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After this evening of revelations with mother I could go already freely at home in that in what to me to be pleasant without looking back at time and without being afraid that just about someone be will come, namely on arrival from school I dressed Yuliny things fortunately after her at once I had huge clothes. I noticed that the first days it was somehow strange to mother to see me in image, new to her, but I also didn't hope that in one day she suddenly will cease to see in me the son and will see the second daughter. But there was time and every day she saw the girl, but not the guy and her attitude towards me changed too especially as I decided to grow hair and now after three months they already reached to me shoulders. When I went to school I combed them on men's manners, houses I pinned up them or stacked as it is done by girls, and it must be said I constantly learned to behave as the girl: to go, sit down and it is even simple to smile, the benefit I before eyes always had an excellent example, my mother who in the forty years looked just fantastically can not as twenty-six-year-old Lera to whom the father left, but the figure of mother just bewitched me, I already mentioned somehow that a figure I probably went to her she had slender long beautiful legs, wide roundish hips and still elastic breast, I of course never touched her and in difference from Yulkina didn't see her naked, but about its elasticity I guessed because when mother of the house sometimes walked in a t-shirt without brassiere at the same time is still proud watched her breast in top without any support. But did it such attractive and womanly even not her figure, but some special grace a manner to behave and present — she was the real woman to what I at her and studied, and it must be said that it turned out at me well and very naturally and after these three months I understood that I and didn't need to learn to eat to it it at me by nature it more naturally to my constitution with what rough male gait... And in one evening I understood that mother already perceives me rather as the daughter than the son when she absolutely involuntarily addressed me in a feminine gender. — Sasha you already made lessons today... she asked me, I answered that I and gently kissed her on a cheek. In the evenings we often watched TV with mother, rolling in an embrace on a sofa, or played board games, or just stirred about what be, laughed, discussed her fellow workers, or my schoolmates, generally we very much approached her we stirred as two close girlfriends. Somehow she gave me a compliment — Sashka at you such beautiful figure if you wouldn't hide her under men's wear to you in the afternoon guys probably didn't give to pass, the truth a breast is small, but today it is fashionable girls with a zero breast. and is valid I though I looked already lovely girl with a zero breast to me still to much it was necessary to learn at mother such things as a make-up for example or manicure and a pedicure about what I her and I asked in one of days off, she looked at me with a smile — and I thought when you already ask... give in a shower and then to the room I there so far will prepare everything for me. I fast took a shower then decided to remove all with volosiki on the body smoothly shaved a pubis and armpits spread with cream, was wiped, wound with a towel and left the bathroom with feeling of improbable ease and excellent spring mood. Mother already prepared by then everything she seated me in front of a huge mirror, at herself in the room, itself got up at me behind the back and first of all armed with the hair dryer in ten minutes I had a smart laying which gave to my face that new what earlier I didn't notice to me she seems I gave me sexuality, some more impudent type, but not a type of the schoolgirl. I of course diligently watched and remembered all her actions there was a make-up further with detailed explanations and small sekretika which each woman when she finished laying and a make-up has I saw that she is happy with the work because she couldn't look away from me and told that she is obliged to photograph it that she wants to place this photo in a purse together with Yulka's photos and mine in an image of the guy. And I, was so just struck because I admit that I always considered that I have quite pretty face but I didn't even represent that I can be such beauty whom I see in a mirror now... then mother told — I want to lift a toast for new Aleksandra's birth and in general if here such hen party that we have the rights to drink on a glass of champagne which remained since new year and long ago is waiting in the wings... we went to kitchen took champagne, wine glasses gathered chocolates and with all this set returned to the bedroom we ahead had still a manicure and a pedicure. I seem to me never before in life so cheerfully I spent time we: stirred, laughed, of course were engaged in my appearance, I diligently remembered everything and champagne and chocolate increased to us mood even more and somehow liberated us. And so with manicure it was finished too, as well as with two thirds of a bottle of champagne. I chose brightly red, defiant varnish which approached my mood today and which mother very beautifully and accurately applied on my marigold. There was only a pedicure and what it would be convenient to mother we passed to a bed she sat down and I laid down having put legs to her on knees she did me a pedicure, and I just closed eyes and enjoyed the moment of improbable pleasure, if someone be, still any told me several months ago that I will be wrapped up in a towel after a shower to lie on a bed and mother will do to me a pedicure and other procedures I would think that he is a madman. — There now Sasha you is fully completed mother told — And well get up walk and I