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Anjelica Sergeyevna, the woman of forty years that is called looked younger every year. Her bright bright appearance was emphasized with the abrupt hips passing into the camp which didn't lose maiden symmetry, and the full natural breast caused an inferiority complex in any female person from 16 to 50. Besides Anjelica watched herself. Here both diets, and fitness, and procedures in inexpensive, but qualitative beauty shop. Generally, the woman riveted male attention on herself always and everywhere. Especially as she put on as appropriate — skirts, the length or a section the showing long legs, blouses, the boobies allowing to estimate accurate completeness, shoes or sandals on a hairpin forcing shins to be the decollete slightly intense... If here to add not striking make-up only emphasizing the fluffy fan of eyelashes framing clear eyes, black arches of graceful eyebrows and full sensual lips, then became clear — such appearance is given not to each Hollywood star. And all this was generally for her. The matter is that Anjelica was disappointed in men long ago, including them lewd goats, chauvinists and still god knows someone. Sometimes she met someone when the healthy organism demanded the, but these meetings continued no more one or two months while the gentleman didn't begin to enrage Anjelica Sergeyevna or втрескавшись in her completely, or paying insufficient attention. And when her daughter Olya who also had uncommon appearance brought for acquaintance of the young man, Anjelica like to him antipathy at once. Olya was an enthusiastic being, such clever blonde combining sex appeal, ability to be stuck in various situations, absent-mindedness and ineradicable optimism, but at the same time didn't understand life at all. It was visible on her elect — the high slender guy, dark-browed, smiling, with strong hands and big shoulders. Generally, to a dog for what to look a little. Anjelica didn't fail to report about it to the daughter directly Sasha's presence. But Olya then only burst out laughing, and Sasha thinly smiled and told: "Well, why you are so? People often become such what they are wanted to be seen!". From this point the antipathy increased up to the amount of Cold War, and Anjelica was only even more convinced of the initial conclusions: she constantly tried to catch Sasha's eye on the breast, on slender knees, and even in the depth of a decollete, especially when she bent, for example, to put a tray with cups for a joint tea drinking. However to Olga it was already executed 18, and Sasha 25 at all therefore to forbid them meet Anjelica couldn't. And I didn't want — it is unknown someone will be the following, and this though doesn't drink, also not the boor decently earns... Therefore and mother agreed to a wedding without special resistance, having only told the daughter: "Look, I warned you!". And now!. The most ridiculous that Anjelica didn't remember what led to this situation. Yes, she dared to touch at a party in honor of the new position and even suspected that her chief added to Martini with juice still something that had to help to drag her in a bed. But she managed to call the daughter with a request — to take away the drunk carcass. As there arrived the son-in-law, Anjelica still remembered, and the failure was farther. And still later the nightmare began. At first she recovered in some half-familiar room, and only in a few minutes thought that is in the guest bedroom of newlyweds under a soft night lamp. It was a shame and is bad. Hop still wandered in the head, but didn't save from understanding that, usually not abusing alcohol, it appeared before Sasha, the main enemy on life, in an indecent look. Then passionate women's shrieks and a measured hakanye of the man reached Anjelica's hearing. Her daughter obviously made love to the son-in-law. It was intolerable! And first of all how the woman who had no two months of the man that she and most wanted to povskrikivat here so under a fine skillful male body understood almost at once. As it was already told, Anjelica still wasn't that drunk, but also isn't absolutely sober. The hand automatically spread under a blanket between already moved apart hips, the benefit the daughter undressed it before putting to bed. Having touched sensitive folds, the woman involuntarily screamed, almost in unison with the daughter who was filled in behind a wall. Between legs everything was damp, and the manicured finger easily got into a chink. The woman began to have herself, mechanically adapting to a rhythm behind a wall. The pleasure given itself was obviously insufficient. And then the second hand appeared in the same place where the first was already active. Anjelica added to progress of a finger in a chink the caressing touches to a corner and a clitoris. Oh, it was good! The head leaned back back, resting