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On hours was already without ten six in the evening and we will have a driver of the Irkiny chief under windows for a minute for about a minute. Today we are invited in theater by the boss of my wife. It is impossible to be late. It is clear, that the boss probably already made the decision on appointing Irina the chief of expert department, nevertheless this meeting isn't deprived of a certain sense. Before a visit of theater Irka told me that the boss would like to get acquainted also me and also to present me and the spouse. For the old experienced businessman it quite a commonplace. They like to know about the subordinates practically everything, without excluding also details of family life. I was already built and admired the last preparations of the spouse. She tidied up a long nutbrown hair up on a nape, having emphasized a charming thin neck. Accurate lobes of ears decorated the earrings presented by me on the 30th anniversary with small scintillating brilika. The dark cherry evening dress favourably emphasized transition of a narrow waist to abrupt hips, at the same time the round tightened buttocks didn't look vulgarly, but as a magnet I attracted my look. Through a section with a side the charming leg looked out. On hardly noticeable muffled gloss of thin transparent nylon I guessed that on it not tights and stockings on a belt. My heart is speeded up was driven in and I with softness of a cat fell at her legs. With neperedavayemoy tenderness I took her fine-molded ankles and supporting for the Piglet serially dressed them in the very tall hairpins prepared by Irka. In response to instantly risen hillock on my trousers her eyes became covered languid povoloky, but having been distributed a call of the mobile phone returned us to reality. With an undisguised regret we sputitsya to the car. ... Irkin the boss, Alexander Arnoldovich was a man slightly for 50, a strong constitution with strong big hands and a strong-willed face. Not without pleasure and without being confused me at all, he examined Irka from top to toe, stopping the look on the places which are most pleasant to him, and then presented us soy family. Except the spouse, Bella Borisovna the lady of 45 — 46 years very attractive and probably well well-mannered the company to us was kept by their son Ilya, by sight no more than 19 years, the tall thin young man. As well as his daddy he was also run on the Irkiny figure, but having been confused took eyes aside and began a conversation with me. ... After the first act, some terrible vanguard action happening on the stage, Alexander invited us in buffet and drank to the new chief of expert department. We drank champagne, cheerfully and laughed much and didn't notice the beginning of the second act. After the drunk second bottle we felt pleasant intoxication and a gaze in the head. The atmosphere was more than located. Bella Borisovna on friendly asked me to lead her to the ladies' room and having leaned on my elbow specified to us a way. The delicate aroma of her spirits shrouded me having drugged already intoxicated head. Her chatter caressing my ear delivered me a lot of pleasure. With everything having forgotten that it the spouse of my boss I playing embraced her for a waist. So we reached back buffet, but there already was nobody. — Possibly, they returned to the hall. And what will be done by us? — Bella approached me on dangerous distance, so, that I felt touch of her breast, stomach and knees at the same time. — Probably, we will follow them — I tried to answer her in tone, but the excitement caused by this not young, but still very sexy and beautiful woman gave me. Silently she touched by a hand of my breast and having grasped a tie turned a back having attracted me to herself so that my person approached her lips, and the strained dick rested against her bum. At the very same time she released a tie and approached to the hall door. As the performance already began us didn't let to former places, and sent to the dress circle in the closed box of directorate. Without realizing the events, having got confused in heavy portieres we merged in a kiss. Her lips, created not imaginable, but the mouth gently accepted mine language, probably dreaming of something more essential. At the same time my hands laid down on her legs and got under a dress hem. Caressing her legs tightened in expensive branded tights I noted that on her there are no panties and her become wet pussy through wet thin nylon. Any more not in forces to restrain I began to take off from myself trousers. At this moment Bella dived into a bottom and with experience of the real whore released my stick, having right there sent her to a mouth. It was impossible to call a blowjob what she did with my dick, she it is simple еблась a mouth. I wanted to admire this show and to be released from the portieres which shrouded us especially as we were highest in the hall and us nobody could see. Having straightened out a dark velvet, in the reigning twilight I admired my partner. Having translated a look aside, to the left of us slightly below in the closed guest box I saw the