difference between fard and bumaan dates
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Hi everyone! I see in the industrial town, I won't write the name. And it occurred absolutely not long ago. give I yourself I will describe. I not when wasn't famous for a smart body. I was both not full and not thin, something average. Long hair, nice attractive face. let's pass to the story. My aunt has a guy to it 20 years, and it 19. Her guy was high, a sports constitution. When I visited to niya, he looked at me, I don't even know why? Because, I not absolutely such smart as my aunt. The Daa, she is very beautiful. Excellent figure. But I not, I am not such. In one day, I came to her to awns, then became very dark, and I didn't want to go home, I had to spend the night at her. And he too at her veins. And here she says to me: it I will go to club, and you stay at home. I - I am afraid of the house to remain one. she - and you will be not one, and you will remain with Pasha (the guy her is so called) I - why?? Why he with you won't go?? she - he doesn't want. I - all right go. And so she left, I am already ready to go to bed, changed clothes. I laid down in a bed and I feel as someone comes into the room, but I didn't pay attention. Then I feel as Pasha slowly goes to bed, embraces me behind. I was not much not in a subject why he so made. I speak to him I - And what you came? Å - I wanted to lie down with you - and you don't think that it is strange? Å - No. Then he began to advance the hand to a breast, then caressed a tummy, went down. I am Hay, what are you doing? Å - relax, all will be good. I began to be made horney, he fell, began to touch my clitoris, to finger. I stonut, and saw as he smiled. He asked: Å - You are a girl? I - Yes. P - Here and well, mean the first feelings to you will be pleasant. I was frightened, I didn't want to lose virginity. I - Please it isn't necessary, you are a guy of my aunt. He kept silent, and only began to kiss me, passionately. I began to take off with myself trousers, pants. I saw his dick. I took off from me pants, I laid down on me with all weight, his dick began to enter, I began to feel sharp pain, then he stopped, having allowed to get used me. Then pain left. He began to move in beat, all are stronger and stronger. And it was pleasant to me. He without ceasing I drove and I brought out of me. And once I terminated, but he still net. He podolzhat continued. I began to moan stronger. Oh, God's, he terminated, me on a tummy, was in time, well done! He prinagnutsya and told: - Thanks, Anyut. To YANA for what! also I kissed. Then I went to a bathtub to wash, washed blood. And we went to bed in an obnimachka, for the morning already and the aunt came, we sat down to have tea, I at him looked also he at me. We smiled each other, and at once was remembered night, our night. difference between fard and bumaan dates date ideas brooklyn site mapMain Page