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After a shower I was clean, came to the bedroom and settled on a bed. Everything hurt, my bottom after a huge dick, cheeks hurt from his slaps in the face, and my small penis chained in a fidelity belt was madly tired of heavy fetters. It seemed that he drooped to knees, but isn't present, all same small, slightly I ached a bit from impossibility to get up completely. I laid down sideways and watched how the wife drinks champagne, still, without tearing off a look from the monitor. I lay, stroking a sore bottom, the wife was developed, examined me and went to a toilet. In a couple of minutes she returned, drank up a gulp champagne from a glass, sat down on a table and told: — It was pleasant? — It was sick. — And what you wanted? — She told, I grinned and continued — I would roar too if he was my the first! Now it will be easier! — I hope! — Give recognition now! — She took phone, began to remove me, and continued — tell all as you became the full-fledged whore as you for the first time served a dick! — I, I, today — I zamyamlit, and kneelt on a bed. — Well, don't mumble! Say how everything was! From the very beginning. — Today my wife invited some unfamiliar man to our house. For a champagne bottle it gave me to it. — And? — As the wife told, I met him on a lap, sitting almost naked then in the bedroom I sat down before him on knees and asked that he fucked me. — Clear head! His dick was pleasant? — Yes! — And it was pleasant to me how you were hit on cheeks, you were such ridiculous and ridiculous. — She told and I laughed! — Yes? — Yes! And when you whined and almost began to roar from his dick, I nearly terminated! Therefore didn't sustain! — You saved me, I hardly suffered! — Ah you! It was necessary to restrain, but I couldn't! His huge dick bewitched me! And your helpless look madly made horney me. You such amusing in a fidelity belt, your worthless dick so funny dangled from a fucking! Even I became covered by goosebumps now! — Even at night so to go. — Of course! — the wife told, switched-off the cam and continued — and now you can have a rest. She sent video on the computer again, added on the website and went to the bathroom. I dozed off at this time, regained consciousness only from the fact that the wife pushed me on the party of a bed. And we fell asleep. Days off were through-chur cheerful. But here morning, the annoying sound of the alarm clock woke us, the Wife got up the first, washed and sat down to be painted, I, got up after her as before, made a bed and put a teapot while she washed. Then washed itself, I cut some cheese with sausage by a breakfast and I gave some tea. My darling came to kitchen, I just put on a table of a cup, she approached me and took me for a dick, twisted it a little and kissed on me in a cheek. She sat down at a table and told: — Since morning I was even frightened, thought that it was the dream, didn't see the lock on your dick yet! — I slept badly, it is terribly inconvenient with it on the dick. — And that you wanted! Suffer! — All I turned and the bottom everything hurts — Get used! It will become easier and will enjoy! — Well — I whispered and sat down opposite. Several minutes we had breakfast, later began to gather for work. The wife from the bathroom brought red, knitted panties with the drawn butterflies and threw them to me. I began to dress them as soon as they appeared on me, my dick bulked up again and was pressed into cage rods. Whether it was inconvenient? It was terribly inconvenient, but I did everything as the wife spoke. Here she grabbed with hands my bottom and began to mass, pushed me to a bed, I rested against her hands and got up dog-fashion. "Your ass is mind-blowing, would be a man, would fuck you without stopping!" It pulled together from me panties and departed to a dresser, took something there, and I felt cold cream on my hole. The wife gently massed me and shipped two fingers in a bottom. I moaned, and the wife began to fuck my bottom and told: "With this cream will heal quicker!" Some more seconds, she stopped and continued to put on. I put on panties and as usual a suit, a shirt too, the darling was put on in the working suit, a blouse and a skirt. I brought her to work, and itself went to the. Day was flour, constantly wearing a belt of fidelity strained me, I continually ran in a toilet, took off trousers, panties and the dick caressed, scratching and giving him though some freedom for several seconds. And after again he I disappeared in the dense fitting fabric of panties. Work especially wasn't set, Monday — unlucky day. The head was stuffed by thoughts of yesterday, besides discomfort there was also sensation of fear. Sitting at office with colleagues, every time begins to beat without restraint heart, from sharp having pinned up, or from jokes. Earlier all it was perceived from "other party". And now two colleagues sat and watched something on the Internet, one of them smiled and I will look in mine I will shift. I nearly died of fear, but everything was. The working day came to an end, and I was called by the wife: — Hello is lovely, how are you doing? — It is Hi, normal, you as? — I will arrive home, and you have to stop by in that sex shop and still buy something. — What? — A stopper for the zhopka, and more! Got that? — I understood. — Centimeters fifteen and that in thickness I was not less than four — five centimeters. — Well. — You will arrive home, you will wash her well and you will place in yourself, And I will call you later, you will take away me. Got that? — Yes. And where you will be? — Where, where! Hikhikhikh In the same place where there was your ass! — she burst out laughing and hung up. The working day ended, as well as the wife told, I went to shop of intimate goods. I was met there by the same woman, the seller, she smiled, at once it is visible that recognized me. I came, looking around, the woman grinned and told: — Kind evening. Still you want to buy something? — Yes, my wife asked to buy a stopper. — We have a wide choice, to you what? — Centimeters fifteen and that at least four centimeters in width. — Хм, is a little, here such glass and two rubber, is more, but I think won't get yet. — She spoke and smiled as if she knew everything. — Here, probably, such — I answered and showed on black in a look heat an anal plug. — Take — she packed and gave me a package together with delivery. — Thanks. — I answered and went to an exit. — You come still, we have many big sizes, I am sure, your wife won't stop on it. — What? — I speak, it was lucky you with the wife. I liked what she with you made! — What? — I became agitated and reddened, — Well as, really you don't know that all already on the Internet? — she left because of a counter, passing on "you" — What? — I pretended that I didn't understand. — Not only I saw what happened yesterday to you, now you are a star — it approached closer, seized me by a dick and strong squeezed! — Ah — I gasped with surprise, but didn't move a little, and her second hand already squeezed my buttock, I shivered a little, my dick stood and tried to escape outside, but couldn't. — Oh! As your wife was lucky! It is difficult to find such bitch, ready to help and ready for all. She released me, was developed and went for a counter, "Give run to the madam!" — she told and I heaved a deep sigh. I was developed and quickly left, still shivered and was wildly horney. I got into the car, somehow calmed down and went home. I made everything that the wife ordered, I washed a toy, itself took a shower and washed away buttocks. With a stopper not everything was so smooth, even with a large amount of cream I long suffered to insert it into itself. Again there was pain, but I coped and just lay. Not to describe this feeling, in a few minutes pain left, and here the huge plug in me broke to me the head. I only also thought of a yesterday's dick, I wanted still. Each movement delivered pleasure a great lot, I represented that it is the dick and slightly the dick through metal rods smoothed out and twirled by a bottom. It was intolerable, I not I knew how will cope with wild desire, but I decided not to jerk off not to terminate without my wife. I went on the apartment, my bottom in a new way wagged. "Just as girl. "— I thought. Several minutes I stood at a mirror, absolutely naked and examined myself. It was a shame to me, but I was pleasant to myself. I turned, I played with a bottom a little, and I broke, I went to the room, I took a rubber phallus and I fell to a bed. I moved a butt plug and with might and main licked a toy, immersing a rubber head in the mouth. Phone rang out, and I quickly jumped up behind it, having left a toy on a bed. — Yes — it is gentle, but having been out of breath, I answered in a tube — Did you make everything? — Yes. — New toy where? — In me, I answered, gently touching for her. — Oh you are my clear head! Give come for me quicker! She called the address, and hung up, I corrected a stopper, put on red panties, jeans a t-shirt and ran to the car. After a while I was already to the address, it was the private sector, already darkened. I hardly found the necessary house and wrote the message to the wife "The darling, I approached, I wait at the gate. "even minutes 10 I stood and waited, called, but the call wasn't taken. To come into the house I was afraid and especially, suddenly it mixed the address. Some more minutes and behind gate on the site the lamp was lit. The gate opened and there was my wife, uncombed, in an unbuttoned blouse and a skirt, hurriedly dressed. Near her there was a man unfamiliar to me, growth slightly above me. He left afterwards, stretched her bag, pressed the wife to gate and began to kiss, told something and left, having closed behind himself a gate, having left my wife in a shadow. She put in order a skirt and went to the car, having covered a blouse with a hand. Cela near me, heaved a deep sigh and leaned back back. — Holy Christ! As to me it is good! Thanks to you I am happy! — To me? — Remember the address! There are cool men! And they told that they you will test too! — Men, not one? — Two, but told that they for the sake of us will find still! And as they fucked! Mmmmm! As to me it is good! — she put a hand to the pussy, brought wet fingers to my lips and continued — is tasty? — Daa! — I told licking. At the request of the wife we stopped by at McDonald's, have a bite in the car then went home. She and went with a floor an unbuttoned blouse, stopped in the platform at an entrance a little, hung on me and began to kiss, hands groped my bottom, grabbed a toy through fabric джинс and began to move her. I moaned, the wife smiled and went forward, several seconds in the elevator we faced the apartment, I got keys as suddenly there was a neighbor, examined us with a smile, and began to smoke a cigarette. By the form wives everything was clear, she stood with a smile, the breast was seen a little, hair are disheveled, the make-up is greased. It exhaled a smoke ball in my party and told: — Again from poyebushka? — Yes! Yes with what! — Someone new? — Yes two new men! Such cool! — On you it is visible that you cool spent time! — And your schnook that what clean? Didn't uchuvstvovat? — No, today he yet not Trahan! But it is ready and wants! Truth? — She addressed me approached closer. — Yes, I answered, opening an entrance door. — Do you want my whore? — she told him and a hand I began to touch my bottom. — Even I don't know! I didn't fuck men yet and somehow there is no wish! — he still made an inhaling and laughed. — And it unless man? — she told and bent me directly on the platform so I hands held a door jamb. — No. — Well as you want — she told, undid and lowered my jeans. — Both you attract and you attract me red truselyam! He joked and began to extinguish a cigarette. — Zhopka is still narrow, and not raztrakhanny! — She with laughter told, lowered panties and sharply pulled out an anal plug from me so the buttocks loudly squelched. — Have a rest! He told and left to himself, and the wife jostled me to the apartment. We undressed, the wife right there went to the room and ordered me to lay down on a sofa. Again I organized me a photoshoot then spitefully I abused for the rubber phallus left on a bed. Then went to a shower. Time was for sleeping, she left, tired and happy, was filled up on a bed and banished me to make toilet. When I returned from the bathroom, she already slept, I wrapped up her with a blanket and laid down nearby. domestic violence nyc date calculation in knime site mapMain Page