Irka accompanied by her boss and his son. Alexander sat to a floor sideways, a back to me, having slightly bent to my wife, almost completely closing Irka from my look. Their son Ilya the same sat, having turned to Irka, appear, that all three about something talks. Her head slightly was considerably shaken kind of agreeing with interlocutors. At this moment I trying to slow down the coming orgasm I released the dick and I began to drive him on Bella's face. The skilled female began to wheeze from the excitement which gushed over her. One she began to stroke-oar slowly the pussy, and another caressed my legs setting up the person under easy blows of a damp hot dick. Having translated a view of Irka, I calmed down having seen a former picture. The absence in their bed of Ilya disturbed me at that moment, a remorse me practically didn't torment a little... Story by IRINA... When Igor went to see off Bella to the toilet room it wasn't surprising to anybody, this was a standard situation for the current situation, taking into account the theatrical atmosphere, the drunk alcohol and eventually, taking into account an age difference. Having remained in buffet Alexander brought quantity of toasts to 5 that couldn't but affect my state. Without being confused the son, my boss showered me not with ambiguous compliments. Being a skilled temper he gave them such easy shape and lace of gallantry that it was necessary to accept them simply. Besides being my direct chief he managed to interweave visibility of production questions into a conversation, at the same time without giving me the chance to change a topic of conversation. Even he used presence of the son and the age to gain me. Pro-living with Igor 8 years, I never changed him. Though it is unconditional, for this period I had both fleeting hobbies and secret imaginations and passionate unrestrained desires. Nevertheless it only added sharpness to our sexual relationship and added to me confidence in the sexual credo. 5 years ago after the Daughter's birth, my feelings became more more richly and more sharply. Our meetings took place more and more variously and seldom resembled one another. Not without mutual pleasure we opened at Igor tremendous forces hosiery колготочный fetishism. And I in turn was wild about situational, role meetings, mutual imaginations. Being going to theater, in end of evening I thought to entice Igor into the hotel room and put on thin chocolate stockings on a lacy belt, decided to cover the clean-shaven scribbler with transparent nylon panties. Igor didn't disregard my stockings and without hiding the of excitement put on me shoes. Possibly day associations and mood played in unison with alcohol, but under a hail of complements of my boss I felt an easy chill in breasts and the bulking-up breast. Having caught Alexander's eye falling in a slit of my dress on the bared knees I felt as my pussy was humidified. All this was similar to games with the third stranger which we represented with my Igork. Watching big hands of my boss I mentally felt their strong, a little rough embraces. Suddenly arisen desire of touch to the pussy, I discharged slowly having thrown a leg on a leg. In the silence which hung for a moment the rustle of nylon, the legs touching the friend about the friend was clearly heard. Alexander sharply got up and entraining me and Ilya went to the hall. As light was already dipped and the act already began, we were asked to pass in a guest box. My boss obviously felt my mood because hardly we settled down in chairs he was inclined to me and without releasing my hand from the huge palms whispered by the deep completely demoralizing voice very beautiful, but frank words. It was possible to call it so refined caress in comparison with which his touches were only innocent flirtation. In the twilight of the hall, being in depth of the closed box I felt in the power of the languor which overflowed me. His hand laid down to me on a slit of a dress and on the hostess parted slightly in the parties my knees. Faltering breath over my ear was replaced by the gentle kisses caressing an ear, a neck, passing to a nape and again returning to an ear. I was completely given to zakhlyvnuvshy desire me and hardly considerably moved towards to his hand forward. Unfamiliar fingers touched the internal surface of a hip above a stocking and stood in bliz of my scribbler. Having raised buttocks I set hips towards to his hand. The bulked-up sponges covering the exhausted "girl" got wet, having wetted transparent nylon panties. During this instant I lost control over myself. Continuing to caress wash legs, the chief strong pressed me to himself, another — caressing my breast through a dress. Electric waves one behind one passed through me, forcing to constrain miracle shout. From all I squeezed a chair seat. My head rocked in a step of movements of my hips. I wanted bigger, but my boss did that wanted, keeping me in an explosive state. "Caress yourself!... Love the body!... Make that to be pleasant to you!..." — his hands were at the same time everywhere. I felt his hot breath and heard his words, implicitly submitting to it. I began to caress