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Since the last story where I told, about that as their relationship began, passed already more than half a year... There was a usual working day, the soft June sun shone, Christina who recently returned from a business trip, sat with the elegant office, having carelessly thrown long legs. On legs shoes of the last Gucci collection, a gift of Nikolay, her director flaunted. Her beautiful gray eyes were usremlina on the monitor, she read the letter from HIM. Already a week as they not together, to him was necessary to go urgently to business a business trip to Italy, to sign important business contracts with partners. It missed. Her thoughts were far from office walls... For this week, there were many large presentations, she already managed to get acquainted with several nice males... with Andrey, Ltd company yes... Andrey Vladimirovich, chairman of one of large banks... Handsome the man, average years though, it is necessary to pay tribute to his figure... doesn't pull on the fifth ten in any way... "Interestingly, his offer in force why not to sweep on Saturday on his yacht"? — Christie thought, having charmingly wrinkled a forehead... It is necessary to call him... Having slightly turned the head, she pulled out a small toy, mobile phone from a handbag, having rejected flip, began to dial habitual number. "Hallo, (from a tube the pleasant male voice reached..."), About Christine, you just called time, I am free now, we will have dinner together on my yacht!? "Right now"? — Christina critically inspected herself, Having smiled to the reflection, "why not, you will come around? Or you will send the driver"??? ... "I will come around!!!" — I will well wait... Call, you will approach! Her office was in office slightly far off from the main room. She knew that without message of the secretary nobody will enter her office, except General, and it was just not. Christie thought that it would be possible to descend in a shower (it was at office). The skirt with a silent rustle slipped to her legs. For an instant it admired to the reflection in a mirror, smiled to him and stepped under cool water jets. The easy groan escaped from her breast when the first drops touched a body. Water streamed on it, carrying away all tension with each droplet, helping to relax. Water rolled down from silky hair shoulders below and below, forming between boobies a depression in the ground with falls on which water directs further to a pupochka. She shchekotit, flowing into it and flows further. Further there where slender legs begin. Water flows inside... It teases with the ease. Christina slightly parted legs, allowing water the leak is more free, to get into itself. As if the big heated charge of a lightning flashed in a bosom, water which washes long slender legs can't extinguish it any more flows away in anywhere. Water brings you, your nipples harden and the hand itself reaches for a clitoris bud... The finger touches this small pea... slightly fingers... From a mouth hardly audible groan reaches... Daaaaaaaa... The groan and noise of water merge together. Her eyes are closed from pleasure. Christina stood under streams of warm water, without noticing an easy draft from an open door. There was still someone. He stood and looked at her... He arrived... "Hello... didn't expect?" —... and he suntanned, brawny in a dark blue smart suit appeared in an aperture of her door of a shower... "I see you didn't expect..." Christina stood and looked at him, she seemed to her sleeps... that all this is unreal... so can't be! Having somehow coped with the nervousness she asked... "how are you? what are you so early? Why didn't warn. — "I managed to make earlier and I decided to glance as you order here" he approached her... His warm breath easily touched her skin, burning it... Water jets got on his blue suit, he didn't notice it... he was absorbed by her contemplation... She was for him his favourite deputy, his right hand, his dream... his naked dream... and it was so close!! "You don't want to take a shower with me"... you after the journey... "As I can refuse to such sun as you..." there passes only a couple of seconds and here they already in an embrace stand under warm streams of a shower... Enjoying presence of each other... His hands caress a velvet of her skin... touch her nipples, teasing them... forcing Christina to tremble with pleasure... His hands gently... but at the same time strongly drive her into the corner... his look caresses... Christina is horney, she wants him, but he hesitates forcing her to beg... in her bosom already just a passion volcano which just about will blow up... ... Her body... her back as though doesn't submit to it... it caves in before it as if a cat, attracts to take... so it is impossible to resist. "To what I missed you, my good as I waited for this moment... I want you... completely, each section of this body... Christina only for an instant slightly opens eyes... slowly running hands over his body, touching his nipples, falls to an elastic stomach... her hands — this that thread which connects them in reality... "Darling... I can't any more... I will explode now... I want to enter your hot bosom, to fill it... Babe... Christina raised eyes on him, seeing entreaty in his look, slightly playfully slightly opened a mouth and... you touch HIM by a uvula. Kissing him. Language outlines border around his head. She enjoyed this caress... hearing his growl... She decides to potomit still it... taking in a mouth it completely, letting out him again... He can't restrain any more... Her mouth densely clasps his head, and the dick completely immerses in a mouth... oh... yes... it what now was necessary for him... He such gentle and hot fills her charming mouth... The uvula doesn't cease to caress him. The groan merges with water noise... His lava... him obzhigayushche the fine cum streams in her attracting mouth... OO YES! It it long doesn't let out him him from a mouth... Detaining this great moment. What is the time they were in soul how many important phone calls Christina missed didn't matter... Having made toilet, they dispersed on the offices and she at last could call Andrey... and having referred, to urgent affairs, I cancelled the meeting with him... She wanted to have a rest only now, but waited for urgent affairs deep relationship questions to ask your friends date ideas nyc today site mapMain Page