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Chapter 8 Solar day blossomed in all the beauty. On trees sparrows chirped, on asphalt pigeons imposingly walked, from time to time scattering under wheels of bicycles. On benches conducted a slow conversation of the old woman, and at the playground the youth settled down. Now there were not five, and more. Smoked, holding beer in hand. Music from "music box" of the unknown brand standing under legs rattled. Emergence of our couple made the real cultural shock in the yard. Old women downloaded reproachfully the heads - about Sasha all had heard a lot, young and old. And for the missing teenagers it was a gift at all: someone jumped, someone whistled, someone burst out laughing at the top of the voice. - Hey, the pidryat for walk left! - the most impudent of pack shouted by a bad voice. Sashka shuddered, pulled in the head in shoulders, tried to take out a palm from Denis's hand. But that held strong, went, having straightened a back and quietly looking before itself. - Don't twitch, - he told in a low voice. - Let envy. The company wasn't appeased, shouted something indecent, without hesitating of anybody. At last, after especially wild joke, Denis didn't sustain. - Stand here, as sewn, and don't take in head to approach, - some lips he told the quailed Sashke. San obeyed, stood, awkwardly fingering a dress frill. He stood in a solar circle, shining and being poured as if the stiffened angel. Hair sparkled, the hairpin reflected beams, and eyes were full of concern and fear. Not for - for Denis... - Perhaps you will be appeased at last? - he asked, having approached closer. - Гы, педик itself I came! Well че, you will suck away here or for garages you will walk? - being shown from ear to ear, I asked a long and lean subject, years of sixteen. - Do you what whisper there? - Denis asked again. - Go closer, repeat more loudly. - He has a banana in an ear! - someone from the general crowd explained. - Right now I will pull out... - I promised long, rising. - Or I will more deeply drive... He took several steps as if big compasses, on equal legs. - You че, bourgeois? Long ago didn't receive a pi*da? - From you - never. - Well catch... Long tried to get a hand Denis, but that dived under a hand, pulled a wrist and long departed on the earth. - You че! - he began to yell, jumping and again rushing to the attack. Now Denis threw him in other party, having tripped in addition up. The habitual cry was distributed: - Ours are beaten! - and all crowd rushed to the boy. Further it is difficult to describe. Messing around of hands, legs, cries and shouts, clothes crash... But the final of a fight looked excellently - four crept away in different directions with a speed of mad snails. The fifth told something obscene about Denis, pressing a wet palm to a nose, but didn't decide to approach closer any more. The sixth pretended that he in general here at anything, went to library. Made toilet some more, keeping at. - Well... - Denis told, hardly moving the swelled lip. - Someone will touch Sashka, that won't live day. Remember, she is a girl. And it is necessary to communicate with her, as with the girl - respectfully and politely. Still tell thank you that last merits I forgive you. Though it is necessary to wet such goats on the place. Well nothing with you, live, Ur... He didn't manage to finish phrases: - DENIS!!! - Sashka by such ringing voice cried suddenly that stuffed up ears. Denis quickly turned back, otprygivy in a jump back. It saved to him life, but didn't save - a knife that was thrown in him by the imperceptible fellow who came from a back, entered a forearm. - And, сссс... - Denis hissed and automatically I pulled out a piece of iron, dropped and clamped a wound a hand. - The cattle, freaks, creatures, - with crying Sashka repeated, rushing to him. - That you died everything... Denis, painfully? - Militia! - zapoloshno the granny cried, having decided to bring order to the yard at last. The company quickly scattered in different directions, having left only empty bottles. And Sanka dragged Denis to himself, to heal a wound. - Lift a knife, - Denis with a great effort told, turning pale in the eyes. - That again... didn't stab... Sashka picked up a knife, tried to put on a habit in a pocket and in a dress pockets weren't. And holding him in hand, I lent to Deniska a shoulder: - We go, - nearly crying, Sashka spoke. - It is rather! You should call an ambulance... - Will manage, - Denis summoned up courage, hardly rearranging legs. Having reached the apartment, Sashka laid Denis on a sofa in the room and began to pull together from him a jacket. Screwing up the face from others pain, he pulled together him, slippery from blood, threw on a floor. - Painfully? Tell, painfully? Oh, you only don't die! - Still what invented... Drag towels, - Denis moved bloodless lips. - And well look where there the knife got? - In a shoulder! - I looked at Sashk. - In right! - Yes I know that in right... - Oh, stop! That is, lie! I am quickly! Sashka ran away into the bathroom, raked up pieces three towels there - everything that were, dragged back and began to clamp a wound, absurdly, fussy. - I am not able, - he was upset. - I will call an ambulance! - Throw, don't take in head. The father learns... - Then... I now! - Sashka found a way out and ran out from the apartment. On the fourth floor he slowed down, called and started dancing impatiently, expecting when open. - Sashenka what you beautiful, - threw up the hands the woman who slightly opened a door. - Aunts Light! - Sasha waved away from a praise. - We go rather! There boy, his knife... You the nurse, help him, please! - Oh my God... - the aunt Sveta became serious and concentrated. - I will take a first-aid kit. She needed two minutes to take all necessary and to go down, after Sashka. - Here he, - showed San on Denis lying without the movement. Blood exuded between fingers, the towel became impregnated with it, became heavy and slippery. - Help! - the aunt Sveta ordered. - Drag a basin and warm water, quickly! And put a teapot. Sasha escaped, being confused pleated dresses, and the aunt Sveta continued to undress the boy. - Suffer, suffer, - she whispered, - I will examine a wound... Well, absolutely superficial, just the scratch, only blood is a lot of. - A-and... - Denis when pulled for a sleeve moaned. - All everything, already all. But it was only the beginning. Then the wound was washed out, smeared with iodine, bandaged... There were Deniskina tears, Sashkin peep, the silent quiet words of the aunt Sveta. - Perhaps we will call an ambulance? - Sashka wasn't appeased though the shoulder was already bandaged and Denis lay, having leaned back on a pillow, having almost merged with it. - I don't think, - the aunt Sveta shook the head. - There is nothing to sew up there, and to bandage I, believe, I am able. Tomorrow on bandaging it is necessary to go, to hospital at the place of residence. But today it is more best to lie and lie. Any campaigns. Sasha, make to him sweet tea and it is more sugar. And you had dinner? - Not yet... - Sasha was responsible for two. - Nothing is necessary... - Denis rustled. - I am not hungry. - Here you just are also not asked, - the aunt Sveta smoothed to him the hair which stuck together from sweat. - You be ill quietly, and we will understand. Sasha, mother when comes? - In the evening... - It is clear. I will go, I will prepare for you to eat and I will bring. And you watch that didn't jump, and that I know you, boys. She left to herself, and Sashka began to look after the friend. Will correct a pillow, a blanket - without the purpose, needlessly, if only though something to help, somehow to appease pain. - Yes don't fuss you... - involuntarily Denis grinned. - Also make favor, take off already a dress... It all in blood... Throw to the bathroom... - Aha! - readily Sashka responded and I pulled together a dress through the head. I threw him a shapeless small group on a floor - what bathroom there, for a second there was no wish to depart from a bed. - Go here... - Denis nodded to him a finger. - Sit down... As was, in some panties, barefoot, Sanka settled down on a sofa. - Painfully? - with genuine sympathy he asked. - Because of me all... What I am a fool... - You aren't a fool... - the weak smile walked on Bays Deniski. - You are a silly woman... - Aha... Silly woman... Still what... - Sashka slipped on a floor and held up the head under Deniskina a palm, nestled on her lips. Denis stroked a thin chin, sponges, a cheek: - Well you... However, almost doesn't hurt. And if you didn't shout, the knife precisely would get into heart, under a shovel... - Oh... - Sasha rounded eyes. - I even am afraid to think... Perhaps we will call the militia? - Well you everything, ambulance, militia... It is necessary nobody. I will rest in bed an hour, I will call home, let the car will be sent. - Will fly to you... - Ha... Will fly... Someone will abuse the patient? On the contrary, will be delighted that in general I survived, - Denis not too surely told. Sashka didn't argue, made up as the puppy, rubbed the fluffy head about a healthy shoulder. - Eh you... Sasha-Sasha... - Denis caressed him already in opened, without confusion, without thinking about decencies and boyish taboos. On a neck, on hair, on a naked thin plechik... And Sashka hummed enough, was stuck with lips where попадя, even in bandage sometimes, forcing Denis to hiss through clenched teeth. Everything came to the end with a long kiss... Dlinnym-predlinnym from which the head of both went around and breath got off. I stopped only their call to a door. - The aunt Sveta came, - with a huge regret Sashka told and went to open. - I didn't prepare, - the aunt Sveta immediately told and incurred a saucepan on kitchen. - Here vermicelli and cutlets, only warm. Everything, I ran, and I have that linen there... If it becomes suddenly worse, to me at once, all right? Before leaving, she glanced to the room, felt a forehead to Denis: - Nothing, nothing, I speak, a scratch. If inflammation goes, it is necessary to drink tablets, I will tell what. But on boys everything quickly begins to live, at me the three. He I smiled