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There passed slightly more than three months from the moment of my last proximity with the man at the end of August. Three night appointments with Dagestani Tagir on a back seat of the car of my mother ended with the fact that I, once again, having satisfied, conceded to Sergey (men's "I) control over our body. Sergey of course right there used it and removed all my accounts in social networks and on dating sites, continuing to hope that he after all will manage to get over me the best. And I allowed him to make it as I allowed him to do it every time after the next novel. He already reconciled and learned to live with the fact that I use ours with him a body for satisfaction of the female requirements. From us two only one I lead full-fledged sex life, and Sergey gets every time a humiliating role of the observer... So, as you already probably guessed, I had the next sexual aggravation which ended with proximity with the fifth man in my life... It occurred at the beginning of December. By then, after three-month abstention, me desires which boys don't need to have began to seize again. I without effort returned myself control over our the body, general with Sergey, which visited already four men. Having restored all the accounts in social nets and on dating sites, I placed on them the photos. The nature awarded us with Sergey in a feminine way attractive appearance: cute face, smooth, gentle skin, slender legs, roundish hips, bottom, beautiful knees. I am happy with the appearance and a body what I can't tell about Sergey who, for obvious reasons, is confused by male attention. At first I wanted to meet Tagir, but found out that his questionnaire is removed. In the farewell message, he wrote that he goes home to the wife to Dagestan and left the phone number. I didn't begin to call him of course, having at once switched to communication with men whom listen I never was deprived) to evening of the same evening, I allocated for myself six men from all someone wrote to me. Situation was complicated by the fact that the mother's car was under repair after accident, and I have nothing was to go. I couldn't meet at myself because I live with mother from whom I of course hide the sexual life. There were only two options: or to go at night to the taxi on a visit to the man, or to be given him in his car, somewhere near... Both of these options assumed an exit in image from the house, and it would have to seemed to be for me an insuperable barrier, but I was any more not that constraining girl who was afraid even to dress lacy panties or stockings. I became the self-assured woman who learned male caress... I didn't notice as it occurred though every time I tried to feel, feel after the next proximity in myself some changes. All the time it seemed to me that all still, all as earlier. And here now it became clear to me that changes after all happened. The thought to go outside in women's didn't frighten me at all, can only a little concerned, but I knew that I am capable of it. I already decided that I will go to a night appointment by the taxi: I will cause him by phone to one of the neighboring houses, and then I will leave to him the yards, I will sit down on a back seat to avoid excess communication and possible stickings from the driver. Also then it will be possible and to come back home. The main thing — that I wasn't seen by mother when I leave... Dmitry, so called my choice, I was married, but he very much wanted to try beautiful sexual exotic which I also am) By the way, there is a lot of such persons interested. I chose him after communication on Skype because he seemed to me quite lovely pleasant. We agreed that I will arrive to him in the night from Saturday to Sunday when isn't at home his spouse. Till Saturday there were two more days. We stirred with him on Skype till two in the night. I teased him, showing the body in underwear and deriving from it pleasure. Eventually, when I was already going to say goodbye to him to go to sleep, Dmitry unexpectedly suggested to meet in his car today. I didn't begin to break as itself it was inflamed with virtual communication, and agreed, having given the address of the neighboring house. He told that he will be where that in an hour and will call me on Skype when he arrives... I took a shower, slightly used eye shadow and lips, put on lace lingerie. On streets there was a frost therefore instead of stockings I put on black knitted tights which I imperceptibly "borrowed" at mother. It is necessary to tell that I periodically drag at mother of her belonging. I slightly above her, but build at us almost identical. Even leg size: at her 38, at me — 38, 5. All her footwear suits also me. Therefore, having pulled together quietly from the hall her short jacket with a hood and winter boots on a high heel, I dressed all this at myself in the room. The last stroke — mother's spirits in secluded corners of my body, and I am ready... Feeling the accruing nervousness, I began to wait for a call... In about five minutes Dmitry informed me that approached, and I threw to him short SMS: "I leave". With beating in boobies heart, I slightly opened a door from the room and stepped to the dark hall. In the apartment at three o'clock in the morning it was silent, and I carefully crept to a door, looked in a peephole. On the landing light burned, and was nobody. I slightly opened a door, slipped out the apartment and having locked it, slowly went down. At an entrance it was silent, and I without having met anybody, safely I went outside. especially for .org On cold night air, I felt as far as I am excited — cheeks literally flared. I went through the desert yard to the appointed place... Dmitry's car stood where he also told — I recognized him by number and the description. It I was black a squash. I went to him, without hurrying. I didn't see Dmitry, but knew that he appraisingly looks at me. Having overtaken car, I glanced in it, and, having opened a door, villages not a front seat. — Hi, Katyushas — having smiled, Dmitry greeted — we Will eat off? Show where. — Hi — I answered. We went to the yard. I showed the way, suffering his views and, feeling the accruing nervousness, tried not to think that in about five minutes this