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Chapter 6 Having left an entrance, Denis stood second having closed the eyes partly until eyes got used to the sun. He was absolutely discouraged by Sasha's behavior. Why such innocent kiss angered her? It didn't climb under a dress... After all she is very unusual little girl. And for it it is pleasant to Denis even more. There was no wish to go home to him though there for certain already all upside down - still, the only heir disappeared. Denis took out the mobile phone, dialed number of the father. There at once responded: - Denis? Where are you?! We you were searched! You as it should be? - Fathers and everything is normal. I at one person on a visit. Well, I told yesterday, you remember? I will arrive soon... - Tell the address, I will send the car! - Yes nonsense, I by the taxi will reach, money is... - Denis, you went crazy, - the father sadly told. - What do you do? Here you will arrive, precisely a belt I will pour! - All right, - the boy hemmed. His father yet never and a finger touched, threats were artificial. - Everything, so long! I will arrive soon. - We with mother wait, - the father was disconnected. Having hidden a tube, Denis trudged towards the road, but he was stopped by loud laughter - the domestic company which grew to five people got poisoned by fumes to him following. Denis frowned and changed the direction. - Well, in what problems? - he asked, having approached closer. - What ridiculous? - Met? - through laughter already familiar guy asked it. - And how, Sashka was pleasant to you? Kissed already? Well, trick! - Your what care what we did? - feeling irritation, Denis asked. - Yes I don't care! - the guy hokhotnut. - And here to you... Not западло? - Chego-au-au? - Denis stretched with astonishment. - You what you spin? - That's OK, go, go, - the guy waved a hand. - Give tell that for affairs? - Denis approached almost closely, fists were clenched by itself. - You pay at first, - having decided to take everything that is possible from the visiting sucker, the guy told. - Data cost much. - Hold, - without wasting words Denis took out ten dollars from a pocket and rigidly added: - Speak. - And че to speak, - the guy pulled a shoulder. - Sashka is not a maid, but the boy. You what, itself didn't drive? - Do you carry Che? - passing to a slang of near sectors of society, Denis asked. - And that! Boy! Ask, all will confirm. The company amicably began to nod, on faces grins blossomed. - He трансик. - Someone? - Shit, трансик! Pidar, the gay, the gay person, you don't drive? - the guy tried to din, wagging in air with the crackling note. - Him at school пиз. ят all who feel like it, and in a mouth give, understood? And he doesn't care, doesn't complain. And that week... Denis stood, neither is alive, nor is dead, turned pale to blue. Cheekbones played, cramped jaws so that teeth creaked to pain. - What that week? - by a transparent voice he asked. - Yes his trakhn*l, and all affairs! - You? - Still what! One boy, you don't know him, - the guy, having solved, as so told more, than it is necessary, bit tongue. - Well, bring down more better home, and chushky give up an affair it to have. - I understood you... - it was terrible to look at Denis, he hardly stood on the feet. Without looking more at local boys, he sharply turned on heels and promptly went to the Sashiny entrance. In boobies such hatred began to boil that eclipsed the reason remains. - Creature... S*ka! Crud... And I still kissed him... Fie... - Denis spitted out, rigidly wiped a mouth a sleeve. - To part so... I will kill... Having run up the floor, I zamolotit a fist at a door: - Open! - he shouted. - Open quickly! - What happened? - scaredly Sasha asked, opening the door. He already managed to change clothes in a sports suit, on the happiness. Would be in a dress, would receive more... - Now you learn, - Denis fastidiously answered, pushing the boy back into the apartment. Having slammed a door a leg, Denis stood, measuring by eyes the former love. - Crud... - he squeezed out and with a force I set Sashka under dy. When that was bent in half, Denis stuck him into a shoulder, dumping on a floor. I added still time three sock under edges, I spitted out on a trouser-leg: - Thought, the cleverest? I parted me, like a fool. I because of you slightly pidary wasn't closed up! Well, boys in the yard told someone you are. Smelly Pedik... Having thrown on lying without the movement Sanku that pinched blood from the broken lip, Denis opened a door and came to the platform. At heart it was so gloomy and empty that there was a wish to lay down and die directly here, at a door. With a great effort moving lead boots, Denis got out to the street and again went to the highway. However with each step heart squeezed more and stronger - the cold hand with long claws seized him and pressed, pressed, enduring arteries and not allowing to sigh. Denis understood - there is something very bad and wrong. The boy stopped, stood a moment, was developed and went back. A step, another, the third - and Denis passed to run. And here, he already rushes so quickly that wind in ears whistles. In three jumps having flown up on Sashkin the floor, Denis opened the entrance door - well that it wasn't closed on a latch. - Sashka, where are you? - he shouted in emptiness of a corridor. At the left hardly noticeable rustling was heard, Denis jerked on kitchen. Sasha stood to him a back, with the trousers lowered to knees. - Sasha... Sasha, you that... - Denis whispered and bypassed the boy on an arch. What he saw struck him up to the soul depth, frightened: San held a kitchen knife in hand and tried, being going to create a disaster. He raised the head, huge wet eyes looked at Denis. - Sash... Give me a knife, - Denis softly asked, giving a hand. - Well you do? Sash, well it isn't necessary, and? Give... As if under hypnosis, Sasha stretched it a knife, Denis right there grasped him and threw into a box, from eyes down with. - There is a fool... - he spoke. - What for?! Did you go crazy?! - That you understood... I am not a boy! I am a girl... - Sashka answered, having low hung the head. - Nobody understands... Even mother... I hate this worm! I hate! He grasped a towel and began to whip himself between legs, hips zaalet. - Yes stand you! - Denis rushed to him. - Stop! As small, I put on to Sasha trousers, I filled a t-shirt. - "Stop", huh? Clever? I came here! - in the Sashkiny voice evil notes appeared. - He listened to boys! I believed! And you listened to me?! Where did your love get to?! Five minutes didn't pass! Well, tell what changed, that?! Learned that I am not a little girl? Learned that I have a pussy?! Yes, is, is!! Sashka delayed an elastic band from top to bottom, having again shown to Denis a thin soft sprout, powerlessly hung. - I hate her! She to me spoils all life! All the same I will cut off to hell!! Sanka began to cry, sobbing and pounding tears the same kitchen towel. Denis was silent, only looked and listened. As if in a curve mirror, he suddenly saw himself from outside - angry, betrayed love, with the person warped by rage... And hatred to itself woke up in him like mad. There would be a knife not in a box, precisely would stab itself in silly near heart. - Forgive me, - Denis told in a low voice and strong I embraced Sashka, pressed to himself. - Sorry, forgive, forgive... I am an idiot... I am the most foolish idiot... You want to be a girl, you will be! Sashenka, you will exist the happiest girl, I promise you! Here you will see... Any creature more finger won't touch you! I will make everything that you didn't cry any more! Good mine... Do you know that? We will grow up, I marry you! Honestly! Here you will see! And we will perform operation, I will ask the father. Such do, I know... Sentencing, whispering incoherent promises, kissing wet cheeks and a nose, Denis didn't let out Sashka because was afraid - will release, and that will disappear... Will thaw as yesterday in a disco. And Sasha only cried, sighed and calmed down in warm embraces of the friend who unexpectedly fell down his head... dating yourself app current-date() xslt format site mapMain Page