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* Erotic story. Chapter 1. — Well that Vanya, decided to become an adult? Time already. — the portly aunt from human resources department, Maria Ivanovna, was responsible also for execution of any papers on pupils at the same time. — Here I when was small too lost parents and was forced to survive as could. — Mar Ivanna fell into prostration again, remembering the past. It was not the first time. The woman liked to talk. Especially, how we were lucky that so to care for us the state. — Presently and it wasn't. — she loved very much to tell this phrase. It is possible to think, they lived in the Stone Age. I, Ivan, the orphan as far as I remember myself. When I was still little, mother and the father left me. In any case, I was so told. For life in orphanage I won't tell, all is so known what there unsweetened life. And here to me already n of years and I escaped from it, having come to school. Though I was temporarily homeless, all the same it was more best, than to take a steam bath in the general bedroom. It was necessary only to find rental inexpensive housing, than I also was engaged. Search was long. The majority of apartments was expensive also the fact that the state allocated for my maintenance, was obviously not enough. Other housing was far from school and to reach too cost money. But, not without reason say:" looking for always will find ". I, for example, found the option. It was the room in the apartment where adjoined to one grandmother. The apartment was three-room, of which I also occupied one. One more room was the grandmother Olya. Remained, from time to time, the coming hostess's daughter borrowed sometimes. In the faces of all women of this family there was the Russian simplicity and, in too time, beauty. I don't know why, but the hostess reduced at once the price when we met her and talked. I, of course, accepted it into the children's home account, but all the same, was very pleasant. Somehow, on house, perhaps. Wan, her my name attracted at once. She so strange lingeringly repeated it, Vaan. So never also I named Ivan. It's all right, if only I rented the room. So it happened that the room which I rented for real kopeks belonged to the granddaughter of the hostess and the daughter, mother from time to time running earlier. The big photo of this girl always flaunted on a mirror. Purely девчачья the room, but it was pleasant to me. After all the general in orphanage, it was the real paradise. Well and that that wall-paper and curtains pink? And furniture corresponding, a table with a big mirror and a huge case. The main thing that in it there was a place and to my poor things. Most of all though I also didn't admit to myself it, I liked to reconsider things of the former hostess of the room. They were such beautiful and elegant that there was a wish to take them in hands, enjoying softness of fabric style of tailoring. Of course, it were purely female things though jeans and some jackets were quite a unisex. This girl, she was called Ania, a year ago I was missing. She, together with the father, went somewhere to have a rest by the car and were gone on the road. In any case, to the following item of appointment, they didn't reach. It is a pity, beautiful there was a girl and, approximately, my years. There was one more strangeness to which I, first, didn't pay attention. It resembled me, well directly, as the twin brother. At me even the thought crept in, but whether my presents are they parents, but I got rid it. To be upset because of it, there was no wish at all. My past remained behind and I wasn't going to be sorry about it. Her relatives paid attention to it too. It became clear already then when I was considered by the grandmother for the first time. It was strange, and then I didn't connect it with anything. Then already I understood it why it is so cheap. Anyway, but now certain housing was what I was inexpressibly glad to. The large room, all washing, well unless, furniture was forbidden to be changed and to leave appearance as is. But the room to me was pleasant and to change something I and itself wouldn't become. Every morning I was met Ania in the photo in a frame and a cup of hot tea. Family traditions extended also to me. In the morning, without light breakfast, on occupations didn't release. By the way, about occupations. Oddly enough, but I went to study as "Dressmaking". The strange choice for the guy, but life in orphanage accustomed to serve itself. To hem somewhere, to adjust somewhere. And I survived. Were at us, of course, and girls, but they, in the majority, liked to take a walk so I prospered. Even I earned from it a little. Here and I got to this flower bed. Girls studied percent 90 here if it is no more, but how many female attention at once. It was worth it. It was not what I dreamed, of course, of but it is necessary to live now. The grandmother Olya supported me in it. Even patterns, threads and needles of a ponadaril, those that remained from her youth. There was at someone from her acquaintances also an old sewing machine. The continuous antiques, but worked not bad. Now eyes of the grandmother didn't allow her to do something and I was the owner of a set of useful things, than, with pleasure, and used. Light, Ania's mother, didn't stand aside and, in her next visit too, I was the happy owner of a large amount of fabrics, threads and accessories from shop. Now I could sew also for sale somehow to earn. In any case a sin to conceal, eventually, this quiet type of activity itself also began to be pleasant to me. Happened in the whole evenings sat together with the grandmother of Olay in front of the TV. She looked, or listened rather, some cinema, and I knitted or sewed. This occupation calmed me. Lovely and on family. What so wasn't enough earlier. Perfectly I remember that day when for the first time there arrived her daughter from earnings. I specially wasn't interested, but heard that she worked somewhere in trade. Having marveled to my similarity to Ania, I already got used to it, she accepted me at once. The similarity of the daughter and mother was tremendous, as well as grandmothers. In this family there were very beautiful women, only it didn't bring happiness to them. The feeling of family absorbed me completely. I bathed in love of these two women and, whenever possible, helped them. Even the fact that they sometimes got off and named me Ania didn't confuse, absolutely ignoring the first letter of a name. Eventually, it so settled that I didn't pay attention any more. Probably, still hope to find the daughter. The main thing, love. One more indicator of love was the fact that they allowed me to carry Anina things, and a dressing gown it, in general, forced to dress houses not to wear out the, already not numerous things. However, with this permission, things at me increased. I had no maiden bottom therefore it was necessary to take in a few denim, but for the rest, they sat down perfectly. Was also with other things, for example with shirts, sweaters and jackets, those which are more neutral. To be honest, even panties were put to use though I told it to nobody and didn't show. To feel on itself underwear of the girl who was so loved it is super. So, I became a part of this small, but strong community too. Naturally, it occurred not at once. About half a year that they accepted me was required, and the fact that, being mistaken, call Ania, it is possible and to suffer. Where will I still find such conditions? Time went and hostesses suddenly attended to my health. To be honest, I was thin and what you would be, having left orphanage? It categorically didn't suit the grandmother Olya and mother Sveta. — You look what you are thin. You vitamins undereat! — they went on constantly. So, vegetables and fruit from a kitchen garden and also vitamins with which I was stuffed constantly strongly entered my life. Has to tell, I was grateful to them. I, really, recovered. In any case, the kostlyavost of a figure was replaced by smooth healthy skin and even legs grew plump a little and were poured by force. I reciprocated too. I tried to help and even, under the sensitive management of the women, I began to learn to prepare. To kitchen I was allowed, and after a while even began to be trusted completely. Often just asked to prepare something while all other dicks of my new family were busy. I really considered these people by the family. Chapter 2. So there passed time till my birthday. It was in May. For the sake of it even mother Sveta came to congratulate me and brought a gift... I will tell at once, the gift was pleasant to me, but it was obviously not mine. Well why to the guy white dress? I don't know, but mother Sveta insisted that I dressed him as if, their daughter Ania here. What was to do? Of course, I dressed. Surprisingly, but it sat down on me very beautifully, allocating direct legs and even a waist with a bottom. I was dumbfounded with this fact, never thought that I will look so, but couldn't but please my new family. Hardly I left to prove to be in him as right there I received an avalanche of compliments to the own harm. Unless, all of them were in a feminine gender, but I already got used that the grandmother and mother saw in me their gone daughter. Even the black ribbon was removed from her portrait which hung in the hall. Can therefore and for the room began to refuse money? Compliments were followed by reproaches:" That I don't use cosmetics? Girls always have to watch themselves! ". Really, the dress very much contrasted with the boyish hairstyle though which slightly grew and a pale face without cosmetics. I slightly under the earth didn't fail, but sustained and obediently followed Sveta to her room, to correct these defects. In the light of the latest events, it was not the most terrible. Even on the contrary, it became interesting and what girls feel behind all this plaster? Even, without special emotions, I passed the moment when mother Sveta pierced to me ears and I inserted into fresh holes small gold carnations with transparent stones inside. She didn't forget and about hair. Strange coincidence, but even the shade of hair was similar to Anin. Darkly wheat mine, in comparison, with платиново white Ania, looked very close. With them, mother Sveta worked too. Now the hairstyle only reminded boyish. If I also doubted the similarity to Ania earlier, then now these doubts were gone. With hair dressing, varnish on nails, cosmetics and in her clothes, I was exactly as Ania. Even, it is more beautiful, than on a photo. And the person was... too women's, perhaps. And carried out my birthday, constantly naming me Ania and showering with compliments. I, the normal guy, and of course, slept with girls, life in orphanage teaches also it very much early, but to so spend day, it wasn't necessary to me. Especially as it is a birthday. The holiday was in full swing, on this occasion even prepared much though I also didn't ask. Gradually, this pleasant enveloping female cover began to absorb me. By the evening I conducted, or conducted, itself it is already quite natural. Even it became pleasant. Generally, the majority, I remembered forever. It is impossible to tell what wasn't pleasant to me. Something in it was and constant communication with female collective yielded the fruits too. In group, except me there was one more guy, but he was on the wave and I communicated with little girls much more. Easier and more pleasantly. They were not predators, unlike children's home. Now here and, almost like girl. What will be farther, I didn't know. — A birthday was yesterday, and today our Ania has absolutely new rich life! — The next morning I was woken by the grandmother and mother joyful shouts. It was lived though very pleasant. Morning tea, obligatory vitamins though I was also so healthy, and usual morning vanity quickly woke me. In orphanage I and for nothing was necessary to nobody, well unless to someone what to hem, and now without manuals and not to leave. I went along the street and smiled. The mood was excellent and even the clothes chosen not by me, but quite men's look, didn't confuse me. And what? It is so much things not to rush! Little girls in group would hang for such clothes, but I not the girl, though wore a beautiful white dress all day yesterday. Even photos for memory made. Running forward, I will tell that it in a week hung in a frame in the hall together with Ania's photo and there I practically differed in nothing from her. Occupations differed today in nothing too unless little girls suspiciously on me looked askance and laughed. And what it they? The answer of the girl was given. — And long ago you are painted? — they asked on change. Left me into paint. What so before them to be set up? — Yes be not afraid you, the little fool, you goes... — they told getting a cosmetic pencil. With women it is useless to argue. Generally, the following lesson was the last and I was forced to carry out it in such look. It is good though lipstick didn't begin to be applied. Andrey, so called my sogruppnik, as always, I was on the wave, and little girls already knew. What to be afraid of? Raisa Maksimovna noticed something, but too kept silent. After lessons, I rushed in a toilet, to wash away from myself everything, but little girls didn't give again. Directly so, almost all group also went home. You were taken sometime home by the whole ten girls? It is super. The house at me didn't turn out to disappear in a toilet quickly too. Already waited for me and, having paid attention, to what I beautiful, was asked at a table again. It is natural after I put on a yesterday's dress. I never in life had so much attention yet so I agreed. Or I agreed, I already and itself didn't know. Standing in the room in front of the mirror and correcting a dress, I estimated the look. Here the white top beautifully fits my small breast. And what it I didn't notice it earlier? And, in a children's brassiere of Ania, even nothing was necessary to enclose. Further, the waist which is smoothly passing into buttocks. She at me grew up and now beautifully appeared. It, especially accurately was visible under a dress skirt, though trousers had to be altered back, in the initial size, well now though I began to change not all. Probably, the bottom at me to become not less Anina though it and figuristy was. I don't know to grieve or rejoice to it. Having corrected a hairstyle, and her little girls estimated too, and having checked panty hoses, I left to the family which was so expecting me. It is good though girls left and didn't see my shame. How will I look then him in the face? I am a guy, eventually. Both the grandmother and mother, having begun to cry, started embracing me, praising highly:" What I at them the beautiful daughter! ". I have heard plenty of it already yesterday enough therefore didn't begin to deny anything. Let will be glad. I already was on the verge. However, they rejoiced not for long. Having noticed that:" I forgot lipstick ", it pulled me back to the bedroom, to preen feathers. It was short. It was necessary only yesterday's to update, as it was made. At the same time Sveta also told me as as she did. As though, it will be necessary to me?! In half an hour we appeared at a table again and here someone called a door. Light I went to open. You can imagine my surprise when after mother one my classmate who brought me the abstract which I borrowed her entered the hall. That, naturally, knew about an event at the last lesson today, but what she saw now, was much more interesting. The mute scene lasted not for long. A marine, so called the classmate, quickly I oriented, I kissed me on a cheek and I congratulated on the passed birthday. I blamed me, at the same time, that I was silent. Interestingly about what she, about a birthday or about my clothes? Little girls would congratulate too if they knew. I understood that I was stuck seriously. Now all little girls will know how I celebrate the birthday and will, hardly, lag behind me. Marine, of course called at a table and she didn't refuse, only cunning smiling to me. Precisely, I was stuck. — Well and how there our Anechka to study? — The marine only smiled on this question. — She is very diligent schoolgirl and can much. Here, even abstracts at her good, clear. — The marine spoke and spoke, driving in nails in a cover of my men's advantage. — She is our good girlfriend and we love very much her. — The marine told it so naturally as though, and was. I, with unclear feeling, remembered these moments in communication and understood more and more that so, actually, and was. I behaved, really as the girlfriend to girls. After so many compliments, nothing remained how to lift a toast for" the beauty and the clear head Ania ". I drank too. It seems that something in it is. The turn also reached family photos. From where there were family photo albums. Photos in them was much, as well as the memoirs corresponding to them. And the grandmother with mother asked every time:" And you remember that, and you remember it? ". From where I remembered? But it didn't prevent to tell the corresponding story. Now, I will definitely not be able to tell what I don't remember. I already thought that all already to end, but still big shock for me was the fact that I was released to take a walk with the girlfriend in cafe, previously having supplied with a small female handbag and money. Kind of I otbrykivatsya, it didn't help. It seems, I already get used to speak about myself in a feminine gender. We almost left an entrance as the bright spring sun blinded me a little, having given forces. I tried to escape and return back, but wasn't in time. We with Marina went outside and already passed through shops with old women, our neighbors. I greeted all constantly and, of course, knew them well. Still those gossips. — You гля, Andrevna, seem Anyutka that were. Here happiness for Sveta and Olya. And as got prettier! "Precisely, I was stuck! "once again the intrusive idea flashed. I felt as they undress me a look, getting the penetrating estimating glance under a skirt of a white dress and reflex squeezed legs. To me comparison with the bride for some reason came. There dresses were more magnificent, but also this dress, for me, was very bright. Somehow absolutely in a feminine way it turned out. I didn't notice it, but the girlfriend accurately seized the opportunity. Marine, having enough smiled, I pulled me further, heatedly telling something by phone. From all her monologue I understood only:" Ania, also estimate a birthday! ". Actually not to change anything any more, and so all know, and I quietly followed Marina. We went to celebrate wash birthdays in cafe and, apparently, I will be there not one. Make-up, and it was guided qualitatively, well I hid my pink cheeks and I relaxed. Worse won't be any more and I liked life in this family. I, hardly, somewhere else will get so much love. About gravity of a situation, even the thought wasn't. Well, I changed clothes, well I will fool about also all. However I underestimated the girlfriends on college. Already at a stop of the bus I was waited by two, and the others promised to arrive directly to cafe. Now, even if it will be possible to run away, all the same not to avoid a gossip. It was my first birthday in cafe, the first in such look and the first, out of orphanage. It couldn't but have impacts and from abundance of novelty, I at first became puzzled, and then relaxed. Little girls couldn't pass it and therefore all came, actively expressing the joy. Here I didn't know that it is so good. — Listen and you cool look! — they spoke. Generally, I also didn't notice how evening flew by. There was enough money, also girlfriends were dumped so took a walk well. And why little girls in orphanage not such lovely and pleasant? What here to tell? For want of habit I got drunk and to the apartment I was accompanied. Having handed over from hands on hands, girlfriends once again congratulated and went home. About tomorrow I didn't think. The next moment that I remember, I woke up. Having straightened out itself that I call in a feminine gender, I tried to get up though it was very difficult. The head was reliably fixed by a soft warm pillow and heavy, from yesterday's, the head. Hours in the hall beat off eight morning. It is necessary to get up all the same, not Sunday today. Interestingly, I did nothing of that kind yesterday? Having dumped sweet captivity of a blanket, I tried to get up and stiffened from a look which to me opened. I was in a lacy nightgown and, of course, mine, are more right than Anina, panties were visible too to those someone put me to sleep. Even the headache slightly quieted down from such opening. What did I it allow yesterday? Long it wasn't necessary to wait. — Anechka, get up, you on occupations. — the grandmother Olya's voice was heard. Again this Ania, they that, seriously? Having quickly taken off a nightgown, I changed clothes. How many times I looked at it earlier, not in forces to decide to dress for the night! I was afraid that will ridicule. The beautiful white dress on a coat hanger, with reproach, looked at me from a case door. Wasn't enough for me still with Ania to become constantly. In the bathroom even specially I washed away even traces of cosmetics and varnish from nails and I got accustomed that nothing remained. What there wouldn't be yesterday, I am a guy. Took a walk and enough! The light breakfast, as always, was good if not an attentive look of the hostess. — Yesterday neighbors asked me how Ania was. — she told sadly. "These games will be enough, I am a guy "I thought strenuously, finishing drinking the tea. Of course, I answered nothing. Wasn't enough also here to be dishonored. The grandmother only sighed and began to help me to gather for occupations. Recently, she often did it. — Anechka, the granddaughter, I so love you. — she embraced me and some time we and stood. She cried, and I didn't know what to think. At last, she released me, with an order:" Be not late anywhere! ". Aha, you will be late here. At once will begin to call" Where I? what I? ". Having escaped from the house, I freely sighed again to hold the breath. Now in group. Little girls surrounded me at once and began to tell in eager rivalry how we cool spent time yesterday and what I was beautiful. Even photos showed. To tell that I beautifully looked a girl, to tell nothing it. — And in my opinion, Anechke (here clung), something isn't enough. — someone noticed. To resist such number of women, persons interested same, nobody is capable and I not an exception. I didn't even resist, accepting inevitable. In fifteen minutes of a break, I was already made up, hair down are let and laid by varnish, and the clothes are brought to the most female look especially as it such initially also was. Generally, now, with the boy only the blind person could mix me. On the following change also shoes on a small heel brought to me from the house so precisely the girl. Even Andrey noticed and told that I am beautiful. Shame! I was afraid to leave a class, but girlfriends, as ill luck would have it began to drive me with themselves along the corridor, anew acquainting with little girls from other groups. And studied here, generally girls. Too to me, found the girlfriend! I went as the robot, hardly moving legs, it was difficult to walk in shoes quickly, and answering mechanically. But, kind of I tried, now I was known by almost all pupils. I even began to think everything to throw and to start anew, in other school. As well as yesterday, the new toy, their newly appeared girlfriend Ania, little girls decided to take directly home. She was pleasant to them not that this silly guy Vanya. For him it was extremely successful that the maternal instinct woke up in them at this particular time. There is such expression" my house my fortress ". For Vanya it was very controversial statement. The house where now Vanya lived, was fortress for Ania and he was convinced of it soon. Having come home, he hoped will relax a little, but also here he was waited by a surprise in the form of the neighbors sitting at a table. Of course, he didn't manage to wash away cosmetics and now, in such look, was before their eyes. — I spoke, she changes clothes of her for the guy that didn't notice, means! — solemnly one of women said. — In Vanya something always seemed to me strange and very familiar. — her another supported. I beggarly looked at the grandmother Olya that she stopped all this circus, but she only began to justify herself:" That supposedly so it was necessary, she was pursued, here and changed clothes... ". I stood stunned, but is short. Girlfriends pulled me to my room and at once started watching things in a case. — There now, it will approach, and that put on, directly, as the boy! — Inna accused me, giving a short skirt and a blouse. The skirt was short unless covered a bottom and slightly went down waves. A blouse, unlike that that was on me, was almost transparent and the children's white brassiere with lace looked under it very attractively. I dressed all this as if, not I. Already habitually, having smoothed folds on panty hoses, I dressed also all the rest. The third day in a row, it it isn't difficult to perceive any more, it is even somehow habitual. — This here, it to lift, it to watch that didn't rise. Yes be not clamped you so! — details of a ladies' room covered me the web more and more. Girls as if fell into an orgasm from it, joyfully squealing concerning everyone a new detail of my look. When we came into the hall again, neighbors didn't leave yet. They as specially, waited for me. Most likely, and was. The grandmother Olya's smile that rejuvenated her, for about ten years was the only good moment in all this. — Well I spoke! Badly from us to hide the Anyutka. — one of neighbors noticed. Once again girlfriends saved me from this gossip. They didn't leave me one and took away with themselves, to take a walk to the park. Naturally, I agreed. To remain in the apartment now was not that I wanted. My God what happens to me? A week ago I thought, kind of to drive to our little girls to take a walk, and now and same as they. Having straightened out itself from the next men's manner, I with horror, thought "And that will be farther?". — Well, what you are silent? — Lesya, one of the classmate pushed me sideways. — We here to you spread the secrets, and she is silent. — she continued. — Really, Anechka, tell us something about yourself. You remember, we spoke yesterday. — The marine supported Lesya and other little girls stared at me, expecting the story. — Well, I don't know... — I began to doubt. — So, quickly tell. — they insisted — Well, please... I, hardly, began to remember what to me was told by the grandmother Olya. At first everything went difficult. It was necessary and watch himself and to tell something, and with expression, differently won't believe and won't lag behind. Then, somehow imperceptibly, itself in it it was involved and already freely I told the new biography. The orphanage in it wasn't. — Thank you, Anechka. If not you, I don't know than now and I was engaged. And tomorrow I for you will come. I am glad that I had such girlfriend. — The marine kissed me on a cheek and joyfully went to itself home, having left me before the entrance. She lived nearby and, it seems, now I have quite close girlfriend. She remained the last. In general, evening passed well. I didn't begin to tell all stories to girlfriends, left for later. And what will be "then" was absolutely clear. By the way, spoke about guys much and even few times remembered me, without hesitating to criticize for indecision at all: "and strange he some". I didn't know how to react to it. And once was asked in general. — Here tell, you with it would begin to walk? — what could I answer it? Of course, no. — Here you see, as was to be shown. — with a celebration on a face girlfriends announced. I only moaned "about myself". Immersion in a woman's world was too prompt and I wasn't let think, and now also pound the heels my male pride. Or rather, what with it remained. And, it seems, at little girls it turns out. But, having come into the apartment, I felt at once at home. — The granddaughter, and I already began to worry. You are not hungry? — I hungry wasn't, but to tea would drink. What I told about. The grandmother right there began to fuss, getting cookies to tea and my constant vitamins. And what they stuff me with them? It seems, health is. But concerns from me didn't begin to refuse to the grandmother, and so how many. I thought of myself in a feminine gender, only for fear now, to suddenly tell something not that or to make something is not right. Least of all, I should have passed for "blue". I perfectly knew all these terrifying stories that wait for such people in the wrong company. I have heard plenty in orphanage. The school was from local plant of light industry and girls studied there, generally. So, I was a little insured from oppressions in him. — You, just in case, address. — spoke to me girlfriends on breaks. I hope, it and they will come to the rescue when it is necessary. Yes, my difficult situation, but I counted, having graduated from school, to move down. And maybe I will receive the apartment, it is necessary to me. Only, ahead two more years of study. Tea was tasty, as always. It was brought by mother Sveta. She a lot of things brought to the house when came. In any case, fruit, we weren't deprived. Cookies were house too. The grandmother something is constant I baked. Here, a few days ago, it was cookies. I, with gratitude, listened to what was told by the grandmother Olya. Of course, the situation was wrong, but warmly received by me here, outweighed all the rest. At me even interest crept in, to know Ania better what I asked the grandmother about. She long didn't need to be asked and she began to speak. Amazingly, how many details she knew about the granddaughter! At once it is visible, I loved. Everything, beginning from favourite clothes and music to character and habits. Funny, but the character at us coincided in many respects that both pleased me and upset. And I didn't know at all how to behave further. There were because of a table we only late at night. Now I knew her as. On the run seizing the moments which made related me with her, I smiled. And what? Ahead two years and this time wanted to be lived quite so, brightly and cheerfully. And, the most important, in family. Homework became hardly. Thoughts, continually returned to Ania. How she, where she now? It seems that she to become to me native. Everything comes to an end also the set lessons too. Fatigue was such that I and so went to bed, but it is necessary to wash away still cosmetics from a face and just to be washed. Having habitually thrown with Anin, and now, my dressing gown, I went under a shower. Cheerfulness increased at once, but fatigue didn't get to anywhere. The bed and attracted me the soft nice view. It seems, today changed linen and I will sleep on a fresh bed. A high, I pleasantly shrank and cast away a blanket. From there, the yesterday's nightgown which is accurately folded on a pillow looked