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Chapter 2 Denis flew to the house, but the room didn't manage to reach, was intercepted by the father. Igor Nikolaevich stopped the offspring and strictly asked: - Denis, that for focuses? Why you leave from the house at this time of night, without having taken protection? - With me there was Dmitry... - impatiently shifting from one foot to the other, Denis answered. - Dmitry, of course, of the pro, but for full safety of security guards has to be at least three! I to you already how many times repeated - you are my one and only successor and too many wish to cause you troubles. Or rather, to me... - Fathers, well forgive, - Denis ceased to argue and it was risen closer, rubbed by a cheek about the father's jacket. - It is so boring for me... - All right, - Igor Nikolaevich was softened. He couldn't become angry about the son long at all. - Be careful, I ask you. To Dmitry I, of course, will read a lecture now. - No, it isn't necessary! - Denis bethought. - He did everything correctly, didn't move a step from me, honestly! Don't abuse him! - Well, look, you to me will spoil all of them! - the father grinned and povoroshit a palm a fair hair of the son. - Fathers... And I got acquainted with such girl today! - Denis didn't keep from the story. He started talking to delight, having opened the shining eyes: - She is such... You don't represent! - It seems, I represent... It seems that it is love, and? At first sight, I just envy. - Don't laugh, - Denis frowned eyebrows. - And anything not love... Very much it is necessary... - Well-well, don't take offense. I don't laugh. Love, it fine feeling and I am very glad for you. Someone is she? How do call? Where did get acquainted? - We on one disco came, and it was there. We danced, but she escaped at once... I didn't even manage to ask a name... Now I don't know where to look for her... - If very much you want, you will surely find, - Igor Nikolaevich calmed him. - Here let Dmitry will also help you. He has old contacts in militia, will find in no time. Well, forgive, I was very tired, day was difficult. And it is time for you to sleep. Good night. to mother come. - Good night... - sadly the boy answered. That's all communication, is less than ten minutes... Then Denis glanced to mother, but also there was late not longer - mother was very busy. She waved to the boy a hand with phone clamped in her, smiled: - Hi, darling! How did take a walk? Go, have supper! Denis answered in monosyllables: - Everything is normal, hi. Yes mother also didn't wait for the answer, the conversation with the invisible interlocutor occupied her much more. Denis sighed and covered for himself a door. Having not felt hungry, but on kitchen he all the same came - there Dmitry carried on a brisk conversation with the very young girl, Svetochka that helped to prepare. - Dima... We will go, you will help? - Denis wasn't in good voice usual command notes, only a sad request. Having caught mood of the employer, Dmitry rose from a chair: - Yes, of course, I am ready. Svetochka, don't get bored. I still will return. That conducted to his room, Denis didn't climb a ladder, and flew up, jumping through three steps. I turned on the computer, with impatience I waited until it is loaded, I pushed a disk. - Look... It isn't visible it seems... - he told, attentively peering into the screen. - Time 18. 30, early, - Dmitry paid attention to tsiferka in the bottom of a shot. - I didn't come yet. Denis scrolled on accelerated at once half an hour - the girl wasn't. - Here, here she! - the boy quickened. The cam took a familiar silhouette - 19. 20 on the built-in hours. The girl indeed came one, at once having occupied the town far from the general vanity. Even it is unclear why in general I came... To dance, cocktail to try, to communicate. There was an impression that no business to attendees existed it. However, as well as him to her. But Denis kept the eyes glued on the screen. Without hesitating of Dmitry that stood behind his back, the boy stroked fingers a thin figure, sighed... The security guard patiently waited. However, when passed minutes fifteen, he didn't sustain, coughed: - Denis... Perhaps I will go? - And? - the boy regained consciousness. - Yes, go, of course! Oh, stop! Look!! The girl at last moved a little. She passed to a bar counter and about something shy asked the bartender. That gave her the mobile phone. - We argue, I will guess where she calls, - Dmitry grinned. - For certain home, mother. - And we argue, I will guess where we will go now? - in tone to him Denis spoke. - About isn't present! - Dmitry moaned. - Only not there! Perhaps in the morning? - You what, you want that I died till the morning? Yes I won't wait! Went! To argue it was useless, but Dmitry got out: - The devil, absolutely forgot. Stas took phones of this club. Now we will call and I put everything! Denis with hope and entreaty stood waiting, and the security guard began to reap phone buttons. Then somewhere I called back, then I waited, then I called again. At last he hung up in a pocket and showed to Denis a leaflet: - The problem is that the bartender gave phone to five tonight. So here, five numbers and on what your girlfriend called, it will be necessary to find out still. - So give! - Denis, late already, the half of and eleventh, - Dmitry carefully spoke. - I tomorrow since morning will punch all numbers. - All right, go... Good night... Only leave a leaf! - Denis bethought, and the security guard hurried to leave until the owner changed the mind. Denis thoughtfully turned in hands a leaf from a notebook with five rows of figures. To wait till the morning? Unless the person, for the first time in life fallen in love - can and that it if not love... - to fall asleep quietly? The boy resolutely snatched out the mobile phone from a pocket and dialed the first number. Long didn't approach and when the phone was picked up at last, the sleepy male voice was heard. Denis muttered: - Sorry, mistake... - following was disconnected and gathered. Now the voice was vigorous women's, but also it didn't impress Denis. The third number didn't answer at all though the boy waited for the tenth beep. Either slept very tight, or in general houses nobody was. The fourth answer was such unprintable that Denis blazed ears and hurried to interrupt this stream of eloquence. There was only fifth phone... Long Denis didn't decide to gather it, but at last didn't sustain. The phone was picked up so quickly as if stood near phone and waited for a call. - Алё... - the gentle voice was heard, and Denis instantly recognized him. But the finger reacted even quicker, with a force pressing the cancellation button. - She... - the boy whispered. - Devil... Idiot... Moron... Denis scolded himself in every possible way, including a lexicon from the fourth call a little more, however didn't begin to call back, without having decided. He settled on a bed, without unveiling, without undressing. 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