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This summer was especially hot. The small housing estate literally hooted from noisy music and shouts of fun. The company of young people with girls cheerfully hung out on one of seasonal dachas. By the night all fairly got drunk and having eaten too much a shish kebab, slowly dispersed on the house, prepared for sleeping. On the second floor, the tall long-legged girl of years of 25 was by the window. Her hair which are slightly curling chestnut beautifully fell on shoulders. Elastic buttocks and calves, a flat tummy, a breast of the 2nd size and faultless, with a copper outflow swarty skin, attracted all eyes even of the most experienced judge of female beauty. — "Again the bitch I got drunk! I bothered already!" — the girl muttered looking at hardly standing on the feet guy Sergey. — "You it on someone?" — the shy maiden voice was heard behind the back. (It was Katya, the lovely 18-year-old girl, younger sister Seregi. Very modest and quiet girl). — "Yes so, forget it!" looking through a shoulder Ania answered and asked: — "Did you bathe?" — "Yes" Katya, younger sister of Sergey answered. Ania turned off the light and laid down on a large bed at a wall. — "Good night" Ania told and having sighed turned to a wall. Having answered with a mutual wish Katya took cover a bed-sheet too and turned away. Later minutes 40 to the room hardly moving, Sergey practically crept and having filled up began to climb on a sofa to Ania — "Idzi of a syuda, give. …" — hardly moving buttocks language I muttered Serega. Ania hardly constraining nausea I tried to throw off him from myself, but it was beyond the power. — "Lay down on живвотик" — the guy mumbled and having pulled together pants from Ania slapped her on buttocks. Ania laid down on a stomach and parted legs in the parties. Sergey began to potter trying to get, but nothing was impossible, the dick which didn't get up up to the end and amount of the drunk alcohol had an effect. "Help shit!" — the guy discontentedly muttered and Ania with fastidiousness on a face obediently raised buttocks and his dick inserted into herself. Sergey right there drove him up to the end and began to hollow Anina the pussy. The girl lay and thought only of one (the bitch, rather all would end and I fell asleep). Having developed the head towards a door Ania distracted from the events because she was interested in the events on a sofa. The katyusha lay on one side, a back to Ania, but it was visible that the girl hardly considerably moves hips and slightly raising the left leg up shakes. "Yes well na…y" — rushed in Ania's head, but now she was already sure of in what Katya is engaged. At this moment Sergey stopped and discontentedly swore: — "Shit, it was bothered! I can't … abuse you are in a stupor you lie". I got down from the girl and having filled up sideways I snored. Ania quickly got up, took a towel and in some panties went to a shower. Approaching to the door, Ania took a view of the Katyusha. The girl it seems as peacefully slept. "Well-well" — having grinned Ania threw and I left. Water in the boiler didn't cool down yet and Ania with pleasure held up a body under pleasant water jets. Having rinsed, the girl on was chilly wiped, dressed clean panties and left a shower. Approaching the room, Ania for a moment stopped before the room and listened. From under a door the muffled sobbing reached. Ania sharply opened a door and was stunned by what was seen. The bed-sheet rolled on a floor, Katya lay on a back, her slender legs were widely placed. One hand the girl removed panties aside, and another furiously rubbed the clitoris and coiled. "The fucking …" — was told by Ania more loudly. The girl having instantly jumped up I sat down on beds with widely opened, frightened eyes. Second silence and the girl it zaopravdyvatsya: "Ya-I, it … I … did nothing … just couldn't fall asleep … жжарко, I turned …". Ania having slightly smiled I approached a table and I took cigarettes with the lighter. "Went we will smoke" — Anna imperiously told. "I don't smoke …" — Katya mumbled. "Yes that you treat?! Yesterday to smoke the whole day for the house I ran! Good you pose as! That the brother of the house told nothing. Get up! Let's go! And take beer!" — not suffering tone of objections Anna and the girl ordered having obediently got