at me. She was ready to snatch for me at any time, shrouding in pleasant heat, but I already reconciled to this victim. Why not? Pleasantly to a body and nobody sees. I didn't hesitate to walk in a dress on the street. Having put on it, I sank into a sleep. As it is good to be at home! Chapter 3. Unlike last morning, today I woke up with full understanding of a situation. Acute angles smoothed out and now to me it was absolutely unclear what I was afraid yesterday of. Well, I will play a few Ania especially as it is so pleasant. What from that to happen? With this excellent mood I also went to a shower. Passing by the hall, I noticed familiar shoes. At the same moment I was caught by Marina, she, appears, already waited when I wake up and came a bit earlier. Having friendly kissed on a cheek, right there I sent to the bathroom. If to think, then and I never also had no such girlfriend. Already the excellent mood, improved from this thought. When I left the bathroom, she already waited for me at a door and carried away with herself to my room. It seems that the girl to do of me, it was pleasant to her. She rummaged in a case quickly enough, having picked up me today's dress. In the head absolutely opposite thoughts walked:" I that, in it I will go to school!? "and" Ania, perhaps, would choose also ". While I thought, all these clothes, under the sensitive management of the Marine, appeared on me. Skirt, blouse and beautiful panty hoses. Any a unisex, everything is extremely womanly. "And what, not bad sits! "with satisfaction I noted. I don't know from where I have a female figure and a breast it began to be poured, but under these clothes everything looked beautifully. Even wouldn't tell that the boy. Then cosmetics turn came. I thought that we will quickly be smeared also everything, but Marina approached this question very seriously. She organized me a short lecture about cosmetics role in life of the woman and forced to be painted most, constantly correcting me and forcing everything to do ideally. As I love on girls, only now it I do everything to myself. It was already the second time and passed much easier. Male ego gave a hint at something, but was right there crushed by female emotions. The only question which I asked myself was" And I would begin to walk with such girl? ". And, every time, didn't find an occasion to tell "no". Of course, time we spent decently. We precisely missed the first lesson, but now I precisely knew how to be painted. A marine, having with satisfaction examined me, I began to collect to me a bag. — What for? — I asked and heard in reply, a lot of things about a handbag role in the woman's life. Well, to play so to play! The grandmother Olya and mother Sveta, for joy even stiffened. Apparently, and the photo doesn't lie, I was just their Anechki's copy. Even it is possible to tell, the beautiful copy. Even hair were approximately same, as well as it. — Here our beauty! — they exclaimed. I hope, it so. I don't want to be a plain woman. — There now, and that you walk in these trousers. Look what beautiful legs you hide. — I indeed, had them equal and beautiful. I don't know, from where, but it were pleasant to me. Even hair weren't. As forcibly prodepelirovat once, so it is more and didn't grow. Equal and smooth, as silk. Now it is clear why girls so love caress. When the stream of compliments of my appearance ran low, more true it was interrupted by Marina, having noticed that we are late for occupations, I was released. It was very indecent to go along the street. Clatter, though small, but heels constantly drew attention of guys and they to us, with Marina, smiled, frankly undressing a look. I that know him. Itself so did recently, imagining what linen can be under a skirt. Today, in honor of my first arrival in such look to school, decided to dress beautiful lacy and white. It about which, I dreamed to remove from girls. Now I also was such, I wanted that or not. Again importunate comparison with the bride rather her underwear came. They say, appetite comes during a meal. So was also with me. Until reached school, the women's party completely seized power over my body and even began to give signals to guys. Will beautifully bulge a bottom, will wag hips accidentally, the breast will show. She, though small, but pleasant form. And reached. The marine only watched me and supported as could. I went, being burned with shame, but all the same did it. Here with such contradiction in soul, we also were on occupations, having hardly been in time on the second lesson. He only began therefore much we didn't pass. The teacher even at first didn't recognize me. — Someone it with you, Soboleva? Decided to bring the girlfriend that didn't abuse what at the first lesson wasn't? — This is Vaanya. — she specially so said my name that it could be accepted for Ania. The teacher surprisingly looked at me as if studying. — Well, Anechka, you look good today. I see that not for nothing you study. Sit down. And you too, Marina. Next time be not late. More comments from her party weren't. The teacher I turned away to a board, beginning to write today's subject. As though, and it is necessary. We passed on the places both Andrey's face was the only surprised and perplexed face in a class. I even specially close passed by him, drenching with a gentle perfume aroma and slightly поскользив the increased nails of gently pink color on his school desk. I imagine how at him I got up. I with satisfaction smiled, and little girls around quietly started giggling. I liked this feeling. Lessons went one for one and all teachers, steadily, at first were surprised to my look, and then said that" I look good ". The first shock passed, as well as the second and third. I calmed down and now quietly perceived compliments in the party. It dread to think that if dressed something well and more frankly. And so, official style. A dark skirt to knees and a light blouse, dark panty hoses and shoes court shoes. With the person for a long time everything was as it should be. Face hair didn't grow and an ugly bristle didn't spoil a look. But on the head, they were long almost to shoulders. Considering length of my neck, it was much. A week ago, I thought to go to be tonsured, and now and I don't know whether it is necessary? And the grandmother with mother won't give, for certain. I don't know why it, but was pleasant to me so. Addressed me as to Ania, but I was doesn't mind. It would be strange, to call me differently. I compared myself to little girls and was satisfied. Anina appearance was very good-looking. School days stretched. All got used to my new look though I constantly updated it new things and interesting combinations. It was necessary to change also the place of disguise before physical culture. Little girls also didn't begin to listen, dragged to themselves in a locker room and forced to wear a women's sports suit. It is necessary to notice, in it it was much more convenient, than in men's. The games-master we had a man and, of course, against such changes, but, eventually, gave up and began to give the same exercises and loadings, as to girls. So, at us in group, Andrey remained the only guy in, purely women's, collective. Funny, but he even wrote once me the love letter. "Ania, you are very beautiful and if I didn't know what you not absolutely the girl, well you understand, I precisely would fall in love. But even knowing everything, I can't fall asleep without a thought of you. Did you sometime meet the guy? It is possible to invite you to an appointment? Your admirer, Andrey." Here such touching message was received by me. Maybe there was a chance that I will reciprocate, but the male essence still resisted my changes. I, of course, didn't answer, but it was pleasant. The joker, knows someone I am. And lived up to vacation. Examinations of difficulties didn't cause. I always studied well. The orphanage well accustoms to appreciate all opportunities, here and studied everything to that I could. It became so easy and natural to me that I came to one of examinations in, completely, itself sewed, a dress. Teachers estimated him and told that I have a talent and taste. Well, still, I always knew it. By the way, too it was pleasant to girlfriends. Even it seemed to me that in the opinion of little girls some envious spark flew. I don't understand why, they are natural girls and all advantages are had since the birth. I hope that was mistaken, I don't want to lose girlfriends. There came the summer and with it problems came. I wanted to sunbathe and bathe. The grandmother with mother, and I strongly got into the role of their daughter, even wanted to buy to me the vacation package somewhere at the sea. There I never was and dreamed of it much, but the problem was in me. As is now, I couldn't go. It was difficult to explain to people around presence of the dick, though small, in a women's bathing suit. To go the guy was a problem too. A breast and a bottom, I don't know why, grew and looked very attractively for guys. And precisely I didn't want to be raped. This party of female life, I preferred not to learn though, goodness knows? And I suffered until I shared the fears with Marina. We trusted a lot of things the friend the friend now. Whether a joke, I knew someone and when I fucked it and whether it was pleasant to it. Menses, certainly too. Once she asked me:" And what I don't share the female calendar?" — I am a guy, you remember? — on what she, only critically inspected me and grasped by nipples which, right there began to be poured by pleasant feelings. I too so played with myself and ооочень it was pleasant to me. — The guy, you speak? — she asked again, with a force unscrewing them and causing me such sweet pain. My person, at this moment, more and more eloquently burned from excitement. She pulled nipples on herself and I went for Marina's hands, without wishing to lose this feeling. Understanding that I behave as the bitch, but it was pleasant to a body, I gave up to these feelings. And Marina caressed everything and caressed them, so far, from the gushed orgasm, didn't fall down from legs, embracing and caressing legs of the tormentor. — There now we also understood someone you are the boy or the girl for now I ask your mother. And what it was possible to answer? Of course and. So I had the calendar card where I diligently brought "the" menses. But in all this there was also plus. "These" days I could be capricious quietly, to constrain itself nothing and not to go to classes under the pretext of a disease. It even began to be pleasant to me. Still, I told: Also do "PMS" that you want. And so, concerning the sea. We were verified with a calendar card and it turned out that no menses will exist in the nearest future, therefore, and an occasion not to go, too. My fears apropos "not there the sticking-out parts of a body" are groundless that Marina also showed, having hidden my shoot so it isn't noticeable absolutely. The danger that it will get up, wasn't. The last time it got up about half a year ago and that for a while. Somehow there was no time thought of why it occurs. It is too much everything around interesting was to care for such changes. Now I had also other pleasant parts of a body. More interesting, than just to pull the dick so far he won't scatter a cum, only for seconds giving satisfaction. The same breast, already precisely is more than first size, was much more pleasant and feelings lasted much longer. I still, at heart, felt like the man, but every day, Ania's role was given me easier and easier, and Vanya's memoirs disappeared. They were replaced Anina by imaginations, and them was at me much. Also these "house memories" which, in abundance, the grandmother Olya and mother Sveta shared. Trying on on itself Ania's role, I envied her more and more. Such bright life, is so much impressions. My orphanage, in comparison with it, seemed hell which and there was no wish to remember. It is no wonder that "remembering" the Anina life, I was filled by a positive and desire to live. It was pleasant to my family and they told something else, urging on me. It seemed more and more that not Ania was lost then, with the father, and the boy by the name of Vanya. It couldn't but beat off on we wash character. The orphanage is not holiday house and often brings up very rigid relation to life in the person. Ania had absolutely other situation. She was indulged moreover and the girl. Generally, she trusted people and loved them. So, I too began to show soon enough the same feelings. They were fine, though contradicted my past experience. Girlfriends noticed it and began to treat me much more softly as if bringing up the small unreasonable child. Feelings from Ania's "memoirs" and my current feelings, a marvelous image, slazhivatsya in the new beautiful picture. Now it was impossible to tell that it not mine. Everything that now occurred, gave experience to me, the girl Ania. Only the feeling of abnormality, the fact that I take others place spoiled all look a little. Water sharpens a stone, and I was "sharpened" under herself by the grandmother Olya, mother Sveta and, of course, Marina. I don't know that she found in me it? Of course, mind I understood that it is wrong and can bring to full immersion in a woman's world, and there already and to a bed with the guy nearby, but what I could make? Unless to sympathize with itself what I had such bright and beautiful life now? Sometimes, I even rejoiced to the fact that it appeared in orphanage, as gave the chance to meet such loving family. On this background, the jealousy of the gone Ania didn't look such fantastic. "And what if she returns?" you won't believe, but these thoughts to me sometimes didn't allow to sleep peacefully. She was only gone. I could return. What then to do? I didn't know and, from it, only plunged into the fairy tale stronger. But time went, and from Ania no messages existed and I gradually calmed down. And sidelong glances from girlfriends and friends passed. Someone from guys of acquaintances began to ignore me supposedly I don't communicate with gay persons. Someone on the contrary, began to be imposed in friends, but I was ready to anything and girlfriends warned. Generally, my circle of contacts was updated and, the most surprising, considerably extended. After all, for the girl, communication is very important point in life. Of course, I valued it. Friendship diamonds, just like that, don't lie on the earth, they should be cultivated. Behind all these cares, and I also studied, time of summer came. In orphanage we for the summer were usually banished to some boring camp. Unless, the nature was much there, and so, the same persons. Well what here rest? Now before me the permit to the sea loomed., at the sea, just the fairy tale. Naturally, remembering, the bitter experience nobody alone would release me. There was my best friend Marina whom mine the grandmother and mother, entrusted me. And how many manuals they gave! Marina perfectly knew my unvarnished history and realized all complexity of a situation. Probably, therefore also trusted in her. — The grandmother, mother and don't worry you. Out of limits of boarding house we and to a step won't make, and know the sea what there! — The marine pensively extended the person. It solved a lot of things. Chapter 4. To boarding house we went with Marina together. My mother persuaded Marina's mother to release her with the daughter. That looked after her. That agreed and here two beauties already go to the beach to sunbathe, having abandoned the things in number. At last, one more my dream will come true, I saw the sea. You understand, my joy wasn't a limit and the first three days I didn't get out of the sea. And then, for want of habit, I got sick. Cold water and sun roast of mistakes don't forgive. It was necessary only to pine in number or to sunbathe on the beach, actively envying bathing. It is necessary to tell many thanks Marin, she didn't leave the girlfriend and sat with me, though it was visible that it not to be pleasant to her. In this regard, she thoroughly undertook my treatment and already every other day I jumped with joy again that again I will see the sea closer and I will even swim for a while in him. Understanding as Marina with me suffered, this time I watched the state. The first interest passed, now the sea brought only pleasure. And how, tell, not to love these people what gave me the chance to have a rest here?! Every time carefully preparing for an exit, I became Ania more and more though where more. Reached already that absolutely I ceased to respond to Vanya. The hot southern sun carefully melted from me it. There were we with Marina, of course, and in discos. Or rather, it were nightly dances, something similar to discos of the 90th. Only music was absolutely different. — Ania, the girl has to be always ready to everything, especially on dances — she kept saying, dressing up me as a doll. The most open and sexual things were used. It is a shame to admit, but orphanage we, boys, often jerked off in the photo of such here girls. I hope, on my photo someone's cum and the person will spill too to be shown in erotic dreams therefore I was photographed, with pleasure, and much. I danced, by the way, too. It was necessary to sweat, of course, before I learned something, but it seems left not bad. To wag buttocks yes invitingly to be bent whether it is necessary much though the simplest movements had to be learned. With my new body they looked is delightful. Usually, after such evenings, we came exhausted and terribly happy. And this happened. I knew that to me not to avoid it, but was all the same not ready. He was the cheerful guy. I invited me to slow dance. Out of the corner of the eye I saw to Marin and she nearly pushed out me on a dance floor with Max. So he was called. Maybe alcohol played a role, we drank before it a little, and I can itself I wanted, but in a minute of dance, we were with might and main sucked, without paying attention on people around. However, other couples weren't over-modest too. Almost at all guys of a hand waists of girls were much lower and those didn't resist at all. Probably, from outside, I looked also. What are my buttocks worse? It is difficult to bite a forbidden fruit, but as it is sweet! Here and I came across this hook. And to spit that his hands already climbed under a miniskirt and play with my bottom, aiming to climb under panties. The trance sound of music and the flashing colors of a dance floor only strengthened magic of feelings, now, more than ever, storming in my soul. All this was so fascinating that I absolutely passed the end of a song and regained consciousness only on the middle following. She was fast, and my gentleman still conducted me in a ladies' choice dance, shamelessly armed for a bum. Suddenly, having been ashamed of the behavior, I quickly broke our link and moved closer to the Marine. — And you are still that candy — she told me on an ear, having somehow dodged in dance. Max didn't begin to stick to me again, and only danced nearby, touching by one, other hand my buttocks. "Pervert" I thought, being removed from him. Nevertheless, the sweet taste of his lips and language still pursued me, teasing and making horney. Still slightly and I would terminate, directly in dance, but music stopped and gave me the chance to escape quietly in the corner. A marine, seeing my state, I followed afterwards. The good girlfriend, will always help. Having embraced, she began to calm me. I cried at her on a shoulder and could make nothing with it. Tears flowed and flew like water. In them there was everything, both the joy of a kiss and fear and shame of the situation, and I am a guy, and just something broke inside forever. The marine stoically bore everything. I don't know how many songs passed, but obviously not one until I lifted red, swelled up a little from tears, eyes on the girlfriend and I smiled to her. Now, it was my loved one. — I want home — on me and so it was visible and Marina, without a word, took me by hand and led to an exit. I as the doll, obediently followed it. Max wasn't visible anywhere and thank God, wasn't enough also here to start howling. What to tell? Evening passed perfectly and even Max's kiss was pleasant to me, despite all abnormality of a situation. Interestingly, Max understands what he kissed the guy? Though, hardly. Considering my look, very whorish. And the bottom which it constantly rumpled the hands too was pleasantly round and soft. Generally, here my conscience is pure. It is more than nothing interesting this evening occurred unless, Marina shifted our beds together and we slept as the most real girlfriends, having embraced the friend to the friend. I very much valued this friendship which, for me, already outgrew all borders of a simple relationship. I think that for Marina too. The next day, and it was the beginning of the second and last week of our sea rest, brought me a surprise. All night long nightmares and only at daybreak, thanks to presence of the girlfriend dreamed nearby, I overslept a couple of hours. After yesterday difficult evening, morning was unexpectedly pleasant and filled, earlier unprecedented light. I as though, I regenerated yesterday. And these falls of tears washed away a lot of things that disturbed me the last months. The alarm and shame left, it became suddenly easy and natural as though, so always and was. From abundance of the gushed feelings, I embraced to Marin and very gently kissed her on a mouth. The woman in me categorically demanded love and Marin, having been a row, reliably got to this trap. At first she escaped, but my gentle, and at the same time, strong embraces reliably held her. Seeing that I need only her tenderness, she gave up. We long still kissed, investigating a mouth of the girlfriend of nothing any more. A male part as though, it was dissolved in me, leaving above only tenderness and I am eager to be favourite. Probably, Marina felt it because she began to act more actively. Now she kissed me, it isn't worse than Max, annoyingly getting into all corners of my mouth. So couldn't last long and soon I already writhed under her in an orgasm attack. Me as if switched off and included, having left finally pleasant feeling. — I love you. — at this moment, I really loved her, and can always and was, just I to myself was afraid to admit it? Her very peculiar person, on the fan, demented me. And still this shock of red hair. Amazing girl. Anyway, I was happy. I remembered those times when I tried to drive to her at the first year. Very quickly it became clear that she already has a guy and nothing shines me. And now we lie on one bed in our room in boarding house on the sea coast and we have four more days to make up for lost time. Not absolutely as I wanted earlier, but also in this situation there was the highlight. She only kissed me in reply, having pressed to herself. It was necessary to use a situation. "Now I precisely in reliable hands" this thought lit up the person a smile. Hands, without asking me, embraced a pliable body of the girlfriend and pressed to themselves. Other days flew by, as in the fairy tale. That day I as if regenerated. Ania, at last, found herself and to me it was very good that it was I. We didn't avoid discos and, of course, kissed there, but now I already consciously went on it. Kisses are very pleasant why I have to avoid them because of some prejudices? The marine wasn't over-modest also in the evening, in a bed, we shared impressions of them, sometimes showing to the friend the friend some. Besides evening "dessert", also the sea was pleasant. Now we beautifully sunbathed and looked very beautifully. It appears, suntan to me went. It so emphasized lines of my new body that I also sometimes stared at myself. And, guys, especially. However, here Marina bypassed me. To her suntan well laid down, and only touched me. In one of the last days, us even took to drive on the private yacht. Didn't reach sex, and it is good, I am not ready to it. However, have a rest perfectly then. Interestingly, from where people have so much money to contain such beauty? With full baggage of impressions and pleasures at heart, I went home. So long ago I didn't see the grandmother and mother that already strongly I missed them. The marine came with me. It pledged the word that will watch me and to hand over safe and sound. What the girlfriend saw forced her to smile. So meet only the dearest and close people. The grandmother at once imprisoned the granddaughter in embraces and very long lamented: "As she is glad to see Ania such beautiful healthy and whole!" The ritual of a greeting dragged on and Marin got embraces too. Surprisingly, such years, and the grandmother looked very healthy woman. The girlfriend already wanted to leave, she handed over the ward from hands on hands as she was invited to a table. The refusal wasn't accepted and here by them, with Ania, sit and share impressions of a trip. Them was much and the conversation dragged on a little, but everything was pleasant. Only the call of her phone forced to say goodbye to the hospitable house and to go home. Ania was struck with the grandmother Olya's greeting. She missed too, but this reaction... She endured such meeting for the first time and to someone was her to meet earlier? "The real family" this thought heated and made horney. The rough greeting was replaced by a smart table. The marine wasn't released and, for it, both girlfriends had to tell how they have a rest. To tell was what, as well as to show. Photos were done decently. At last, Marina went home, her too, with impatience, waited, and I was sent to have a rest after the journey. In a corridor, I habitually turned over mail. Quite could write also to me something from orphanage or just friends who suited themselves, separate of the state, life too. Letters weren't, except any notice from a morgue. It was opened. I was punched suddenly by a guess that it quite there could be Ania or her father. I, the shivering hands, developed the sheet of paper with the press of a city morgue. From everything, there written, in it only one name "Anna" and the word "identification" was important. Did you sometime feel thrown and unnecessary? Such feeling also flooded me now. "It is strange if the grandmother knew everything, what the greeting was?" I slowly rose and came into the hall. There the grandmother Olya still sat. Usually, at this time in the afternoon, she sleeps. — I here ours... I ate the letter, I condole — words as if got stuck in me. — Well you tell it, native? They were mistaken. Go here, to the grandmother. — the grandmother compensated my surprised look by the smile. — Be afraid of nothing. You have me and your mother who loves very much you too. — I sat in her embraces and was afraid to poshevelnutsya that the dream didn't divorce and I didn't turn from a white swan into a homeless duck again. — With my granddaughter everything is all right and she sits now near me so calm down and go have a sleep. The day dream protects health. — with these words she softly pushed me towards mine, now forever, the room. The envelope with a "wrong" conclusion, and remained in her hands. I went and just now began to understand as far as I became native in this family, as well as family to me. Ania smiled to this thought and accelerated. Now in her soul there was a world, and it was only her world, it is unimportant that there will be farther. Actually, experiences was lately so many that I fell asleep almost at once. I didn't think that was so tired. I woke up only for dinner. They say, at women the intuition is strongly developed. I trust because, hardly I woke up as mother glanced and I called me for dinner. And how she only learned? At a table questions fell down again:" As the sea where was what did? "Generally, it was necessary to tell anew. And spent time in stories. I didn't even sustain and described the first kiss with the guy. Interestingly, but about the letter from a morgue with "mistake" nobody told. I was not against such deal. Somehow it is necessary to live that. Already bothered to speak to me same when I was saved by Marina. Her call allowed to run away from the hall, but brought to girlfriends. She didn't even ask me whether I want? Just I told: "Leave". I didn't begin to refuse to the best friend and the loved one. — Oh, here our health-resort visitor! — girlfriends surrounded me around and began to consider. Strange, to them what Marina isn't enough? Here, as that sunbathed, and I couldn't. However, it came not about suntan at all, and about that kiss of Max. Here, Marina why spoke? Now won't release everything so far won't find out. What to do? It was necessary to tell. Here what I didn't understand earlier. This strange female thirst for scandal, and then to the story about him. Funny, now and I am discussed. To growth. If I thought that after Max they will give up, in vain. And how other guys? They were too. Generally, I ran away from one insignificant talk to another. On the other hand, it is necessary to know that to be created around. I want to know everything too. So, passed from my subject to what was here. However, nothing interesting, Irka rowed to the again, wanted to leave, but didn't gather, the silly woman. Said to her what with him couldn't be caught. Some guy accidentally called Masha, they got to talking and meet soon. Actually, and all. On the street promptly darkened and subjects for a conversation ended so far. A flock of girls began to go home tomorrow to meet again and to discuss the same. I went home and now it is my house as call it, and thought. Girls seldom think, but I unusual. First, when I, with Marina, began "to be published", on these female sit-round gathering, girls were surprised. And it is even clear why. I didn't know any of them, and they communicated with that Ania very long. Naturally, this replacement, and was necessary to admit, generated a lot of talk. But, eventually, little girls got over that Ania already another and began to get acquainted anew. The marine supported me in the beginning, but then I also became the active participant of domestic hen parties. Here nobody hesitated of anybody and didn't limit a subject for communication. So, gradually, I became a part of the yard as Ania. And of what will hesitate other little girl? "And what will be farther? The grandmother didn't want to recognize the granddaughter died and now I just had no right to leave them. Whatever you may say, the grandmother and mother much for me made. On the other hand, how long to play this role if not forever. It is necessary to me? And men's wear just won't fit. Something to be created, both a breast and a bottom already not so men's." Questions were, and there are no answers. But there was one more moment of which there was no wish to think at all. It was pleasant to me with the grandmother of Olay and mother Sveta. I got to like them. For the first time during all the time, I have people who love me not for something, and just like that. Or rather, love Ania, but, in effect, I it she also am. And matter not only in the external similarity shown completely recently. They just loved me and already for the sake of