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My second attempt to write, I tried as it is more best. On former it is very interesting to me to learn your opinion in comments. And there is a strong wish to see a response from the girl. Till a way I suspected kitchen as to me to justify oneself what to tell the sister that she understood me, yes and whether will understand in general? No most I didn't want that someone learned that about it. And here I face in a door aperture the sister and I burn down so shame. The sister sat at a table with the lowered head. I didn't see Ee of eyes, yes and I wouldn't know a smog to sustain after what happened to ee a look. I sat down at a table, but on former was silent, in soul was formed what that emptiness, it became madly a shame to me with the act, and I didn't know what to tell me. To happiness the sister began a conversation of the first: — Sasha why you did it? The question put me to the deadlock at once. I didn't know what to tell her, but didn't want to tell the truth. Ne to speak to her, to the native sister that I go when I jerk off in ee panties? — Lera forgive me please. You shouldn't have seen it, forgive please. — What means shouldn't have seen it? How often you are engaged in it Sasha? Understand so it is impossible, it isn't correct. — No, you not correctly understood everything, I for the first time it... it is simple to try I solved. — Sasha don't lie to me, I noticed earlier that my panties lie not there where I put them, and not so as I put them. Ne be afraid the brother, tell me the truth I I will understand everything, I am your sister. I was ready to fail with shame under the earth, me only that with polichnym was taken on lies. — Well I did it several time earlier... — Several time? How many? — Ne I know, to steam of times honestly Lera. — I trust you. No why you do it? Still before than that to tell that I began to redden... left me into heat, ears burned, I felt myself very uncomfortably. I tried to tell lies. — I just wanted to try. — To try several time? You aren't sincere so me. Ne be afraid Sashka, tell me the truth. — Do you promise what you will tell nobody? Na the face of the sister that that changed, I seemed to me I saw a shadow of a smile which disappeared so quickly as appeared. Can me all only it seemed. — Well I promise. You promise A that you will be so me sincere. — Well I promise. — Then tell why you do it? To you what to be pleasant? Ears began to burn even more... — To admit honestly? — Of course it is honest, we only that agreed. — Yes it is pleasant to me... There came the silence, I lowered the head and looked to myself at knees, the sister that was silent. — Why it is pleasant to you? — Ne I know... just also all is pleasant. — Tell that you feel thus. — Excitement, it is pleasant to me to realize that I in female panties, that more sister... — Sisters? I what I make horney you? Na this time the sister blushed crimson. — No that you Lera, you not so understood. — To there are I you don't make horney? Really I am such terrible? — Well, you make horney, you are very beautiful. No I had not it in view of. — What did you have in view of? — Well I am made horney by the fact that I in female panties... I didn't represent you or that that in this sort an honest word. I raised the head and looked to the sister in eyes, the flush already almost descended from ee of the person, she looked to me in eyes too. I involuntarily began to admire her. For all years that I live with her I to time I didn't turn on her attention as on an object of the sexual desires. Strict lines of the face, brown eyes, coal eyebrows, suntanned skin, chubby lips. Brunette. Equal hair are lower than shoulders. She was devilishly sexy. I kakoe watched that time to her in eyes, but didn't sustain everything and translated a view of a window. — What was on the laptop screen? Though I also promised to be sincere, I didn't want to share it. I was afraid the sister just won't understand me. — Porn. — It seemed to me there that that another. — It seemed to you, there was a porn. Again there came the silence. I noticed that I am involuntarily made horney, I had no such proximity and frankness with girls any more long ago. Ne I know that at this moment the sister felt, but she looked very conceived. — If I ask you not to take my panties any more you will obey? — Ne I know. To is of course I will obey they yours. — You lie again. At first you told the truth — you don't know. Then at once I told lies... — Ne I know, it is honest Ler... Just happens so that I can't constrain myself... when I am very strongly made horney. — Well so tell the truth, everything is equal I then I learn whether I will see in that they a state in which I left them. — Ne I will obey. — Sasha but it isn't correct. So it is impossible. Do you have a girl? — No. — Was? — Of course I was, you can you remember, you saw ee several time though I also hid it from you, this is Alice, the sister of your schoolmate Petka. — Long ago you left? — Long ago. — How long ago? Sash well why I have to extend everything from you? — Left already a year ago as. Ler well understand it is a shame to me to tell all it, that more to you! — We gave a promise the friend the friend, you will be sincere an I will keep everything in a secret. — Forgive I will try to be sincere. — Means girls at you isn't present. It