against a pillow, the chin directed in a ceiling, and hips rose as if in order that to fingers was spodruchny to humour the lower sponges which bulked up desire and to get on all depth inside. The sounds escaping from a throat were less reserved, there was no special need to hesitate — the daughter screamed much more loudly and completely in the same rhythm, as mother. When groans in the neighboring bedroom stopped, Anjelica deafened by own feelings passed. The peak was already absolutely close when the door was suddenly slightly opened, allowing bright light into the dimly lit room. The woman overtaken unawares hardly managed to lower buttocks on a bed, to shift hips and to cover the big elastic breast with the nipples which hardened to pain. Уф, it was nearly dishonored before the daughter, masturbating on the bed belonging to young spouses! But generally it is necessary to be knocked! Angered by unsatisfied desire and inconsiderate, whatever one may do, invasion into the bedroom, Anjelica raised the head over a pillow and shocked stiffened. It was not so her daughter! It was the son-in-law! And in what look! Completely naked and from the impressive sizes the eregirovanny dick! Sasha crookedly grinned: — I specially reserved for you, mother! — also I nodded on the huge advantage, it is proud rising from dense young growth in the bottom of a stomach. — Or is more true, for you, than Anzhelochk... The events so didn't go in that Anjelica only blinked when the son-in-law overcame distance to a bed and pulled hard on her, in a trice having pulled together a blanket to hips and having been absorbed between elastic boobs. Strong male hands at the same time clenched on spheres of boobies and began to rumple them impudently. First of all between legs the small bomb, the fact that it was pressed to a bed by a live male body exploded, nobody cancelled, and in her state it was just what is necessary. The "toy" orgasm made sober the woman a little, though not up to the end, between hips the fire still blazed. Tranquility wasn't helped at all also by the fact that the male body belonged to the young guy who was very good himself, and besides, kissing her on a depression in the ground between boobies, passionately squeezed them, constantly touching the bulked-up columns of nipples. But she isn't the trembling first-year student tempted by the first guy on halls! Sober thoughts, without looking neither at alcohol in blood, nor on excitement, flowed cold and detached. The wild trick of the son-in-law only confirmed the worst fears about his zhenolyubiya, but also scandal didn't want to be started. More better such, than debauchee or tyrant. Anjelica tone which could freeze the small lake, said: — Get out, bastard! She didn't make attempt to dump from itself the son-in-law, continuing to lie, indifferently, but knew that such ice tone will stop any man in what state he wouldn't be. It helped and this time. Sasha was discharged, having sat down on edge of a bed near a womanly hip, and grinned: — What so cold and that? Anjelica also didn't think to be covered with the brought-down blanket — and a greedy look of the young man, it is almost perceived rummaging on her breasts, and feeling of small revenge to the bastard, a mature, hot female body absolutely nearby, and to touch — @-@ — all this was in own way pleasant. At the same time she, experiencing quite clear gloating, I grinned: — The Daaa, the road зятек, I thought better about your mental capacities! Really you thought that it will give a ride? At you really sick imagination — the woman contemptuously twisted lips, trying not to think that the dick in the all-conquering erection constantly comes into the view. — Why not? — Sasha shrugged shoulders. — Your groans behind a wall were well heard. Even Olya told that neighbors got naughty, but I realized at once that you... By the way, Olga after sex sleeps, as killed, the gun you won't wake so we won't disturb her... — There is enough! My private life let doesn't disturb you, I will understand somehow without snotty youths — Anjelica felt as the person fills in with paint — got after all! Nevertheless, her tone continued to remain cold and haughty: — Clean up if you don't want scandal. I will go such, as Olga will wake up! I give you five seconds! — Probably between us there was some misunderstanding — again the son-in-law shrugged shoulders. — Don't you remember what was between us a few hours ago? — The good attempt — Anjelica defiantly yawned, stretching and with pleasure noting through the semi-lowered eyelashes as the son-in-law eyes lit up, and his rather big dick shuddered as if she touched him by a hand. — But all the same somehow not to be believed me that between us something could be, you sorry — the woman thinly smiled. She was amused by this conversation when she, in general, it is necessary to tell, consciously showed the bust to