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Having woken up in the morning on Saturday, I thought kind of to spend these days off. as the wife should have left for day for work I remained all alone and the prospect to stay at home didn't please me. Having had breakfast I also helped the wife to gather saw her to a door and kissed wished successful day. Having taken a heat bath I muffled in a towel and came into our bedroom and found her in a full mess, Olya as always slept to the last and then in horror and haste gathered not to be late. On a bed the heap of Oliny things which she extended from a case to find something easy from clothes as on the street there was a July heat lay. On a floor near a bed her dressing gown and also black lacy panties and a brassiere which I presented it for some family holiday lay. Having understood that here not to do without cleaning I set to work. I began to hang out her things in a case from them such pleasant and native smell recognized that there was no wish to let go them. When did business reach underwear I long twisted panties in hands and they were such beautiful and lacy what the strange thought came to my mind — And can dress them? — Time they so beautifully look in hands that on a bottom they have to look even more better! I slowly dressed their and my already begun to rise dick so of pleasant was pressed down by them that I began as the girl to rub his hand under them as though I have a hole there. became very pleasant, I felt in an image of the girl. Nearby the brassiere lay and I decided to put on also it. Having won against a disobedient fastener and I approached our big case in which there were mirror doors. Having approached it I saw the handsome man in women's clothes - too roughly — I thought. I understood that it is necessary to be covered still with something and having lifted from a floor the peignoir dressed it. — There now the fact that it is necessary — I thought looking in a mirror. About a mirror the beautiful girl in a peignoir, with elastic buttocks in lacy panties and a black beautiful brassiere which gave volume to my boobies looked at me. The picture of mute was spoiled by men's chyorta of the person and my bulged dick which was already broken off from excitement)) Having slightly opened a case door so that the mirror looked at a bed I laid down on her on a back and the dick as if a hole through panties began to rub again. watching itself itself in a mirror. Just shook me from excitement. I presented myself to Olay which lies on a bed and I touch her hole as it is always pleasant to her. The dick was just broken off, I understood that if I remove panties now and couple of times I will touch him I will fill in all with a cum. About as it was pleasant, I very much wanted to feel like the girl and that not I and someone another caressed me there where there was my hand. I wanted to hold up the bottom in these panties under an elastic dick as at me. I wanted to take a penis in a mouth!!! If the man was near, I precisely would give him. The dick broke off female panties and here dawned on me that in a bedside table our toys lie. And in the same place there is a beautiful latex dick!!!) Which and very often inserted Ole, now I wanted to take him in a mouth. Having slightly opened a box I groped hands that I needed now most of all. Having put it to the lips I began to caress a head. The second hand I removed panties aside and my dick escaped outside, my excitement reached a limit. And as soon as I began to enter a dick to myself into a mouth I began to cum violently and plentifully!!! At the same time lowing as the girl with the dick in a mouth. It was something I didn't get such powerful orgasm long ago. (for all) I poured a cum to myself over all legs and a bed got on lacy panties also a little. Having shot last time I let go a dick and my body became soft in sweet fatigue. Having put out a dick from a mouth I stood up to take off a brassiere he as well as when clothing didn't submit to me. To hell with him - I thought all the same I will be day then I will rent Home Alone. I filled the dick in panties and thought that after such orgasm it is advisable to have a rest and then still to think up something.))) And so satisfied or satisfied (as it is pleasant to someone) I fell asleep on the bed in lingerie and a rubber dick on a pillow... But as it appeared I didn't manage to have a sleep long as I woke up from strong calls to a door soon. That for affairs I thought about myself, and jumped up from a bed. Here I saw myself in a mirror on a bed door, here pancake! removed a dream as a hand instantly. I with horror began to pull off with myself a brassiere and he as always didn't give in, at a door to an izha very strongly clattered. In the hall and about a bathtub there was water. I already began to understand that I forgot to close water when bathed and these are likely neighbors from below. Without taking off panties I quickly put on the sports pants and rushed off to open doors. Having opened a door I saw Ivan of the neighbor from below, he was obviously in low spirits. — You that he absolutely went nuts-began but I gesture stopped him, and the fast shah went to the bathroom to close water. — Excuse the neighbor himself I don't know as so left — I told him when turned back and read a question in his eyes. — Yes you to me a bathtub flooded all — Ivan told. — we will go will watch on how many you got, and will apologize to Lenky itself there will be she there in a bottom shocked. I understood that I panties though under trousers but felt very much comfortably. — Ivan you go and I will come now — No decided to dump everything we will go to me together. My neighbor was ready aggressively so to disappear was there was no place it is necessary to go. Having gone down in a bottom we came into his apartment, there in the bathroom there was his sexy wife Lena who standing on knees in a dressing gown shot up water from a floor. Having seen us her incurred - Well as so? — Someone will pay for it? and TD. I needed only to nod and to agree with everything. At last having expressed she calmed down corrected a dressing gown which already began to slightly open her breast and skazala-Chto you stand give help —. I agreed and having taken from her a rag began to wipe a floor. Ivan told that it is not his work and left on kitchen. With responsibility having got down to business I didn't notice as my trousers were lowered a little having bared a part of my bottom in female panties. With horror having turned back I saw on a threshold Lena which looked at me with interest and a faint smile. It forced me to redden I was ready will fail through a floor. Having corrected trousers I looked down and told - only don't speak about it to the husband. — It why, we love very much such boys - she told. We will go to kitchen will be enough already here to remove. Me as current прошибло. in the head only I one-got. Until I left from a bathtub Lena already something whispered Ivana... Friends continuation will be, write the responses on my opus dating with no intention of marriage date calculator subtract site mapMain Page