it it was possible to decide on it. Someone am I now, the gay person or the girl? Even if I will play further, then how to live? Nobody cancelled documents and if in school still make light, what will be farther? With these gloomy thoughts I also reached the apartment." But I love them "the thought came and I smiled. I was waited by my family, and there is nothing to long here. However to long it turned out. That emotional emission that was at me at the sea completely included female essence, and the letter fact from a morgue revived men's. And what now to do? Two voices in my head in eager rivalry argued with each other, and extreme was I, Marina that to embrace her in a dream and to calm down wasn't. Therefore, and dream too. Having tormented so to two o'clock in the morning, I didn't sustain and came to kitchen to drink waters. Of course, it is strange to say it about himself in a feminine gender now, the man in me woke up and was strong, more than ever, but the woman was more cunning and convinced that if you put on as the woman, then be called her. And so, my knock by a glass drew attention of mother. Yes, she isn't my native mother, but another at me wasn't. — Why don't you sleep? — with anxiety she took an interest. It is senseless to lie in such situation and I told the truth, and even what without Marina be near, couldn't sleep. — Well, go here, you know that I love you and I won't allow to suffer. Today you sleep with me, and tomorrow we will think up something. It shocked me. Do you love? Light perfectly I knew someone I am. Why she so behaves? Yes, the strange family and if to speak honestly, I isn't more best than them. But to sleep with mother, after all, I went. Strange, I even hadn't to try, at once and I fell asleep. Chapter 5. Morning was strange. Having opened eyes, I saw absolutely other room and began to panic. Where I? But, with clearing of the head understanding of a situation came. Means, I at mother in the room. After all it is unclear why they so potter with me. I didn't get used to it, but it is all the same pleasant. Having stretched with pleasure, the birdie fluttered out from a warm bed to the bathroom." It is time to solve something, and that and I will remain Ania. And can?" As if having read my thoughts, to the room the grandmother glanced and told that the breakfast is ready. Eh, so in orphanage... Pipe dreams and it is far she this life in orphanage. The breakfast was quite good, but it wasn't without surprise. The grandmother handed me the birth certificate, Annino is natural, and I told that today we go to restore the passport. The passport the girl had Anin during disappearance. Of course, the grandmother told not so, but the meaning is conveyed precisely. She wanted that I received the passport of Ania for her. With my similarity it wasn't a problem. Moreover, I am sure that she identified a body of the granddaughter. — The grandmother, I love you. — I told it, without any ulterior motive. Just I wanted to make it pleasantly. I understood what with obtaining the new passport, will connect me with this family even stronger, but what here still can be done? Everything that was possible, I already tried, and new didn't think up yet. Also this foolish habit to finish all words on "and". So, I will also get used soon. Generally, already I got used and dicks constantly seem at excitement. And it can do and to lead to a relationship with guys. "Would I like it? I don't know, but it absolutely precisely makes horney me! Here I didn't know that I such, such." I thought and passed the moment when the grandmother Olya already called me from the hall. "Stop thinking, at first solve with yourself, then the rest "the efficient thought came to mind and I joyfully ran to put on. Today it is necessary to dress something like that that will beautifully look in the photo in the passport. I, with pride, thought of the fresh sea suntan. It will be very beautiful on a photo. It seems, the grandmother too so considered because, she looked at me with a smile. All her look said:" Watch what my daughter the beauty! "and I agreed completely with her. We with the grandmother went to the center and resembled happy family. Photos, indeed turned out good. I in them looked elegantly and beautifully. Here I didn't know that I have photogenicy. How many times I observed, just, the return cases. I remember, we long laughed then from such photos. Our children's home little girls usually took offense at it. It is good that at me not so. Actually, the thought that these photos will go to my new passport somehow imperceptibly passed into the background. Well and that that Ania, but beautiful. I, flaunting, I did up the hair which slightly got confused from wind. In the most passport office too problems weren't. The woman looked at the birth certificate, checked the house register and took money for the form of the passport. After that only I told when to come I went deep into the affairs further, without having forgotten to remind that I still am wanted as gone. Now you won't turn back. It was necessary only to take away him. — Ania, Ania, Ania — I as who is brought, repeated this name which became for me fatal. The grandmother, having noticed my thoughtfulness, I didn't begin to stick. Only I led to take a walk to the park, having bought couple of horns of ice cream on the road. It for me was for the first time too. The grandmother loved the granddaughter and wanted to indulge her sometimes. The fact that it was also not her granddaughter, in general, didn't concern Olga. Or rather, she so got used that she didn't notice a difference at all. It was unsurprising, the similarity was tremendous. She absolutely forgot that moment when this guy came according to the announcement. It was so similar to her gone granddaughter that she necessarily saw her in him. Gradually images merged and now the grandmother didn't even remember how he was called. Unless, the district police officer reminded, but flexible female memory prompted to her that it is her granddaughter. By the way, her granddaughter will have a new passport of replacements of the fact that it was lost together with her soon. Well as she will leave the girl?! In parallel, the grandmother began to ask me on guys who are pleasant to me. I already thought of it. Of course, I am not a natural girl, but and not the guy on appearance, and the beautiful girl with quite good forms. From where at me is, I still didn't understand, though asked myself this question one million times. There were also pleasant moments, recently, my delights very much helped out. There was a wish for sex, and to substitute the back isn't present, here and it was played with a breast, receiving at the same time, much more pleasant feelings, than, usual for guys, "distortion of a lock". — I have no guys, the grandmother. — Ouch, ouch, it is wrong. You are already adult girl and has to care for the future while I am young. And you won't manage to blink an eye as youth will pass and you will remain one. — Probably, you there is nobody yet wasn't? — she asked after short silence. And what to answer? Of course, with the guy I wasn't yet, but I... It set thinking "And someone now I?" As could, I tried to leave this subject. There will be this passport then we will look. Actually, it will be in a week so time to get used, at me not so there is a lot of. I caught myself on "to get used". Really, I it is serious? We with the grandmother didn't open the guy's subject, generally because of me. I left from the answer, having transferred a subject to something frivolous. "Devil take it, I am a guy" I thought, nervously straightening out a skirt. That managed constantly to be lifted up, opening legs. However, legs at me equal what to hesitate of? "It is good that there are no none of orphanage. There would be history" I as maleficiated, by us there was my acquaintance Artem. He loved girls and peretrakhat, probably, a half of pupils though those mind and weren't. And here Artyom meets requirements of us. Naturally, it noticed me. Well, I am not able to hide enough emotions on a face. Here they also gave out. His grease eyes began to shine, having run a look on my body. Not that it wasn't pleasant to me, but was too women's, perhaps. Now he looked me fool in the face and smiled. Little girls in orphanage went crazy from it. I involuntarily presented myself from outside. And, nothing so I look, precisely it would be pleasant to me. Having shifted eyes a little aside, it became easier, but unconsciously I looked at Artyom again. That look didn't tear off. "There is an impudent fellow, could and not press so! "for some reason there was a wish to return eyes back, but aggression in eyes didn't give." A male, as well as all of them "I thought, without having noticed that I separate myself from guys. "But I Artyom know, let to himself will look for other little fool "Having ignored it, I is proud walked by, but even after that felt his eyes burning to me a skirt. The grandmother Olya only slightly knocked a lokotok and crafty smiled. "No, thanks, such happiness isn't necessary. Naidoo of the guy also is more best than this ladies' man "I was reached only then by sense of my thought and I reddened a little. Here, the girlfriend, already and the boy you plan, the good fellow. The marine precisely for me would be glad. It is more it happened than nothing interesting, but also there were so enough adventures for today. However, Marina so didn't consider and again called me on an ordinary hen party. By the way, girlfriends didn't hesitate of me any more and spoke about everything openly. It appears, men such goats. It was the usual subject of our talk, well except sex, rags and monthly. However, today I was couple more that. It is my passport and photos from the sea. Quite strange, but behind this talk time flew by quickly enough. Even somehow a little it was. In any case, it is more interesting, than to listen to baizes about sexual adventures of friends. Only recently I understood that mostly, it was the waffle. The girl won't allow it, be she the latest bitch. From a talk of little girls and something patronizing appeared. That, guys, not such you and eagles. Would tell "thanks" that a lot of things we allow you. Lines, again this women's "we". There was much more interesting. So, days, some behind another flew, day of my final immersion in Anna didn't come yet, and I went to a passport office with nervous breakdown. The grandmother, seeing my state, naturally I went with me. And how she could pass such important point in life of the granddaughter? She and mother Ania addressed me as to Ania for a long time and weren't able to afford that something happened to me. Even my old things shifted somewhere, without having left the choice what to dress. To be honest, that I noticed it only for a moment, having just paid attention to the empty shelve. There is no nothing left, only to Annino linen. To ask, for obvious reasons, I didn't become. Still will take offense what I don't trust and why to the girl men's wear? I too was afraid. When came, just took away the ready document, having subscribed where it is necessary. I opened the shivering fingers the passport and looked at myself in the photo. Whatever one may do, and the photo was mine here and Anna looking from her differed in attractive appearance, as well as that Anna that watched from the big photo in the hall. I was satisfied that I look not worse than the original. Here the grandmother distracted, having attracted to herself and having kissed. She didn't forget to kiss. — There now you and adult girl, Anechka. There was a wish to cry, but I couldn't. Here, I keep chance to return and, meanwhile, itself I go to a trap. What following? — And what with army? — I asked by the fallen voice when we went outside. The military registration and enlistment office didn't fall down. Already one letter, about it, came from orphanage and the district police officer somehow was interested. — There is nothing to do to you there. — the grandmother answered, stroking me on the head. Summer hot days stretched. Temperature stood up for 30 degrees and the only place where it was possible to be, without harm for health, there was a river flowing on the downtown. There we also whiled away days with Marina, bathing, sunbathing and just stirring with friends. It appears, Ania had many acquaintances and it pleased. In any case, it was impossible to remain to one to me now categorically. Chapter 6. The beach the place public and once Marina met the old friend, Anton there. I tried not to get into their conversation, but the girlfriend didn't understand my shyness and began to acquaint us actively. It is good that I sunbathed so, the flush on cheeks wasn't noticeable. And here you won't hide feeling anywhere. The shame and, at the same time, excitement covered me with the head and the sun went to the head. As we came nearer to each other on distance of a kiss I don't know, but in the next minute already kissed passionately. In boarding house in discos I learned a little how it is correct to accept a kiss, and now, without volition, did it. My heaven and earth was again moved from the head on legs and I felt this, full passions, feeling of a female again. Now and I actively joined in a kiss. A little dumbfounded Anton's look after him, only proved that at me everything turned out. I modestly mowed eyes down, let thinks that abrupt. And, in general, he was pleasant to me and only the feeling of abnormality of a situation didn't allow to continue further, and thoughts already were. Having referred to nonexistent affairs, I ran away. There was no wish to see eyes of the girlfriend now at all, and quite recently still, I dreamed about her, and only her, love. Already approaching the house, I heard drumming of heels behind and Marinyn the voice calling me. — Ania, stand, well from me that you won't run? — she was right, I won't escape from Marina. Having developed, I began to wait for the girlfriend. — Well you give, the girlfriend. Here then and to kiss. "The marine was right. It wasn't necessary to run after at once. "I was surprised to myself. The shame wasn't perfect. After all it is unclear whether boys are pleasant to me. And of what I think? — Yes, it is fine, everything is normal. I and itself don't mind, but it am not pleasant to Anton. — to my surprise there were no borders. The marine was though not the most beautiful, but very effective girl. And these her beautiful curling red hair from which I went bananas. By the way, natural color. Directly, as the sun on the head. And such not to want? — Here also I calmed down. Went to ours someone can eat. — girlfriends were and I got home only by the evening. All this time Anton didn't go at me from the head, successfully competing to image of Marina. Even closing eyes, I saw his face. Nevertheless, the male vanity didn't allow imagination to come far. Everything was so bad that I started talking about him, at girlfriends. Back the way wasn't and to me everything was necessary to lay out. The marine only grinned, seeing my vain attempts to forget Anton. It that understood that it will only provoke me. Eh, I would know it! From Anton were thrown on other guys. I learned much interesting about them too. At last, thirst won and we went home till tomorrow. I even calmed down, but Marina was marked out also here. When said goodbye, she put to me in a hand a piece of paper. Having developed piece of paper I saw a name Anton and the phone number. — Don't tell" thanks ". It from him. — A marine, smiling, I left, and I, with unclear feeling looked at a note. I what, I will call it? Resolutely, having squeezed a hand, I smiled. Of course, I will be! To the apartment I rose in the raised state. After all, the attention, it is pleasant. The grandmother, of course, noticed my state and began to ask. It was necessary to tell. She only smiled to me, warming with own eyes. — Well, so call him. — it is logical if to think, but something stopped me. At last, I didn't sustain and, having grabbed phone and Anton's number, ran to the room. — Hi, Anton. — Hi, beauty. — it both pleased and upset. I am, after all, a guy though already and I forgot what to be him. — Why left? I something offended you? — I reddened. Even if he noticed that I ran away... — Well, it was just necessary. Having talked still, about anything, I hung up. He didn't begin to offer appointments and I was madly grateful for it. "To me to get used and then, can be" my God what I think again of? Sitting on a bed, I touched memoirs of the last months and came to a conclusion that it is logical. Sooner or later, I, all the same, would meet with someone. Than Anton is bad? With these thoughts also I went to bed. Today it was fallen down well and moral support, in the form of someone nearby, it wasn't necessary. "I am a boy again and I go along the street in dense fog, even the sound to be suppressed. Silence around more than anything. Suddenly fog began to recede promptly, leaving me a muddy path. It was terrible damp and unpleasantly, but I overcame myself and went on it. So, though something is visible under legs. Suddenly ahead someone's male legs seemed. Footwear on them was beach and something very familiar. As captivated, I met halfway. I don't remember that moment as fog dissipated, but now I stood on the street before Anton. And he from where in my dream? — Hi, you asked to wait, I will wait. — he smiled and disappeared as the Cheshire cat of Lewis Carroll. Only the bouquet of white roses at me in hands which, before, Anton had proved that that was here." I woke up sharply. Usually so happens when saw a nightmare or very bright dream. What dreamed, in memory wasn't postponed, but heart fought too quickly. All efforts to remember the content of night vision, weren't crowned with success. Somewhere, behind a wall, the grandmother began to move especially as outside the window the sun already shone. Well in the morning, especially in the summer, nobody drives anywhere. The grandmother already got up and something rattled in kitchen. I suddenly wanted to help her. I understood that I use many benefits of this apartment for symbolical money, and a lot of things also free of charge fall intermittently. With such competitive spirit, I also got up, having resolved to help, than I can. The grandmother Olya very much was surprised, having seen me so early. On hours was seven thirty. — Granddaughter, you early today. Somewhere you go? — she asked, continuing to prepare something for breakfast. I don't know what for a look I had, but the grandmother smiled to me in reply. Softly and resolutely, I approached and began to help her. It was simple to guess that she prepares on a table. I think, my help superfluous won't be. The woman told nothing, only noticed that it is more best to put on an apron that I also made. So, in a lovely family talk, we also collected a table. Soon, the last device took the lawful place and the grandmother Olya drove me to change clothes. She noticed that today my mother will come around and I should be beautiful. I didn't even choke, so already got used to the situation, only, with pleasure, apprehended this news. It is interesting what mother will tell that I, probably, had a boy? Again these thoughts, though Anton, like anything so. Mother, at dinner, told nothing, only, that I was more careful, everyones come across. And again, the emotional lift didn't surprise me at all. Even I was delighted. What to happen with me? Having drunk the usual morning vitamins, I left to myself, to think what to do next. Having thought, I didn't even notice how mother Sveta approached me and I sat down nearby. Having noticed my old photo in hands, she took it directly from me from hands. I trusted it. By the way, I somehow specially compared myself in the photo of year prescription and now. If I was told that I will be such, never I believed in lives. Without speaking about a body, even the person became another. Softer and is more womanly. It is no wonder that I am confused with the girl. And the breast gradually grew, already surely bulging a blouse around a breast. Not the third — the fourth size, but also not the smallest among my friends. And, main thing, beautiful form. Any also the beautiful, fervently sticking out nipples which are so pleasant for caressing sag. From understanding of changes in themselves and presence by a number of mother, they were poured, pleasantly tickling. I was made horney on the mother and it was somehow unnatural. Cheeks became warmer too, signaling that it to be pleasant to me. Hardly, having coped with itself, I raised eyes on mother. She looked at me an unclear look. When our lips were closed, I felt great relief and I am eager to continue. And sat, kissed, without doing anything else. And so was enough for us. — Mother, I love you. — all this that I could tell her, having come off a kiss. Female kisses possessed other, more sweet, taste. — I you too. — she answered. — I can take away it? — the photo in her hand shook, expecting the fate. I understood that if I give, then forever. This photo was the only thing where I still was, but wasn't. Somewhere else my old passport lay, but I didn't take it for a long time. — Of course, everything that you want. — recognition of by the girl was given me difficult, but also to move further, I could, having only left the past. Tears poured down a stream, without having sustained a situation. Now to me will compare there is nothing. Then there were still silly, but pleasant words and tears on a mother's breast, however, already in half an hour, we left together as intimate girlfriends. — We will take a walk together? — she offered. What there was told, but mother at me the best. Of course, I agreed. We already left an entrance when saw Marina and Anton going to us. In hands of the guy there was a beautiful bouquet from white roses which seemed to me suspiciously familiar. Only I couldn't remember in any way where I saw them. I looked back to mother in search of support, but she resolutely pulled me towards to a couple, two my most desired people, besides the grandmother and mother. Together they looked just magically. — It to you, for your beauty. — Anton's words struck me. I didn't expect such blow from Marina, but mother, apparently, it was pleasant. — Well, the daughter, tell thanks to the boy for such beautiful flowers. — she knew about Anton, but resolutely pushed me to him. And again I "failed" in time, having recovered in embraces of the guy in a few minutes. He, still kissed me. A bouquet, Marina obligingly held, standing near my mother, about something lovely talking to her. And here again I kiss him! What is it? And it is possible to get used. And if he isn't near? Thoughts were very strange for the guy, but, apparently, and to them I begin to get used, as to sweet kisses of Anton. This time, I showed an initiative and invited him" somewhere to take a walk ". Of course, it was wrong, but I wanted. And went, holding hands. — Mother, I thought here... — I turned and stopped short. On the place, near me mother wasn't, as well as Marina. Where did they get to? It is visible, left earlier, and I also didn't notice. Anton anxiously looked back to me. We stood in the middle of the boulevard and people bypassed us who got stuck through my fault in the middle of a human stream. I, still, looked round, looking for the girlfriend and mother, but them and the trace caught a cold. Anton, under the pretext of protection, came nearer and embraced me. It is a shame, but it was sweet to be in such situation. And this his knob that so unambiguously touches my body. This feeling tightened a situation and Anton with might and main used it. His hands already where only at me didn't visit. However, he didn't make out the main surprise yet. "It is interesting what he then will tell? "Again these strange thoughts. — Maybe we will sit down on a shop? — the idea was good especially as I was a little tired. It was necessary to loaf about a little, but we found a shop. Having seated me, Anton at once somewhere dashed away, leaving alone with bitter thoughts, about the one someone I am now is. On the one hand, a game was pleasant to me, with another, it already passed into life. To long indulge in despondency, the guy didn't give me. As gin from a bottle, it appeared soon, holding in each hand on ice cream. — I hope, you love it? — ice cream was on a stick and in a beautiful glossy wrapper. On packing there were "20% ice cream". Of course, I will be though it and obliges me. Or perhaps for the sake of this obligation I will also be. We took a walk not bad. Stirring about anything, Anton even earned couple more of kisses though I didn't plan it. Just the guy somehow imperceptibly got to me into the head and just operated instincts from there. I absolutely lost control over myself, but it was even necessary for me. His attention and the pleasant relation was pleasant addition of this excellent day. And the mood soared at inaccessible height. Then there was still a movie theater and walk on the park. The sun already passed by then the peak and gradually drooped. So, it was much easier to walk the street. Only the heat tormented strongly, but I already got used to it. People strange beings. Than more receive, especially, long for other reasons. This feeling gnawed me too. Eventually, when we already approached the house, I admitted. It is strange to push away, however, here so the person who to be pleasant to you? I told that I am, actually, a guy and what, I'm sorry, to deceive him. Anton managed to answer nothing. While he collected the thoughts, I quickly was behind an entrance door. Even I forgot to kiss at parting. I from it was upset a little, though understood that I am engaged in the wrong business now. Home I ran, but didn't come. Still I was afraid that Anton will follow me and it is necessary to sort out the relations on the landing, on joy to neighbors. "I didn't come, the good fellow. Early still. For what early? "despite not those thoughts, Anton's attention was pleasant to me. — Well took a walk? — I was met by the grandmother and at once called for dinner. I only needed to answer that "well" and to go to change clothes. On the street was hot and the light smell of sweat didn't paint me at all. Freshened up and in clean clothes, I felt much more better though the deposit from recognition, still, didn't pass. What will Anton think? How will arrive? On a table, besides hot boiled potato, fried fish and other food, there were also white roses. Those flowers that I received this morning. The grandmother couldn't see enough of them, so praised highly. Of course, it also came about Anton, but I pleaded short phrases. The grandmother understood everything and, soon, we already discussed gastronomic features of fish instead of, so tormenting her, a question of the guy. Day came to an end, on hours there were six o'clock in the evening when called a door. By then, we already stopped eating and I began to clear the table. The grandmother went to open a door. There was a few food and a table quickly began to shine primitive purity, and ware and devices were ready to accept food again. I left to look that the grandmother there so long talks. For quite some time now, I felt for her responsibility to mother. With the grandmother everything was as it should be, but not it struck me. She talked to the person in a police uniform. He told something about responsibility for evasion from military service and showed my photo to her. The district police officer, and it was he, motivated the questions with the fact that in records of orphanage, I was registered here. The grandmother Olya answered that:" Yes, such is, but I don't know where he now ". I was stuck, so I was stuck. Here the police officer noticed me. — The girl, it saw here? Do you know where he to be? — what, took me for the girl? However, I calmed down. First, I really had female appearance, and the second, is that I understood" not still so badly "and cheered up. — This is my daughter Anna and she isn't known with Ivan. — the grandmother Olya came to the rescue. One of the few times when she called me by the full name. The district police officer suspiciously looked at me. He what understood? I began to panic inside. My God, as long ago I didn't hear the name. Already also I weaned. — And your son-in-law with the granddaughter, unless weren't missing a year ago? — Were gone, only Anyutka was recently. — And what in the District Department of Internal Affairs wasn't let know about it? — Oh, absolutely I forgot and she restored the passport recently. I thought that there and will tell. — Show — he asked. The district police officer long considered the document, verifying me and the photo. And what there to verify if I also was in it? Satisfied, he left, having obliged to come and be marked out in police as "found". I was shocked. What to do? I needed only to confirm her words, as I made. Having promised the district police officer to report right there how their resident, that is I will return, we with the grandmother showed the door him for a door. — There now and all. — I told fatefully — even if won't catch, all the same will be not to settle anywhere. But also medical examinations in school. What will I tell them? — Be not afraid the granddaughter, the grandmother something will think up. — in her voice there was a positive, but it for some reason upset me. I was afraid of imagination of the grandmother and mother a little. What will they still think up? Chapter 7. It was necessary to wait not for long. The next day I was warned that I rose a bit earlier. There will arrive mother and we will go somewhere. Though what to guess, it is clear that in police. Here where I wanted in the last turn, but it is necessary to go. Where, the grandmother didn't tell and I, little, could object. At first day was as all. Reduction of in an order, then a breakfast, and later, quite expected, a trip to police where everything was solved quickly enough. To steam of questions, answers to which were already thought over, and I am free as Ania. As the girl to me still should have dealt with a situation and all looked very bad. I already thought that we go home as mother pulled me in institute of light industry. In the city there was a big factory and on its basis the relevant educational institutions were created. At present I studied in school, it is college which was from factory too. Of course, I didn't plan to work at it in any way. I had enough also orphanage. There was a wish for something like that where I wouldn't depend on the big chief. As a last resort, studio on tailoring. The problem was that I am a guy. Never I saw in studio of men of tailors. Mother purposefully walked in selection committee. I suspected, what will be farther, but when mother began to get all necessary documents from a bag, it is a little strukhnul. And how school? Here documents are transferred, including, and the USE. It appears, at Ania and I was such. The clever girl, the whole 76 points gathered. The application for reception is written. If to change nothing, then this year I will become also a student. With such points it is possible to count also on the