the hips, having completely bared them to lacy edge of stockings. My juice through wet not only my panties, but also inside of stockings. Finger-tips I touched the bulked-up breast, nipples great coarsened. I wanted to be the dissolute maid, the lewd whore spread under the huge bull with the relish driving in me the dick. Ilya whom I let out from a look didn't remain indifferent and probably for a long time jerked off the impressive dick. For the first time I saw a dick of other man in such proximity from myself. A moment later I had him already in a mouth. It I was just ult. I wanted to swallow him as it is possible more deeply, to the balls, but the impressive sizes and length disturbed. While I sucked away at the young man, my boss raised mine the daddy, having released it from a dress having collected a hem on a belt. Long fingers of Alexander got into my peshcherka and began to fuck me. The most courageous imaginations arising in dreams, our with Igork, and games were implemented so unexpectedly. The dense saltish stream shot to me at a throat and instantly filled my mouth. At the same time I having bent completely it was spread on two fingers of my boss and right there I terminated. Having absolutely lost sense of reality I leaned back on a chair having parted in sides of a leg a little. Ilya fell at me between legs and having roughly moved apart my knees stuck lips into my pussy. At the same time his hands roughly squeezed my bum jumping from buttocks, on hips and walking from knees to the Piglet. Now I wanted quite so, I liked to obey his animal passion. I understood that I this appointment the first in his life, his daddy probably satisfied with progress of the son allowed him to take control of my body almost completely. Ilya tore off the head from mine peep and having brought up me for hips put to an entrance to my cave of the елдак. Helping him I shifted panties aside and leaned back back, anticipating penetration of such beautiful dick into me. "Darling!... I so want you!... As there are to your body these stockings! The father told that if you put on stockings today, you mean like to potrakhatsya not less, than his wife!..." — he didn't hurry to enter me, slowly stroking the dick. From what he became even more, and the head swelled and shook. I lay widely having stretched legs. Ilya violently fucked me, reaching the uterus. I cumed over and over again, having lost count and to time and orgasms which captured me. The carpet under my hips was densely impregnated with love juice. The events were represented to me unreal around, and can me there was a wish be simple to think so. Having satisfied itself Ilya with heavy breath fell off backwards. I cramped legs together, having bent them in knees. Gradually recovering I thought that it is remarkable that the dress gathered on a belt and didn't become wet. Stockings were as it should be, only the small inhaling, slightly above a hip reminded of a mad fucking. Between legs with pleasure ached, blurring gentle heat on all stomach. The breast still shook, looking for caress. ... In the depth of a box, between portieres, on a chair my boss sat. One hand he attracted me to himself, and another podrachivat the huge dick. His tool reminded a dick of a young stallion. Diameter about a shank of a garden shovel and not less than 25 cm long his dick stuck out as the soldier on the parade-ground, shining with abundance of lubricant. Slowly removing wet panties I approached the boss and having pressed his face to the breast slowly began to be stuck on his elda. Only that the razjebany pizda of already giving birth woman hardly began to pass in itself hard flesh. Strong holding my buttocks in the hand he literally "put on" me the column. At first on a third, then on a half of its length. When his hands moved to me to a breast, I screamed and slowly fell having accepted up to the end his mighty dick. Instantly huge amount of juice I rushed from me filling in all around. The magic feeling filled my pizda. He filled me everything, hollowing on a uterus and clapping the balls on my buttocks. His lips caressed my breast. And fingers didn't let go my legs and a bum. We terminated at the same time. In difference from Ilya my boss didn't dress condom and a huge number of a cum began to flow from me. A part it remained on a floor, and got on stockings I collected by a hand and swallowed. ... I went down in the foyer. In the bottom of me the administrator met and reported that Alexander Albertovich apologizes, but can't leave as holds an urgent meeting, and I and my spouse Irina Nikolaevna am expected by a limousine. As soon as the car started, I closed the partition dividing us from the driver and stroked Irkina a leg. "Kid! I waited all evening when ends, your meeting! Show me the stockings!" — I covered her lips with a deep kiss and lifted up a hem of her dress. Pleasantly having been surprised that on Irka there are no panties I the dick, already ready to fight, released and shipped her the Eastern Military District a damp, hot pizda. Absolutely unusual, new feeling gushed over me dating while separated in arkansas outdoor date night ideas nyc site mapMain Page