up approached a table, took almost not drunk up poltorashka which was brought with himself by her brother and proceeded for Ania. Having left in a corridor, Ania looked back. Katya delayed. "Che got up?" — Ania asked. "It is possible I shorts I will dress?" — Katya shy asked. — "So go! You in a t-shirt and pants! What shit shorts? Look at me!" — Ania answered. She was only in panties which resembled two threads. The bottom was completely open and they actually didn't cover the pussy. Katya for an instant looked at a pubis of the girl and detained on the look is mute. "Che, is pleasant?" — Ania and Katya grinned I reddened even more, excitement didn't take place up to the end yet and the girl felt as in the bottom of a stomach heat spreads again. Katya left and Anna densely closed a door. "Went!" — Anna told and girls went to a window at the end of a corridor. Having sat down on a window sill, Ania took packing of chewing gum someone left at a window, squeezed out two small pillows in a mouth, got a cigarette and having struck the lighter lit. Katya shy looked all this time at Ania and was silent trying to straighten out a t-shirt below. "Remove" — Ania and Katya obediently strictly told without looking around took off a t-shirt. Ania took away her and having laid it on a window sill took seat on her a bottom. "Approach me closer". — Anna told. "What for?" — the Katyusha shy asked. "Approach!" Ania already more strictly told and having taken the girl for a shoulder roughly moved up to herself. Having dragged on more deeply Ania produced smoke to Katya in a face. The girl coughed and her eyes slightly began to water. "Drink!" — Ania stretched beer. At Katya it was dry in a mouth long ago and she with greed began to drink. Ania silently observing I smiled. "Smoke" — Anna said and stretched to Katya the cigarette. The katyusha took her and too dragged on. From Ania's chewing gum on the filter there was a sweetish smack and Katya noted that she likes this taste. "Often you caress yourself? Don't open, I am not a silly woman and not blind!" — Ania told. "Yes" — having been embarrassed the Katyusha answered. "Fucked already?" — Anna continued to ask. "Was few times" — the girl shy answered. Then Ania Vzyala and strong squeezed the girl for a nipple. Katya instantly moaned and having covered eyes moved forward. Ania instantly squeezed a nipple even more strong and having thrown out a cigarette greedy kissed Katya on a mouth. The girl didn't resist, but also did nothing. "Suck my language" — having come off Ania told and put out a uvula. Katya obediently nestled to him lips and began him not without pleasure to suck. Ania having made horney for a long time I began to caress a hand the girl's clitoris. Katya having slightly moaned I parted legs more widely. Her panties by that moment were through wet. Having come off Bays Kati, Anya haughty I looked at with pleasure sobbing girl and having thrown a leg on a window sill, and having removed the panties aside I told: "Lick at me". Katya obediently kneelt and shy carried out by a uvula on the Aniny pussy. Ania took the girl for hair and pressed facing the bosom. "Normally lick! And clitoris too!" Katya obediently began to drive language up-down and to play with the bulked-up Ania's clitoris the uvula. "Oh shit … Mmmm …" — Ania moaned and began to move hips. "Yes the bitch … lick, lick me … so … it is pleasant to you, my pussy is pleasant you, at me you will lick still?" — Ania moaned. "Yes, I will be, I will lick, it is pleasant to me …" — Katya moaned and having been accustomed began to lick quite skillfully and greedy Anina a chink. Being kneeling the Katyusha nalizyvat Anina the pussy, holding with one hand Anyuta for a hip, and another masturbated the wet perineum. Ania moaned even more loudly: "Oh, so and … give the bitch, have pins and needles me … ммммм … you my bitch understood? My whore! Understood? Repeat …". "I am a bitch and, your whore …" — moaned the Katyusha. Having discharged the girl, Anyuta came off a window sill, took wet from allocations and Katina of saliva her t-shirt, wiped the pussy and having thrown a t-shirt on a floor, pulled together the wet panties. The katyusha with amazement looked behind the events. "Open a mouth!" — Ania and Katyusha obediently ordered executed the order. Ania having bent, I produced saliva, slightly sweetish