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All hi my name is Ania and I will tell you history which happened to me quite recently. I am 21 years old the brown-haired woman with long hair, growth 171, a breast of the 2nd size, round brought up the priest and moderately strong legs (earlier I took dancing classes) — generally the nice girl. Two years as I seriously meet the guy Sergey. He is 26 years old the beginning engineer in construction company. The strong broad-shouldered self-assured guy, I fell in love with him as soon as saw. After two years of "vstrechaniye" he called me to himself to live, in the house together with parents. His parents were doesn't mind, the place was since they lived in the four-room apartment (united two 2kh-lump of a five-storey apartment block). In the house besides the Earring there lived his father and mother and the 73rd summer grandfather is Nicodemus. Galina and Oleg (Sergey's Parents) were engaged in business, often traveled and stayed seldom at home. Nicodemus is a paternal grandfather, I was a silent person, communicated with me purely formally, only liked to complain of health though looked from the parties very strong. There was a time: blessed worked to late, strongly was tired, I as approximate future wife met him with bread salt. Slowly I got used to his grandfather, the truth few times caught as he looks at my delights, but didn't attach it great value. Everything was good how the problem suddenly was unexpectedly drawn: approximately from second month of cohabitation Seryozha began to avoid me was late at work, and during week-end stuck before the favourite tanks, but the most important he absolutely ceased to sleep with me! At first I copied everything on adaptation and load at work. I tried to draw his attention with revealing dresses, once even passed all day without panties! But the one to someone these messages addressed turned to them a deaf ear, more precisely the dick, but because of the clothes devilishly many times it was necessary to redden before Nicodemus. Having gone mad from thirst of sex, I began to masturbate in silent. Once it was even caught by the ubiquitous old man. I thought that to me the end and that the dedulka will put me to Seryozha or that it is worse to his parents! But there was the exactly return: Nicodemus told nothing to nobody, and on the contrary, began to communicate, joke, share stories from life. On by it I began a thicket "to cut" for me. The attention Nicodemus was pleasant to me and sometimes even doors of the bathroom or the bedroom accidentally weren't locked. Lovely pranks continued still some time there was no case yet: Somehow time, переодевавшись in the room I heard a terrible roar. On me there were no panties even, but understanding that an urgent matter, I covered nakedness with a dressing gown and hastily I left. On a floor Nicodemus lay and I held heart. Having laid him on a sofa, I ran on kitchen behind water and a first-aid kit. Having pulled out drugs I asked: — Nicodemus Petrovich, what hurts? What tablets to give you? Having slightly coughed he answered: — Drugs won't help, the granddaughter — Then I call for ambulance — having jumped I told. However my desperate breakthrough to phone was stopped by a strong grasp of Nicodemus. — The ambulance isn't able to help me too — And what then to do Nicodemus Petrovich — I Asked having got rid of the hand which seized me — Only you can help me. — Tell what to do? — Undress — What?! — with astonishment I asked again — Undress my health can be helped by only a female body — he Said having pulled hands to a breast which it was slightly visible from under a dressing gown. His light touch caused an easy exciting shiver (that was surprising to me me the 70th summer old man caressed) and for half-moments I relaxed, however, right there recovered and having cast away a hand indignantly told: — For someone do you take me? I am a decent girl and by the way the bride of your grandson! — I the old and sick person life washing Anechk comes to an end... — But it is not an occasion to covet! — safely I told and having developed went to the room — Ania I beg you remove a dressing gown and I will lag behind you, I promise After these I stopped. The head was filled with circulation of thoughts. I didn't want to be bared before it at all, but the curiosity got the best and having put a dressing gown answered a chair to him: — Well, but only it is short, minutes five. — Well, well, 5 minutes no more — Nicodemus joyfully answered. I approached him on couple of steps, pushed a breast forward and put legs on width of shoulders, then stiffened as a statue. The old man having blinked a look I began to examine my body. In the apartment the silence which unexpectedly for me was interrupted by Nicodemus's voice set in. — It is delightful, the daughter, you can turn to me a back? Without having answered nothing I silently turned. Yes as I could speak me nearly shook from excitement. — What you are a beauty, my grandson was very lucky — Still — I barely audible said — It is possible I him I will touch, not long I promise — All right, only a couple of minutes and all — Of course, of course, Anechka — Nicodemus Petrovich told and seized mine the daddy and began to squeeze both hands — Mm what buttocks, soft and elastic as the feather-bed, it seems did gymnastics? — Dances — O-at and how progress? — Prize-winning places and awards together with collective spoke at various actions — I Told, understanding that he "sweet-talks" me, but I also didn't think to resist his caressing hands paralyzed will — Ань can you will sit down to me, and that isn't convenient to last, hands are tired — Well, the Uncle Nicodemus but you release then then release? (What I bear I thought, but then calmed myself the fact that he