Only Volodya remained with a brazier and it isn't aware of the events, and girls laughed over me, but I all the same tried and itself held hair that they didn't fall on a beautiful dick of Andrey. With roar plentifully I lowered Lesh to me on a breast. I was all in a cum. But I madly wanted to make pleasantly Andryushe. I clasped him for buttocks and began to be stuck with a force a neck on his huge powerful trunk, having forgotten about cams and strangers. I turned into the hungry whore who tried to swallow more deeply a big glossy head of Andrey. Here such I when drunk: with obkonchanny boobs outside and a thick dick in a mouth. Andrey took me for hair as the last whore and, having called huyesosky, violently I terminated to me on the person. He literally washed me the powerful cum... Then they forced me to return to Volodya without having washed away a cum. He embraced me, even without having noticed in the dark that I have all person in Concha... to tell that it was a shame to me nothing means to tell — I terminated six times so far sucked also two times after I was obkonchat... Now I came home and at last washed, and here where now to look for this video??? I don't want that the family saw it!!! domestic violence utah date of hurricane sandy in new york site mapMain Page