from chewing gum, in the girl's mouth. The girl obediently put out a uvula and having swallowed all with a smile licked sponges. "The bitch is pleasant?" — Ania asked. "Yes, very much" — smiling the Katyusha answered. Then having crumpled the panties, Ania pushed them in an obedient mouth of the girl and having got up lifted Katya from knees, told: "Went to the room". Having come, Ania closed a door. In the room there was a pungent smell of the reek of alcohol, and Sergey slept deafening by the snore and having buried in a wall. "And he won't wake up?" — having spat out panties from a mouth, it is frightened the girl asked. "Not, in general hammer, he till the morning in an otklyuchka now, lay down" — Ania answered. The katyusha is obedient settled on a sofa, and having raised hips threw off from itself panties on a floor, and began to masturbate quickly. Ania settled between slender legs of the girl and began to lick her clitoris without restraint. The katyusha began to coil and to groan loudly, knowing that the brother won't wake up. "Ooooo … Mmmm … Anechka … Аааа" — coiling, the Katyusha moaned. Ania with pleasure licked Katin a clitoris and having pushed a hand under a stomach, caressed herself. "Anechka, and it is possible you … мммм … oh … to ask.?" — the Katyusha not necessarily asked. "Yes …" — not in forces to come off Ania lowed. "Lick to me a bottom please … where the hole …" — with hitritsy is in good voice and a smile the Katyusha asked, and lifted up the moved apart legs it is above, her buttocks strained and in the face of Ania the fine pink anus of Katenka appeared. From such request Ania slightly was taken aback. Modest meek creature, and in practice still that … But it so made horney her that having ceased to masturbate himself, Anyuta pressed Katyusha's hips and having lifted up her legs is even higher, began with to lick greedy a hole of her buttocks, trying to push more deeply a uvula. Katyushina buttocks began to pulse, and the girl moaned even more loudly and began to masturbate the clitoris. The sheet under both girls was through wet. "Pancake!" — having unwillingly come off Katyushiny buttocks and disappointment in a voice Ania muttered — "not conveniently! Closely!" "Went to a bed!" — having smiled the girl told and having quickly got up ran across the room and settled near the brother. Ania looked bewildered and pointed a finger at Seregu. "You told that he in an otklyuchka also won't wake up! There is a lot of place! Give here!" — instructive tone the modest woman Katyusha told and having widely placed the legs threw one of them on the sleeping brother and cheerfully added: — "Udobnenko!" From it at Ania just demolished a roof, she snatched on Katina the pussy and buttocks, greedy with desire began to lick and rub the person. Soon the girl asked again: — "Anechka, lick to me legs …". Anyuta didn't need to be asked twice. She with greed began to lick in turn from pink the Piglet to Katyushina's fingers of a leg, coughing, to push in turn one, other foot of the girl on more deeply in the mouth, up to the end without understanding that - to be pleasant to her more, legs, buttocks or the pussy of the Katyusha. It was obvious that Anyuta liked everything! Katenka watched Ania meanwhile and quickly rubbed the klitorok. Ania all flowed and already itself moaned: — "Shit … As cool … Katyushas, lick me … I can't …" Katenka having put a leg on Anyuta's face, slightly I pushed away her and having stood up I gave way. Ania laid down that hour, but without having managed to spread legs heard a gentle voice of the Katyusha: — "Will you show how you do blowjob to him?" Ania was stunned. "I want to look. Suck to him, and I to you will lick" — Katya maliciously told. Ania not without effort developed Sergey on a back and began to suck his end. At first nothing occurred, but then he began to harden. Ania not in forces to wait, began to suck even more furiously and to jerk off the clitoris. Katya stood nearby and having put one leg on the sleeping brother, greedy jerked off the pussy and the burning eyes watched how Ania sucks to her brother a dick. Then Anyuta settled between legs and I began to lick her pussy and buttocks. "Mmm what you tasty … super" — told the Katyusha and I continued the study. Sergey began to wake up gradually. Ania stopped. Both frighteningly, and with astonishment