budget. Mame with the grandmother will be easier. The thought of the family warmed. With these news we also arrived home. Habitually, having taken off shoes on a heel and having changed slippers, and I already got used to them and even legs not strongly hurt, went to help in kitchen. It became a part of the life too. To sit just like that, I couldn't. Changing clothes in a house dressing gown, suddenly I thought: "And when I last time was a guy?". How many, I didn't think, I couldn't remember. That birthday, it seems, in me broke a lot of things. I as was, with a dressing gown in hands, and settled on a bed. Even I don't know that it was. "Whether I wanted such life? Here, even, about myself, already I think in a feminine gender." — Ania, you there soon? The lunch is ready. — well and how to refuse to such parents? Something I think too much. I got up in front of the mirror. Well, hudovaty, but a bottom of wons what and the breast beautifully looks, being excreted with two nice hillocks with cherries at tops. From panties sticks out nothing though I feel excitement from the appearance. I got from panties a small penis, now by the form, very reminding, maiden clitoris and I tried to hype up him. Nothing turned out. "Well and hero, what of you, lover?" — Ania, you already changed clothes? — everything, I saw enough, it is necessary to hurry. Obed shone with nothing special, but everything was tasty also on house. First, as I began to live here, it was unusual, but now perceived it naturally and even prepared something itself, is more right. As guy, for a long time nobody perceived me. — The girl has to know how to cook tasty and nourishingly. — the grandmother spoke to me and dragged me on kitchen, to help her. Then I also was involved. Even, it began to turn out. — Anechka, and what this boy Anton doesn't call? — she asked, by the way, at dinner. What it is possible to answer? What am not I a gay though already and itself got confused or that he knows everything? — I don't know. — the choice fell on neutral option. — So, call back. — the grandmother wasn't appeased. I promised that I will make it though not really that and there was a wish. Anton saved me, he called. Here and destiny, you won't get out now. — Hi, how are you doing? — Well. — standard exchange of courtesies. — Ania, can we will take a walk today? — well and that to answer it? I thought. Today we handed over documents in institute, and these are not less than five years of study and all this in the form of Ania. I as it is almost like little girl. Even I think also. Whether it is worth avoiding after all this Anton? It definitely not last time. — Will you come for me? — Of course. — quickly he reacted. "The main thing not to allow superfluous "this thought didn't release me to the doorbell. I was already ready and is even made brightly up, though pledged to myself, not to cross line. The grandmother joyfully fussed around, keeping saying:" What granddaughter Anechka, beautiful at me! ". If I could redden, but for a long time, it didn't cause any confusion. "Driver" the man, at me in the head, was replaced with the woman and she with might and main used it. Having captiously estimated itself at a growth mirror, I smiled. Yes, not to take away beauty from me, though it is unclear how I lived before. Here, again "I lived". Even I think how the girl. — You at us the beauty. Only don't allow him much. Let will reveal at first. — The grandmother, well I not for him was going to get married! — And you take your time. You are a maid visible why and not in marriage. — I, with surprise, thought that I take these words seriously. What "in marriage"!? Having got off the grandmother and her constant manuals, I slipped out for a door. And here it happened again. I understand everything, I am a guy, probably, but this kiss forced me to fly up with happiness again. It's all right, nothing will come from kisses. Especially, Anton. So we also went down steps, and I didn't notice his hand lying on my waist and which is often going down at all is slightly lower. Well and that here terrible? The sun met beautiful couple by bright light. Would be a guy, surely would put on sunglasses, but in this situation, to hide, carefully drawn eyelashes and beautiful shadows, I considered crime. Anton didn't begin to close the beautiful eyes too. I also used it so far went, lifted up on him eyes, took away. There was a strong wish to learn from the guy that he thinks about me, but every time, looking in his eyes, I felt only love and support. Funny, but I wanted him happiness. Understanding the "female" inferiority, also I suffered. "He will want children "there now, again this thought. What to do? So we went some time silently. — Ania, I like you. — I instinctively looked at his trousers and from where at me is. They bugritsya significantly between legs. As though, fire drenched me. Up to this point, a relationship with guys was only a subject for discussion, but when I saw that it indeed gets up on me, captured strange feeling. And shame for the behavior and desire, at the same time, captured me. The body reacted, without volition, having nestled on the guy. What I create, but lips already found lips of the guy and we kissed again. The body became wadded and only observed how caress became more active and frank. I departured from his attention. A thought "I am a guy" and I was gone in excitement waves. — Forgive. — he told, being a little discharged of a passionate kiss. I don't know why he told it, I only embraced him, strong pressing to myself. In the head preventions of the grandmother turned, but I couldn't make anything. My body already resolved for itself this issue and didn't ask me at all. However, I was doesn't mind. — And how to you to meet such "girl"? — I had to ask to save the soul. — I am with you, beautiful. — the answer was encouraging. — By the way, we here with friends are going for the nature to have a rest. Will you go with me? I don't know what pulled me, but I told — Only without superfluous, well? — Of course, Anechka as you will tell and when you tell. — His ambiguous answer puzzled and pleased me. Means, wants. In general, I didn't love guys and my strange behavior with Anton strongly puzzled. And what I for the sake of him try? — Went further? — his question was in time. Something we stood on one place. We took a walk much. Few times Marina called, but having learned that I with Anton, right there lagged behind. Then I called still. In my opinion, she envies me and I agree with her. Anton the good guy, me with him it is warm and cozy. Took a walk lovely. There was both an ice cream and cinema. It is pleasant when you are treated just for the fact that you are. Anton wanted to present flowers, but I refused. Both to him it is good, and me hands free. What to tell, an appointment as an appointment. Confused a little what as the girl I, but was even pleasant to me. The only problem is shoes on heels. By the evening, hardly I moved legs. Heels beautiful footwear also look just charm, but legs from them hoot too mighty well. On a ladder Anton, seeing it, I took me on hands and I didn't release until the grandmother opened a door. The fact that she was surprised, it to tell nothing. The grandmother didn't even manage to invite the guy to pay a visit. Having given the burden to family, he disappeared in the dark ladder flight, nevertheless, having managed to kiss at parting and to promise to call. I should have had a rest to legs and the best option, than the bathroom I didn't think up. The grandmother only, knowingly, smiled to me. "I love the family" with this thought, I plunged into hot captivity of a clean and fragrant bathtub. Someone for me Anton, I didn't solve yet, but definitely not the stranger. I smiled. All foreign thoughts left the head and I relaxed. A relationship too difficult thing, but sometimes pleases. Strange, but there was a wish for continuation and the female role didn't frighten off at all. Only, how it to Anton? Strange he perceives me. From thoughts I pulled out phone call. Probably, again Marina. I noticed her increased activity as soon as we with Anton found a common language. In her not to obtain the enemy. She knows that someone I am. And feelings were also her. How here to do right thing? Phone was answered by the grandmother, to someone talked. — The marine on the street waits for you. — she told, having knocked to the bathroom. Well of course, will demand the report. I see how her eyes burn when speak about Anton. I smiled again. A thought of what the guy with me, but not with it, I heated. Well that, it is time to go to share. I resolutely got up from the bathroom. Legs departed and again were ready to feats. Involuntarily, I caught the look in a bathroom mirror. And, anything so, little girl, beautiful, even not made up. Pisyunchik who was modestly hanging between legs was practically not allocated. I was twisted this way and that, it was pleasant to me. The question "And From Where It?" flashed and disappeared. Well and let, so it is even more best. I began to put on. Having put on panties, under them I was allocated, gathered was to throw nothing already with a dressing gown, but I changed the mind. I left so. At the surprised grandmother's look, asked — I am beautiful? — Of course, the granddaughter — she told, attentively examining me as if seeing for the first time. Then well I smiled, constantly showering me with compliments. My figure was pleasant to her, it appears, I have a quite good breast. Of course, and skin was pleasant. I noticed only recently that any touch is perceived somehow differently and causes the increased excitement of all the rest. At first, even I got lost among these feelings. Now it became easier, but excitement smaller didn't become. Judging by the satisfied face of the grandmother, her everything was pleasant, however, to me too. Only now I threw with a dressing gown and I went to look for what to dress. Together with blossoming of a body, it became a big problem. One approaches another, but now not to dress another. There is such dillema. After long search I found something. Not a bright day dress, the fact that it is necessary for evening. The look fell to cosmetics. To be painted or not? Probably, it is necessary, but it is a little. Well, that's all, it is ready. With such vigorous mood also I left. Kind of so to tell all Marin? The question is not idle especially as her are interested in us, both. — Everything, grandmother, I soon. — and here I behind a door also hurry down, to share joy. Anyway, it Marina acquainted us. The best time for walks is evening in the summer. The sun didn't set yet and pleasantly warms, and wind tenderly gets under light clothes, kind of regretting for people that him to have to be on a heat. The marine already hurried to an entrance when I left. — Hi, girlfriend. Tell. — straight off she began. I falsely shrugged shoulders. — And what to tell? Took a walk well. — So unfair, I you the cool guy, and you want to tell nothing to me! — I perfectly understood about what she, but also that she was fidgety, there was a wish too. Of course, I told everything to her. And how walked in the park, specially bought bread and fed swans, and about kisses. I described them very colourfully. And even how Anton carried me on hands so many floors. This place Marin especially was pleasant. — And what, seriously, he knows someone you are and all this does? — she tried to find out. — Yes, and even I wanted to acquaint with friends. We will go somewhere to the country to have a rest. — I left this moment finally and was right. Marina's eyes and blazed fire. And now it is possible and to play with her. — You are my best friend and if you want, I will leave him. I see how he to be pleasant to you. — the blow was in a point, Marina looked at me so stridently, and then suddenly took and embraced, having strongly squeezed my neck hands. — It isn't necessary, Ania. You are the best. I would like such sister. — I too. — also I raised the straightened little finger on the compressed cam. The marine not knowingly looked, but then made the same gesture. It was similar to a children's game if it wasn't so serious. So, having linked by fingers, we told the oath about love, devotion and the help the friend the friend. There now, now I found the called sister. A complete set, there is only not enough father. I understood that I won't receive to Marin in the mistress, especially, in the light of the latest events. Though so I will hold her nearby. Having finished our ritual, playful, but very important for both, we went to domestic girlfriends. I will tell something interesting to them too. There were I in good mood, and now it was excellent. Girlfriends shared the news too. Of course, all of them were about guys or about them, but this subject was extremely urgent for each of us and, of course, we would like to hear comments and councils from all girlfriends. To me ponadavat them too. The majority, I already knew, but something will be interesting to be applied next time. Sitting and stirring as the, in the company of girls, I thought. It is too much, it appears, I missed with an opposite sex earlier. Eh, I would know then, absolutely differently, with some little girls, would behave. Time went and in the sky stars were lit. It is time to go to sleep, only, there was no wish at all. Only phone call of the grandmother, interested: Whether" All at me as it should be? ", I forced to get up. Also Marina went with me. We are sisters already. I smiled to this thought. I acquire family. This day it was filled up difficult. The abundance of impressions held apart the head from within. Even desire to live, for the sake of someone, further, appeared. In a dream there was Anton again. Something is frequent he to dream me. Chapter 8. For the morning I woke up with new feeling. Both Anton and Marina suddenly became dear to me. This pleasant feeling spread on all body, hardly I remembered them, and did it almost constantly. Even if forgot, then to ask about them there was always an occasion at mother and the grandmother. And I plunged into delightful feeling again. So there passed this and next day. Feelings slightly settled, but all the same were sharp, and Anton, as ill luck would have it, didn't call. I already so got exhausted, as itself wanted to call, but he, once again, was ahead of me at the last minute. The call was distributed, hardly I took phone in hand, to call and to state everything. My plan failed also I as the schoolgirl, joyfully took the call, thirst to hear a voice of the guy. Of course, it was wrong, but considering all other circumstances of my life, it was a lesser evil. Besides, this evil was very pleasant. In any case, I never received so much attention from girls. — Hi, the beauty, missed? What could I answer? On good, to explain everything to him, but I couldn't shout at Anton. Suddenly will throw? I already also stopped thinking as the guy. I am a girl, and beautiful, and I have full authority for personal happiness. — Yes, darling. Do you, probably, want to invite me somewhere? — I arose, but otherwise not to live. I firmly acquired it from a talk of little girls. Not such they and bad, women. — We can descend somewhere tonight. — the offer was very opportunely. In lack of study, I missed and missed Anton. There was a wish to press him to itself and not to release anywhere. Of course, it is only dreams, but it is quite good to feel also real contact. — I will wait for you. — I strongly missed you. — I added following. With disclosure in themselves girls, revealed also feelings. Now I could afford it, as did. The conversation ended, and emotions still were in full swing. There was a wish to dance, sing and jump. Never I thought that here so I will wait for an appointment, especially, with the guy. To me the thought came to mind to share it with somebody. The grandmother was near, besides, she was interested in Anton, that is, in our relationship long ago. Now I could tell safely that they are. The grandmother pottered in kitchen when I came all blossoming and joyful. She even stopped washing the dishes, having a presentiment of an interesting conversation. Also I wasn't mistaken. All that I so carefully hid earlier suddenly escaped one uncontrollable stream. All feelings and circumstances oddly intertwined, forming an exotic pattern of my new life and, all this, I told on one breath. Frankly speaking, I didn't know that so much I test feelings. They just flooded me, threatening to cover with the head, but, by some miracle, I was afloat. And me it was good, very good. Even I burst into tears with happiness a little. How many my confession lasted, I don't know, but the grandmother supported me all the time, stimulating to tell still something. And I told. — You need a new special dress and I have it, will only a little hem. I was intrigued. Than it is such special? And to hem it not a problem. I, for a long time, almost everything Anina of a thing, under myself remade. Figures at us with it, judging by clothes, differed a little. The grandmother went to the mother's room and began to look for something in her case. It became terribly interesting and I began to watch attentively what there is. Don't think, not with the purpose to take away to themselves, and just like that. Here the grandmother threw out on a bed one dress, another. All of them were beautiful and sewed, is obvious for the evening with the gentleman. Material and a way of cutting obviously hinted at it. And still, apparently, they opened some juicy details of a body. But the grandmother didn't stop. From where, from a subsoil of a capacious case, she got the most real wedding dress. Probably, when mother married, there were the same build, as I. It was a shame to me, but not to put to itself this dress and not to look in a mirror, I couldn't. Most likely, it is good the village and on me. I zardetsya even from such thought, but as, still I was at peak of feelings, I found nothing shameful in it. The grandmother supported me. — And you try on. — It wasn't necessary to ask long and I, with pleasure, I took off a dressing gown. "Now I will be the real bride! "This thought took breath while I put on this beauty. The grandmother somewhere, in a case, found also other accessories, a veil and long gloves. She got stockings earlier. With aspiration, I joyfully dressed all this on myself. It was strange, but the dress shrank on me, rather well having allocated a figure, not so men's, and the person. Under a veil it looked magically. Here the grandmother got from where photos and began to consider them, obviously comparing to me. — Look. — I looked and gasped. On a photo there was mother in this dress, near the handsome guy. Mother, in the photo, was poured out I. Under my legs as if the abyss opened, I couldn't even imagine it. I took one more small, but important step again. It is interesting where? The look was pleasant to me, I even presented Anton's number and at once banished this thought. It was too good, and to good quickly you get used. Half a year ago, I ran for girls, and now I enjoy the look in a white wedding dress. Where further? The question is clear, but the answer weighed me so far. On the other hand, I won't refuse institute, and it is much more best than school. However, there I am Anna, but also so I don't remember any more when I put on men's wear. At me is her and didn't remain. At last, I saw enough of myself though the feeling from a dress was so pleasant that there was no wish to remove him at all. Me forced to take this step only evening dresses in one of which, I will go on a date. "And what if I went in it? "I asked myself a question. I think, it would please Anton. Naturally, aloud anything similar, I didn't begin to tell, though I saw a grandmother's smile. It understands everything, is only silent. There came the turn of evening dresses. One was a celestial-blue dress with a section from a hip and long in a floor. Another length below knees, black with the drawing, in the form of a spider line, gold threads on the left side. Both were pleasant to me. For certain, many men got to this spider line. But there were also shortcomings. It is strange to look for what not to be pleasant, in good things, but I now also did it, critically examining dresses. Would be a man, slobbers would begin to flow on such girl, and here the girl eternally something wasn't pleasant. Nevertheless, for an evening visit of cinema, these dresses were good, and both. I hesitated long, but nevertheless I chose black with a gold spider line. Whether Anton will get to it? The grandmother approved my choice and got into a case behind panty hoses and other important trifles. I took off white stockings from myself with regret. Despite the elegance, to a black dress they didn't go in any way. Time till the evening flew by quickly. I even managed to dovyazat something. During a day heat it was necessary to sit in a saving cool of the apartment and therefore to think up to themselves a hobby. Knitting was ideal option. And time kills and the result is available. I didn't leave alone and Marina. To her all the same where to be, here and I came on a visit, to visit the girlfriend. It was necessary to show her a dress which, by the way, and hadn't to be altered. The marine forced me him to dress and attentively examined. Was also with blue. The second was pleasant to her more, but for cinema, it was more convenient. Having agreed with my choice clothes, she only confirmed that not for nothing I went to this profession. And whiled away day. Today didn't go to the beach. I couldn't, prepared for evening, and Marina herself didn't want. And here he, treasured call. Anton took an interest: Whether" I am ready? ". A silly question, I was ready even in the morning. Six o'clock in the evening and my hands nervously smooth fabric, and so ideally equal, dresses. Need to be beautiful and necessary suddenly became for me very important. Though Anton was also more important than it, the aspiration to become the best, was big. If to think, for the sake of this guy all also became. Here such here dependence. That it is more necessary, I don't know. Probably, both. This time flowers were. White roses removed to my hands at once as soon as we kissed. The marine was near. I a back felt her jaundiced eye. From it the taste of a kiss was even more sweet. It was necessary to detain a little him to try out completely. Well everything, probably, will be enough, and that still the sister to take offense. I and now have to care for her. — However, we suit one another? — an innocent question and we standing nearby, holding hands, I caused ambiguous reaction in Marina. She liked what she saw in this couple, but also most there was a wish for someone's reliable hand nearby, and it, just, and wasn't. — Of course, sister. You look just wonderfully. — Marina with a smile answered. Let though they will be glad. — I didn't know that you are sisters. — with astonishment Anton told. — And you don't know about us, however, the little sister a lot. — I decided to be marked out too. It seems that on the word "sister", to Marin jammed today, but I mind wasn't. Anton is accurater will treat me. The marine didn't refuse. She liked to play also on it I and tried to catch her. Without knowing yet why I do it, I twisted Anton's neck with hands and I clung to him. The guy, having understood that on heels it will be difficult, simple to go down to me took and I lifted me on hands, the strong and reliable hands. I smiled. It was what I waited for. The look of Marina when it wasn't seen by Anton was a bigger award. It eloquently said:" Well you and bitch! ". So, enjoying the small victory, I also went down. Anton, of course, seized the opportunity and let loose hands as he could, but also it was pleasant. It turned out, as to the guy it is good and it is pleasant to me. The marine, all this time, only enviously glanced at our couple. — I want that you and to Marin so wore. Anton, you don't mind? — this phrase surprised both Anton and to Marin. And what? I have to and to take care of the little sister. They exchanged glances. There now, my mission is executed also I, with clear conscience, pulled Anton to walk. It seems, he promised an appointment. The marine didn't begin to go with us, understanding the излишнесть. — Anton, and how you treat me? — I as soon as the sister disappeared from a look asked. The guy, probably, didn't expect this question and I and itself was surprised. The woman in me, behaved as she wanted, and sometimes afforded it and, even, still something is worse. I developed to myself Anton and kissed him. To spit that I am not a girl and that I interfere with Marina's happiness, now I wanted to hear taste of his lips. The kiss dragged on. When we came off from each other, at both eyes shone. — Ania, I said to you that you perfectly look today? — whether it is necessary much that to the girl "to melt" in the guy's hands? I had enough also it. — Where do we go? — I asked, nestling on the guy. — In club, the beauty, in club. — he frankly touched me, but it was even pleasant. It seems that the spider line works at a dress. — Today, you so beautifully look that it is wrong to hide you from people. — he smugly rumpled to me a bum that was pleasant to me. — Ah so, means I was going to share me!? — I artificially flared up to tease Anton. — Well, you want, we won't go. — amicably he answered. — Of course, we will go. All have to see what beautiful girl at you! — in response to it, he only kissed me again. This time it is short, we natselutsya still. I didn't believe, to the fact that I created. What girl? What "to share"? Whether I it? Further the road was without stops and after a while we suited to, shining fires, to an entrance of Prometheus club. It for me was for the first time too. What was allocated by orphanage wouldn't be enough even for one cocktail in a similar institution. At the same time, at all didn't confuse me that I was as the girl. We passed a dress code successfully. To be honest, didn't even look at us, only waved a hand "You pass". We heard a music roar at once. In orphanage, of course discos, but it to any comparison didn't go were arranged. — Here it is always so loud? — I cried out on an ear to the guy. — Aha. — he answered enough. It seems to me that he here, far not for the first time, and to shower the unpleasant feeling pricked. Anton noticed something, but copied it on musical shock. — Don't worry, it to be pleasant to you. — well, of course. The mood sharply fell from something. So, loudly exchanging words, otherwise it was impossible, we also reached bar. The spirit slightly improved, but the unpleasant deposit remained. I thought of Marin and her feelings. If she indeed so likes Anton, then I do to her unpleasantly too. Surely, I will talk then. I don't want to offend the sister. Strangely enough, but I really believed that she became me a sister. Rest in club was unusual and I, without knowing where we will go, dressed high heels therefore today it didn't develop to dance just to derive pleasure. Loud and noisy place. Perhaps then, as I will get used. Anton, as I also assumed, the was sign here also acquainted me with many. I called the girlfriend. It kindled initial unpleasant feelings a little, but strangeness of a situation didn't allow to enjoy new impressions. By the way, "darling" he called me for the first time. Friends and girlfriends, were also such, Anton had different, but everything, with interest, considered me, especially girls. Know knots whose territory I throw. It was necessary to hide a little for the guy. He, from it, only blossomed, feeling the necessity to me. Having a little thought, I even decided about myself that I will do it to a thicket. Both to him pride of the defender and me his feelings. To communicate long in, rattling music, club it is impossible and we solved soon rather I brought it to it that just will be more best to be gone to the cinema. There was a time still to get on an evening session. At cinema there was some comedy. I remember nothing any more because Anton was near and I gave all attention to him. He loudly laughed, together with the hall, at comical situations in the movie, and I looked at the person who suddenly became me such native and desired. The fact that I fell in love I wasn't afraid at all. It was obvious for a long time. Another confused, Anton too something found in me, despite my not absolutely female nature. The hand accidentally slipped from his leg a little above and came across quite considerable knob in trousers. I thought over this moment for a long time, but there was all absolutely accidentally. Several movements of my hand and it became a little more more. So there passed some time, the hall was dark and I didn't sustain. Buttons of jeans were undone hardly. "What are you doing? Stop! "and" for What you wait? Continue! "fought in my poor head. Anton didn't help too. He as if didn't feel what I do. Nevertheless, when a fly it was unzipped, he slightly stood up, helping me to release outside a t-shirt. Now, from his hot and eager dick I was separated by only fine fabric of pants. It too long didn't sustain and here I hold in hand his magnificent unit in a full fighting state. Too big it wasn't, but obviously exceeded the average sizes. Is what to be proud. His dick bewitched me and attracted. Having instinctively licked lips, I began to move on him the palm. Anton was doesn't mind and even more conveniently than villages. Business took a final turn, it is good though nearby was nobody from the audience. His cum pushes poured out to me in a palm, reviving in me absolutely other personality, the bitch. She enjoyed this look and if she, not people around, surely would pinch everything directly from a source. Now I could only take this nectar and drink directly from a palm, looking directly to Anton in eyes. Even, in the dark hall, I saw them, also clearly, as well as on light. He obviously liked what I did. I smiled and pinched a last straw. To my boyfriend it has to be always good and it is my duty. Strange thing, taste of a cum it wasn't so bad as I expected. The fact that it is Anton's cum even gave it sweetish smack. Actually, the movie already came to an end and we began to make the way on an exit. Anton wanted to seize the moment and to kiss me, but I evaded. I didn't want that my boyfriend kissed me on a "dirty" mouth. Only having visited the ladies' room and washout, properly, of companies, I kissed him on the street. People went from cinema and, of course, saw us, but to me was all the same. Today I had the real appointment. I understood Marina, Anton, really, the cool guy and even a cum at him tasty. I reflex licked lips. — Will you take home? Mine, probably, worry. — Ania, you are the best girl who I ever had. — Truth? The kiss was the answer to it. It seems, I can't live without them any more. While we went home, I all thought how would be if with me there was such girl. How would behave? So and without having decided anything, I calmed down. There is nothing to get superfluous into the head. Still there was a strong wish to tell that I love him, but so far I was silent. It imposed too much responsibility, first