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Yes today this day for which all relatives and at last waited, waited. Today a wedding at my cousin. Painting at 9:20 in the morning on Friday. It also working day. I with the spouse left at 8:10 expecting that we will manage to arrive at 8:40 to an entrance to the beginning of all wedding vanity. But Moscow not really that was favorable to us and we rested against a stopper. And as a result we went to a registry office at once. Though there were almost late. We rushed as stung in Fae of a registry office. All wedding ceremony already came into the hall of registration. We with the spouse became hollow to the hall of registration that moment when well-groomed slightly plump woman with accurately trained smile and intonation asked rhetorical questions to young people, regarding consent. At this moment it would be possible to get up in the middle of the hall and will urinate on fairly shabby carpet. The intonation, a smile, gestures and the speech wouldn't change at this lady on gram. On each side in the hall there were relatives, friends. I didn't know even a half of them. Understood the Aaa, here and from the bride there are people. And I don't even know as call the bride!!! To steam of photographers, one with the cam fuss in a circle of young people. In a corner the small orchestra sat, in expectation of the following command to win back a melody. Actually it is necessary to pay tribute to personnel. Everything looked most solemnly, accurately and professionally. Only if attentively looks narrowly it is possible to see as on the unshakable persons who are playing music stood in the expectation moment slip emotions of impatience, boredom or slight irritation. Someone corrects quietly the socks, at the pretty woman slips tension on cheekbones from the fulfilled smile. For the end that we reached to a point not of return. This is the lady I took a small box from a table and I approached young people. Gesture of the conjurer, she opened her is direct before the faces of young people and lasted out her in opened a state for them. Both of them I directed in this box all the attention. As though for both both the riddle and a solution of contents of this box beat. My brother oriented with the first and I got from there ring. With a small shiver in hands he dressed this ring on a ring finger of the, now wives. After that her turn came and she coped with advantage. It seems we approach a logical conclusion. Now flowers, kisses, congratulations. After traditional drivings on the Moscow traffic jams. The first stop on Vorobyov the mountain. I stopped the car near a limousine. From the accompanying guests poured out there. The time meets guests. The turn reached this character. He gave me a hand. — Sergey. — Alexander. I told. Very soft, moist and cold hand. As though I took a frog in hands. To him years thirty. Round, a little pale face, slightly grown thin shoulders, the stomach rather acting. The suit is made-to-order. On such figure it is difficult to find, something that could sit normally. Expensive, but already crushed high overshoes. Small eyes with small constraint and uncertainty run on the parties. In a word friable. His wife stands nearby. She obviously doesn't suit him. Slightly above him, burning black hair. She was in salon yesterday, dyed hair. The extended bang reached accurately pulled out eyebrows a half moon. Long eyelashes played in the sun. Big black eyes. Open look. She with interest looked at me and continuing to look gave a hand. — Marine. — Very pleasant Alexander. For this moment I managed to inspect her all and to estimate her hand. Gentle skin, elastic warm palm, accurate manicure. On her there was a silk black dress. The huge yellow rose is in front drawn. Tips of petals of this rose came to an end symmetrically on contours of her breasts of the second size. Nipples of her breasts stuck out from under a dress. At each her movement a breast it is weak and elastic I rocked. There is no brassiere. The dress accurately slid down her flat tummy. At some moment wind blew and her dress depicted her figure in the smallest details. Slender waist, anything superfluous on each side. Under the pressure of wind silk of her dress stretched on it slightly acting to a lobochka, the small distance between her legs, in the form of a heart was visible. All her body created a type of elasticity, smartness. Not that that it was tiny, but nothing superfluous was too. At the moment acquaintance though it also lasted a moment, her husband somehow slantwise took of us a view and is indifferent turned away. I felt jealousy from his party. My wife not strongly paying attention to me I continued to meet other guests. Further walks of a photo of a session went. Generally all as always. We arrived to restaurant fairly tired and hungry in a half of the fourth. The marine with the husband sat down at the next table. For some time I absolutely forgot about it and enjoyed salads. At a table toasts, beautiful speeches, "bitterly" without having managed to drink repetition. Host of the beginnings competitions. Guests already обвыклись. The first competition for men. I left too. Gathered us five. The host pulled out an aluminum beer keg. Someone longer it will hold, having taken fingers for a keg that and won. I love beer, I also won. While I held this keg, with easy desire and constraint views in my party, drinking champagne, guests encouraged. And I joined in some moment of Marin too, with passion I began to shout "give, give, give". At the same time at her in eyes small sparkles of desire which she right there extinguished flashed, stopping short glancing at the husband. The competition ended, I took away a keg with beer and all of us left to smoke. I told a joke, around me there were guests. Nearby around us there were several small small groups from among guests. Already file everything and began to be divided into circles on interest. We had the most large and bustling. A marine with the husband stood in other circle and slowly smoked. The marine briefly glanced in our party where with some intervals the crowd began is active to guffaw. I went to throw out a stub to the policeman about an entrance when Marina approached me and somehow with slight puzzlement asked: — Didn't you see my husband? — I he think in the secret room, tries to force to unburden Harry Potter the heart. The marine giggled and asked. — And where this room? — She from the right. The marine left. All of us returned at a table, Again a toast, again is "bitter" and the host called already married couples on a competition. There were I with the wife. The marine dragged by a hand of the spouse and got up near me. There was something like a dancing round dance. At some moment it was necessary will turn everything, on the right, on left and having undertaken a waist