man will fuck me. At last we parked in some recess and got over on a back seat. I took off from myself a jacket under which on me there was a short dress with the bared shoulders and right there it appeared in horney Dmitry's embraces. I didn't resist... — What gentle skin at you, Kat — he heatedly whispered, covering with kisses my shoulders... His hands got under a dress and directed to my breast. Having covered her, he squeezed my nipple and kissed me on a mouth. I wasn't ready to it, but involuntarily answered, having accepted his impudent language to myself in a mouth. The kiss was long, and I didn't notice how Dmitry's excitement captured also me. Involuntarily groaning in his hands, I absolutely shamelessly as the cat, was curved, having nestled on him. Then Dmitry came off me, and I heard a sound of the stretching fly. He hasty pulled together from himself trousers and bent down my head to sticking out as a stake to a dick. In those moments that my lips approached his head, I well managed to consider what was fated to appear in me. He was the average size and was gradually thickened from the basis to a head on which it is damp several droplets which acted from excitement shone. The trunk which is a little bent sideways began to vibrate from tension when I gently twisted it with fingers and sent to the revealed mouth. In total... My lips touched a damp head, and I a tip of language licked it, having felt taste and a smell of the next dick in the life. From above the hoarse groan of Dmitry when my lips slid down his bent trunk sounded. Slowly centimeter behind centimeter I swallowed it entirely and, having waited several seconds, began to do what well I am able to do and I love: to suck a dick. I was completely given to this process, caressing the lips and language horney men's flesh which responded on each my touch. Changing a rhythm and depth, I slid on him up, down, being interrupted sometimes to lick balls... My bottom flared, and the hole invitingly revealed, and I not without regret released Dmitry's dick from a mouth. He interrogatively looked at me, but when I lowered a little tights together with panties to the knees, he understood everything. I turned to him a back and laid down sideways on a seat so my bottom appeared at his edge. Dmitry at once with greed squeezed my buttocks and began to rumple them. I understood that my bottom already doesn't belong to me and obediently expected the fate. — Only with an elastic band — I reminded him when I felt, to something damp was stuck into my revealed hole more hotly. Dmitry listened to me, having unwillingly released my bottom, he was bent through a seat to a glove compartment, it is obvious behind condom. Noise of hasty broken off wrapper, rustle of clothes was heard. And here Dmitry's hands again on my buttocks, move apart them... Push... Dima's sigh merges with mine when my bottom accepts him in itself... And here when his dick appears in me, I understand that I chose not that pose. Semi-lying on one side, with the legs bent and cramped together and with the little chlenik clamped between hips, I appeared in "a trap of a fast orgasm", not in forces to control his arrival. From each push, my chlenik involuntarily rubbed about my hips that, considering my strong excitement, did approach of an orgasm by business of several seconds. I felt his approach and to delay it, decided to replace a pose. But was already late. Dmitry continued to hollow me, even when I changed a pose for knee and elbow. In this pose the chlenik freely dangles between legs, without adjoining to them. And if I would accept it at once, then everything could be on another. And so, getting up dog-fashion, I felt as hot droplets fell on my hips... I cumed under strong rhythmical pushes of Dmitry fucking me. Push... Still... Push... From each push I threw me forward and I was knocked by the head about a soft covering... Excitement fell down, having given way to desire to go somewhat quicker home. But Dmitry had other plans for me: he strong held me by hips both hands and continued to fuck greedy me to the back. Quickly he wasn't going to cum and periodically stopped to delay the orgasm. Having reconciled, I replaced position of the body a little so that not to fight the head about a covering and, having buried a face in a head restraint, began to wait patiently when Dmitry receives that he wants. Having curved a back and having bulged a bottom towards to the dick hollowing me, I thought that I should still unnoticed come back home. Now it concerned me much more, than the dick which is rhythmically moving in my bum... At last, Dmitry, having made especially strong push and having driven in me most deeply the dick, I began to roar and violently I terminated. I felt as his dick pulses in me and thought that it is good that he in an elastic band. Minutes three Dmitry still was in me until for the end I felt as his grasp weakens. Having used it, I was released from his embraces. — Katya, you super — he with satisfaction told, having leaned back on a seat. I fast pulled panties, tights, put in order a dress, put on a jacket and, having said goodbye, jumped out on the street... — Something not so, Kat — Dmitry asked, having obviously taken my fast collecting personally. — Everything is normal, simple to run it is already necessary... It is time — it is a little guilty I explained. The frost brought me into itself while I went through the yard to the house. "As after all it is good with an elastic band" — I thought, walking upstairs to the apartment. And it is valid — I wasn't overcome by fear that I picked up something, and from me the cum on hips when walking didn't flow a stream. The buttocks were dry) Mother slept, and I unnoticed got into the room, having returned a jacket, tights and boots into place. Having taken a shower, I went to bed, quiet and satisfied... Today, when I share with you this story, a March, and I have the next aggravation) And it means that is closer to summer, to the following aggravation, I, most likely, write a modern history which actions will happen March)) Write me on my e-mail:. To the same address to be also the page in "my World" with my photos. I will try to answer all, but I don't promise)) does bumble have incognito mode date today mm site mapMain Page