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Anna from the childhood was an ordinary-looking girl and it would hardly be possible to call her beautiful, but, nevertheless, from her some almost inaudible heat and energy proceeded. She was very emotional person, and, despite of everything, it was possible even to call her charming. Anna very successfully married, it was loved and loved very much the husband. Every time when they were separated, Anna missed and looked forward to a meeting with Him, the beloved, gentle and passionate husband. There were years, Anna turned into mature, very attractive and passionate woman. At work of business went not badly and Anna and what she did though from time to time she needed to leave the house was pleasant, to leave the husband, going to another business trip. To it time she went to small the small town in the Moscow region and stayed there at small cozy hotel. Having got tired from the trip, in the evening, she settled in a bed and turned on the TV where there was a magnificent movie about romantic love:. Suddenly she felt melancholy and insuperable desire of communication therefore she, having taken the warm, caressing shower, having carefully shaved itself under mice and having removed the hair which began to grow between legs, went down in bar. She was dressed not brightly, she didn't love bright clothes and jewelry at all, and as sometimes happened when Anna was at home, she didn't begin to put on panties. In the translucent not bright blouse with a long sleeve and quite short skirt it looked very attractively and is even sexual. Despite the age Anna was still slender and brought up, she had well-groomed skin and by sight she could give even about ten years less. Especially here, in the bar twilight, among blinking of a son of lumiere and candles she looked charmingly and young. In bar there were not many visitors. In a far corner, opposite to Anna, spouses of advanced age quietly talked. Having looked at them, she with a bigger force felt the loneliness. Spouses sometimes got up from the places, went to the center of the hall and slowly danced in a fascinating slow rhythm of dance. He carefully held her one hand by a waist, and other hand squeezed a shoulder, nestling on her cheek the cheek. How many tenderness and love was felt in this dancing couple! Admiring them Anna didn't even notice that her knees were moved slightly apart. The look elderly, but very interesting, attractively to the man dancing near Anna with the wife suddenly unexpectedly slipped towards Anna and:. Anna shuddered and caught itself that the pose in which she sat at a table, watching people around, could provoke a similar view, on her there were no panties even and the skirt was rather short. Anna's heart is speeded up was clogged, face skin slightly reddened. Anna immediately changed a pose, without ceasing to admire dancing. Music ceased, all passed to the tables. The man who is quietly talking to the spouse began to dart an ukradky glance towards Anna from time to time. He obviously liked this self-assured, but why missing this evening, the woman. Anna listened to music, and having unexpectedly caught the man's eye, understood that having forgotten, her pose was such that the man opposite quite could see that she sits here, in bar, without panties and her clean-shaven skin between legs, bewitched him. Anna felt it in his look, and itself without knowing why froze allowing him to admire the beautiful body that is slightly covered under a short skirt. The man sitting near Anna tremblingly embraced one hand the spouse for a waist and began to kiss gently her on the lips, slowly stroke-oaring another between her legs. The woman very quietly moaned, but Anna distinctly heard this sound of admiration and pleasure. The woman's face blushed, at dim light she seemed even more young and more attractively. In bar the beginner unexpectedly appeared. It was the elderly man of average growth who is tidily dressed with the clean-shaven person. The next melody played and the beginner approached Anna to invite her to dance. The stranger was presented, his name was Alexander. He, as well as Anna, was on office questions here, and, tomorrow evening they with the colleague leave home. Anna liked magnificent music and this unusually clever and tactful man though he was not young. It liked to dance with him without thinking of anything, it was pleasant to feel his warm hands, to feel him near itself. Alexander was very interesting interlocutor, his mind, education and tactfulness was felt. After numerous dances Alexander invited Anna to himself in number where they continued to talk, sitting on a small sofa. Alexander looked Anna fool in the face, having slightly embraced her, and suddenly unexpectedly touched her cheek with the cheek. At Anna for nervousness intercepted breath, but she wasn't going to interfere with this trembling rush of tenderness from his party. Even a moment, and their lips merged in a long greedy kiss. Anna suddenly felt all tenderness and passion which proceeded from him, and some unknown force attracted it, inducing not to stop. At Anna heart with emotion knocked, she, appear, thawed in embraces of this of the passionate, in a random way appeared in her life man. Alexander slowly stroking Anna's knees gradually I advanced the hand, there, where she had smooth, gentle, just shaved skin, other hand he strong pressed Anna to himself. All body of Anna went hot from exhaustion and desire. Alexander, at last having reached the intimate place, having felt her moisture, smooth skin, and suddenly I understood that she has no panties, and having felt the shaved gentle skin between her legs, he felt improbable inclination. Having finished so prolonged kiss and having looked to Anna in her burning eyes, he