of all, on the man. It would be desirable that both of us were ready to it. Chapter 9. I absolutely also didn't notice how there were houses. Pleasant completion of an appointment in the form of walk on the floor on hands of the guy was the worthy end for him. There was a wish bigger, but night outside and the hooting legs disturbed. And girlfriends should brag. Nevertheless, I was gnawed by some unclear feeling. I had such intensity of emotions for the first time and I was afraid. "And suddenly it is not such? What will be farther?" these questions haunted me. On my happiness, mother was at home again , work, strange at her, and quickly understood a problem. Without having accepted any refusals, she, right after a bathtub, took away me to herself in a bed. Probably, she felt it once too and, of course, sought to give everything to the daughter. "It is strange that she is one. Beautiful woman. Probably, still waits for the father. "Naturally, aloud I didn't tell it. If my father was also that guy from the photo, behind it I precisely would grieve. For a second my and mother's image agreed on a photo in one and I felt it. My kiss was gentle and понимающ. The body at her was up too to standard. As we slept without night dresses, on the street there was a heat, I experienced it very strongly. It only strengthened romantic mood of evening and I wanted to kiss her. At first, there were doubts, but the passion doesn't suffer excuses and already in a few minutes we were with enthusiasm sucked, without forgetting also about bodies the friend friends. Our handles didn't stand still too, feeling each millimeter of a body. Panties left buttocks for a long time, discovering the eager flesh. No, the dick at me didn't stand for a long time, but a pleasant itch in all body and expiring clitoris lubricant, gave even fuller and pleasant feelings. It was strange to feel in a bed with the sexy woman and, at the same time, to play a female role, but it was pleasant to me. Caress came further and further so far, with surprise, didn't find a mother's finger in my ringlet of an anus. The fact that I will be deprived virginity by the woman, at that moment I also didn't think. During the next instant everything solved a body for me and itself was curved towards to mother's hand. — Went with me. — she whispered and my brain inflamed by passion reacted to it passionate "YES!". This time bathing procedures were absolutely others. Mother carefully washed out to me buttocks and even used some odorous lotion for this purpose. All the time she didn't release me, supporting the ultraboundary level of passion by kisses and fingers in buttocks. Them was two, and then there were also three. It didn't cause any rejection though I also understood all "not courage" of a situation. More likely, it got even more. And here we, clean and prepared, lie in a bed. Her sweet: "Turn on a tummy, darling" I apprehended as the long-awaited moment. "Well and someone I am now? And, not very well, main thing, well!" Positive thoughts allowed to endure well the first painful moments of penetration into me. I didn't even understand at once that she takes me as the girl the strap-on. I was at her such as I considered, for self-satisfaction. Now he was useful also to me. Pain was extremely unpleasant. I don't know what would be if to enter without preparation. I smiled weepingly. My mother loved me and only it was important. The morbidity, the artificial dick moving to and fro, soon began to be complemented also with pleasant feelings. Something in me I touched a dildoe and from it it became intolerably good. After a while feelings mixed up and now in them there was more high. Pain suddenly became interesting. How many so proceeded I don't know, but from the mother's dick which suddenly became such desired, I got down only when I shook me, the first in life, a female vsezatoplyayushchy orgasm. Devastated by him, I couldn't move and only in a couple of minutes found forces closer to move to mother. The wandering feelings wandered for a long time about my body until it, tired, but happy, switched off me. The last that I remember before falling asleep happy, is an anal pro-barrel which was delivered to me by mother. — Get used Pomala, and then will easier accept the man. — then I didn't apprehend these words properly, but then more than once thanked for it mother. Awakening was early. In a dream, I tried to embrace mother, but without having found her hands, opened eyes. In a bed, except me, was nobody. But the mother's voice was heard from kitchen. Having quietly crept to a kitchen door, I stiffened. At first just there was a wish to surprise mother, having unexpectedly fallen down her the head, but the attention was drawn by a conversation. My dears discussed me. Surprised as they seriously spoke about it, constantly calling me Ania Anyuta. Even after all these puzzling adventures, I still remembered the man's name. Neither mother, nor the grandmother ever said it. But how many compliments they paid. It is possible to think I, indeed, Ania. The subject jumped for work, nothing interesting, and I decided to seem. I am to be honest, tired to wait. — Oh, here our beauty woke up! — I was met as the. — Well yesterday has a rest? Family breakfasts were pleasant to me. They differed in some warmth. — Of course, but your company is more expensive to me. — I kissed both relatives. — You were born here and we are your family. — mother in the words was absolutely sincere. She trusted in it. Someone am I such to contradict her? At me took an interest, than I will be engaged today. As plans special weren't, I told that I will go to the city beach. There was a strong wish to swim for a while and Marina, after yesterday's, won't lag behind. Will surely demand details and I, of course, will give them to her. Something to hide from the sister, this last that it is necessary to me. She is my sister too. Mother and the grandmother, by the way, very much were positive to the fact that I had a sister. — Remember, the daughter, your girlfriends a lot of things means in the girl's life. I am a girl? Well, probably. With ease having accepted this thought, I agreed with them. Favourite and close people of bad won't prompt. At last, we finished a breakfast and mother went to put on to work, at the same time having invited me to help her. My help consisted in dressing and showing it all these dresses which I measured yesterday. Among them was also wedding. Mother, having seen me in him, I nearly burst into tears. Having praised me for beauty, she gave all these dresses to me, and even found still a couple. Here so I also stood, with the whole heap of beautiful clothes in hands. All this magnificence the white wedding work of art crowned. — Not for nothing I kept. Also it to be necessary for you. — she told with pride. — And now go. I still should put on. — she pushed out me for a door, without allowing to return any thing. I don't know how I dragged this mountain of beautiful linen to myself to the room, but at me it turned out. Only white stockings which not in time slid off white silk had to be taken away then from a corridor. Daily duties of the woman in the house are big and extensive. I to them was accustomed too. Only the call from Marina helped me to have a rest a little. The grandmother, seeing it, even I released me. — Go walk, the granddaughter, and I here and itself will cope. Here remained a little. — having kissed the grandmother, I ran to myself to the room. Soon, called a door. — Ah, it you, the granddaughter, pass. Ania already waits for you. — The marine at first was surprised to such greeting, and then understood and kissed the old woman. — Thanks, grandmother. — she spoke, indifferently. My today's updating of clothes became the following big shock for Marina. Especially it was pleasant to her a wedding dress. Of course, it wasn't without fitting. I measured all. Already naturally I put on dresses and, having received the flatter comment of Marina, I changed clothes in another. At some point, I was bothered by all this and the offer "most caused to try" only pleasure at the girlfriend. Now I gave her compliments. For the sake of justice, dresses to the Marine really went and sometimes even caused feeling of envy. To the girlfriend I didn't allow to measure a wedding dress. It mine and only mine. — Well, Ania, dresses decided to cajole me? Tell how yesterday took a walk. — the girlfriend passed to the most sweet. — Well, on the way to the beach, I will tell. — I was somehow turned out. All the same, will inquire. I hoped that we will come quickly, but Marina providently turned to the long road. It was necessary to go also to me with her. I won't leave her. I began the story. Having reached the beach, I didn't finish it on what the sister promised that she will surely listen to the end. We plunged into cool water and everything was forgotten. On such weather only here and to soak. However, even it didn't save from the forthcoming trip with Anton's friends. In the head and thoughts what to wait from her for crowded. To a marine I didn't tell it yet. I feel that then not to come off her councils. No, of course, I not against them, but also am not going to follow completely too. You never know that she about Anton thinks. We were bought and sunbathed perfectly. Bikini, strange, but it to me went, perfectly approached for this purpose. Even if I would like to remove bathing suit top, it would be extremely indecent and caused the corresponding reaction of vacationers. A little inconveniently, of course, sensitive nipples constantly rub about fabric of a bathing suit and are made horney from it. Constantly flashing thoughts of Anton and the forthcoming trip only strengthened desire. Hardly I waited till the evening. — A marine, we go with Anton and his friends to the country tomorrow. I didn't manage to say it as razserzheny Marina attacked on me with charges of callousness and carelessness to the sister. Also quickly остыв, she began to explain popularly to me what the girl in such cases has to do and where not to climb. The lecture was long. It was necessary to linger on a shop, but now I was very well grounded. Just imagine, girls give attention to so many trifles! In life so it was never surprised. Time already inevitably came to nine o'clock in the evening and I, having said goodbye to the girlfriend and having promised her it is obligatory to call from there, wearily went home. Today there was too long day. Houses waited for me. Both mother and the grandmother knew that the trip is necessary to me tomorrow. Judging by their comments, for the girl, this, some kind of, examinations on a relationship. As at women everything is difficult and tangled! Nevertheless, such way of thinking was more convenient. Despite the bulkiness and complexity, it gave more valuable and full answers concerning life. As from school to jump over it in institute at once. It was necessary to work also with clothes. I won't go, it is unknown in what. Only when pair of light sundresses, change of linen and marching cosmetic set took the place in my baggage, the grandmother with mother calmed down and we went to have tea. If you think that you all this, then are mistaken. The tea ceremony developed into the lecture "About Behaviour of Girls in Public Places". I heard a lot of things from Marina already today, but also new there was much. No, after all, to be a woman it is heavy work. Even if something is necessary to nobody, all the same, you take the responsibility for it, and then you pay off with nerves. But, as it is good when you appear the rights! Fortunately, it occurs almost constantly. There now, everything is finished. I almost already went to sleep when mother looked at me with a special look. It was necessary to be absolutely the idiot not to understand that she wants to sleep with me. I liked mother Sveta. Such soft and warm inside. Of course, I, with pleasure, went with it. Somewhere in a bottom, joyfully tickled, lifting in soul desire "to be favourite". I don't know from where it, but a body already reacted to her caress. I wanted Sveta again. So she asked me to call her at the moments of our proximity. I even forgot about Anton for a while. This time everything was longer and more gently. Having dissolved in Sveta's love, I forgot everything and was eager that it proceeded, as long as possible. And yes, the pro-barrel worked. Now it was much easier to accept her dildoe and caused more likely pleasant associations, than pain, though it was present too. Only, shaken to the bottom of the heart, the orgasm returned me to itself. I, with pleasure, kissed Svetino a favourite face and couldn't, not rejoice, such understanding mother. At these moments, I was Ania, her darling and the loving daughter. All my antecedents in orphanage as if became colourless and looked absolutely alien. And fell asleep, having twisted with the friend to the friend with hands for a neck and having merged in a kiss. What is love? I don't know, but raising of mood from a thought that I will have a rest with Anton today, loaded with a positive. And in me also yesterday's impressions of Sveta in a bed still wandered. Generally, I was ready. Chapter 10. Collecting was fast and effective. The grandmother didn't even allow to make up most though at me it turned out pretty well. — You have to be the most beautiful — she said, turning the head that to do something with my person. By the way, it became such womanly, even without cosmetics, I wouldn't decide to dress men's. With a beautiful make-up, I was afraid to look at myself in a mirror. My machismo, and it was still strong, wouldn't sustain over itself such sneer. When Anton came for me, he was faced by the most beautiful girl whom I ever saw. In any case, it was easily possible to fall in love with her. In a light, open sundress of light-green color with numerous flowers on all fabric, I looked charm and sexually. Anton, by the way, again didn't allow me to go down the legs. At him on it some hang-up. At last, we went down and I freely sighed. Without looking, that there were I not the legs, experiences for the guy were present. It was most of all interesting to see Anton's friends now. And suddenly I know them? As in water I looked, Inna, the acquaintance on school was too here. Having looked at me estimating up and down, she gave a compliment. The girl knew that I the guy, at least, was earlier. Even actively I uchuvstvovat in one of the first steps to the world of the woman. Interestingly, will tell all or not? It is necessary to talk to her a bit earlier, can not will begin me break rest? Inna had couple, the guy by the name of Victor. There was also one more, without couple, Igor. Having taken seat in the car, we went to "the cool place" as our driver Igor characterized it. He didn't tell lies, it was valid pleasant. It was the lake, one of many in the district near which there was a thrown summer camp, still the Soviet heritage long ago. Despite it, lodges in him not bad remained and the beach was supported same as we "savages" in good condition. Today there were very few people that increased our chances well to have a rest. As, I was as Anton's girlfriend, I can't still get used to it, we stopped in a separate lodge. All guys left at once to bathe, here egoists, and we with Inna began to prepare. At first she told nothing, only occasionally looked through on me. But the patience of the woman is very fragile thing and it broke soon a set of questions. Inna couldn't understand in any way what I do in such look here, and it was вызывающ and is sexual. If I could understand it, then would explain, but constantly emerging from within emotion only complicated business. Having convinced that near her not the guy, though disguised as she considered earlier, and the most real girl, and began to address respectively. And it was easier for me. These constant experiences" Someone I am? "I was very strongly concerned, and so though not reminded of it. The women was satisfied and completely took the power in hand. It suited me. Eventually, I arrived as the girl, means it is necessary to behave respectively. Having finished a contradictory question of my sexual identity, we as all decent girls, began to discuss guys. In it there was nothing difficult, the main thing to be given to process and feelings. With girlfriends in the yard, we passed it more than once. The conversation will get better also we and didn't notice how those guys whom we so vividly discussed until recently with Inna came. It is good that our conversation wasn't heard. Wasn't enough for me still to redden before Anton for some intimate details. — Girls, gather with us, without you it is boring. — well, of course, where you without us! We with Inna knowingly smiled the friend the friend and went to change clothes. Between us as if some invisible connection was established. I critically examined myself regarding male signs and found nothing. On the contrary, equal beautiful legs passed with deep thighs in, a pleasant form, buttocks. The waist and a breast of approximately average size was farther not osiny, but after all. All this was covered with the beautiful hairless glossy skin packed into turquoise, very minimalist bathing suit. Panties from it absolutely hid my genitals as if they also weren't outside. Quite maiden pubis turned out. The breast about the second size, more true small area around nipples was closed by a brassiere and too, little, hid from greedy views of guys. The thin woman's face, an easy make-up and long well-groomed hair supplemented an image. Well and someone in me will see the guy? But in all this there was also other party. Even change clothes I in all men's and obstrig hair, for the guy I won't be taken any more and I won't get into men's trousers, wide hips won't allow. Having rejected all doubts and having rehearsed couple of seductive movements, I left to Anton. Sing the control movement, and it was completely open, and at it eyes already lit up. Victor and Igor estimated it too. Even it was pleasant to Inna. I understood it how she embraced the guy more strong and forced him to kiss myself to look away from me. To Igor to distract there was nobody and he still absorbed me a hungry look of a male when Anton hastened all once again. — So, will be enough to stare at my girl, go more better to the beach. — Nobody objected. By the way, Inna looked effectively too. Her golden bathing suit, too very much pass, beautifully I supplemented slightly suntanned body of the girl. All this was shaded by bluish-black long hair over classical east face. At once it is visible, she didn't go to the sea this year. I liked to bathe and sunbathe. After almost ascetic life in orphanage, it was so pleasant, especially if so look at you. Of course, I tried to indulge Anton. One side I will turn, to others, I will ask to smear me with cream from suntan, in parallel enjoying excitement of guys. Their swimming trunks very eloquently spoke about it. I tried not to remember that I once was a guy and just I derived pleasure. And were shown on the beach till the sunset. Guys constantly ran to the car behind beer and juice, us with Inna leaving to luxuriate on the sun. It suited us, and thanks to cream from suntan, I didn't even burn down. Thanks to Anton. The mood was fine and we decided suit a dinner especially as all brutally got hungry. Rest on water demands many forces too. Now all cares laid down on our brittle female shoulders. However, we perceived it naturally and, with pleasure, began to prepare a table. There was nothing to Nagotavlivat there, and here it was necessary to tinker with laying. As a result, it turned out well. The shish kebab, is already guys fried on fire, all salads, lungs and not really, vegetables and fruit. There was also a baked potato made on the fire remains under shish kebabs. It, we with Inna, didn't entrust the furnace to guys. Wine flowed like water, as well as vodka. Soon, at all it was loosened tongue and we began to speak on very frank subjects. Including, and sexual perversions. At me in the head it was so easy and cheerful that I also didn't notice how the subject passed to anal sex. Anton only cunning glanced at me, "enclosing firewood" in a conversation, as well as Inna. Victor was minds it, but something prompted to me that he lied. Inna's eyes as if spoke" Well well, tell how you tore up me in a bum yesterday ". Igor didn't hesitate at all and even noticed that such beautiful buttocks as at me, he with pleasure would "punish". It was told "for fun", but good rest, the nature and alcohol absolutely liberated us. Unexpectedly, with Inna offered us will try "the fifth points" at someone it is more beautiful. Naturally, only girls participated, to shine guys with the hairy bums not to the person though I think differently. A competition was held right there. We with Inna in turn approached everyone and men, visually and hands checked someone is more best. Nobody hurried to take out the conclusion and even arranged couple more of circles of "checks". We with Inna were doesn't mind, and even on the contrary, twisted bottoms before the faces of guys not for high point, and just like that. After the difficult meetings of guys, they made the decision... in my advantage. Here what I definitely didn't expect. Inna, she is a natural girl how so? Guys, having victoriously clapped my back part hands in honor of a victory, and we with Inna already had it crimson-red from all these manipulations, drank to me and I wash..., well you understood. Despite "loss", Inna wasn't confused at all and even itself "congratulated", having stroked me is gentle. Her eyes much what spoke to me at this moment. Frankly speaking, after it at me absolutely "demolished a roof" and the rest of evening, I freaked out as could. The shame for the behavior disappeared somewhere. Instead of him euphoria came. It is good that it lasted not for long, and I don't know that that would occur then. At last, we go to sleep, and from the pleasant company Anton himself dragged away me. I there still would take a walk. But the guy is a guy and he should be thanked for a trip, properly. Generally, in the lodge we hardly became hollow. Anton would take me on approach, but there was a wish for some comfort. After all, it is the first time at us on serious. In general, I also planned it, and here also this competition which inflamed me very much. The guy got very sweet piece of pie today. Anton understood it at once and didn't begin to hesitate. Kisses became more passionate, deeper and longer, and caress is more frank. Here he strong polapat my bottom the winner and switched to a breast. God gave to women such magic tool! Nipples were very sensitive and, with greed, responded to any caress. So, soon, I couldn't constrain myself any more and groaned aloud, than made horney the guy even more. He and so hardly suffered. The dick with such force jumped out of pants that I was frightened that will jump in me at once. I was doesn't mind, there was only a wish "to play" still slightly. At some point became me all the same that the others will think and my satisfied groan spread much further a shaky summer lodge. I am sure that Inna heard him. Anton ceased to restrain too especially as my saliva on his body already became will evaporate from heat of desire. Without asking me, and I was very pro, he took and turned me. Well, at last, where you are my stallion, I am ready. In the course of the festivities, I managed to escape on a few and to be prepared adequately. The daddy it was washed carefully out and it is even oiled by fragrant. When one finger of Anton, then one more and still failed in the eager hole of my anus, he slightly was struck dumb. — I prepared for you. — at once I warned him. The look of the guy was replaced from angered on understanding. He thought himself a supermale, here let and proves it. — Take me. — I asked, with entreaty in eyes. Probably, it inspired him and he resolutely put a head of an eregirovanny dick to my hole. "Give, Anton, love me. I don't want to disappoint myself. "I flashed in the head, not so men's, and I resolutely set a thought buttocks back, being stuck on his body. Anton roared and exploded a series of vigorous movements, breaking off my anus in stuff. The size was, approximately the same as mother's strap-on, but natural heat of the real dick to replace with nothing. I with satisfaction moaned. "Now I am the real woman "this thought, on a pain wave, I brought unexpected rise. There was a wish more and more. At first, of course, it was unpleasant, but gradually feelings developed into something bigger and tremendous. "Not to compare the live risen flesh to a strap-on in any way "— I thought, giving all myself to the man. From this strange mix of pain and an unearthly high I was pulled out by an orgasm. Lying on a back and looking from below up in eyes of the ебаря, I smiled and twitched from the sweet waves running on a body. Sometimes waves faced and in this place there was absolutely unearthly feeling. For the sake of it I was ready for anything. Anton sat from above on Ania and, with satisfaction, looked at this freak of nature which coiled in an orgasm on his dick now. The show was tremendous. Let her and not absolutely the girl, but groans and fucks as any "natural" before. Reached even that he, with surprise, noticed that he began to be made horney again. This little girl! I didn't manage to recover as Anton began to move in me again, slowly increasing the pace. This time, he didn't hurry. The first bright passion passed and he just tore up me, watching how I was brought. And it was, and it is more than at first. Pain practically left, having left in private with mad desire. It was very sweet. I floated again, with pleasure, understanding that there will be still something. I cumed the second time, not less or maybe more violently. The body was pierced again by the improbable languor forcing to fly as if in heaven. I also didn't notice how I told:" I love you ". It was for the first time too. And here Anton didn't sustain and terminated in me again. Inside pleasant heat spread, filling me with a cum of my man. From this understanding, I even moved several times, being stuck on such desired prize more densely. When there is no force left any more, we just embraced and lay with each other. It appears, it is so pleasant to feel a strong shoulder of the man as a row. When I could get up, and it should be made to go to be washed and washed away, around was already silent. Only a small breeze he is lazy swindlers of a wave to the coast. There that I also gathered. I didn't manage to take also ten steps as it was attacked by Inna. That was absolutely naked with one towel in hands too, as well as I. Strange, but now I estimated her from the point of view of the woman what breast, buttocks, a figure and other. And, of course, I compared to myself. That, I looked not worse. — Well you also give, the girlfriend. You probably, roused all in the camp the shouts. What is so bad? — she asked, hoping for affirmative answer. — No, so well! — I answered proudly. Let knows! "Interestingly, she sometime in a row had two orgasms? "I thought. Inna only smiled and, having extended at me from a hand a towel and having thrown out it on similarity of sand, dragged in water. Yes I also didn't resist, itself wanted. Judging by shining, in the light of the Moon, to her body, it too not just like that lay. Water pleasantly an obvolokla my excited body the embraces. It was so pleasant that I didn't sustain and, having attracted to itself the girlfriend, I kissed her. Probably, very beautiful show, two girls, on a belt in water, kiss passionately the friend to the friend. "Yes I besides and lesbian. Mother, now and Inna. Soon, probably, and Marina will be "I thought, pensively. Our games in water passed into a sink of the girlfriend. I washed Inna, then she me. Time stopped again, making up for desire in blood. When Inna's fingers touched my hole, I wasn't even surprised. I accompanied only a little, having slightly sat down. When the sound of cottons of a palm was heard, I even understood not at once that it from the coast and intends to us with Inna. Oh, horror, there were all our guys ashore and pants on them weren't too. — Hi, boys, and we waited for you. — Inna took me by hand and led on the coast. From recently experienced passion, I even realized all situation not at once. They will see me naked! All right, if I was a girl, but at me too the dick between legs dangles, though not the worker. Sharply I became, being afraid to take a step. — Ania, me what by force to pull you? — Inna asked. — Yes be not afraid you, the little fool. You look as a pornstar. If you didn't know, to your forms and the person, a half of our little girls envy. — she said it already, having approached closer, almost on an ear. I departed a little. Thank you, Inna. This time, on attempt to bring me out of water, resistance wasn't any more. Guys about something with enthusiasm had a talk, podrachivy and watching approaching wet beauties. The stupor suddenly came at them when I left water up to knees. Just now Victor and Igor noticed a small anatomic detail which didn't fit into the concept "woman" in any way. My small shoot could be taken for a female clitoris, but all understood that it not he. — Shit, Antokh and same пидар! Moreover beautiful such as woman. — Igor exclaimed. There was an easy squabble in which decided to consider me, after all, the girl, though with a penis. Anton protected me as could, was even going to fight, but we with Inna rushed and separated fighters. The awkward pause hung. — Hear, it, Ania, you excuse me, I was mistaken. — Igor apologized, but in his eyes the devil spark danced. He as if said:" You will get to me, an otjeb ". A strange thing, but it was pleasant to me. I even began to be made horney anew. Sitting naked, before guys with horney dicks, I wasn't afraid of them at all. It became a little easier when also they went to be bought. Thoughts were hammered in panic" What to do? ", when Inna's words, her comparisons me and a pornstar were remembered. It, unexpectedly, gave forces and when guys left water, I also was it, free, relaxed and supersexual. Judging by their reaction, they noticed it and now addressed me only my woman's name especially as another wasn't known. Chapter 11. Evening, is more right night, there was all raskovanny. We found the general wave in a conversation again and had just a rest. However, there was also a problem. I terribly wanted in a toilet, and to ask I didn't know as. — I soon. From me beer to ask. — giggling, I told. — To spend you? — Anton asked. It seems, the conflict around me quieted down. — Thanks, darling, but I also can. — the joke was estimated by all and loudly laughed. The light strip of the beach disappeared behind trees and I quietly sighed. Someone would know how it was difficult for me to hold a beautiful mask though, Inna, most likely, understood it. Cela also focused on process. Here I was one and nothing concerned me. My streamlet cheerfully zazhurchat, carrying away to the world of simplification. Suddenly nearby noise of steps, and from me was heard, as ill luck would have it, everything