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It happened in the summer, there was a Friday, I went after work home. I was called by the wife and told that they with the girlfriend of Olay sit in cafe. I drove up to cafe and rose to them. Light I saw me and I waved to me with a hand that I saw where they sit. Except them the guy unfamiliar to me sat at a table. The wife acquainted us, having told that it is Olga's acquaintance, his name is Igor. We greeted and I sat down for a table. They were more than an hour here, managed to drink cognac and were tipsy. Igor suggested to drink for acquaintance and soon we cheerfully stirred as old acquaintances, he was the sociable man, poured jokes ridiculous stories. Our table was located in a niche and we were kind of aside. Sveta and Igor sat on a small sofa, and we with Olay opposite on chairs. Slow music played and my wife pulled Igor to dance, we with Olay went too. The hall in cafe was decorated by mirrors and dancing were reflected in them. During dance when the wife with Igor appeared behind my back, I in one of mirrors suddenly saw that Igor's hands laid down on buttocks of my wife and at the same time she didn't even work to move away them. When I turned to them again, everything was decent, I even thought that it seemed to me, but as soon as I turned away, everything repeated. I copied occurring on slight intoxication, we sat down at a table and continued to have fun. We went for the following slow dance with Olay again, and Sveta with Igor remained at a table. I noticed as he lowered a hand under a table and put on Sveta's leg. And she didn't even try to move away her. They laughed and stirred about something, at the same time his hand was raised all higher and disappeared at it under a skirt soon. Went hot me, I didn't know as to me to arrive: to fill to him a muzzle and to make scandal or to wait and look as events will develop further. I went outside and lit. Having thought I decided to represent as if I got drunk and to look as they will behave. I returned at a table and began to realize the plan into action. I ordered still cognac, I pretended what carried me on a hungry stomach. I talked any nonsense, tried to dance or sing songs, pretended that I want to sleep. Gradually they relaxed, thinking that I notice nothing. In dance Igor with might and main pressed my wife, few times they even kissed while I stirred with Olay. I was very horney, I wanted to understand how far they can come if not to disturb them. I began a drunk voice to demand that we went home. Light I told what is so not done, children invited us, and I got drunk and to her it is inconvenient before them. I told that let they go to us on a visit. We went outside, I pretended that I am drunk so that I can't drive the car. Visor light keys also I asked Igor for me that he took the wheel. I with Olya sat down back, and Sveta forward. In the car I pretended that I to me very badly and settled on Ole's knees, so to see between front seats. The wife swore on me that I dishonor her before friends, and I pretended that I fell asleep. Light I told Olya: "Look, he sleeps or not." Olya shook me, but I only lowed something muffled. It was necessary to me that they decided that I don't hear them. Igor began to caress legs of my wife again, she slightly placed their and his fingers got into panties, Sveta wasn't in debt and her hand, having unzipped his trousers, slipped inside and began to stroke him. Then the wife turned to us and pushed me, I pretended that I sleep. She laughed and told that in this state and from the gun not to wake me. Further she began to behave more safely. She undid to him trousers and he having a little stood up on sitting, lowered trousers with pants to knees. From there the healthy dick fell out, he yet not absolutely got up, but even so struck with the sizes. He was fat, with a large head and rather long. Light I turned to Olya and I told: "You were right, it super, I wanted to try such dick long ago". Olya laughed: "It is good that Ilya didn't hear you". The wife bent and his dick took in a hand. I carried out down the dick, baring a head which the size and a form reminded large plum. Without coming off Igor Road put the right hand to it on the head and I directed to the standing dick. Light I opened a mouth and her language licked a head. Olya asked: "Well as, sweet lollipop?". The wife laughed and having clasped her with lips, began to suck, making the giving smacking kiss sounds. My dick was ready to tear trousers, I hardly kept calm not to give itself. Meanwhile Sveta released his dick from a mouth and began to kiss and lick him on all length. She kissed a head, licked balls, jerking off a trunk a hand. We with the wife practiced it in the car therefore she with skill continued to suck Igor's dick. She wasn't confused by our presence, Olya also acquainted her with Igor, and I it seems as slept. Didn't interfere with her even that we went on the road and strangers could see her. Igor enjoyed blowjob from my wife, I saw as her head flashes up and down, being stuck by a mouth on this healthy dick. Suddenly we were stopped by the GAI officer. In cafe Igor told that he works in traffic police therefore he quietly stopped the car and opened a window. Light I wanted to rise, but it pressed down her down and told: "You don't distract, suck the whore". The wife wasn't even indignant on such address, and continued to suck his dick with pleasure. The GAI officer approached and having recognized Igor, laughed: "You in the repertoire, well and how a nipple?". Igor took Sveta for hair and having raised her the head answered: "Normally, I recommend. If you want, I can acquaint then, sucks cool". Then I told my wife: "Show him boobs, the whore". Light silently I undid a blouse, the bra on it wasn't and both of them saw her elastic, beautiful breast 3 sizes. dating your sign date activities nyc winter site mapMain Page