understood that this attractive woman wishes him just as also he wishes her, here and now. Horney, he slowly took off her blouse and a bra. Kissing her confirmed, increased at a rate of a nipple gently and stroking her hips, trying as it is possible to get more deeply between legs and trying to get a middle finger into her warm, povlazhnevshy crack. Anna quietly moaned. Made horney Alexander that this woman, appears, there, in bar when they sat and just talked and when danced, I was without panties. At only one thought of it he turned the head. Having got drunk with the feeling which captured both of them they without hurrying took off clothes with each other, kissing and caressing the bodies burning with desire. Anna kissed his neck, a breast, tickled language his nipples, holding a penis in one hand of his average sizes and stroke-oaring another its the hardened spheres. Alexander, accurately laid Anna on a back and began to kiss her shaking body, gradually falling below and below didn't reach yet treasured, especially sensitive knob which resembled slightly the dismissed bud. Alexander slipped according to him the damp language, caressing the external and internal lips which slightly swelled up a little from the captured exhaustion this, turned out such passionate and gentle, the woman. Alexander's language rolled in her vagina from time to time, every time returning to plunge as it is possible more deeply again and again. Anna's body burned, shivered and coiled from admiration, her legs were widely spread, thereby giving big freedom for unexpected imaginations of Alexander. Fingers of hands Anna moved apart external vulvar lips and Alexander having looked a boundary of her legs, with admiration admired the trembling place, sliding two fingers in Anna, slightly stroking in her warm, wet vagina and having noticed that it gives her pleasure tried to get three fingers, trying to promote as it is possible more deeply, seeking to give as much as possible pleasure to the woman who was pleasant to him. Anna, having closed eyes quietly I moaned, having slightly bitten a lower lip. Alexander continued to tease her kindling in her absolutely insuperable aspiration to feel him the increased in sizes, elastic penis seeming to her now especially beautiful and desired. She whispered: "I insufferably want to feel all your force, all your energy in me!". Anna still lay on a back and he, having covered her with all weight of the body, nestled on her kissing her face, lips, a neck. Anna hands helped to send his penis to the vagina, but Alexander, seemed didn't hurry, moving hips, drove the dick on her shaved perineum, still teasing her and caressing. Both of them quietly groaned from pleasure. Once again stroking the dick, external, then, more deeply, her internal vulvar lips, his dick suddenly stopped for a moment. Pressing on her clitoris, I slid off and slowly I began to get into her cozy vagina, drowning all are deeper and deeper. Anna raised hips, stroking his back and buttocks, aspiring as it is possible to dip more deeply his Beauty and to Sil in the body. Suddenly she felt that his fat pleasant dick reached the end of her love channel, it was indescribably pleasant to it to feel him in itself, to feel this Energy. They convulsively began rhythmical movements with the bodies, accelerating. О::..., the orgasm was close. Their breath became frequent. Anna's vagina began to pulse on his shaking dick. Alexander quickly took out him and the stream of slightly sweetish liquid fell upon her stomach, Anna, slowly ran a hand to herself over a stomach, applying his cum on the breast, the person, a neck. Iznemozhennye from love games, both of them dozed off in embraces of each other. Having regained consciousness, Anna looked at lying near her the man tired with her caress. She it is careful, trying not to disturb him, I went to the bathroom to take a cool shower. Water, with noise flew down on her pinkish skin. Suddenly the door to the bathroom was opened, Alexander entered and got up near Anna under a shower, kissing her on the lips and strong pressing her all over to the naked body. Having taken a shower, they wiped each other a soft fragrant towel and went to the room, continuing to caress each other. Anna went down on knees and, having accepted a pose of "tiger", bared the confidential place, Alexander was horney, he kneeled behind Anna and began to stroke hands her breasts, caressing the fingers her nipples. A love game continued with the increasing passion, nervousness and tenderness. Increased in sizes and become again elastic, the dick slipped along damp walls of her vagina, Anna moaned from pleasure, feeling all length and all elasticity of his warm and strong penis in the body. She whispered: "Sasha, me very much to be pleasant to feel your elastic core in himself", inducing him these words to strong pushes. He, moved hips trying to go every time all deeper to her love channel, brought himself and Anna dizzy pleasure each such movement of the hips. His fat dick slid on damp walls of her vagina, reaching the end, sometimes even causing a mild pain. But it I was, it is rather even, pleasant pain, and Anna having spread legs is even wider, enjoyed each his penetration inside, in depth of the channel, sometimes shuddering from intolerable pleasure. Soon her moist vagina pulsed with an improbable force on his shaking dick. His cum, having connected to juice of her vlagala slowly I followed from her half-open vulvar lips. Both of them felt a surprising orgasm about which still yesterday none of them even could assume. In the morning, having left hotel they parted on houses and someone knows, can be somewhere and sometime their destinies will be crossed again. N. B. dating with a purpose quotes date ideas nyc during covid site mapMain Page