flew and flew. After all, there was a lot of beer. — Well, hi once again, Ania. Or how to call you there? — it was Igor and he was near. I, in horror, calmed down. Fears, was receded, again returned. — The woman, you speak? And you know that it needs to be proved, and that I here don't trust. He approached and quietly the eregirovany dick, directly at my person podrachivat as it is. I only needed to open a mouth. Urine ran low, and to get up there was no opportunity any more. Igorev in we wash a dick to a mouth I didn't give it to make. The thought flashed" As Anton will react to it? ". Igor's penis was more, than at Anton. He hardly got into me, having crucified on himself. I thought that I at last, can be free when that left a mouth, but far from it. Igor with anybody wasn't today, and groans, our with Inna, made horney him. Further succession of events was obvious also my permission, of course, didn't ask. Having developed me to a tree, Igor sharply entered me. It was necessary only to accept him. Physical pain wasn't, but morally I was raped. Besides, he wasn't silent, calling all words which I knew on this occasion. The whore, the whore, the bitch and the other synonyms which are usually applied to the fallen woman. It was unpleasant, but most of them were truthful. And was. Besides to resist the desires it was useless. I now also received this cocktail of mixed feelings. I wasn't even surprised when it began to be pleasant to me. The bottom became, besides my will, itself to find for itself a comfortable position and soon, jumped on the guy's dick as the real whore. However, I such now also was. Come also all other guys, too would receive the share of a fucking. I already thought that also everything will lower in me, but was mistaken. Instead, Igor left, again lowered me on knees and began to jerk off on the person. Long it wasn't necessary to wait. Several big puddles of a cum found the place quickly, decorating mine, and not without that, a whorish look. Here so we also came to the beach. I timidly looked at Anton. Eventually, he is my boyfriend. — Ah you, the bitch, I drove you on appointments, gave flowers, and you are so with me! — he was in rage and it was clear, but what I could make? — Do you want this whore? — he asked suddenly Victor. That carnivorously grinned and met requirements of me. — Anton, Antosha, good, favourite, please, it isn't necessary! — I begged, but he as if didn't hear. Victor silently took away me from Igor and led in darkness of the camp. I went as exorcized. And what else to do? We had in orphanage also such cases, but to be in them rather most! It was too and I quietly began to cry. Tears quietly slid smearing Igor's cum on the person even stronger. I represent what look now I had. All game suddenly turned back against me and now I felt not as a pornstar, and the most ordinary whore. However, the special difference was also not. I knew earlier and such. — Quietly you, silly woman. — Vitya repeated Inna's words. — I with you will be gentle and you, at last, learn what is the real man not that this Anton. Such words calmed me, and that as he spoke of Anton "The guy Who Betrayed Me at All on Vida", even warmed. It is clear, that Inna found in him. I would like it the man too. Our sex was long and gentle. I didn't escape and itself helped Vit, than could, and it treated me, as the woman requiring love and attention. From all three of my today's partners, this was the best. My groan was carried far after the district. Then one more and still. Let Anton envy as him, now former now, the girl derives pleasure. Arrival of Inna to us became a pleasant surprise. She wasn't jealous me of Victor at all, and to try here three together she was doesn't mind. Soon we groaned already both, adding additional ingredients to passion cocktail. And fell asleep then, all three together. I woke up with nasty feeling inside. All yesterday's events, in a quiet state, seemed awful. I not only overslept with the man, but also became the whore for three. However, the last was pleasant to me especially. There was also one more unpleasant moment. All my things appeared in a lodge with Anton. I quietly began to cry. Something I began to cry often. — Hey, the beauty, don't roar. You cool annealed yesterday and the fact that left this "goat" of Anton, correctly. It is far more best to eat men. — I looked at Inna absolutely on the other hand. Yesterday she proved to be and as the excellent mistress, and today as the faithful companion. — All right to you to grieve, belongings went we will take away from Anton. — in it she did me great kindness too. I had no clothes absolutely, even panties now, and one I wouldn't go there. Absolutely accidentally, Inna had a spare sundress and underwear. Sometimes girlfriends are simply necessary. Having dressed them, I felt more surely though I to myself would alter it a little differently. Year in sewing school affected. Despite my fears, a visit behind things I passed peacefully. Yesterday, such terrible, today Anton was an innocent lamb. I didn't expect it from him, but I never from anybody heard so many words of apology. He begged to forgive him and said that he is wrong, swore love. I already thought to give in on these arrangements, but encountered Inna's look. "Don't allow this goat to mistreat you! "he spoke. The female nature is weak, I was convinced yesterday, but when near you the girlfriend, everything recedes. On arrangements I didn't give in and, is proud having taken away a bag, went to Victor and Inna. There, at least, I wasn't betrayed. Day went further and we were only going to drive off in the evening. I and Inna collected the remains of a yesterday's feast. Today everything was more modest, both a table and a talk. Even hints on the fact that there was at night also what I at all not the girl, didn't sound. As if nothing happened. The difference was only that yesterday there were two couples and the single, and today the guy with two girls and two singles. Judging by their views, both Igor and Anton very much were sorry about yesterday's. As for me, it was easy for me. Now I had nothing to hide, neither the nature, nor abilities, nor thirst of sex. Strange, but I was even grateful to all guys for this night. In me the bitch who wants woke up and this thirst of the man was fine. And spent this day, bathing, sunbathing and thinking of the. After all, it is good that I decided on a trip. — Well that boys, we to obkupnutsya and we go! — Inna, with pleasure proclaimed, dragging away me under water. During such heat she very much saved. Rest by everything, almost everything, was pleasant. We, with Inna, stuck around Victor on a back seat, Igor and Anton, smiled and joked, understanding that tomorrow there will be a new day and, most likely, a new relationship. Most likely, Anton already realized that he lost me and tried to hide it behind jokes. My female nature was accepted, apparently. In any case, the fact that I am Ania already nobody doubted. There was a question with Marina. How will I explain her a situation and, in general, I with Anton still or not? Of course, I took offense at him, but in this situation, and itself earlier, similar would make something. To see the girl with another and a fresh cum on her face, it is not everyone will sustain. Well and that, I am a whore?, Probably, sex loves with all, than I am worse? To the house reached without adventures and before dark. I was met! Here never I thought earlier that somewhere I am so necessary. The marine didn't look concerned and from what? I that told nothing to it yet. It to belong with sympathy for Anton. And whether it is worth speaking? While I went here, the determination to sort out the relations somehow imperceptibly evaporated and now even a little it is a pity. — Anyuta, as you sunbathed! — The marine appeared on my neck as soon as, I left. Even I didn't manage to say goodbye to all. Hardly, having unstuck from itself the sister, I approached children who don't mind well too to say goodbye to me. Yesterday's night weighed them. It even pushed the background that I was not absolutely a girl. At last, I released them, перецеловавшись with all. After yesterday's, other my strangenesses seemed absolutely insignificant. All received on a kiss, actually, as well as presented to me. I didn't begin something to allocate guys. I will understand myself, then everything will be. When the car hid behind the turn, Marina snatched on me with inquiries. I told something to her by phone, but the female nature demanded bigger. Besides, she noticed something. And how not to notice if I didn't allocate Anton with a special kiss? Doubts is in what she will notice, at me wasn't, but nerves, all the same, demanded. — Ania, what happened? — she asked directly. Her, the gleaming in the light of a lamp, gray eyes as if drilled me, forcing to open. Well, and to someone else as not to the sister? I hope, she feels to me the same. I began to speak. In the beginning everything came easily, the beach, a shish kebab and sex with Anton. But then I began to speak about the most sick and it was for the first time. From it, it was even more sore. Soon, on the middle of the story, I embraced the girlfriend and sobbed in her beautiful dress violently. I didn't want to spoil him tears, but also couldn't constrain myself too. The marine only quietly stroked me on the head, telling any calming nonsenses. After a while it worked, and can and the stock of tears ran low though rather the first, and I continued to tell already more or less normally. I, of course, understood that I look now just awfully, for certain, ink began to flow, but it was more important to be uttered. And stayed hour or one and a half, the grandmother didn't call yet and I took an interest. — The granddaughter, and what you home don't hurry? We missed. — I soon, grandmother. With Marina was late. — Well so call her too. — there was an answer. The marine didn't refuse. It was pleasant to it to happen at us and the fact that in her recognized my called sister, played a role too. At this moment of a conversation with the girlfriend, I already spoke for the second day of our rest, and there anything special also didn't occur. The marine frowned, smiled, very evil sparkles flashed in her eyes. For me there was a main thing that it empathized. At the same time, in me the guilt was felt. It I, the behavior, let and without an opportunity to affect it, I provoked a situation. Here also I expected reaction of the girlfriend. — Ania, promise me not to cry because of Anton, and I will talk to him, well? — Yes — I answered — Well. — There now and all. And now wipe tears and we go to have supper to you. — The marine was full of optimism, I too involuntarily smiled, looking at it. Good girlfriend. I nearly burst into tears from it, but restrained. Mother and the grandmother have to see the well rested and happy daughter and I will be her. Five minutes and my person again, as from a cover of the glossy magazine, beautiful and well-groomed. We found the second call from the grandmother already at doors. Having scolded us for what to have again to warm "hot", and it is unhealthy, she invited to a table. It was magnificent. Despite romanticism, the food cooked on a fire, well covered, house lunch or a dinner will be always more beautiful. I suddenly understood that I am awfully hungry and at once snatched on food. No, of course, I ate decently, but I had no such appetite long ago. Having satisfied the first hunger, I calmed down. Where to hurry? All the same, food won't escape anywhere. It provoked a heap of questions from the grandmother. In the majority, they were innocent, but also sometimes concerned Anton. Generally I got off light, even without resorting to a lie. I held back other adventures. There is no need to worry her in vain, especially, already and itself I didn't understand what it I worry so. Well, you will think, Anton made a mistake, but also I am not a chastity icon. Generally, anything terrible. The grandmother long also listened carefully. The marine held ears on the top too, only sometimes smiled to me corners of lips, showing what everything be all right. — My clear head, everything is correct. — the grandmother obviously hinted at something, only I didn't understand. She what understood everything? What understood? — And now to have a rest! — and here I agreed with it completely. To have a sleep yesterday at me her it turned out. The marine only kissed on a cheek at parting and whispered that" I am a good fellow ". I know. Eyes were closed at once as soon as the head touched a pillow. A strange concept about rest. Sometimes, outdoors you are tired more than on study. Today in a dream Anton wasn't. Chapter 12. I didn't notice, but events gained everything and gained steam. The summer comes to an end soon and I should go to study already in institute. There I will be already completely a girl and it should be considered. Actually, the problem in it wasn't. The last half a year, only this way also I lived, but now I will be forced to dive into a woman's world completely. Besides, how to be with school? Most likely, it is necessary to throw it, and it means also to Wan too. About all this, I didn't think now. To sleep in a bed of the girl which I completely replaced, spiritually and physically, to give happiness the presence new and the family of origin, here that was important. And, Marina, my called sister and the best friend on someone I will leave her? The house quietly sank into a sleep, only the grandmother couldn't fall asleep. She felt that to Ania there was something bad, but the granddaughter didn't begin to speak about it. It is a little поворочавшись, she after all fell asleep, with thoughts of Ania, the only granddaughter with whose loss, she didn't reconcile. Let this Ania was a little other, but the love of parents knows no limit, as well as grandmothers too. If now Olga was asked" Who is it? ", she wouldn't think of the answer. As the rock-climber who is desperately clinging to each ledge not to fall in a chasm, also Ania worried so now. Even morning in a warm bed in an environment of the loving family didn't add a positive to her situation. And not a relationship with Anton was the matter is that. She just lost the men's heritage. In the world of women it was excess freight and her brain slowly but surely, got rid of it. If she goes to institute, and it, most likely, to happen, then will formally cease to exist as the man. Here that most of all frightened Ania. As it is behaves purely in a feminine way, to men's habits returning, only remembering the past. On the other hand, her new life is much more best. There is more heat and the good moments and, to be honest, it was pleasant to Ania much more. With such thoughts, she also woke up, having decided to talk to the grandmother seriously, but intentions of the girl weren't fated to come true. The nose tickled pleasant aroma of pie. It can lift from a bed and present good mood per day to any. Ania was not an exception and as the zombie, I started wandering on kitchen closer to divine aroma. — Oh, here our beauty rose. — the remark of mother was in a point. To lift lifted, and forgot to wake. — Well to wash and we will have breakfast. — this lovely habit to receive morning food in the bosom of the family bewitched Ania. "For the sake of it it is possible to suffer one more day" Ania thought, turning to the bathroom. The habitual ritual of washing and targeting of beauty took some time, but when it left, all estimated result. "If to play, it is so serious "Ania thought, imperceptibly burning for herself one more bridge to herself last. Cottage cheese pies were very tasty. The grandmother, sometimes indulged them with mother, in the right frame of mind. Today her purpose was to improve Ania's mood. Yesterday obviously something happened. It would be desirable that she told everything. — As to you Anton, granddaughter? — Ania even choked, but the provident grandmother already poured her milk. — He to be pleasant to you? Here I somehow liked long ago one guy. — history that was told by the granny was long. At the end of her, she became silent, urging Ania to continue the. Willy-nilly, it was necessary to speak. At first it was difficult, but with each word, the girl as if it was cleaned and words flew much more willingly and more frankly. When Ania finished, all this delusion suddenly left somewhere, having left behind shame and a shame of that of night. She just was afraid to look in the face of the grandmother and to hear from her what she is a whore, the whore and other doubtful titles which she earned there. — Eh, granddaughter, youth, youth. As I walked once! — Ania Neveryashche raised eyes on the pensive person of the old woman. She not only didn't begin to abuse the granddaughter, but also itself remembered few times from the rough youth and, apparently, she didn't regret at all. More likely, I dreamed to repeat it. Her adventures blew the mind too. For example, as the team of builders spent the night at them in the house once. And other similar stories. — The grandmother, you won't abuse me? — Well that you, little fool! Such moments warm me now and you will be then too. — the answer stunned Ania. She presented herself on the place of the grandmother now, this story telling the granddaughter and shed a few tears. Reminiscence, really, seemed warm and live. Having looked at itself from the grandmother, she understood that she just had no chances to hide it. The determination to sort out the relations suddenly didn't become at all. Ania, with improbable warmth thought of future possible granddaughter that she will sit here so in kitchen, behind her pies and to share the intimate thoughts. Would she like it? Of course and. Ania, with a smile was accepted to already cooled down pie. It became much easier for her when she was uttered. There was only a problem as to make this granddaughter. — Today mother will arrive. She missed you. — the grandmother told it so as if I indeed was a daughter. Nevertheless, acceptance me, such as is, and my problems adjusted on a good harmony. Why not? I only nodded in reply. The breakfast absolutely destroyed my plans to sort out the relations and gave hope that in this look, I have a chance. How many I tried to make something, the destiny rejected every time back. Only it encouraged Ania to go forward. To steam of pies pleasantly settled in a stomach, giving strength and mood to live further. There was a question with Anton and I, for a second, didn't doubt that he will want to talk to me today or tomorrow. Piliknula the SMS, notifying that he my being, however, a strange combination of words for the guy, wants to communicate. Well, we will talk. The fear was replaced by rage and determination. By the way, I think Marin too it will be interesting. Now SMS went her. Here so always, I wanted the truth, and I received the next godsend. Resolutely forcing down delusion, I went to put on. The sister had to come just about. I lacked time, the dress was at a smoothing stage when called a door. As is, in a dressing gown, I ran to open her. — Hi, girlfriend. How today mood? — The marine embraced me and whispered on an ear that:" you the best, don't even doubt ". — It is good that you dressed nothing yet. Today your special day therefore it is necessary to look respectively. — with these words, she went to my room. It was necessary only to follow her, and it is beautiful to put on today, I also wanted. — Hi, granddaughter. — the grandmother met to Marin by a kiss. Quickly they found a common language. However, united their one, one is more right and it I. The door of the bedroom was closed and Marina efficiently opened a case. Her eyes ran on all dresses, blouses and skirts, without forgetting and other small, but important, a thing of female clothes. To be honest, I and had no man pants. At last, three options were spread out before me to beds. The first, strict black suit with a skirt, I rejected at once. Hot on the street and there was no wish for a semi-official organ. I walked to views by the remained options. Everything that was chosen by Marina was too beautiful or elegant. It categorically didn't suit me. I don't want to show to Anton that he is some special. Having resolutely rejected all offered options, I got quite ordinary skirt and a blouse. Now, unless, carefully drawn make-up gave me. The marine at first didn't understand my maneuvers, but then experienced something and began to help, completely supporting. Working as uniform team, and we with the girlfriend perfectly understood for a long time the friend to the friend, gathered quickly enough. — Well, it is ready to open the new page of life? — The marine expressed subtly, but I understood it. Determination to change something there was much. — Went already, and that Anton will buy up all flower stalls now. — she joked, pushing me to a door. The marine, of course, joked, but the bouquet in his hands was. — Ania, forgive me. — his hand shivered, stretching me flowers. He was beautiful and just looney smelled. The reasons not to take him weren't. — Of course, Anton. — I answered so though I would tell something it seems earlier "lovely, expensive or favourite". But all these epithets weren't applicable now. Inside I said goodbye to the guy for a long time. It was necessary only to tell it aloud. Once earlier I didn't understand girls. Eternally at them this uncertainty, "yes" at once "no". And only recently began to reach me. There was everything primitively simply, they also don't know what they want, and business of the man to convince her that "his right cause". Nothing difficult, but it costed to me many nerves in the past. Now, I enjoyed. Both "yes" and "no" had identical weight and only the mood solved everything. So far Anton wasn't lucky. Too much "no" was in me in relation to the guy. I don't doubt that he will at once find to himself another therefore even the pity wasn't. It was only necessary to tell it and to go further. Flowers were pleasant to me and I even ran home, to put them in a vase. Eh, Anton, appreciate my victim, on heels I ran. On the road I remembered how he carried me on hands to the door. Pleasantly, but it solved nothing. When I left, Marina with Anton about something briskly exchanged words. We went to the park. There it is silent and the plan "was expected to leave Anton" on him. — What do we speak about? — cheerfully I asked. There was no wish to long today at all. — I asked on a trip. In vain you didn't take me, it would be more cheerful — the girlfriend responded, winking at Anton. It stirred up strange feeling. She what, makes advances to it? Probably, it was reflected at me in a face because the guy once again asked: Whether" All as it should be? ". Well and what he is such darling now? What suddenly did light a wedge agree on me? — No, not as it should be. — I rose. — You offended me by the mistrust there, on vacation, allowed to potrakhat to everyone, and now and to the Marine are glued! Thought that presented flowers, bought it the girl? And here you were also mistaken. I am not such! Let it happened, but someone you are such that to judge me? The stunned silence both was deafening after my angry tirade. And I told the truth. — What are we silent, pigeons? To Potrakhatsya? It there! — I pointed to nearby bushes and is proud walked forward. In my opinion, neither Marina nor Anton, expected it from me. — By the way, Anton, now I won't get you any more. Walk with someone you want. — there now, apparently, I told it. The plan which is thought up with Marina went to hell, but it didn't concern me. Now I am precisely free. The first Anton regained consciousness. Having caught up with me in several steps, he became ahead and squeezed my hands in the, beggarly looking in eyes. Despite the unpleasant moments in our transient relationship, in Anton the courage what I sometimes strongly envied to was very strong. To me such earlier. — Wait, I like you and I love you! — this was strong also I, even, was softened for a second. Happiness hormones cheerfully ran on an organism, parting forcibly the others" Hey, there give love! ". We stretched to each other lips. Everything would be good, but Marina was in time the first. Her hands seized me and tore off from almost begun kiss. The magic moment of a unification was lost and was again remembered where I and why. I rolled rage. — You... even you can't kiss the girl, properly! — in the upset mood I cried out. — And here so? — Anton attracted me to himself again. This time Marina couldn't prevent and our lips merged in a kiss. We calmed down, and caress threatened to develop into something more essential when I came off the guy. To me it was good with him, but continuous differences of mood very much exhausted. Anyway, it was necessary to have a rest from a relationship. — Anton, you good, only I am not ready now. — Well, we will wait. — hasty he agreed. One more scandal on the street was definitely not necessary to it. Already rather big crowd, with interest gathered, considered our strange Trinity. The marine reminded us that got stuck in the sun and, in general:" we can receive sunstroke ". So, holding hands, all three went towards cafe of ice cream. To us it didn't prevent to be cooled. Too many precipitate words took off today. People began to disperse disappointedly. Apparently, the drama ended. I was conducted, at the same time, as if some concluded. On the one hand there was Marina who is jealously glancing on me on Anton. With another, Anton strong held the hand. I didn't understand these views of the girlfriend at all. She, as fell in love with me? The fact that Marina considered me the person dear to pleased. Even didn't begin "to beat off" Anton. Ice cream cooled on the heads and feelings a little. We even communicated on abstract subjects a little. Generally, quite so, we with Marina also planned to sort out the relations with Anton, in a cool and rest of cafe. — Will you think, well? — the guy timidly covered my hand with the. — Yes. — I shortly answered. It were the only words for us. By the way, Anton didn't allow us to spend at least one ruble and paid for ice cream. Home we with Marina went slowly. Anton already I left and, to us to girls, it was possible to speak quietly. — I don't understand what you want. — The marine was right in it. I also didn't understand, but feelings didn't get to anywhere and I had to live with it. I had no concept why so it am pleasant to the guy. And knows everything. — I also don't know. — for a second I was interrupted and attentively I looked at the sister. — You are in love with him too? — the semi-question the semi-answer hung in mid-air. — Yes. — Marina sadly answered. It became suddenly opposite to me for himself. These sad gray eyes opposite as if shouted "He is necessary to me!" and I decided. — And you know that? He loves me, I love you, you love him. Do you know, what does it mean? — The marine was confused by my logical chain. — What? — she asked again silly. — That, native you washing that you have to meet him. And I will always be near. Both with him and with you. We will call? — the idea was wild, but a stressful situation made possible and her. The marine nodded, with surprise, examining me. To be honest, I and didn't expect it from myself. Anton took the call almost at once. He already well understood, character, how explosive at me, and emotions are strong. What he heard threw him in shock. It appears, I will think of him if he meets Marina, whether the girlfriend, whether the distant sister of Ania. The answer was required immediately and it, of course, agreed at once. The marine was a nice little girl, though not such attractive as Ania. Why he liked this "girl" Ania who absolutely and not the girl, he didn't know. Three together we planned the next meeting for tomorrow. Decided that so far, without Ania, they won't manage. Here we will also walk together. Chapter 13. The first appointment was solemn. And I and Marina prepared especially. Paid much attention to both clothes and a make-up and jewelry. As a result, our appearance was such is that won't fall in love with us it was impossible. Anton looked adequately too and, of course, didn't forget about roses. This time they got, shining with happiness, Marin. In response to it, she presented to the guy a kiss. In the beginning, they investigated each other the uvulas, then were drained in stronger. It was so sexual that a wish arose to, but today there was an appointment of the sister and I straightened out myself in time. When they stopped kissing, only the make-up hid my face, pink from confusion. The marine, of course, understood everything and is only guilty smiled corners of lips. In the menu of our evening there was also a cinema. So far decided not to go to club. Not all got used to such situation. I, precisely. The movie theater twilight this great place for couple. The lack of light hides your real look and you relax. The girl's hand involuntarily reaches for a fly of trousers of the guy, and the guy doesn't mind to check softness and tenderness of skin of hips of the girl. So also we sat. Only Anton's fly was investigated by two palms, washing also Marina. Anton didn't suffer too. He had an opportunity to investigate both my hips and Marina. I don't know how at the girlfriend, but at me he acted very actively. Excitement at all three read off scale, but only the girlfriend could receive something bigger today. As a result, the evening cinema hall turned into walk on the dark park. The marine understood everything and soon they retired to learn each other closer. I hope, Anton with it will be gentle. There was no wish to try to catch then the sister's eyes" That you under such goat enclosed me! I couldn't warn! ". Directly, matchmaker some. There I was superfluous and though offered this plan itself, was jealous a little. The groans sounding from bushes were very eloquent. I even began to regret that I went to it. Soon, they left, happy and still horney. It is necessary to hide somehow emotions because I was found at once. As compensation, I received a long and long kiss from Anton. He was with some strange taste. Only then I guessed from where he. It could be only Marinin' taste of sponges, those that hide under panties. Quite unusually, but there was a wish to try the original. On the other hand, the girlfriend nestled on me. Doubts imperceptibly lost the value. If him it is good, then someone I am such to disturb? Though, and me it is quite good too, it seems. I came across a loving look of Marina. It seems that someone's places it was executed and not without my participation. Home we went slowly. Nobody wanted to the stuffy apartment and it was pleasant. I all thought and whether it is worth forgiving that treachery, but thoughts didn't go at all. We will wait, the determination was, giving the chance to Anton to embrace me stronger. Involved me in this game very rigidly. Still couple of days ago I hated Anton, and now I adjust under him the close girlfriend. Why to me it, I don't know, but there was a wish for continuation. That, the grandmother so cunning looked at me when I told about that adventure. And I don't consider it bad any more. The soft