explains your behavior. Lera I was right, it is deep in soul I knew that it is the truth... I wanted proximity with an opposite floor, can if I have a girl now everything would develop differently... but turns of destiny can't be predicted to what then to be sorry. What happened, happened. No she was ahead of me: — If you take without my permission, I should tell about it to parents to put to it the end. At me in the head the thought — she rushed at once what, the devil poderi, reads my thoughts? There was no other exit left except how to agree at me. — Well I agree. — Well then it is good, I will allow you to take my panties, but only at me. I submitted myself the picture as I do it at the sister and I was covered again by the mixed emotions: excitement, humiliation, shame, understanding of that at me will be looked by the sister. — Thanks Ler, only don't tell anybody about it. — Ne I will be. I promised if you carry out the promise. — I will be. — Well here also agreed. I got up because of a table and went to myself to the room. The sister followed me. — Sash, that give panties, or you didn't finish? In ee a question the ambiguity with a jeer was felt. — No, they any more not are necessary to me you can take away, still time forgive. — Yes everything is normal, we discussed only that it. Then I take away them? — Yes. I sat down at the table on which there was a laptop. The sister approached a bed and took panties. Silence. She is silent and doesn't leave. I guessed in what the reason, but with shame was afraid even to breathe loudly. — Saaash that it? — Where? The best this silly question to pull time my head at that moment couldn't think up anything. — Here, on panties? I turned back and looked at black lacy panties at her in hands. Again I felt as heat spreads on my person, an ears begin to burn. — You what terminated just on my panties? — Forgive I didn't want it to do, just when you came, everything occurred so quickly and not ozhidanno that I wasn't in time... — That though was pleasant to you? I looked at panties at her in hands again, on them there were white drips from a cum. The dick began to rise, I felt it and tried to hide from the sister, having bent down a body forward. — Well honestly speaking yes. — Well though what that the advantage was. And what now with them to do to me? — I don't know, want I them I will wash what whether? The sister looked several seconds to me in eyes then told: — Yes no, it isn't necessary, I will wash them. Only let's agree in the following time you will try not to cum in them, unless that... The sister threw a view of my reared shorts. I quickly blurted out that the first and came to mind: — Unless that? Lera slowly I raised the head and again I looked at me. — Well, anything. Just try not to do more so. — Well, I will try. Lerka was developed and went to an exit from the room, I made several steps, then I stopped: — Why these panties? I became puzzled a little. — Why it is interesting to you? — Sashka well that you as the Jew a question on a question? — Well I don't know, just they beautiful very much, pleasant. — Pleasant? — Well yes. The sister silently left the room. I kakoe that time still sat at myself in the room. It was a shame to leave. I played what that a toy, but mentally I was already not here. All my thoughts turned around that as I represented that I do it before the sister. No all feeling of hunger forced me to leave the room. — Lera you here? — Here, I watch TV. — At us is what to eat? I heard the words as remotely, I don't know whether still shock passed whether, it was even so a shame to me with a past. A can just the new stage of a relationship with the sister began, therefore I didn't know as to her after the incident to address as the sister or as to the person with which I worried koe that intimate, a certain confusion was felt. — Has to that that to be, wait a moment I now I will look. I went to kitchen of villages at a table and waited for the sister. She came almost at once, rummaged in the refrigerator pulled out koe what products from there and began that that to warm. While she pottered about near a tile, I stayed in a thoughtful state, pulled out me Lera from there. She opened the top locker: to get what that seasoning, I became on kortochki and I stretched, at this ee of the priest it was stuck out. It was ideal. Let boobies at the sister I was the second size, but the bottom was just ideal. In minutes fifteen I already greedy absorbed food, the sister watched a TV set. When I finished a meal, went to Leray. She sat on a sofa. I sat down about her, but that or I didn't decide to tell. She saw it and felt. — Sash give film we will watch together? — Well I don't mind, give, kakoe? — Well you told kakoe that new left, praised still so... — Aaa, I remember, now I will bring the USB stick, wait a moment. I went to myself, took the USB stick on which there was a movie, returned, thrust the USB stick in YuSB a nest on a TV set and included the movie. The sister sat on one end of a sofa, I on another. — Well that we as not the family, poke closer, an isn't convenient as even. I was palmed off. The movie and the truth was fascinating. Closer by the end of the movie I almost forgot o the event, a with the sister conducted itself as nothing happened. Everything got better dating websites older singles date calculator online free site mapMain Page