in a pereda necessary to step in before. There was an oar! All of us turned on the right and предо Marina's back was me. I took her for a waist and without having groped a lyamochka from panties, lowered hands slightly below. The marine felt it, having turned back having looked at my hands, then in eyes giggled and turned away. What she and without panties? I thought. I lowered even below than a hand, thumbs I groped dimples about a backbone where her elastic buttocks began and I strengthened capture a little. The marine only slightly caved in and bulged buttocks. My dick right there began to bulk up, the imagination earned. The competition came to an end, the sharpest awarded prizes, and I buttoned a jacket since the companion didn't think calms down and strongly rested against a belt. I came to a smoke break. I was followed by some more people. Having taken a detour we lit and began to share impressions. In a circle there was also Marina, but the husband wasn't. She looked at me and wiped a lip napkin. Then I turned to other girl and I told: — I will go I go to the secret room. Suddenly Harry Potter will come there, and to help him there is nobody. I understood everything. The marine left, in a second I went to throw out a stub to an exit and kind of slowly went to the hall. Nobody paid attention to me. I came inside. Still step and предо me toilet door. I pulled the handle and came. To me a back having opened about a sink there was Marina and looked in a mirror. I closed the lock and approached her behind. In a mirror I was reflected her face, her cheeks were red. She attentively looked in reflection of a mirror. I approached her. Slowly I took of her a view. My excitement grew. Her black hair, at her on an equal back, the straightened shoulders, the elastic buttocks which are slightly bulged slender legs which she slightly placed. I took her hair aside, she inclined the head. The graceful neck seemed. Such attracting. I as the vampire, one hand having embraced her I took for a neck, and I stuck into her the lips. Gentle skin excited, there was a wish to bite it, but I restrained. I inconsiderately thrust the second hand to it under a dress. On her after all there were panties, but such tiny. The marine exhaled and placed the legs even more widely. My palm laid down it on лобочек, and fingers clasped her pussy. Between legs she had wet panties. Under fabric of panties the bulked-up sponges of her pussy dispersed and mine of average the finger failed between her sponges. The marine caved in and rested the buttocks against my already rigidly standing dick even more. She felt it and began to rub the buttocks about my stake. I released her, undid a fly, pulled out from there dick which was ready to burst. I lifted her dress, I removed a thin strip of her panties aside. At this moment Marina turned back, looked to me in eyes and having smiled. I began to kiss her on the lips, and itself rested the friend against her pussy. Marina rose on tiptoe was stuck on my stake. I entered her without there, more true practically failed in her pussy. Clouded Marina's eyes a pleasure veil. I sharply began to drive the dick in her pizda. Roth Marina opened and she began to gasp. Holding her by a waist I became enraged the dick drove in her being clapped about her buttocks. Marina began to enjoy and began to make upward movement, groaning and winding the head. Some more movements and on my body I began the pleasure wave gathers, concentrating on a head and amplifying a front line languid pleasure in a stomach. It is a little more and I will terminate. I sharply left Marina, with a force developed it and having pressed on shoulders forced to sit down on hunkers. Without waiting so far she will orient I the dick to her thrust into a mouth. The marine didn't become puzzled and right there began to work with the sponges, flitting a uvula on a head, swallowing its podrachivy a hand. Other hand she became enraged a nadrachivala the clitoris. I seized her by the head and having spread it on the dick began to cum. The marine stood, accepting itself in a mouth all my pleasure, but at the same time without ceasing to caress the pussy. Having terminated her in a mouth, I lifted her and seated on a table near a sink. A marine having swallowed, I spread legs I looked at me. I sat down, is direct before me there was her wet not satisfied pizda which is filled in with juice. Having unloaded her legs to itself on shoulders I clung lips to her pussy. I began to lick her, getting language inside. The marine only snuffled and having seized my hair pressed me to the pussy stronger. I thrust two fingers into her pizda, behind a small ledge of her vagina I groped her point of G. Pressing and releasing her point G fingers, language I played with her clitoris. A second more and walls of her vagina began to be reduced. I took away the head, strengthened pressure and from her pizda the skvirt stream escaped. All body of Marina began to shake, she somehow not humanly gasped and strained legs, continued to shiver watered a floor. I managed to pull out fingers that didn't pour over me, and the second hand, a thumb pressed it on her clitoris. Her Skvirt came to an end, and the body continued to shake in orgasms. He convulsively I inhaled and I exhaled, потрясываясь, having closed eyes, I tried to take the body under control. At last she managed it also she having ceased to shiver opened eyes. I took away a hand from her pussy. She he is somehow lazy I smiled, I began to examine the room of a toilet as though she saw his first time and hardly understanding where she is. Then she is soft smiled and having pulled me to herself, having embraced began to kiss on a face, everywhere without understanding lips a nose, cheeks. At the same time, I muttered something. I embraced her and caressed on a back. — It is necessary to go, and that us will begin to be looked for. I told. She somehow not willingly took away hands and hung the head. I approached a mirror, looked, at myself. I removed the dick which was still elastic, but I was already located in pants. On a sleeve of a jacket there was a big damp spot, from her skvirt. Nothing terrible, it will dry. I washed and went to an exit. For me Marina quickened. Also silently I got up, and I went to a mirror. What was farther with Marina I didn't see. I went outside and lit. Sergey (Marina's husband) approached me and with anxiety I asked: — Didn't you see my wife? — She probably in the secret room. I smiled. — And it where? — It in common people is called a toilet. He disappeared. I finished smoking a cigarette and went at a table. There already Marina sat, drinking champagne, she took of the hall the playful view and something sang along. In an hour we once again met her in the secret room … dating you hating you barnes and noble dune release date in india site mapMain Page