bed accepted me, absolutely removing excess thoughts from the head. Well and that that the best friend and the sister meets my former now? "Former", funny, I have former. Strange thoughts, but so natural, both heated and caused confusion. Eventually, me bothered to think of it and the dream overcame me. Dreams are different, both terrible and good and even erotic. Probably, the last dreamed because heart strongly fought and the body pleasantly ached. Well, just like last night in the park when Anton with Marina retired for more close acquaintance. At night I suddenly woke up not one. In the beginning the hand came across someone, sleeping with me, then it reached a brain and I even began to panic a little. Moreover and this horney state. Having opened eyes, I needed only to exhale with relief. Near me mother slept. I gently carried out on her hand embracing me. As if having felt it, it moved. Now I appeared in her soft captivity completely. The nightgown on it wasn't that only added piquancy of a situation. It was difficult to sleep, of course, but having embraced her, at me it turned out, it is even more pleasant than one. The moonlight lit her face a little and I involuntarily admired him. Age wrinkles only decorated him. And still she would resemble very much my native mother, be she at me. — I love you, mummy. — I didn't keep and kissed her on a cheek. And fell asleep. For the morning having set a hand and not having found the night guest, I began to panic again. I don't understand what is with me. And one is bad, and another isn't more best. The sun was already seriously played by beams on the person and it was necessary to open eyes. And here also a pleasant smell from kitchen. It will raise anyone and mother already got up. It is necessary to get up especially as the gushed memoirs forced heart to fight quicker. Well and what here dream? The morning shower finally banished a dream from the head. At a door of the bathroom were knocked. — The daughter, the breakfast is ready. — mother's steps went further, leaving a satisfaction smile on my face. The family really was pleasant to me. This feeling was related to an orgasm, only more softly and is longer. I didn't begin to delay expectation especially as as it is almost I finished, and right there, I left. Every minute with family it was abruptly and I wasn't going to waste time. As it is how many years were lost. — Well as it was fallen down? — with a smile, mother asked. — Well, and with you it is even more best. — I so got used to a role that I already and didn't play. — Today I have a day off, will walk? — strange, but I never saw mother's days off. She always somewhere was. — Of course, mummy. — and still simply it gave pleasure to me to pronounce the word "mother". It is more than nothing interesting at breakfast occurred though I also expected any questions. In any case, the daughter precisely would set them. Probably, she wanted to make it in walk. We gathered quickly. And I and mother needed only to make up. The fact that mother made up me today was special. I, with some feeling of triumph, noted that I would make up not worse and. It is possible to walk in the city in hot summer day only in one place, the park. There we also went, having come, on the way, into cafe frozen. It was the popular place too. Contrary to my expectations, she was silent about the main thing. Only different trifles discussed also all. Gradually, I began to be nervous. Really mother with me doesn't want to speak? This thought was very painful. I also didn't assume that I so got used to family and the "temporary" role which threatened to become a constant. — Anechka, I understand as you hard now. — she suddenly sharply tried on a subject. — To be the girl not just to derive it pleasure from guys, it is a duty, every day and every instant, to give love and attention. Do you understand how it is difficult? Still not to understand?! Also I think only of it. — What you will solve now will remain with you for the rest of life. I would like to see in you the daughter, you and so almost her became. But you have to solve. The fact that she addresses me in a feminine gender moreover, so penetrating, strongly touched. Add my today's doubts here. Generally, I didn't sustain again and burst into tears, directly in a mother's beautiful dress. Here a habit, bad at me, to spoil dresses tears. — Well-well, don't cry, I know, you at me absolutely adult girl. By the way, and tell how to you was with Anton? And that my girl became a woman, and I don't know as. I long didn't need to be asked. Probably, it was our first conversation with mother on sex. Me as if broke through. I spoke and spoke. Even I described a yesterday's triple appointment. Mother was only silent and nodded. The benefit, we sat in an old part of the park and people not much here walked. I not just told it. Again and again enduring those delightful or bitter minutes, I was her, her daughter. Interestingly, Ania be alive, she would pass on this path too? At last, memoirs and words ran low, leaving behind only feeling of proximity. And soft maternal strokings on the head seemed something natural. — I want to admit to you something, the daughter. — she started talking a low voice. — I knew that and will be and specially trained you for it. Our entertainments with your buttocks were only in order that it was then not sore to you to accept the man in itself. It was pleasant to you? I couldn't lie, of course, it was pleasant. And even the accompanying pain was already perceived more likely as the amplifier of feelings. And the fact that I was fucked by mother, preparing for the man, I even understood it. Someone does the person have closer than mother? Tears dried for a long time, but from mother I didn't come unstuck. It was so good. Would I like to leave her? For a second having presented it, it was terrified. Of course, no. But, it seems, she knew it from the very beginning. — Maybe still frozen you want? — Of course, I want. — I smiled. Mother attentively looked at me and in couple of strokes, corrected a make-up, the victim of tears. Having satisfied with a look, she got up and lifted me, the happy daughter. I understand that I plunge into female life deeply, but I already am not sorry about anything. Even the last name is remembered hardly. Along the avenue of the park there were beautiful a woman with the girl and about something chattered with animation and laughed. It seems that mothers with the daughter it was good and these are many noticed, watching them jaundiced leave. Family family, and the choice, though obvious, I all the same, suffered. And with army it is necessary to do something. We came into cafe ice cream and I couldn't constrain a surprise sigh. Rather far from us, Anton and Marina sat. She laughed, and he whispered something to her on an ear. "Here, bitch. I didn't manage to depart, so the girlfriend already gets rid of me from the place. "I wasn't confused at all that I think of Anton how about the guy. And here Marina's behavior was shocking. Mother noticed, of course, everything, but was silent, askance watching me, standing in a queue. In such days there were always many people. Even despite expensive ice cream, there were always enough persons interested to have a rest. The marine burst out laughing again, lighting in me jealousy fire. Fortunately for her, mother soon approached with ice cream. Before her it was a shame to me to show such feelings especially as I also reduced this couple. Having put on a mask of the respectable daughter, I began to tell something to mother. — And in my opinion, you with Anton look more better, than she. — and mother nodded on a sweet couple at the table, having unexpectedly interrupted me. I became in color, it isn't worse than Scarlet Flower. — Yes, calm down you. They don't see us. To my happiness, ice cream at us reached a limit quickly and the occasion to be late here wasn't any more. Mother said goodbye to me and left, surely having punished, not to be late for a lunch. I as the silly woman, remained in the park. Home there was no wish at all. There was a thought to call Marin or just to approach them and to state everything. Also strongly the rage smothered. I trusted in the girlfriend, and this bitch takes away at me the guy! There were many emotions and only the miracle constrained people around from this explosion. Something is a bit too much them recently. Not in forces to suffer, I resolutely walked to cafe. Now this skank at me will receive! But in their cafe wasn't any more. Helplessly looking around around, I began to look for this sweet couple. Neither the cafe, nor his vicinity gave me the answer. I wearily fell by a shop, the obscured brain, thinking out myself the plan though foreknew that nothing will turn out. Here phone rang out. He called and called until I understood that wash it. The female handbag small, but in it is usually so much napikhano that you won't always find what is necessary. Soon, I had phone in hands. On the screen shone "Sister". I didn't even know that to say to her though I was ready to pull out all her red hair half an hour ago. — Yes. — I told in a tube. — Hi, Ania. Listen, here I accidentally saw Anton and talked nonsense with him, even forgot to call back to you. Imagine, he invited me in cafe. And so, he told such ridiculous story to me. Listen... — Where are you? — inconsiderately I killed her. — Houses. — all this that I should have heard and I at once hung up. To the Marine I went, with determination, to have a talk completely with her. The way passed, as in fog, leaving behind only a chain of the traces from spent for transport, money. But time forces to forget some unpleasant feelings and by the time of when I called a door of her apartment, the rage evaporated somewhere. There was only a question:" And why didn't call earlier?" Chapter 14. Marine, having opened a door, at once I noticed my pale look and I led on kitchen. Having properly pushed me cookies and sweet tea, it waited so far I will recover. The marine was always a quiet girl. Even in a love relationship, she didn't seek to climb forward and to prove to the guy how he should arrive. She met with Ania unexpectedly easily though that and a girl wasn't. In any case, about such people she also didn't hear earlier. Ania on her didn't press and demanded nothing. She appreciated the girlfriend and the sister. The swamp stirred up all this story with Anton. This guy was pleasant Marin long ago. Only she didn't know how to him to be risen, in view of the modesty. Here also went in friends. Here he happens upon Ania and between them the love story is begun. In spite of the fact that Ania, actually, the guy though recently she began to doubt it, looked very good she. The marine didn't want to admit to itself, but it is much more best than it. Then they quarreled, and, there was absolutely wild history. Reconciled again though it was visible that Ania, her called sister, takes offense at him. She so zadurit the head to the guy that he only also spoke about her. Even to meet Marina what the girl so long waited for, Anton agreed because of communication with Ania. And here the girlfriend sits opposite in kitchen and has sweet tea to recover. When Marina opened a door, Ania as the witch, with the burning eyes and very pale skin looked. All appearance of the sister caused internal fear. — Do you like Anton? — a strange question from Ania. She perfectly knew that "yes". — Ania, the sister, what happened? — The marine still didn't understand anything. — I saw you today, in cafe. — Ania's look was such as if took away a favourite doll from her. — Well, were. Wanted to call you, but Anton had not enough time and you, most likely, wouldn't be in time. I suddenly began to understand that I made a big mistake. The marine looked confused. I urgently have to show it that everything is good. The following of minutes five we stood in an embrace. The anger passed into desire to keep family at any cost. The marine entered into family too. Sister, after all. — You sorry, I just saw you, there in cafe, and I don't know that I thought. — Ania felt the guilt and tried to smooth down it. — You if you like, meet. I won't be any more. — Ania, tell honestly, you love him? — I never answered myself this question and was now lost in the answer. Marina interpreted my difficulty with the answer on the. — I and knew, the girlfriend! — the sister looked to me in the soul and I couldn't lie to her. Of course, I loved. Even it wasn't necessary to tell it, it was so obvious. — He yours and only yours. I will call him now and I will refuse. — The marine pressed on me. I couldn't accept Anton too now. The rage for that treachery still played blood. — Give, you with him will take a walk so far, and I can't so far, well you understand. The marine nodded knowingly. It would be unknown, she could forgive it. Sisters merged in a kiss and some time only "wet" sounds of the French kiss were heard in kitchen. — And tea, really, sweet. — I noticed Marin after a kiss. — And still, you are very tasty. — she added. Now I didn't remind the witch any more though emotions and didn't get to anywhere. I was reached just now by sacral sense of "girlfriend". So many emotions should be put somewhere, and more better than other woman nobody will be able to accept them. In Marina's kitchen the world and only phone call from mother who reminded that it is time for lunch set in. Ania answered that she will come with the girlfriend. — We are always glad to see your sister, you know. — mother Sveta knew her girlfriend and minds nothing had no. Naturally, Marina didn't refuse. I went with the girlfriend, under the handle, and it seemed, the sun caresses us the light, so to me it was good. — Only you with him more careful and see that didn't run away accidentally. — I Marin didn't need to explain about someone there is a speech. With these words, we came into an entrance and I even thought that so it is even more best to live. In any case, is closer to me. Well, and for all the rest there is Anton when I give him, one more, chance. I in myself decided for a long time that it will be. Marine at a table didn't hesitate at all. Spoke about everything as the. Mother and the grandmother, took an interest at Marina as there Anton. They knew history background from me. The girlfriend didn't hesitate of my dears too and told everything about our plan, Anton's control. Mother with the grandmother only, with pride, glanced at me. Still, their daughter independently learned such, important for the girl, the lesson. Marinyna a respect share was present too. To have such modest, but clever and faithful companion, too happiness for the girl. In this case, I also learned this vital lesson. "Interestingly, they so with enthusiasm speak about my women's experience. Somebody remembers my man's name? "this question wasn't asked. I well played to Anin a role. It is unlikely, the chief actress of my role will be forgiven if I tell that she not to be pleasant to me. Besides, it is a lie, a role to me to liking. So, having found out everything that is possible, at us with the girlfriend, smoothly finished a lunch. It seems that mother with the grandmother know about me more, than I am. In the end, they even surprised me, having invited somehow to a lunch and Anton too. It is obligatory to invite, they insisted. Surprised, we went to my room. The marine wanted to bring order to my things for a long time. Here in it, experience I still had a little. Oh, I feel and намеряюсь today. Despite scepticism of the girlfriend, my clothes it was pleasant to her. She even praised me for taste in spite of the fact that the clothes to me passed into "inheritance". Fitting, by the way, too helped an exit of emotions. I measured once again and a wedding dress. And Marin there was a wish to look and it is pleasant to me. Each time, it put on easier and easier. So, you look, and I will get used. I don't know how many this fascinating occupation borrowed time, but outside the window began to darken. — Well everything, I was convinced that to you is what to dress, and now to little girls. They, by the way, very much took offense at you that you don't come in the evening into an arbor. What, do you avoid girlfriends? — here Marina was right, very long ago, behind these disorders, I didn't communicate with little girls. Actually, these hours fittings weren't in vain and in five minutes, I was ready to an exit. Nothing open and shouting. After all, to girlfriends I go. The marine, once again, praised me. It seems that "I am a good judge of things" as the sister said. Girlfriends, having seen me right there attacked with charges." I forgot girlfriends! "," I don't love them! "," I proud became! "charges poured from all directions, but me again, thanks to her, saved Marin. She began to speak for Anton. I, of course, also didn't hope to conceal it, is simply unreal, but here then. It was necessary to be connected also to me. The marine samoudovletvoritsya with satisfaction from a conversation, having winked at me. Well, the girlfriend, I to you still will remember it. The following half an hour we sorted a situation on a small screw. It is no wonder that guys are lost in a relationship. They never in life will see so many parties in simple things. Unfortunately, today I was subject to analyses. Well, all right, even interestingly what is ponasovetut. Also advised a lot of things though the main thought was already clear and obvious: "It I am guilty, overlooked! For the guy an eye yes of eyes is necessary. ". Here such verdict was rendered almost unanimously. Anton, of course, too was discussed, but what from them, guys, you will take? They understand nothing. And here girlfriends agreed with my plan. To Ania, my odnoimennitsa, here such amusing coincidence, pointed a finger too:" Here look, and you cried. Here so would make and everything would be good. "Other sufferers, except An, today, it seems, weren't. Soon my subject became uninteresting also girls as hungry sharks, switched to guys, discussion is more right than them. According to them, Kirill was the coolest. Almost all were lovesick according to him, but he already had a girl from the neighboring yard. From it little girls strongly were angry. At me even the thought flashed to tempt this Kirill and to leave him, having returned the guy to the native yard. I think, little girls would be not against it. The marine, probably, noticed something, not for nothing it is my sister, you will hide nothing, and pushed an elbow sideways, preventing the next nonsense. I only smiled to her in reply. There was here, a supervisor. By the way, interestingly, she is my elder, younger sister or the twin. No, definitely not the last, and about the rest it isn't sure though behaves as senior. Were couple more of insignificant subjects, it is a lot of regrets that the summer comes to an end and plainly any more to leave to have a rest anywhere. In this regard, I was even a little envied. — Well and that that I served three dicks, but there was a lot of sex and orgasms didn't consider. Here some, only dream of it. — it was wild to hear for "the guy, in me", but it was pleasant to Ania. By the way and, I didn't consider orgasms. Especially, right at the end, with Victor and Inna. On this positive note also dispersed. In the sky stars already burned. What was told by girlfriends especially the last, was the truth. I already and itself began to think so. I already stepped there were in darkness of an entrance, and bulbs I there and don't remember ever as I was intercepted by Marina. — Don't you think to be engaged in this Kirill? — she asked, looking to me in eyes. The sister, what too is lovesick on him? — And from what you took? — being indignant I asked. — This look at you always on Anton. In the same way, you looked at him when I acquainted you. — it was and is offensive and joyful that Marina revealed me. — Well, it is possible to look at that? — Ania, and suddenly he will fall in love with you? You aren't afraid to lose Anton? — the sister was right, but from it it was only more sore. In any case, I didn't exclude such opportunity. The thought of two guys was, but why to me they? I didn't know, but wanted. On the other hand, at all there was no desire "to divide love". There was also one more moment. Kirill could be a homophobe and then my life will become hell here, and it is necessary to me? Huge set of questions mixed up in the head and suddenly became crystal clear, I Love Anton! Otherwise, why then to make all this porridge? The marine, once again, saved me from itself. — Thanks, the sister, I love you. — I whispered these words, nearly crying, presence of the girl so pleasantly was near. She even allowed me to embrace herself and only the exacting phone call of mother tore off us from each other. — Forever — I told, stretching slightly bent little finger Marin. — Forever — she answered, closing hands the finger. With happiness I nearly began to squeal, but the girlfriend only pushed me to a door. — Mother waits. — she reminded. — Yes, mothers, already I go. — I spoke already from an entrance, waving, at parting, Marin. Today occurred so many that I didn't wait for anything else any more, but day didn't end yet. As soon as the door was closed behind me, mother called from my room. Very strange. To remove and put away shoes was minute business and here I am on the doorstep of the room, looking at mother. But another was interesting. On a bed and a table eight dresses and a heap of skirts and blouses which I at her didn't see earlier were spread out pieces. — Well, go here, look. — it was clear what to look at, but why, I didn't know. Fluent survey showed that the majority of things was qualitative. Pair of dresses and skirts were from expensive good fabric. And in general, quite good things. The size was approximately my or mother's, she on the size — two is more than me. There were and here things which were pleasant to me also those which, I would present Marin. This orange dress would approach to her ognenno to red hair more, than my light fair-haired. — Well what you will tell? — mother didn't sustain. — I don't know and what is it? — It to you hi from our girls at work. I couldn't but tell what wonderful daughter at me who to study as the seamstress, here they also ponadarit. To alter like, to them it is expensive, and you also will cope. Here I didn't expect such stroke of bad luck. It isn't even sure that it is blow, the benefit can. — If you want, you can alter on them a half of these things. Little girls will even a little pay. You can keep the others. The plan was pleasant to me and I began to examine clothes more carefully. It is clear, what to keep everything, will be rudeness, but also money will give, and it is very good. — Of course, mother. I can begin tomorrow. — I told, plunging into the world of an indposhiv. — No, daughter. At first deal with Anton. It is more important. — with such words she left, having left me with a heap of clothes which should be licked into shape. — The daughter, leave everything so far. The dinner is ready. — I was delighted with the mother's idea with dresses. Frankly speaking, bothered to stay at home and walk in the park already. So, though money I will earn and excess things won't prevent. Fortunately, evening more intruded upon nothing my leisure and after a tasty dinner, it was necessary only to remove, properly, at itself the room. Things, unexpectedly, appeared much. It was necessary to allocate under them the whole shelf. It took time and to sleep already, I laid down, with plans for the near future on alteration of clothes. Anton in thoughts was, but on a background. Vanya, former me, wasn't absolutely. The pillow still stored a smell of mother's spirits that only calmed and gave forces. So, imperceptibly, I also failed in a dream. Chapter 15. Days went behind days and the summer already considerably lost the force. Not so brightly the sun shone, there was no urgent need in hats any more and it was possible to build something beautiful on the head. Beach waste and a constant sit-round gathering with girlfriends in an arbor became a norm and cloyed already a little. The only thing that saved, is work on clothes. I did it not how many for the sake of several beautiful belongings, such were too, how many, that to do something. It turned out beautifully and conveniently. Mother's girlfriends praised me. Soon, seeing it, and the grandmother with mother joined in a game too and gave a set of the things on alteration. A part on me, a part to. Especially, I liked one summer light green dress. I made it at once. My look was rather touching that mother understood that I want it. She also was doesn't mind, but it was a hundred times worse to see me such. Mother long turned away then from me which turned into "the tselovatelny machine". — Well, all right, you won. Go measure. — she told it is conciliatory. I didn't need to repeat twice. A large beads of "sea" color added my dress, turning into the beautiful mermaid. Very much it was pleasant to all. Mother, once again, embraced me and noted what I am a beauty. Of course, it is the truth, and itself I know. Need to be necessary, so, and beautiful, already strongly impregnated my blood, giving pleasure from any compliment. Eventually, I am a girl. And any woman it still that "forty". One more problem was so formed. There were many beautiful things, and to carry and there is no place plainly. Won't you go to the city beach in a smart dress?! There it is necessary to go in a bathing suit, is desirable less. Here I was a little saved by one more departure on the nature. Of course, you will hardly dress something evening, but the goof there was no wish to look too. All same company was mixed up, this time, Marina. Well, and where she would release Anton without herself? Well, and without me be at one. Or me without? I absolutely got confused in our love triangle. This time everything passed normally. Victor, as and it is necessary, thriftily raked up me in embraces. And I also didn't resist. On "friendly" I kissed with Inna. Absolutely-absolutely on the adult. Than also caused loud comments of our guys. One Igor was out of work. I revenged him. And there is nothing to offend the girl, let knows. It is visible that he also suffered from the behavior, but it was even pleasant to me. The marine sometimes disappointedly looked through on me. "And where spirit? And where adventures? And where insatiable tyrants?" told her eyes, accusing me of the missed opportunities to have fun. But everything, as ill luck would have it, went well. I was even loved and treated, as a porcelain doll which needs to be protected. To put it briefly, long-windedness. That adventure was remembered more better and if I was asked" What I want? "it is unlikely there would be doubts. This Marina also reproached me. I imagine what egoist, she considers me. Here and have a rest. Now we were more best are familiar and the negative afterglow from a trip wasn't. There were quite cordial relations, even with Igor. I revenged him enough and I tempered justice with mercy, having allowed to myself is closer. I not a beech what. Cheerful campaigns on clubs began that it was very necessary for me to distract. Soon new academic year, the intersection between Vanya who in school and Ania who entered the institute began. I also had no special choice. In me nobody saw Vanya any more. Unless such beautiful girl can be a guy? By the way, from where this beauty, not clear, but everything suited me. Silly question. Mother forced to clarify even stronger hair and now they went down платиново white falls. And length already was decent, covering shovels and pleasantly being rolled as ripe wheat under a bright sun, at gait which I changed to the best too. They so caressed views of people around! Personally I, was thrilled with the hair. I represent that people think of me. The only thing, it was necessary to look after them. And not just to wash when dirty, and almost every day, using lotions and special oils. It at first was unusual and took a lot of time, but then began even to bring pleasure. I played the role very diligently, also and prepared for it. Here such beauty I is unexpected, for itself, I became. And what I am a boy after that? Circulation on clubs and the companies partially helped to reduce stress, but, every day which is bringing closer me by September first became not more cozy. Acquaintances much, but a trouble or happiness that all of them knew only the girl in me became unexpected. — Girlfriend, are you ok? You as though, you are afraid of something? — I didn't sustain once and I asked Marin. I told her the fears, especially, she and so knew them. — Too to me, I found what to be afraid! — The marine either didn't hear me or didn't understand. On the other hand, and of what I, actually, am afraid? What is made you won't correct any more. It allowed to look at a situation on the other hand. Well, I am a girl, and beautiful. Where is the problem? In absence of a vagina at me? In our advanced time, it is not a problem especially as I am not going to give all to the right and on the left. Anton loves me, such what I am. He to me admitted it more than once, and more nobody is necessary. In documents too difficulties weren't. All documents of Ania were safely restored. I saw the only complexity in visit of the gynecologist. What to the doctor to tell me? Mother and the grandmother thought. I don't know, can at them, as will leave. Also in the beginning Ivan's disappearance concerned, and somebody has to notice it. But, having thought well, I understood that nobody needed Vanya. Even in a military registration and enlistment office I was looked for somehow he is lazy. Generally, step by step, I became another. Strange, even the sense of humour changed and foolish jokes of guys began to seem ridiculous. What to tell if I even imagined guys in an attractive look. It made horney and my old memoirs already seemed very sexual. Though, to be honest, with myself last, I would hardly begin to sleep. Here, Anton, stop, will be enough to think of him. Nervously fingering a hem of a short skirt, I jumped." I don't want to think of this idiot. I gave the girl to friends, and then something else wants! "such thoughts visited me in increasing frequency, and and sex still there was a wish. I won't begin to approach just like that it and at once on his dick to jump! Let though will give the sign, will tell what wants to be with me. Eventually, it is a man. All these attacks of jealousy and desire demented me." Nothing, a rabbit, you natrakhatsya with Marina and still you will come running to me to lick wounds "this thought heated. — Ania, you heard? — What? — I answered inattentively, pulled out from the pleasant imaginations by Marina. That of which, just, so unflatteringly I spoke. The attentive look of the girlfriend got inside and I only needed to look away to keep a secret. After all, she is my closest friend and to lose her, plans weren't too. The marine told nothing, and, having turned to little girls, continued to speak further. To come across again, especially, so silly, there was no wish and I had to focus on a conversation again. Well