the son-in-law, and that sat with not decreasing erection, nearly touching her hip by the pretty bum. And at heart still there was a devil whispering to still horney Anjelica: "Cast away a blanket and part before it legs". And though she wasn't going to follow foolish advice, however there was no wish to stop the conversation proceeding in the relaxed friendly atmosphere too. And there was even a thought once again to provoke the son-in-law on the attack. The bad, perverted thought but forcing corners of lips to rise in a pensive half-smile, and a chink to release a droplet behind a droplet. Having Of course, enjoyed couple of seconds male palms on boobies, she with all the heart would cut a cam on men's advantage, and then kicks banished the son-in-law from the room... — I see, you well were not in yourself! — Sasha was suddenly bent through the bared mother-in-law torso, for a moment having touched her sides is hotter a head. Fleeting touch as if pierced with current the woman, having forced her body to shudder in a sweet spasm of pleasure. Having hardly taken breath, Angela found in the son-in-law hands the smartphone which he, obviously, brought with himself and I threw on a bed before beginning to covet. — I threw off this record from the video recorder, dear Anzhelochka... — Whether I was given you on a car cowl, differently at what the video recorder here? — in a low voice Anjelica burst out laughing, reflecting over whether was late, really, зятек too long in the bedroom of the half-naked mother-in-law? — Here! — Sasha turned to her the screen on which light of headlights snatched out a roadside of the abandoned section of the road, the next from her establishment to new buildings where there lived newlyweds. The road was broken and with the slow movement, but on it it was possible to go round the most tiresome stopper. — Here you said that you should breathe. Sasha changed closer to a headboard, and Anjelica, trying to watch what occurred on the display, hardly suppressed a convulsive sigh when the magnificent dick was absolutely near. There was even a certain valid thought: "The tramp is strong, I lost centimeter of the erection!". However having overcome the instincts, the woman forced itself to focus on the events on the screen. And there a magnificent figure of the 40-year-old woman, rocking in the light of headlights, I departed on ten steps. Then the slim male figure joined her. And there was strange: drunk Anjelica rushed, most likely, sobbing, in embraces of the son-in-law. Present Anjelica's lips were contemptuously twisted: well it was necessary to get drunk so that got to embrace the first enemy on the planet! It is a lesson — it wasn't necessary to drink, knowing as alcohol badly affects her mental capacities! — You are recognized what I am good. Then you say that you will make everything that only I didn't offend your girl and I had no bit on the side — Sasha commented on record. — And this moment is pleasant to me most of all. I wanted to be kidding only, pressed shoulders and told, type, you know what should be made for this purpose. And here... Watch-watch, what was farther! Paralyzed by shock, Anjelica saw how she there, are right in the middle expensive, kneels before the son-in-law, and then... Record wasn't too good and the screen didn't allow to see everything in details, but the movements of her head didn't leave doubts in the events. She sucked away to own son-in-law! And on own initiative! His semi-hint and pressure upon shoulders even not noticeable on a roller, aren't counted. It of course doesn't cancel that Sasha is a rascal and used on what also the chief expected — to have the drunk woman. But she is what! How did she allow it, besides having begun with blowjob at once? The humiliated woman stiffened in prostration, without resisting when Sasha finally threw off from her a blanket and began to investigate a flat stomach easy kisses, falling below and below. And if the Anjelica deafened by own perversity and feeling all-consuming shame from fall hardly thought, then her body during these moments lived life — shuddered when male lips touched gentle skin, and foully parted legs when the path of kisses reached a pubis with a thin path of an intimate hairstyle. The woman late came round. Sasha already lay a breast on her stomach, his hands rumpled elastic soft buttocks, and language over and over again got into a damp chink as if fucked her. Anjelica nearly rose on a bed: she is fucked language by own son-in-law, and she moans only enough and even slightly raises hips that it was more convenient to him to do it! It didn't climb in any gate, even taking into account everything that happened on the abandoned road. There she didn't think nothing and couldn't remember, and now she is rather sober to understand absolutely clearly — own son-in-law does to her to kuna, and she is wild about it... Anjelica