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- What reddening face, even under cosmetics, a good make-up, by the way. I prepared, the bitch, - and is the share of each word blow by a lash. Blows burn. I was afraid, what will be more sick. She changes a rhythm of blows. Every time I am not ready to new. Here they become more rare and sharper. Painfully! Takes the breath away from pain. I have a snack lips and I try not to groan. But I can't any more, only pain. Blow - pain. Blow - pain. I try to evade. And leaves that only I wag a bum. It amuses it. Blow - pain. - Neeeet..... - Now and the buttocks will be as a face, red and hot. YES! yes, my girl. Here so, you feel how it is hot as it is sick and as it is pleasant to you. It is pleasant to you, huh? - Daaa.... - There would be you the real girl, to you would get on a pizda, and so that is, that is, "girl". On buttocks.... on balls.... on a hole... - about! at first I am glad that not on a bum, but here such acute, severe baking pain. I can't more. Enough! One desire that stopped. Blow - and there is no pain. I all contracted, I don't understand why I don't feel. What did she with me make? And I feel this blow and I am even glad to it. Previous I was a blende, it struck a table. Strange, but I already became soft and isn't so painful to me. I just all burn. Weigh, and not just a bum, balls and a hole. - You can ask, but I know when to finish. It isn't necessary to groan so loudly. I will help you, - she comes in front, will lift a skirt, I can't look away from her hips, I don't remember any more that to me it is painful. She looks directly to me in the face and removes from herself panties! I see that they are wet. So she was made horney by an execution. She carries out by panties at herself between legs, collects the moisture. Then hands opens my mouth, strongly, corners of lips stretch and burn. Pushes the panties to me in a mouth. Then imposes a prickly rough rope on an open mouth and tightens it on a nape. Lips are stretched, language is pressed by panties and a rope. Her hair touch my person when she knits me. I would kiss her. I so want at least one kiss from her, well at least one that it became slightly easier for me, I do everything as she wants, I deserved. Deserved? - Here, now it is possible to strap and not to scare away those someone in line for a door. Well, 25 there will be enough blows, and that it is necessary to be in time so many that was about what to you to write, - here that I deserved. And to me it is already not as painful, as to a gag. Only in the head blows methodical also pain constant rustles and now. Also it becomes suddenly silent. I don't hear her. I don't see where she? I close eyes. I weigh hot and soft flesh. I am awakened by touch of her hand to a forehead. It faces me, on it there is no skirt. On her a strap-on. Light, almost colors of her skin. Long and not really thick. She plays him. Shakes, runs over him fingers, squeezes in a fist. I already want to lick him, so she jerks off him in front of my eyes. She bypasses me. No! I wind the head. I don't want. No. She slaps in buttocks a hand, is strong with a delay. From pain the back is curved, and I become quiet. Her fingers move apart my buttocks. Something damp and cold slowly flows down on a hole down to balls. It smears on me lubricant. Still lubricant. I entered! It is a finger. One more. She stretches my hole. Extensively. It isn't terrible any more. Not painfully. I listen to myself, to the feelings. It isn't as terrible as I was afraid. It is a shame and. But it isn't sick. - Relax, - and easy slaps from two parties on buttocks. And at me it turns out to release tension, to relax a little. She plays fingers in my hole. To me begins it is pleasant, pleasantly. I can't understand what she does there. Lubricant. Fingers doesn't touch me any more. Something thick and slippery presses, moves apart a hole. I contract. Again slaps. Strap-on. It entered me. It seems that she broke off me. Bakes. She stopped. Doesn't move. I stood and I don't breathe. She fucks me. Strap-on. At all length and with such force that I am afraid to fall down from a chair. Pain together with excitement. Yes, my Hostess and. She doesn't see, but I feel that I reddened. It is a shame to me that I am horney that to me it is so good actually. It seems to me, it is a little more and I will terminate, but I feel only that she nestles on me hips and shudders... she terminated?! - Well, here will also be enough for today - it is the preface such, you understand in literary terms, - says and chokes, I hear. She terminated! To her it was good with me! Removes a gag. On her already a skirt, everything accurately and decently. Only the breast rises, eyes shine, and on a face give a flush that just was. Unties from a chair, holds me when I get up on a floor. - How to become you the bitch in reality? Depends what will be the answer, what will be farther. - Yes, I understand, - no actually, I understand nothing. What's next? What she is going to do with me. I thought that for today already all. - And? Answer? - I to you am very fertile that gave me such lesson, - I say quietly and obediently, and actually quite so I feel. - Quickly you study, the babe. Then we will finish? Sit down on a floor. - As tell, - powerlessly I kneel before her. - Handles flowed? Hurt? - Yes. - Then I will tie up them to legs, it is pleasant to you when I potter with you. Stronger, here so. Do you feel them? - Yes, - and the new wave of excitement captures me. She lifts a skirt, on her there are no panties. - Put out tongue, - I touch by a face