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As I liked this young person. High, dark-haired with blue eyes. By that time I was married nearly three years and was to tell softly isn't especially happy with the blessed. Externally the husband was never pleasant-kruglolitsy to me, not high, with a tummy. Why I left in marriage? Why? a didn't need to listen to mother. She told me — "Look what good, well-mannered young person as he looks after you what bouquets he gives, you go to cafe. The daughter, go in marriage beyond it, you will be as behind a stone wall". And what we have after marriage? In three years... one gift, you a floret for March 8 and day of a birth. Doesn't give money, absolutely, I buy products in family on the, he pays for the apartment. To is what? To there are I married in marriage absolutely unattractive man, and to that greedy, is more faithful than absolutely greedy. Sex... what a such sex? When we met... we listened to the Spanish music, Dzhipsi Kingz sang in the musical center, my future husband cooked for me meat with prunes, candles, my a "well type darling" burned I spilled the German red wine on glasses, sat nearby, kept my hand in the and gently stroked her... I kissed in a neck gently. As the man, in the plan... man... I was softly we will tell very much so to ourselves. Koe that at him not absolutely grew (to me was with what to compare). It upset me, but he tried and which-kakoe I derived pleasure. Wedding... we go to him, a now already to us home. I in a dress, white with silver, beautiful, similar to the princess. In expectation of marriage night. My newly made husband told that he was tired and was filled up to sleep. I tried to tell him that as, it is necessary to carry out a sex ceremony. on what heard "Leave alone the old woman, I in grief" also heard loud snore. Having taken off a dress, in openwork stockings I lay nearby, hot tears were shed on my cheeks. I lay, quietly cried and thought that I made a mistake. In several hours after the wedding I understood it. Now there was no meat with prunes, the disk with the Spanish music became dusty on the shelf, nobody caressed me on the handle and kissed on a neck. I didn't want to change the husband, considered it incorrectly and immorally, thought that I will have enough sex in marriage walls. Whether A was sex. Very quickly I understood that sex isn't necessary to my husband, or... it is necessary... but... very much a little. It turned out that the young maid, with the beautiful standing breast not of the so small size tightened by buttocks ran for the husband with the question "Will You Fuck Me or how?". He almost always had excuses that he was tired that hurts him — the left side, the right side, again the left side... and it is so infinite. I couldn't understand, a why it married? As I understood, it considered that the young man should marry, an order such, he means on the got order I married, put a tick in the weekly is made, and calmed down. No, I won't lie... sometimes sex was. Seldom, but I was... We went to the bedroom, he took off the clothes and put on the bedside table, I removed the, put on the bedside table. I laid down on the part of a bed, he laid down from above and pulled a basin. What there preludes, what caress, yes that you! What was to a stamp became covered by a moss and is forgotten. I lay, not especially horney, in me that-to went. He had a decent carcass and what to me as is heavy when this carcass lay from above and that I represented, him is visible interested a little. I had the only thought... when at last he from me gets down. To my delight, he not very much tried to be engaged in it long. With grief I remembered about the couple — a three fight of friends someone I met prior to a wedding. (not at the same time:))) Beautiful, sexy... well yes... not the intellectuals. To me 23 years of an I watch a porno to remove tension. That there on the screen... man, still man, still man... perfectly... one woman... in general it is excellent... so... so... we switch off. We lay down on a floor on a lukewarm shaggy oriental carpet, widely we move apart legs... fingers sink in humidity. Yes... already in an anticipation... I will fight in orgasm convulsions soon soon... fingers leave deeply inside... habitual movements I bring myself pleasure. The warm wave covers my body, legs twitch, hips rise, cheeks become covered by a dense flush, releases intense whisky... on the turned-in legs I trudge to the bathing room and I wash hands with liquid soap. The pungent sweet smell disappears. The first part of sweeping of traces is carried out. I sit down to bring the person into an order... thick layer tonalki, rudra... decent look. The husband will come from work soon, we will eat chicken cutlets, to drink tea with cookies... I will look at him from other part of a table and to think... "I want a big thick dick that it properly me otymel and systematically... kazel..." Now I looked A at the beautiful and young, tall young man... mentally we with him had already a good time... (continuation follows) do dating apps really work for guys html date add days site mapMain Page