angrily pushed away Sasha, having hissed: — You what you afford? — And unless we didn't agree? — Sasha changed to her hip again continuing to stroke-oar one body grateful even for such weightless caress. — Take away hands, the bastard! Olga will expel you instantly as soon as she learns! — So that's just the point — the male hand slipped to a pubis and for some reason without effort got between hips, caressing slow movements damp gentle folds. — I still can reconcile to a smog with her, and here you will lose the daughter forever, Olga won't forgive you. So move apart legs and try to derive pleasure. Especially, as I will look, you with might and main flow! Anjelica blinked, in powerlessness squeezing and unclenching cams. Sasha is right also that the daughter will never forgive her, and that she at hand own son-in-law literally fills in a sheet under herself. It was total surrender and when the man hung over it in an emphasis on hands, it obediently parted hips. However, it was not all. Anjelica nevertheless found forces to resist, by incredible effort of will having suppressed voluptuous groan when Sasha rushed into her vagina with one blow. Of course, her resistance was destiny of the raped woman, but, nevertheless, she forced the body to lie quietly under the man, rhythmically driving the dick on the balls into the squelching vagina. The cold doll which serenely closed eyes and only slightly screwing up the face at the crushings. The only thing that she afforded — so it limit to reveal before the male who is hazardously fucking her. Sasha at last noticed that the woman lying under him almost doesn't give signs of life. He stopped and rose on hands, looking into face. — Something not so? — innocently Anjelica asked, having opened eyes and having interrogatively raised one eyebrow. — You are wet all! — Sasha grinned, wiping sweat from a forehead. — Relax and derive pleasure! — How will I be able to make it? — affectedly the woman was surprised, trying to constrain desire to put spurs to the son-in-law heels that didn't stop and continued to have further her in the same delightful rhythm. — I wet and! But, as you correctly noticed, I had imprudence to make horney myself. What does it have to do with you? If you can also make horney someone, just such inexperienced little fool as my daughter. So if you have a conscience to have the woman whom I couldn't make horney then continue... Sasha contrary to hopes only rollicking smiled: — I see how your body answers me, dear mother-in-law! So it won't be possible to deceive me. But if you so want — please. I don't care, I wanted you long ago, and now you will come to me on the first call and to do everything that I will wish. Also you can even lie as a log... With these words the son-in-law lay down on the mother-in-law, having flattened her breasts the torso, thrust palms under womanly buttocks and, having raised them over a bed, began to strike deep blows, getting in an obedient body each time is deeper and deeper though it and seemed impossible. "I lost... I lost" — only one thought when Anjelica at last gave up fought in the head. Her foot began to caress male hips, fingers seized buttocks, pushing a strong body on themselves in passionate attempt to feel a dick very deeply, and teeth slightly bit a male shoulder if of course lips didn't kiss clavicles and a neck of the man, vzrykivayushchy over the head. The mother-in-law and the son-in-law terminated at the same time. Anjelica who could didn't stop mute shout bit own hand, and in her vagina elastic pushes pumped up the burning cum, strengthening already ugly sweet orgasm. The magnificent body still stirred up in the last pushes, squeezing still firm dick inside when Sasha tried to kiss her. She found forces to turn away and hold up under a kiss only a cheek. — And now get out — Anjelica wearily covered eyes, despising herself for the fact that allowed lust to get of itself the best and to become that someone she just was — the female, with squeals of pleasure accepting a male. When something discontentedly muttered son-in-law left, the mother-in-law lay down a little more, trying to think how further to live, and feeling with delight as from her the cum still follows. Then she rose, quickly wiped napkins what appeared on a sheet, and, having satisfied with result, put on immediately to leave the place of the fall. ... On Saturday Anjelica woke up late, somewhere to one o'clock in the afternoon. It was no wonder while it happened yesterday. Didn't go in as she yesterday in the beginning got drunk, then in some drunk nonsense I sucked away to own son-in-law, and then and it was given him at night, behaving at the same time as the whore, weak on a front... And having arrived home around three, for a long time I stood under a shower, trying to wash away dirt of vicious communication under a shower. Or not dirt, and shameless