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… He didn't remember how he got to this room. There it was dark and damp, air was impregnated with mix of debauchery and lust. It was developed to a wall, being kneeling, hands hung on chains. Naked. It was terrible and at the same time him the anticipation didn't leave something delightful and ultraboundary … She approached behind, sat down on hunkers, was inclined to him and touched lips his ear: Priveeeet. The wave of excitement swept on his body. How are you? — she asked, and her hand fell by his dick. Blood flowed, and already it closed eyes and was given to a chuvstvovaniye of her skillful hands caressing his penis. It was very much, very pleasant, but didn't leave him feeling that it only the beginning. She clung to him behind, rested a breast against his back while her hands were caressed and stroked his dick, strengthening feelings with each movement. He opened a mouth and moaned. Her hand fell by balls, and one more wave of pleasure walked on his body. He all was concentrated on feelings. She walked lips on his neck, then began to bite gently him for an ear. And here she softly stopped. He became puzzled. He didn't want to lose the increasing tension, but he was completely within her power. While he recovered a little and came back to reality, it gently twisted with hands his face, giggled, having pressed a nose, and tied with a scarf a black tape his eyes. Now he was completely disarmed. The fear, luxury and an anticipation of pleasure covered him. She crept to him and sat down before him, having twisted with legs his body. My good, she told, bend to me. He moved the head forward and rested against her breast. Lips began to suck her nipples, language ran on gentle skin, he wanted to take it in a mouth as much as possible. She coiled from pleasure, was given to sense of superiority, relished from his admiration. He lowed and couldn't stop. She corrected the mechanism of chains so a little that his hands appeared at the level of her breast and pressed them to the body. Then I took his penis, I moved hips to it closely and I allowed him to enter. The excitement which poured it was just kryshesnosny. He stood while she moved, twisting with the body his penis, squeezing, releasing. He felt that discharge is so close, and a thought that he will terminate directly in it, without condom, demented him. It took his head, and he started over again clasping with lips her breast, moving at the same time with her on one wave, quicker and quicker, more and more deeply, more and more intensively. Both of them didn't constrain the feelings, she groaned in a voice. Having collected the last forces, she for an instant regained consciousness, weakened chains, inclined it that he laid down on a back, was developed and sat down on him from above. Then I took his hands and I put on the breast, and having smoothly begun to move, I lowered the hands on his perineum. Gradually dispersing, she caressed area between his legs, feeling as he shudders from pleasure waves, feeling the most intense dick in itself. Having got in advance laid up glove, she put on it and smoothly and accurately, without reducing speed, began to immerse the finger in his bunghole. Rolled on his mix of excitement, humiliations and pleasures I was on the verge of transferable. He knew that she wants and where goes, both couldn't and didn't want to resist. With absolute humility and humility he felt how her finger gets all deeper, all are closer and closer to the center of his pleasure. At the moment when she squeezed hips especially strongly, he felt as she achieved the objectives — and if she at this moment didn't stop, he would terminate. And she stopped. And this pause was just intolerable. Above all he wanted to terminate and release tension, but he could do nothing as he was completely within her power. Do you want that I continued? — she asked. Yes — he only could also exhale. Then I want that you caressed my breast, without stopping, it wasn't kind of good to you. Otherwise I will stop and I will leave. Try, and you will receive an award. He agreed on everything especially as the feeling of her big soft juicy breast in his hands allowed him to feel as if in ecstasy. He began to finger softly her nipples fingers, being given to feelings of possession, and it put the hands on him even stronger to feel how he wants her. Good fellow, good boy — she told, having begun to move smoothly — continue. And now quicker, she caressed his perineum and went down a hand inside, at once having groped a prostate. His penis which was already began to calm down, was sharply poured by blood with a new force. She moved at uniform speed with a hand, and it was similar to a shaman ceremony, with each movement he hardly restrained not to depart to space, and continued to hold her breast in hand, squeezing, pressing on nipples, groaning from pleasure. They moved in this dance, and there was nothing around any more — either the world, or matter, only the continuous, unconditional, increasing pleasure. It ceased to restrain and groaned from each movement, and he enchanted listened, having given, feeling as her perineum contracts, with the last bit of strength squeezing nipples, expecting nothing, having plunged into the world of sweet. Her hips began to clench more and stronger, she shouted from the coming discharge, and he caught her feelings, and, not in forces to restrain, to pain squeezed her nipples. From his overstrained penis the cum began to exude, and it, having felt as it terminated, with wild shout terminated. They fell unconscious. She allowed him to remain in her and just sprawled on him. It is unknown how many they lay so, regardless time and space. … When he recovered, he was already free. He looked round and saw her. She smiled: thanks, native. It was pleasant to me. Now you can go. He sighed and blurted out: And if I don't want? She sparkled eyes and grew stout in a smile: Are you sure? He inhaled and silently nodded, caressing her in eyes. She showed a smile and laughed: You chose it. Remain. To be continued … domestic violence lawyer dateline journalists site mapMain Page