to the become silent boys and I left. - I will bring tea, - Sasha told, but I didn't move a little, was unable. - To hell tea... Go here... - hoarsely Denis called. - Bend that I will tell... Sashka was inclined to him, but Denis instead of a conversation just attracted him to himself, again sticking into pink sponges. - You are such sweet, m-mm... - - - he when it was required to make a breath whispered. - I will precisely eat you... - You eat, - Sasha resolved, smiling. - Do you want an ear? Or nose? What do you want? - A uvula I want... Give... Sashka burst out laughing, put out tongue and licked Denis in a cheek. - I won't give, he still is useful to me! - Meanie... Greedy person and meanie, - Denis told. - All the same I love you... So, easily and easy, treasured words sounded. They were awfully difficult to be uttered when on Sasha there was a dress, but it is so free - when on him there is nothing, except panties... - And I you, - sighed Sasha, keeping within a cheek on the bandaged breast. - I to you will reveal one secret, - to Sashkina the top was spoken by Denis. - The boy you are pleasant to me more. But also girl too... And give, you will be slightly a girl, and slightly the boy? - How it? - Sashka raised the head and frowned. - Well, simply... For me, and? - For you - everything that you want, - Sashka agreed, though not absolutely I understood a thought. - Everything that I want? - Aha... Denis kept silent. The acute pain in a shoulder was replaced stupid, but still painful. She, pain, well raked over the coals, erased all excess, all unnecessary from soul. There was only a most important - love. Boundless love to this madly beautiful boy girl who still plainly didn't understand himself. - Listen... And you when wanted to cut off to itself, - bethought suddenly Denis, - you didn't wound yourself?! Let's have a look! - Yes it seems isn't present, - Sasha pursed lips, remembering. Then I rose and slightly I lowered a little panties. - Closer... It is badly visible, - Denis looked without blinking. Sashka moved the lower part forward... - Well, how? - he asked it is interested. Instead of the answer Denis gave a healthy hand and slightly stroked a white gentle feature. Such soft... I touched a finger the sack hanging under her... Ha, the girl girl, and the pisunchik instantly swelled up as it is necessary! Denis almost since the birth got used that all his desires are granted. Surprisingly, he not often used it, didn't indulge the whims. However now I couldn't and I didn't want to refuse pleasure. Having pushed to itself Sashkino a puny body, quickly, while he didn't come round, I involved the risen flesh in a mouth. - Aufff... - with astonishment Sashka spoke, looking in all eyes. - You that... - MGy-r-rmg, - Denis answered, driving lips on a thin stick. Under language the smooth saltish head was bared. However, the salty smack quickly was replaced by dairy and tasteless. But it admired Denis even stronger. He stroke-oared the boy's hip, got between his legs fingers, to two halves. Sashka didn't resist any more, stood rocking, having happily covered eyes. In the bottom of a stomach sweetish waves one by one began to appear, they overflowed the boy with the head, to goosebumps, to a shiver... It happened to him for the first time... He couldn't even imagine that the hated shoot can bring so much pleasure... There passed several minutes - Denis was fond, smacked the lips, caressed a head language - around, lengthways, across... And the new, last wave, the strongest which couldn't resist suddenly rolled on Sanka. - A-hey, - he shortly told, biting a lip. Pisunchik got nervous, leaving couple of viscous drops which he right there swallowed without trace on Bays Denisa. - It... that... - Sasha when he found ability to think asked. - And what is usually done by boys - with a pleased smile Denis explained. - And you, the little fool, wanted to cut off him. Here only try still! - Her, - Sasha shook the head. - Let will be... It so kla-assno... - I know, - Denis told, continuing to caress fingers the wet drooped pisunchik. - And so why it was pleasant to all of them... - thoughtfully Sasha told suddenly. - And I thought what all of them to me climb? - And what, only you took from them? Do you have nobody? - No... It западло, they said... - Yes send all of them to hell, - Denis waved a hand. - Forget these freaks. Now you with me... - Denis... - And you want, I at you... well, I will take? It is pleasant to you too... - Sasha told suddenly. - No! - quickly Denis interrupted him. Also I added more softly: - It isn't necessary... Not now. - Oh, of course... You are weak, I lost so much blood... Sorry, - Sanka zapechalitsya. Denis was indeed weakened by a wound, but the reason was another - he just didn't want to become on an equal basis with those animals that poisoned Sanka. Perhaps then, sometime... - Give me the mobile phone, - Denis asked. Sashka fast tightened panties, jumped to Denis's clothes and pulled out a tube. - On... - Fathers... - Denis confusedly told, - Here it put... dating your best friend tips today date xml site mapMain Page