sweet? Despite experience of the lived years, the woman wasn't sure of anything any more... She moaned, having covered with a blanket. And not only from what was ugly a shame. Her body, despite rigidity with which it was had and extraordinary bright orgasm, demanded the man again. Anjelica touched sensitive folds, definitely again humidified. But several minutes having caressed itself, I understood — without man of simplification not to reach. And the fact that there was a wish that the son-in-law was this man was even worse. Having cursed itself a string of obscenities, she stretched to phone. Come what may, the chief for certain still makes plans for her seducing therefore she won't refuse to have dinner with her, and then to have in some hotel. Any, and a dick which now so wasn't enough. However the hand stiffened halfway — phone rang out itself, and on the screen there was grinning Olga's face. Having hesitated for a time several seconds, Anjelica took the call. Eventually, the daughter isn't guilty that mother was given her to the husband. Let doesn't guess it will be happy anything even if it is necessary to smile and laugh when at heart cats scrape. — Mothers! You what such sad? You were good, mother, yesterday! — Olga began to chatter, hardly Anjelica by a sepulchral voice told "Hallo". — Listen, we from Sashkaya already went on shops, he suited me morning of total purchases. So, I wait for you, you will estimate new things. And by the way, the husband told that he very much kindly asks you to arrive, and won't accept refusal. Did you what, reconcile at last? — No, it is rather on the contrary — Anjelica as if bit a lemon was twisted. — All everything, I want to listen to nothing! That at me behaved as two pigeons! — the daughter burst out laughing to the joke and hung up, naturally without seeing as mother at the last words shuddered. When Anjelica, still a little confused, crossed a threshold of the apartment of newlyweds, the daughter looked out of the bathroom: — Mothers! At me a women stuff begins. So I fast will take a shower and we will start. I think, we will organize a fashion show in kitchen. There both places it is quite enough, and tea can be drunk, and that to the living room a reluctance to carry everything and a table low there, itself you don't like to have behind him tea. And the fault can you? Sash! Open the mother's favourite Chilean! Hardly the daughter was behind a door, her mother right there was pressed to a jamb by the son-in-law body. His hands, appear, were everywhere, getting also into a decollete to compress warm elastic flesh, and under a skirt, squeezing buttocks and already шуруя in panties. Anjelica stood, having defiantly turned away with a proud look if it is so possible to speak about that someone is impudently investigated in all places. Though actually she wanted to moan from pleasure if rigid fingers touched at once the hardened nipple, and to scream when the same fingers rumpled sensitive lower sponges. — I am happy? — cold she asked the son-in-law when he reduced a pressure a little. — And yesterday you like my moods — Sasha smiled, slightly caressing her pubis. — That was yesterday — the woman was twisted, but I didn't dare to interfere with a male hand to travel in the panties as to her will take in head. — And today I will hardly like your moods. — Oh well! — falsely the son-in-law rounded eyes and sharply I entered a finger into a vagina. — Aakh! — against will the semi-groan at Anjelica who rose on tiptoe escaped, and she darted a glance furious from under the lowered dense eyelashes at Sasha, dissatisfied with the fact that she gave the feelings. — Here it is so more best!... And in general in this house they won't be necessary for you — with these words the son-in-law tore off her panties down, forced to break legs, and then pushed an underwear subject unnecessary now in a ladies' handbag. Between times he managed to lick edge of a rasselinka under the lifted-up skirt, having murmured: "I already missed your chink"... — And now we will go, I will prepare for tea and I will open wine. Anjelica trudged for smugly Sasha who straightened shoulders, damning herself for the fact that didn't put on denim, and shivering after her body is so delightful investigated the son-in-law hands. "Fashion show" as Olga said, it would be possible to call rest with experiences. Especially as the daughter almost didn't pay attention to anything around, except the new things. But they sat side by side with the son-in-law absolutely on a small sofa, and they were faced by a table. Here in him there was also all business. The table completely closed the lower half of their trunks from Olga, and the son-in-law right there used it, having begun to caress a palm her knee. His hand was raised above and above every time when the daughter ran away to change clothes. Anjelica spoke wide something, estimating