and why, tell please, me these soap operas which I never watched? However, it was pleasant to girlfriends and it was necessary to represent sincere interest. Only Marina laughed, seeing my attempts, well is fine, the sister. It was on August 26 and we with domestic girlfriends, as always, whiled away the time in an arbor. Soon new academic year and hardly to us to turn out to gather also freely. The dispute someone is more best from the main characters erupted with an unprecedented force. Even it became interesting to me. Though, didn't come to a final conclusion, everything it was cheerful. Only phone calls from relatives, forced us to be interrupted, having decided that both are good. I presented myself on the place of the main character, for some reason her, and with pleasure, noted that would look not worse. With regret, leaving covered with such mysterious moonlight, an arbor, we dispersed home. There were no superheroes from movies, but pleasantly smelled of homemade food. At me, for example, and was. The marine thoughtfully went to the entrance nearby. She lived a little farther. — Do you all think of him? — I moved and would like to start talking, but didn't know about what. There was no wish to offend the close girlfriend by the truth, and nothing else, as ill luck would have it, in the head climbed. — Yes. — I answered very briefly. Something should be told! — Anton loves you too, the little fool. Maybe reconcile? — here in it, I didn't understand to Marin at all. She has such cool guy, and she adjusts everything the girlfriend to reconcile with him! — Yes, it is fine, the girlfriend what, already bothered? — falsely cheerfully I asked. On it Marina only reddened. And, so, that it became noticeable, even in incorrect pale light of the moon. — Sorry, Marin, I joked. You understand, too now it is hard for me. — Everything, you got me! Tomorrow we go to speak with Anton! — resolutely she decided, taking me by hands. And that, I don't mind. After that, her kiss was especially sweet. Here that the best friend and the sister means. You won't deceive her. With these thoughts, we also left, having promised the friend the friend, to dot one's "i's" and cross one's "t's" tomorrow. At Marina too phone cracked already a couple of minutes, without allowing us to say goodbye quietly. — Yes, mothers, already I go. — all this that I heard before she came for a house corner. Chapter 16. To tell that I was upset with this turn of events, it would be wrong. In soul Anton was also hopelessly forgiven for a long time by me and Marina's decision to help to arrange my destiny only pleased. By and large, I assigned this decision Marin. It is good that she was the decent girlfriend. In an anticipation of tomorrow, the dream came instantly. It is bad when the girl looks ugly at the time of acquaintance. Something similar also was tomorrow. I woke up, with feeling something new. It was difficult to tell that it and the ray of sunlight importunately stuck together me, forcing to wake up quicker. The feeling as quickly, fleetingly appeared, and disappeared. The morning shower finally brought me into a "fighting" form, disseminating pressure of the last weeks. Everything, I was ready. The grandmother didn't show that noticed my spirit, but eyes checked from time to time. I hardly waited for Marina's call. Having right there put on, I slipped out for a door. That short red dress which I wanted to put on so long ago somewhere as if gave forces. However, it also drew excessive attention. Passing by shops at an entrance, I heard many comments from the grandmothers who are usually sitting there. Well everything, now at them is a discussion subject for all day. Then also to my grandmother Olya will blame that corrupts the granddaughter." Here, presently, girls put on more modestly! "the worn-out plate all turned and turned at them in the heads. The girlfriend already hurried to me on a path. Too, all such beautiful and dressed up. Again this feeling of jealousy. Will be enough, it offered this plan. Though, this red hair color so to it went. — Hi, bride. Well, went to get acquainted anew. — I was covered suddenly by a deja vu. It seems, for the first time, when I saw her in school, Marina was in it is white a pink open dress. She wants to disperse or stronger to meet with Anton? Doubts began to sharpen me again. Generally, we looked extremely effectively. Grandmothers are even stronger than a zatsokala languages at an entrance. The girlfriend didn't pay any attention to it, and with enthusiasm conducted me on a bus stop. When passed the park, I began to worry. Usually our meetings took place there. Passed some more stops. Now, I definitely understand nothing! Constant search in windows of the bus someone familiar, only added alarm. The hand of the girlfriend only squeezed mine more strong. On the inner clock, there passed not less than a half an hour when Marina pulled me on an exit. Strange, one of the central streets. What here such interesting? People left much. The majority entered the market nearby here, but I doubt that there it is necessary to us now. Vorobyov nothing to do to two bright birdies in crowd gray. — There now also came. — she told, stopping before beauty shop. Frankly speaking, I wanted to see Anton, but I won't give from salon. — Went, then you will tell thanks. — again riddles though I gradually began to understand, why to me it. I am not a hypocrite and, of course, wanted to look beautiful "on all hundred". Of course, I went. It was one more that very much was pleasant in my maiden life. When you in beauty shop, treat you as with the queen and it so gets. The salon to which we arrived too was good, only I was confused by a glance which was darted by one of masters. By the way, surprisingly, but man. The constant attention, from his party, confused, but I copied it on the appearance. Well, wants, let and looks. Would be an ugly creature, would hesitate, and so, please. In our program there was everything. From manicure and a pedicure, to a model hairstyle and a special bathtub. The marine nearby, too did itself a full course and, appear, noticed nothing. Soon, also I calmed down. The rest of procedures passed as if in a dream though for me it wasn't clear why Marina spends considerable money to put the girlfriend in order. I will tell honestly, we left salon charming beauties, the bright red girl and the sexy blonde. Not for nothing I put on brightly. The corresponding make-up and a hairstyle only enhanced this effect. As the proof, several guys paid attention to us at once. Still not to turn? I coquettishly smiled to them, but the bad girlfriend pulled me further. — There now, I said that everything will be good. — smiling, she told me. — And now surprise. In principle, it I had to lead the girlfriend to the similar place, but itself, with pleasure, spent several hours in beauty shop. For some time, even I forgot about a main goal for today. — Well, here also came. — we went to an entrance to cafe. Marine phone nervously called, forcing us to dump the course. — We are near already. — the girlfriend didn't begin to listen to the invisible interlocutor, and at once warned him. She was obviously nervous. Can from special attention from guys now, and maybe from nerves. Views and there were enough smiles of guys to get lost among them forever, but I didn't forget the main objective. Probably, I am a one-man woman though the attention was pleasant. So, having overcome doors of the cool room issued in original "city" style we came into the hall. Whether the atmosphere was pleasant here, whether people was not really much, whether the heat wasn't, but I relaxed. Because of it I didn't even notice how before me there was a white aura, having quickly been defined in a bouquet of roses. Just such which Anton liked to give. Fell to this moment, flowers below, having opened it in embarrassment a smiling face. Such, he saw me for the first time and, it seems, this look struck him. — Thanks. — I murmured hardly, taking flowers though there was a wish to throw everything and to throw oneself on the neck to the guy. Cheeks became warmer, demonstrating that I will redden soon. It is good that there was a twilight. — Well that go to a table. — he was nearby and to recover completely it didn't turn out. Only the menu saved. Running eyes according to the menu, from above, shooting eyes at Anton, I managed to restore control. Only, on glossy paper, I didn't make out dishes. — Order something on the taste. — I got out of this awkward situation. Waited only for me and Anton at once began to order as though, foreknowing that I in the menu will see nothing. The marine all this time told nothing, only observing fight between me and Anton. Sparks, of course, didn't fly, but also none of us were going to give up. The first toast, and we drank wine, was born by itself. — For great ladies. — judging by a look of the guy which drilled me through, it concerned me, first of all. "Lady" from me, of course, still that, but the toast was pleasant. We quickly drank a wine bottle. The toasts following one one were too good that them not to support. With snack we weren't in time. The head began to grow heavy again. Now from alcohol. "Really he wants to accustom to drinking me? "the thought was wild, but logical. Otherwise why to invite? I is a little drunk I smiled to Anton. Of course, it a little went, but the guy the first began to play this game. — Anton, I would like to tell you something. — I looked askance on the Marine, but saw only support in her eyes. They it is drunk too gleamed. — I love you. — declaration of love was given hard, especially if to consider all our circumstances. It seems that wine was here not for nothing. — I too. At first it was strange that you to me suggested to meet the best friend, but then everything became clear. I knew that this moment, will sometime come and was prepared for it. Stretched me the most real Golden Ring. It so invitingly gleamed in a box that I didn't keep and took. — Will you be my wife? I understand everything, to walk, fuck, it is one, and to make the proposal... I don't know what to say. Only my fingers foully twisted a ringlet in hands, getting used to this feeling. And matter not only in gold. What will follow it was still important. And it wasn't slow to come true. — Will you dress? — I asked shy giving a hand. Alcohol slightly muffled a siren, in all crying out in my head" the Silly woman, same forever! You are a guy, stop! "But process is started and I needed only to observe how the ringlet which, by the way, appeared my size slowly and truly crawled over my finger, taking away from me freedom. Strange, but from it, in soul only the good feeling rose. And what I so took offense at him earlier? The sense of the event completely reached me, only by the end of a lunch. The head, from food, was a little cleaned and now I, with horror, understood that not only the girl, but also the bride. No, of course, Anton was pleasant to me, but it, I definitely didn't plan. The marine, nevertheless, supported me, having right there begun to address respectively. To be honest, I didn't even understand that it was, falling or take-off? — Anton, you are good... — didn't allow to finish to me. — I know, darling, Marina told how to you it is important. If I could throw lightnings, then from a metal chair under the girlfriend nothing would remain, as well as from the girlfriend. Someone is she such to do it with me? Marina something is concentrated considered in the plate. — I passed something? There was no wish to kill her any more therefore I answered. — No, anything, everything is all right. — naturally, nothing as it should be was, but also to show it was no sense. The lunch ended peacefully. More surprises weren't. And, I went there, it is simple to reconcile! Now the symbol of reconciliation delayed to me a finger, eloquently specifying to someone I belong. Though it was and informally, there is no road back, it is necessary to speak with mother and the grandmother. Generally, behind thoughts how to speak, I also didn't notice how I completely accepted the role offered me. And I could refuse or, at the worst, it is simple to take a delay on "to think". Anton didn't begin to insist on caress, understanding my state. It even touched. Such understanding husband!" Future husband "I corrected myself. The marine all road told any nonsense, carefully avoiding Anton's subject. I even understand her. At an entrance left as usual as though, nothing occurred. The last test was difficult, but on that it and the last. The grandmother noticed my new ornament accidentally. From this point, she began to ask questions. I am not a love ninjia and to hide the feelings and emotions I can't and I don't want. Soon, she knew everything and, only her respectable age, prevented me to beat off her embraces and tiskaniye. Well, directly, as some cat. — I spoke, the granddaughter. Here, the dress was also useful. — I understood that she doesn't mind this marriage and so, but all these emotions frightened me a little. The grandmother shone happiness as if she was a bride, but not I. — When do you go to the REGISTRY OFFICE? Where will you celebrate? — earlier I hoped to ask all these questions to the girl, but not to hear most. It is good though they didn't demand early replies. And there passed time till a dinner. Today, by a lucky chance, on I am mute there was mother. Never I will forget her face when she heard this news from the grandmother. Mix of joy, shock and confusion. As if, I ate candy and doesn't understand, sweet it, sour or bitter. Of course, I didn't avoid hugs and with her. — Daughter, good, favourite. As I am glad for you! — and I didn't argue with it at all. For the first time for long months of our "family" communication, I felt it on myself and it was fine. Well that I for the person? Me cut off from men forever, and I also rejoice to it. The situation slazhivatsya extremely unambiguously. Pink color of curtains in my room spoke "You are a girl!". Most cried out also all my things and jewelry. And the ringlet on a finger also specified "the Bride!". In the morning it was necessary to get up longer than usually. The gold ringlet which I didn't remove beautifully rejected rays of the sun and played on light. But nothing is capable to resist a pleasant tasty smell from kitchen. The bathroom took not a lot of time today. I still should have been in time in institute, to receive necessary documents and just to get acquainted with future sogrupnik. Question: Whether" To go to institute? "I didn't stand any more, in communication, with yesterday's events. Somewhere it is necessary to develop and process of work with fabrics was pleasant. The wedding of which I tried not to think so far already became a reality. I won't be surprised if it was arranged specially not to lose me as Ania, the beloved daughter of Sveta and Olya's granddaughter. The much bigger problem was that it was pleasant to me. And though male ego still resisted, any more it couldn't make anything. In me the young woman who is eager for love grew and blossomed. The marine, of course, volunteered to go to institute with me. Having issued to the girlfriend valuable instructions, the grandmother released me, having noticed that she, next time, will be very glad to see Anton. The marine was noted also here, having told that we already work on it. Here the bloodsucker, and here got. I hoped for bigger. Everything passed in institute simply and boringly, I hope, will be more cheerful further. Sogruppnikov we didn't find. Those someone were, it seems quite good children. It was amusing to see as their look at first felt me everything, and I looked most beautifully, and then I came across a finger with a ringlet. It caused a stupor in guys. How it did someone manage "to band" me the first? Girls, only lovely smiled." Minus one "the competitor, it is always good. Well and me future support. Generally, in the afternoon it borrowed. When we with Marina got out of the institute building, there was only a wish to take rest and be bought. Now, when I fully entered female life, it became much easier. The doll became a butterfly, and they love very much flowers. By these flowers Anton at the house also met me. The groom looked just smartly and very clearly hinted that he doesn't mind closer to get acquainted with the bride's parents. Well, the father wasn't, mother too somewhere was, and here the grandmother Olya was present always. She so considered Anton that that first very much was confused. Well, and I enjoyed this show. Wanted me? Receive in a set of my favourite women. Any lunch makes sense to come to an end and here the grandmother surprised me. Probably, Anton was pleasant to her because she, having shut the door with a bang, left. I remained with the groom in private and other option of development of an event wasn't any more. The bed under us suffered long. Anton decided to recoup on me for all those times which he passed or he was replaced. Blowjob he demanded long. The pleased smile was replaced by a passionate look and then he just didn't sustain and having put me on a back just entered as the man. He took the woman as wanted. Actually, I also didn't object, though it was sick. But, at the same time, it was fine. Two opposite feelings were suddenly weaved into one intolerable. From the passion which gushed over me suddenly, I saw his face absolutely differently. He as if descended from an icon, giving me happiness. At this moment I couldn't suffer any more and I was flooded by it, a long-awaited orgasm. It is possible to tell that I became his wife at this moment, but it isn't enough. I wanted to be for it everything. When we finished and just quietly lay, reveling in presence of each other, to us quietly knocked and told that we came to tea. The thought that someone heard all this, and shouted I as it cut, made horney me, as well as my darling. His dick so ridiculously and, at the same time, was lovely stuck into me. The second, but not the last, a series of our love was shorter, but also she forced me to fight in an orgasm again. This time I already a little that felt, being completely given to the madam — passion and the owner — desire. When we left to the dining room, there were both a grandmother and mother. — Well hi, зятек. — unperturbably mother told, inviting us to a table. Anton moved also I together with him, having strong caught the guy. On it mother only burst out laughing and noted that he needs forces. After that, I, with pleasure, released him. It was interesting to observe how on an empty plate of Anton there are new pieces of pie again and again. I tried. Soon, he ceased to pay attention to them. My future, but darling, the husband was full and I lagged behind him. I perfectly understood that a beautiful game in the girl Ania stopped being a game for a long time and became life. With grief, I remembered the antecedents and I said goodbye to her. At the same time, me nobody prevented to seize strong the guy, it is a lot of to me giving. Mother seized him, it isn't worse than a bull terrier, the questions sometimes forcing to redden. I only needed to be near to support Anton. — Ania, and show to the groom a dress. — mother forced me to redden strongly. I could also guess it! It wasn't necessary to ask twice and I dashed away to the room, to show what beautiful bride at the guy. Anton's reaction became the best award for my efforts. His jaw, likely, got stuck somewhere in the cellar, and we live not on the first floor. Exclamation sounds just melted ice in we wash heart though there was no he left and so almost there. The fact that I belong to him doubts in it, wasn't still yesterday. But today Anton acquired full authority to dispose. Even moreover, I gave him all rights, having got up in a wedding dress. The third time wasn't, though there was a strong wish. Marina came and the guy hurried somewhere. Generally, the bride disappointedly remained to wait. I also felt it now, fading in a smart white dress in Marina's embraces. Someone how not she, will understand me? It was necessary to take off a smart dress though a crazy thought to leave in such look to girlfriends was. I imagine, these rumors. Yes, I pass won't be given then. It was necessary to put on more modestly, much more modestly especially as at our hen parties guys weren't. This time I tried "to be in a subject" a conversation and not to drop out of reality in thoughts of Anton though it was difficult. Constant trainings, nevertheless, yielded result and, from outside, even it seemed that it is interesting to me. Partially, it and was. Having traditionally warmly said goodbye, we began to disperse. Surprisingly, but such evenings with girlfriends very much helped to cope with a depression, concerning loss men's "I". Now it worked also on pleasant, but a stress, from own future marriage. Chapter 17. There passed several days. The last moments of summer are always filled with a special charm when you seek to make everything that wasn't in time in three hot months. Even some nostalgia on heat of the sun arises. Also we didn't avoid this summer damnation. Active festivities under pleasant, already on autumn, the sun and mad aspiration to water captured us entirely. — You are happy, the girlfriend. — I told suddenly Marina when we lay under the sun and just enjoyed the last warm days. She thoughtfully drove a forefinger at me on a hip as if drawing something important there. — Your Anton is crazy about you. Even with me, he always thought only of you. Ania that, Ania сё, I bored, frankly speaking. I needed only to listen carefully to the sister's monologue. I couldn't object and it is necessary to be uttered by her. The marine ceased, having stared at some invisible point on my leg and accurately twisted it with a finger. It is interesting what she draws there? Having satisfied, Marina continued "to paint" me further. — And you know that you always were for him a girl? — the question was unexpected, but, it seems, didn't demand the answer. — From the very beginning, you were for him only favourite and desired. And the fact that you don't have what is necessary to all girls, never concerned Anton. — Protect him. He at you too only someone understands you and accepts. — The marine smiled, at last, having put the last end to the invisible letter and leaned back, holding up the stomach under the sun. In time when the girlfriend told all this, I as if didn't breathe, so it touched for soul. — Well that you started missing? Went to bathe last time and home. Midday soon. Wait for us, or you forgot? Yes, you will forget it! Today we were waited for the visit by Anton's parents. Warm water pleasantly captured all body, washing away all doubts. I have to be the best bride and a point. It is what from me wait for and that I is able to give. House preparations were especially careful. Both mother and the grandmother knew about this invitation and respectively prepared. Even the clothes weren't allowed to choose as most. The make-up and a hair were done too. A doll which is dressed up and only! But I with firmness suffered everything. By the way, Marina, volunteered to help them too and didn't do nothing. Brightly red color of nails and lipstick, is her idea. The dress was almost evening, in any case, I felt in it, as in a glove, densely fitted by silk fabric. The figure was very good and the dress perfectly showed it. To go in it, it was difficult, but beauty demands the victims and I was ready to bring them. One already was. My male pride forever remained in the past, sometimes emerging from depths of memory and giving me memoirs. Now I gave myself to darling and his pride became for me everything. At last, all preparations were finished and we went to have tea, whiling away the time before an exit. Under a vigilant eye of my favourite women, I worked all movements which are put to the decent girl. Actually, all this was my part of the life for a long time, but mother, the grandmother and the sister wanted to be convinced of it once again. Any sharp movements. In total smoothly and with a smile. I drank from a cup a little, edge of lips and I put back. I smiled. Surely, I showed that noticed a compliment in the party. Both so again and again. Sometimes you take a break on the answer or a compliment. It is natural and simply, the main thing to feel necessary. And spent half an hour in kitchen, talking about anything. It too important ability for the girl. She always has to be able to stir about nonsense, like soccer as though it was the most important subject in her life. At last, the long-awaited call was distributed. I furtively darted a glance at kitchen o'clock. Nearly five hours. I smiled to Anton. He called even earlier than promised. — Yes, darling. Of course, I leave. Just quiet kitchen, blew up active work of preparation me to an exit. The drunk not enough tea, and remained on a table, seeing off the beautiful hostess with some grief. The girl, already about anything, except the forthcoming visit also couldn't think. Anton, as always, was attentive, meeting me at the exit, and putting into the car. Apparently, or family. It was not the taxi. The marine accepted couple of courtesies from my boyfriend too. I don't mind. She is my sister and the best friend, besides, too I am in love with Anton. But that she estimated my feelings above the I remembered. Now there was no worthy gift to otdaritsya, but it is possible to think of it later. Now, main thing my Anton. For obvious reasons, I also didn't remember the road. By the way, before, on a visit at him I wasn't yet. I don't know what I expected, but we arrived to one of skyscrapers. There was floors n, it isn't less. It is good that it was necessary to go on the elevator not to the top floor. I don't love height unless height of hairpins on which I now also was higher on the whole 15 centimeters. But even taking into account it, all the same, growth was slightly lower than the guy. He with attention, held me by a hand, having been surprised my improbable hairpins. Thanks to him. I though got used already to heels, but such height, still, caused in me some fear. To go, to smaller, I couldn't. I have to be at the best only. For some reason it was vital. Doors of the elevator let out us to quite clean platform. It was visible that here keep order. Even usual "jewelry" in the form of chewing gum and inscriptions, on walls there was a little though sometimes and came across. Clatter of heels, our with Marina, were carried far along the corridor, awaking in me claustrophobia. Generally, I suffered from nothing of that kind, but the fear of this visit, prevailed. Small hitch in a step, Anton regarded as he inconvenience of heels, and embraced me, allowing to rely on himself. With hairpins no problems existed, and here psychological support very much was necessary. I approached to the iron door already quiet and self-assured. Eventually, where he still such girl as I, will find?! I won't distract you lunch details. They are boring. I expected much more much more. Unless, It should be noted the apartment of his parents and their. The father and mother had very cultural and even intellectual appearance. As it became clear later, I wasn't mistaken. His father taught some abstruse subject at institute where I was going to study! This there was a surprise, and Anton was silent about it, a reptile all the time. The marine somehow very maliciously smiled even. It is clear, that the smile intended to me, only it became easier from it not. Mother worked as the technologist at weaving mill. Actually, more no significant and knowledge-intensive productions in the city existed. We were invited to a table. Several words about the apartment. It was big. At least, besides the hall, I saw two bedrooms. The situation was picked up with taste too. First it strongly confused me though the girl Ania who was reflected in a mirror near the tall guy very suited an environment. We with mother and the grandmother lived much more poorly. Anton, once again, saved me, drawing to himself attention and carrying out to the hall. The table wasn't less smart and now I understood why I was so sent on etiquette. To belch at such table would be sacrilege. About an hour I quite successfully showed the culture of food, than and caused approving looks of his father and mother. They constantly watched me and, I think, understood me enough. It was expressed in a toast. — For the beauty Ania! — estimated me adequately, but to relax was early. There were still toasts. One even sounded for "beautiful couple". Everything would be good, but nobody also mentioned a word about a wedding or, at least, an engagement. Only the general, not binding subjects. The lunch already came to an end and all of them were silent, quietly looking at me. Do you scoff? Inside everything boiled, but it was impossible to show it. At last, this hell ended. Anton's mother, she was called Natalya, I went to clear everything the table. Of course, I was coordinated behind her, helping, than could. The dress gave not so a lot of freedom for this purpose. — Do you love my son? — at last, I waited though for something when we with mother Natasha remained alone. — Very much, also I want to be with him always. — I could be mistaken, but on a beautiful face not of the young woman, some strange expression flew. — It is good. Our boy is worthy the best. — she looked at again estimating on me. Yes, estimate, as much as necessary, only answer, at last! His parents, as though, lived in some fairy tale and now estimated whether I am suitable for it. Something at them didn't develop, here and pulled. — Take a tea service in a case in the hall, and I will make tea. — I was irritated by this silence, but what I could do? Of course, I went to place ware. For some time, I was distracted by ware. It was very beautiful and too found. I doubt that it can be bought round the corner in shop. The marine before talking to Dmitry Alekseyevich began me to help. I perfectly saw in the opinion of her unexpressed question, but it and for me remained a riddle. The girlfriend understood everything and began to ask on a service. Probably, it was "the favourite callosity" of the father Anton because he, with pleasure, began to tell a story as he trained in the Czech Republic. Natalya, when came with the smoking teapot, only the head shook. It seems that it is one of his favourite stories. Desire of the host — the law, and to us was necessary to listen to everything, up to the end. Though if to think, it was one of the most interesting moments of evening. Discussion of the future, our with Anton, became other such long-awaited event. With the first there began Dmitry Alekseyevich after tea was drunk safely up, and the tasty and beautiful cake reached the position the place at us in stomachs. — Ania, it is visible that you are a girl good and well-mannered. — Still, you know how many I had to bear to approach this conversation! — Unfortunately, Anton to study now and we can't allow that he was distracted by you now when he had only three years until the end of study. And suddenly at you babes will go. — Natalya supported that. domestic violence cme florida online free date your spouse site mapMain Page