is old and he has all the same anything else and it won't turn out, age, a prostate 100-year-old) — I promise I quietly sat down to him on knees, Nicodemus as a hungry animal snatched on my breast: he started anew to squeeze them hands, then began to kiss and caress nipples language, driving a tip around pink nipples. I relaxed and having slightly rolled up eyes began to derive pleasure. After a while I felt that the pussy began "to grow damp" and having been frightened that the tender old man learns it I was taken will to interrupt actions which brought so much high. At last having gained strength I got up and told: In total! A confident step I went to the room, our with Seryozha, having taken several steps I suddenly remembered that the dressing gown remained to lie near Nicanor Petrovichem, however, having turned back I not in forces was to make something. The dick was the reason for that. Even not the dick, and chlenishche, standing a stake between legs at the old man who moved that hardly! My petrifaction was interrupted with a question: — What stared that? It is surprised? — Dda — awkwardly said I, not сводив a look from the dick. The long, covered with veins piece of men's flesh completely seized my attention. The silent scene was interrupted by Nicodemus: — He real approach touch if you want Without reducing a look from a willy I slowly approached and touched it by a palm — More safely, he won't bite you I squeezed a palm in a cam and isn't free made several movements up down. And about surprise, it is real! I felt as blood as the skin hiding a head reacts to my movements pulses inside. I didn't want to release him, but understood that it will badly end — It is pleasant? I kept silent — I will discover secretion so at me there were no years 30! I thought that my time has come to an end until I saw you, you are just a goddess, it is a pity that I didn't meet you earlier! From these words at me goosebumps went, nobody told such words to me, even my beloved. And meanwhile Nicodemus continued to say: — The fact that rose it your merit. I ask Anechk help me to terminate. Having heard these words I began to nadrachivat this "unit" periodically changing speed. I was as under hypnosis (and all this damned forced abstention), but nevertheless I will be frank this process to me terribly it was pleasant. Gradually I relaxed, began to become impudent and play with the dick as with a toy. My work was interrupted by Nicodemus: — The daughter try sponges — What?! For someone you take me I not such! I told not a sure goal (I all shivered with excitement and frankly speaking, already I wanted to swallow him) — Don't become angry the girl I didn't want to offend you, just like that I will finish quicker. — I never did it and I will do! — What truth? — with astonishment he asked I thought you with the Earring every day so "you play pranks" I kept silent and continued to jerk off more diligently — Take him sponges — I told that I it will do! — Please Anechka a little bit a couple of minutes, and then I will lag behind you, make for the sake of me — Well only for the sake of you, ten minutes no more, but consider I it I am not able to do — The my joy, isn't present anything difficult here become on kolenochki I I will show everything to you, only you listen carefully — (after these words I just began to flow, even to steam of drops fell from the heated pisa to linoleum). He got up from a sofa and the dick to my mouth directed, I slightly opened a mouth in an anticipation and already felt warmly outgoing from a head began to kiss him "self-willedally" awkwardly. — A good start, Anechka, but let's more better make, in my opinion — Wuhu I lowed something muffled — Open a mouth I opened a mouth waited for the following command — Yes here so, good girl. Now vysun uvula I quickly took out language from a mouth and he right there struck several blows with a head to him and I felt saltish taste of a penis at myself in a mouth. — What good uvula, on it we as on a shovel will put pie and we will put him in the furnace — Nicodemus told the dick completely to me entered into a mouth. From not habit I began to cough and the lump from a stomach approached a throat, but Nicodemus managed to pull out in time. — Nothing, nothing and so happens to everything — and entered a pussy for the second time, but only on a half. — Here so now too most make itself only don't hurry up. And I was accepted залуплять the dick a ringlet of the lips in parallel tried to caress a head language. Having been fond of the first blowjob, I didn't notice as Nicodemus sat down on a sofa again. Petrovich pribaldet. Out of the corner of the eye I saw on the wall clock that there passed about 15 minutes and a blowjob it was necessary to finish and having put out the slobbered dick from a mouth asked: — Nicodemus Petrovich can already all? — No, the daughter, I ask continue — and having heard treasured words I continued process, being stuck by a mouth on his bandura. So proceeded minutes 10 — 15 so far action wasn't interrupted by my seducer — Nicodemus. — You are an improbable woman, Ania I want you to please you as pleased me. After these words he pulled out a dick (frankly speaking, so there was no wish since began to enjoy) took me on hands and carried to me to the room. Having reached he put me on a bed, spread legs and wanted already wanted to make to me to kuna, but saw that my pussy was already moistened told: — Oho, you are so horney, I am surprised — he told driving a thumb of the right hand on my vulvar lips — What are you surprised with? You the pleasant skilled man (And also with a big dick, rushed at me in the head) — Thanks for warm words, Anechk, I didn't expect. And having moved closer to me on closer I told: Let's continue. Having taken a dick in a hand he tried to