new belongings, gasped, approvingly clinked, but itself tensely listened to the palm creeping on a hip. It is unclear why, but it wildly made horney her — to sit here so — trying to make out something on the daughter, without panties, being afraid to wet quite dense skirt through and with the son-in-law hand which is slowly creeping up a hip. At the same time the woman didn't forget to dart scathing looks at him and to sniff contemptuously when he overcame the next span. Though it was clear that she lost again — hardly he will concern her folds as at once will understand that they much more damp, than even when he got into them in the hall. And at last it happened. () the Finger of the son-in-law entered her when the brush inconsiderately squeezed between the hips compressed from the last remains of common sense. — Swine! Pervert! — the mother-in-law in the face of serenely smiling son-in-law hissed, at the same time slightly moving apart hips, allegedly conceding to force, and actually to feel penetration as it is possible more deeply. She hardly thought from the desire which captured her when in kitchen there was a daughter in the next new thing. And here still Sasha began to move a finger in damp depth. — Oh!... — Anjelica moaned. — Oh, as there is to you this dress! — Truth? I consider too that this the best that we bought today! — the daughter, seemed doesn't notice anything, absorbed by fittings, and her mother tried to constrain groans, to moderate violently rising breast, and also to understand whether she will terminate now at the daughter on fingers of her husband. Probably the call helped. Olga grabbed a tube and, having listened to the subscriber, threw up the hands: — Consignment notes for which I so waited brought. I will go down now, don't get bored and try not to kill each other without me. Mothers! Sash! Well, why you don't drink wine? — with these words she flew away, through couple of moments having slapped doors. — Take away a hand! — Anjelica seized the son-in-law wrist, trying to limit access to a perineum to the regret, and narrowed eyes. — Did you absolutely lose shame, зятек?! — You too, dear mother-in-law. Or it seemed to me what you nearly terminated? — Not your business! As you want, but it won't repeat any more. All right, you can do with me that you will wish, but at the daughter don't touch any more, and I won't even be afraid of those consequences that you so colourfully painted yesterday. — Very all right... But Olga is absent now so... — Sasha unzipped and hardly the eregirovanny dick got. — And she told us to use wine. Well, we will follow her advice. And Sasha, having taken a glass of wine from a table, I inclined him over a crimson head, having spilled several drops: — Give, taste wine! Angela understood that she drove herself into a trap, is free or having involuntarily let know the son-in-law that she in absence of the daughter agrees to execute any his whims. Having once again tried to wither with a look the man who is sitting next she heaved a deep sigh and, having slightly moved aside, bent down. Having a little hesitated and having considered as red wine small streams almost reached the basis it is proud rising from the opened fly of the dick, the woman obediently opened sponges and absorbed navershy. And nearly I terminated from inexpressible feelings in the mouth which felt at the same time both velvety tenderness of men's body, and his steel hardness. Plus to everything receptors excited taste of tart sweetish wine, and hearing — deaf growl of the man. — Still! — Sasha demanded, and Anjelica obediently rose that, hardly it will drip wine on the dick to drop lips to a pleasure source again. She didn't even know how many she accepted such "glasses" when the daughter returned to her disappointment. However Olga, having told that it is necessary to return to family at least a part of the money spent for purchases flew away in an office to communicate with clients. — As by the way! — the son-in-law grinned, pulling out the mother-in-law because of a table. To her delight he got the magnificent dick again and began to kiss her, at the same time pulling a skirt on the bared hips. — Don't dare! — Anjelica tried to be discharged, filling a voice of severity and at the same time feeling as the voice shivers, giving her away. — Olga can return any minute! — Not, it at least for 20 minutes, and anyway you heard how the door in an office creaks. We will manage to make toilet. I won't even undo on you a blouse, and I will make here so. The son-in-law turned the mother-in-law and, having forced to lean hands on a table-top of kitchen, dipped a hand into a decollete, even without undoing a bra. — No! — still the woman tried to collect the will power remains to oppose imperious actions of the son-in-law, but a travel of his hand of a bra and especially tough squeezing of the bulked-up nipple