I looked at Katya. "Potrakhaysya with him! He is drunk, so will think that you just wanted sex and will understand nothing" — the Katyusha told. Ania herself went nuts from the events more and more now, but having estimated, agreed and saddled Seregu. The katyusha fell back into the shadow of the room and masturbating, continued to watch sex of Ania and the brother. "Oh, ttta that? I to sleep I host" — almost without opening eyes Sergey mumbled. "I want to fuck! You can do nothing, I move" — Ania answered. "Bbazarov a bolt" — mumbled dozing drunk Sergey. Ania of quick start to jump on the dick of the guy and to squeal literally from pleasure. Sergey's dick surprisingly quite strong stood though he almost thought nothing and in a drunk light slumber occasionally pokryakhtyvat. The katyusha approached Ania and whispered on an ear: — "Turn to him a back." Ania quickly changed on the dick facing Katya. A katyusha I will spread legs of the brother and I settled between them, I stretched legs in different directions. Ania instantly understood all and continuing to move hips on the dick of the guy, moved forward and began to lick the pussy at the Katyusha. "Mmmm … as you oh. enno you lick … a daa … a high …" — the Katyusha moaned. Ania couldn't keep any more and obkonchatsya literally from all events. Застыв on the dick of the guy she continued to lick at the Katyusha between legs. Katyanka took Anyuta for hair and having pressed her face to the bosom began to rub quickly. And here slightly without having waited for an orgasm, she came off a bed and told: — "Anechka, get down from him." Ania exhausted released Sergey's dick. The katyusha quickly jumped again on a bed and having got up dog-fashion otklyachit buttocks. "You че do, he yours …" — Ania didn't manage to finish speaking. "Mmmm … as it is tasty … I want so too! Now I will suck, and you still lick at me!" — the Katyusha carefree answered. "Shit … never - would think … here you are a skank …" — Ania answered. "Still what! And still whore and your bitch, and whore!" — the Katyusha instantly answered and the dick of the brother began to swallow. Ania quickly kneelt and began to lick Katyushina holes. Soon the Katyusha moaned: — "Help to turn him sideways". And girls together turned the drunk guy. The katyusha quickly settled near the elder brother and again отклячив the back, his dick quickly entered into herself and having moaned, half-whisper said: — "And you be engaged in Anyut in my legs." Ania having gone mad I settled in legs and furiously masturbating I began to lick a leg of the Katyusha and periodically literally I hollowed myself in a mouth her leg, and choking with saliva I groaned. Looking at Ania who is diligently licking her fingers, the Katyusha with sense of superiority smiled and periodically moved with fingers of the leg, concerning language and Anyuta's throat. Sergey nothing is natural without thinking, thought that it is his Ania and having clasped as a smog the girl's waist, began to hollow the little sister. Ania having shut the mouth deeper the Katyushiny leg and hardly restraining not to shout, I terminated. Following, squealing the Katyusha terminated and having quickly released from the brother's hands, his dick swallowed. Having pressed the sister's head to the groin and having few times moved, Serega was rarefied by the cum fountain in the Katyusha throat. Katenka with pleasure swallowed everything, and quickly ran off in a dark corner of the room. "Shit, An, super …" — moaned Serega and snored soon. Girls 10 were greedy sucked even minutes on a sofa showering at each other legs. Then took a towel and went to a shower. Having closed, they were washed and in turn kneeling before each other, watered to themselves on tummies beer and drank it from the pussies when it flew down. Then having smoked, returned to the bedroom, put on and exhausted settled in the places. "It is necessary to potrakhatsya once again tomorrow so and then …" — the Katyusha crafty prokhikhikat. — "Of course, we here before the end of the week. Besides tomorrow all will part and we will remain three together! And your brother as always will get drunk" — Anyuta smiled. — "Here and well!" — the Katyusha joyfully answered and little girls began to fall asleep. do relationships right after divorce last dateline knock at the door site mapMain Page