of her skin. It spreads legs and is stuck to me on the person. Her wet lips and a clitoris are pressed to my lips. I lick as a puppy milk, her moisture. It holds me by hair and rubs my head about the pussy. At some point she fades and strong presses me to herself. The hot and strong stream joins my mouth. I almost choke with surprise. Convulsively I swallow, without closing a mouth. As there is a lot of! I can't swallow so much. I am not in time. It seems, now I will choke. Stopped. She pushes away me. Waits until I recover the breath. Lick lips, the bitch. Wash me, - and again I lick, I lick her писю. Some strange state at me. It seems that now, right now I became her property. As if it this rain branded me. To me it becomes quiet and good. Car. Houses, passersby, cars. Everything, as in slow motion. Such accurate and absolutely deprived of sense image in a car window. And such deafening silence though some melody in the car plays. What indifferent and cheeful world outside the window cars. And why it to it has to be business to me, was indifferent for me when I went on this great, decisive Today. I was even proud of the independence! The man in a women's clothing on the street, in public transport. How did I in general reach her without adventures?! Probably with interest to compensate it on arrival. Today it happened. It happened... Something he is too happy. I was fond. Yes, he was pleasant to me. Already. No. So won't go. It is necessary to stop it. Licks, directly I stuck, just doesn't grunt from pleasure. - Suck, the bitch, I want to terminate. Here and saving call: - Yes. I listen. - I am not able. - Try.... It I not to you, though you could try more better and, before communication. - There now, you see, and foreign inclusions bring you. - Yes. I can just has to will wake up and... and everything will be as earlier. Imaginations, pictures, photo, video, stories. Maybe I just read stuff? Nobody knows me, I will tell nobody, tomorrow I will go to office, was on vacation, now returned, everything as earlier. Faugh! Nonsense! Nothing was! There couldn't be it unless on the website of special stories. It seemed. It is necessary to find the girl, to oversleep, return to all, I as everything, anything special. With me everything is all right, as with all. What the car is? Someone is driving? Where am I carry? It seems familiar streets and, it seems, that home. From where he knows where I live?! Was! It happened! Today! As I also wanted... So wanted? - Lara, come to me. - Here, look what author at us I came to dedication. I already began him, continue, and I and till tomorrow won't terminate that, and to come towards me. You fuck him behind, and you lick, by a lunch, you look and we will terminate. - Lick while you are fucked. Here so, still and, suck, stronger, still and... I push away him the head, I get up, I make toilet. An amusing show - one bitch at another on a strap-on. Knock at a door. - Yes, you drive. - Slavik, you came for keys? As you in time. To you to look or participate? Take off trousers and jerk off. Yes, on him that for the first time, perhaps. I will take to him a mouth. - You quickly today what "girl" was pleasant? Yes, in thongs at the girl a surprise. Makes horney you and Slavik? - Pinch from lips a cum, the bitch, such at you a business lunch today. Tasty? - Yes, - the reddened bitch answers. All uncombed, with the begun to flow ink, diligently puts out tongue and collects the cum remains around a mouth. Lips are inflamed from a rope, pounded, pinches, but tries. The girl tries, now we will play. For what she so with me?! Bitch! Creature! I hate! Sadist! Cold frigid bitch! She doesn't know yet someone she contacted! I will arrange to her! And these are "employees - subordinates"! Can call the police, hand over all this кодло! So, for certain, she and them uses! Well I won't believe that I am the only victim and nobody knows anything! She isn't afraid, huh?! She just doesn't know yet someone she was lucky to meet! I will arrange to her! The others it is simple, the crud, the six. She! She is guilty of everything! Rubbish! Reptile. Old nedotrakhanny bitch. She is guilty. - Lara, pull out already a strap-on from her. - Still you want or gorged on already? It is clear. Lara call those "two of a chest", two. Will be enough her for today, and that we will overfeed. - Boys, there were from her and on time, two on each side, three are amicably jerked off. What harmonious collective, however, bitch? - Yes. - Did you want to join our family? - Yes. - Here and the sprema appeared in time - boys, cum! Wider than companies, here so, I am insolent. What cocktail! You are an imenninitsa today, the bitch. - And now all put on and went. Quickly. - Fukh! as made the air, - I open a window. And yes, still it is necessary to untie. - Collected material for the story, huh? - Yes. - Put on. Correct the person, "powder a nose". Shakes me! The person burns! Though the driver wouldn't turn! It isn't necessary to look at me! Don't see me nobody! I also in cosmetics... I was. What I am similar now to! I can't touch myself! Dirty and disgusting, others. It is good what darkens early. I will go home on a ladder, in the elevator I won't go. It seems, even walls of an entrance know that I now and someone. All know everything, on a smell feel, on the badgered look which I bring. Don't see me! Don't start talking to me! Don't touch me! Not..... Not.... Not.... - Yes, I listen. With someone do I speak? - Tomorrow to eight, for work. Not to be late, - I hung up. dating while separated in tennessee date today uk calendar site mapMain Page