quickly convinced her of futility of these attempts. And when she realized that the firm hilly trunk rubbing along her chink can appear inside right now, gave up finally. — The swine, the villain — nearly crying, moaned Anjelica and, having pushed a hand between hips, grasped a dick and sent him to the waiting depth. Sasha to pain squeezed an elastic soft breast and sensitively slapped the mother-in-law in a bum: — Well, how to you? — Fuck already give... — I moaned, having caved in to a crunch in a back, Anjelica. Of course, it was pleasant when the slap on buttocks was given inside, having forced to contract vagina walls on a firm trunk, but the woman already wanted to receive a dick deeply inside on the balls. And Sasha "gave". He undertook hips and began to stick literally obediently a stonayushchy body on the genital. Anjelica couldn't believe herself again — own son-in-law tore up her as a jackhammer, and she only obediently caved in, and sometimes even caught the trunk which is violently going in her in a fork between an index and middle finger and tried to squeeze to give to the man the maximum pleasure. The woman didn't stand the first. Trying to restrain nevertheless, she screamed and felt how her vagina is elastic is reduced on the dick which is deeply pushed in it. Her body was shaken by serious spasms, she coiled and twisted hips, wishing to ensure the maximum pleasure. Having a little recovered, Anjelica understood that continue to plant with her still measuredly. And still she thought that during those moments when she coiled on the son-in-law dick, she wouldn't hear not that a door scratch, and even atomic explosion outside the window. — Well that, dear mother-in-law — heard she — in order to avoid all consequences I advise to accept in a mouth. — Хм... Whether not too you are nimble? Also had, and in a mouth gave? — coolly Anjelica said, still shuddering all over from the last echoes of an orgasm and powerful blows of the dick. — Perhaps well him? Walk, the boy, I already received the. She would like to look at this moment at the face of the son-in-law who even stopped after these words. — Very all right, I joked — the woman in a table-top grinned and I slid off on knees before Sasha. And in a moment his dick, all in her juice and own lubricant sucked. She tried to make everything efficiently as if she performed routine work. The mouth purely nominally carried out blowjob, and here the fingers which hardly captured a thick trunk strenuously jerked off. It had to show to the son-in-law that in the actions she sees nothing pleasant. And still sometimes she dared to amuse a little, caressing a dick lips and flitting on a hot head a bright uvula in a mouth. At last Sasha shuddered and with loud roar began to fill a mouth with a tart sweetish cum. It was much as if he also had yesterday no mother-in-law and it is oral, and vaginalno. Anjelica didn't manage to swallow of a dense stream, and a little seed began to flow on a chin, dripping точнехонько in a depression in the ground between boobies. — The devil, as there is a lot of you! — discontentedly the mother-in-law when the son-in-law dick, at last, ceased to be reduced and release in her mouth a portion in a portion grumbled. Discontent she tried to hide small disappointment that the delightful stream ended, and the dick began to lose the hardness. — Well quickly to the bathroom! — Without you I will understand, the clever man! — Anjelica got up, having straightened out a skirt, and jumped out of kitchen... Closer by the night when Sasha laid Olga who a little touched red wine, he had the mother-in-law once again. But now gently and slowly, biting slightly her breasts and especially — again hardened nipples. And again the mother-in-law playing first coldness couldn't resist desire and soon began by fingers of legs to caress gently shins of the man who writhed over her, and fingers of hands — to finger his small nipples... And in two days Sasha called. — Do you remember that at Olga monthly? — he told. — She now at the girlfriend so come urgently. — I am going to beauty shop now — Anjelica cold answered. — In my plans adulating doesn't cost you the next a couple of hours. — Just the opposite. And by the way on the street it is a little cool. So put on stockings. Not tights, namely stockings! And if you remember, you can be in my house only without underwear. — How so — did the mother-in-law grin — not to freeze I have to be in stockings, but without panties? — You can remove them before a door... Anjelica pressed a release and understood that she will leave to the son-in-law at any time as soon as he wishes to have with her sex. And not because he possesses the record compromising it before the daughter, but also because hardly she heard his voice in a tube as between legs it became hot and damp at once. dating websites portugal input date now html site mapMain Page