with pleasure came off a bed, but probably while I lay on a bed the knot on a towel relaxed and when I came off to the utmost I was absolutely naked and the towel remained on a bed, in the first second I wanted to lift right there him and to turn back but then I thought, can partly and champagne emboldened to me if we with mother both women that why I has to hesitate of the nakedness Yulka never hesitated at mother to undress or even to go with her in a bath when we came out to the dacha a countryside. For mother it was sharp surprise too and how she seemed to me a little I was confused and then, looking her in eyes asked — mothers to me to put on? She second having hesitated I told — No, it wasn't necessary just it is one more barrier which we with you crossed and which probably will even more pull together us. and now be twisted I want to look that we with you had me made couple of turns and with a smile I flopped on a bed nearby — you at me just the beauty stated Sashk mother then we just rolled stirred and drank still champagne I after all again slipped on a towel because to me it became a little cool but also still because I felt some strange feelings being as absolutely naked before mother and I still couldn't understand or it just feeling of sexuality at the sight of the naked body with beautiful manicure and long legs with a pedicure or it is somehow connected that I am absolutely naked in a bed near mother and me seemed that the mother's look stopped several times can not randomly in my groin. Anyway I experienced some excitement, and decided to throw with a towel. We already drank up shaman which not bad went to us to the head, well to me yes sir and lay discussed what dresses in fashion this spring — To Sashk's stat I want that you estimated... mother screamed having remembered something — I bought a new dress, I want that you looked she there were beds and pulled out from a case a beautiful lung spring a dress — Now I will put on she removed from herself leginets having bared beautiful not such thin as in youth but still slender legs any more, and I was once again convinced that legs I precisely in her, then she took off a t-shirt having remained in some black panties closing only a small triangle in a bottom of a groin and I saw her flat stomach and a beautiful form a breast with brown nipples looking in top and then I thought would like I to be same beautiful as she in forty years but in the place with it in me even more increased some excitement which I any more didn't control and which poured out in an erection, is good that I was in a towel and mother seems it didn't notice, meanwhile she put on a dress and was already turned in him before me — N at as to you Sashka only speak the truth laughed mother I of course showered with her complements because it was the truth and a dress to her very much went. Having a little more turned in front of the mirror she removed him and again removed in a case, having remained in some panties again, then having taken chocolate with a pier glass flopped in a bed near me and stretched me a piece at the same time somehow playfully having looked at me she asked — I noticed on your reaction to you my figure was pleasant? Probably after all the erection didn't escape her look, so someone to be pleasant to you Shurka, boys or girls? We with you didn't speak on this subject yet. Having a little thought I answered that I don't know the answer to this question yet I know only that I the girl for me it is more natural to feel and further probably thanks to champagne added that when I caress myself I most often I represent as I am kissed and caressed by any guy and then we gently have with him sex, but as I had no sex neither with guys yet nor with girls I can't answer unambiguously you in any case sex I even am not able to kiss that plainly told I having looked with her in eyes mother stared me and eyes too and slowly came nearer to me having stopped in millimeter from my lips she pronounced words just looked to me in the face looking for the answer there. (Especially for — Having felt its proximity and heat of her breath everything that I just wanted now to nestle it on her lips and I made it having closed eyes I nestled the sponges on mother's just nestled it there was even no kiss and so we stiffened for a second then we were discharged and again looked each other in eyes in her eyes I saw passion and some languor in mine probably was most and we merged now in a kiss our eyes were closed and languages were weaved some veil shrouded my consciousness I already badly understood again too that occurs I saw only separate pictures on me already again isn't present a towel and on mother of panties remember highly rising a mother's breast and as I kissed and bit her brown nipples as mother covered with kisses my legs and hips remember as mother gently takes hands my dick and directs him in ourselves and literally in several seconds of flash in consciousness we with her violently terminated both. Where that minute we just silently lay nearby recovering then I turned to it and looked on it is guilty the huge blue eyes she looked at me confusedly too smiled kissed me on a forehead, pressed to herself and told — Sashk isn't in what occurred whose fault well at least yours precisely just on us worked well and you was necessary to learn to kiss a smile added she give so just agree not to remember it and will go already to have supper she put on a t-shirt I a dressing gown and we went to kitchen to set champagne the table It is necessary to tell that this day for me was very informative I learned much including to kiss... but ahead there was everyday life and it was necessary to go to bed. Before going to bed I read the reference book in entertaining chemistry a little more and fell asleep as killed. dating with a purpose date calculator easy surf site mapMain Page