thrust to me into the pussy. However, I opposed it, having closed a pussy the hand. — Nicodemus Petrovich, thanks for everything, you are very pleasant to me, but I changed the Earring enough today, I ask you you leave. — You are loyal to my grandson? To this idler and the father's sonny who even for work itself can't find, lives on family money, spends more than earns. — To me all the same, I love him! — You are magnificent, you the goddess he you aren't worthy — The heart has a will of its own — Well, then allow me to kiss you, and that leaves I call you the goddess, I shower with compliments, and as a result never even kissed. After these words he drew near me both our lips and languages were weaved in a kiss, he began to drive hands under my back, buttocks. The kiss was filled at the same time both with passion, and lust and it became the last straw which broke me finally. The hand was taken away, the signal was sent and delivered to the addressee: In a couple of minutes he entered a head into my bosom. Having thrust navershy, he continued to enter a trunk slowly didn't reach a uterus yet, having repeated the procedure several times began to achieve of speed slowly but surely. Despite, the fact that the dick for me was rather big entered without any problem. Meanwhile Nicodemus continued to increase the pace, and at last having chosen optimum began to hollow me. That word occurred in relation to sex with Nicodemus. His device as if a jackhammer got into my hole again and again, and at each penetration slightly groaned. I never felt such feelings what comparison with Sergey. The first time an orgasm came to minute on the fifth! On the fifth! My fiancé sometimes all night long puffed, and I never, and here! From a long-awaited orgasm I screamed, and nails seized Petrovich's shoulders. — Do you go bananas very narrow mine? — Mine? — Yes mine — he told kissed on a cheek without reducing at the same time speed. It was necessary to wait for the following orgasm not for long, behind it more and more, and still. I was covered by a wave of pleasure and from each his movement I published groans close to plaintive miaow of a kitten. But unexpectedly amplitude of movements of an ublazhitel began to fall down, heavy breath was heard — Nicodemus was tired. Having understood that "continuation of a banquet" entirely depends I overturned it on a back, and itself sat down from above. Having taken a dick in hand I entered it back into the girl and began to jump. The old man was stupefied with such turn of events and only later seconds squeezed out twenty from himself: — Yes you at me not the goddess, you are a tigress, you are a panther. — You be defined someone I am — For today I called the first time on "you" — in reply I only smiled. I was completely given to "gallop" mine a rush stopped strong hands which took me for a breast and pulled down. Having rumpled tits hands it began to caress them lips, it clasped with hands a waist and began to help to be stuck on his stake. This pose brought me only couple of orgasms (exactly so much I tested in a night with Sergey, in the best times) and took away many forces. Having felt that forces abandon me he whispered to me on an ear: — Maybe we will exchange? nothing without having answered I all sweaty fell to a bed nearby — Become in a fighting position with a smile he told, in reply I only became in the darling "доггистайл" a pose, having rested the head and hands against a bed and is greatest possible parted legs. Having caught sight of "victim" Petrovich entered a dick and began to urabatyvat me again. The new pose brought almost at once result: regular orgasms one behind one, nearly an every minute, from it I began to groan more, the bed delightfully shivered and creaked in a step with my groans. Having felt that I absolutely floated, he seized me by hips as for hand-rail and began to saw even quicker and quicker. — To be pleasant? — Daaa — What will you make for this purpose that I didn't stop? — Anything... I told by a weak-willed voice — In total? having taken a small break I added — From now on you will be me Nikush! — Nikusha don't stop — I moaned — Promise that it will be not last time — I promise. I swear. I will suck, fuck everything that you skazheeeet ааааааа запыхаясь I told. At this time he with shout got a dick began to cum. I felt only as streams of a cum beat my back as a lash, one stream even went to me to the head испакав the neck and hair which were hanging down along hands. Having terminated he began to smear the work on my body, doing me massage. Minutes 5 later having taken breath, I got out of a bed and was right there embraced by Nicodemus. Not forgotten a stream of orgasms yet the dick and balls began to mass, I wanted continuation. — Anechka, nearly seven evening we won't be in time — Now Nikush, the last stroke was told by me having kneeled his dick greedy began to lick, to pinch the cum remains. On my joy in a zalupka still remained slightly and I right there extended still as from a straw. — Ah the minx, tomorrow how many you want will be — smiling looking at me he told — Nuuuu is not every day an opportunity to try a cum of the 30th summer endurance. We amicably burst out laughing. Then I went to a shower and through half of hour with a smile upon the face met with a dinner of the groom. During a dinner he declared to me and parents that with today's we will live in the certain rental apartment. () After announcement of this news we with Nikusha were thrown by the upset views. Having collected suitcases I with grief left this apartment. However not for a second I didn't give up hope to be crossed with Nicodemus again. Continuation will follow if the story takes ten "+" in comments. Author: Dark Figure domestic violence jacksonville florida date sugar site mapMain Page