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Days off lasted long and abstrusely. In addition, to all peripetias, it started to rain. Not heavy rain, but the opposite such, small drizzling rain which could stretch for weeks. — Alan didn't call? – I asked Rene on Saturday evening. — No. I think, he in a depression. – the guy precisely gnaws through to himself in the head a hole, thinking of full hopelessness of current situation. — Or makes new plans for gain. – Renee grinned. – Listen, can give you to him just once that the fellow relaxed? — Mary too so considers. – mechanically I answered, having again remembered the dream, but, now, I saw it without Alan. It seems my consciousness removed him from there. There was only a reminiscence of very pleasant fast sex. — Your psychologist considers that you need to fuck with Alan? – Renee ceased to be painted and stared at me, having returned to reality. — What? – I was reached by sense of what I told. – No. She considers that I need to try to meet him. — And. – indifferently my friend exhaled. – Why, in general, do you go there? – having returned to drawing a fighting coloring, she asked. — It is necessary. – I already and itself didn't know why I go so much time there. – After accident when I was discharged from hospital, I was told to resemble to her, some time. — And? Already passed more than half a year. – reasonably I noticed Rene. — I don't know. – honestly I answered. – I didn't resolve still the issues. I didn't receive answers. — Perhaps it is worth changing the psychologist? – the inquiring look and a lovely smile followed. — I will think, over your offer. – I smiled, in reply. — Well it is serious if she can't help. Renee gathered for an appointment with the blonde who called her, since the yesterday's party, already ten times, and left. As usual, on all night long. And the Fox left to parents in the morning. So I remained one, in hope to learn a little. But in the head scraps of Friday, possible past and a nightmare still scurried about. Having finally realized the helplessness before this situation, I went to walk. We had quite big campus, with the cafes, little shops, parks and the adjacent territory. Having hidden from a rain under a hood of the favourite black jacket, I went on a path passing the intersections allowing me to make a choice of the further direction. For quite some time now, I tried not to think, where to go and if I had an opportunity — just went forward. It seems I needed to find something that hid from me my subconsciousness. Something that can be found only unconsciously. I saw how couples walk and as hang out, got off in groups, friends. All of them were disturbed by neither weather, nor the coming tests, nor late hour at all. And I understood that I, even near Rene, the Fox and Alan, feel lonely. It seems there isn't enough part me. Very important part. That on which too much depends. Probably, my past, present and future. I grinned, understanding that and has to be at loss of both parents. To remain absolutely alone, having lost all someone you loved – it is intolerable. But it is even worse not to remember anything them. It is that emptiness which you feel, but you can't fill with any pleasant shots from the past. Because it is also absent, it seems as. Ahead the sign "After 22" lit up. I stopped near ours with little girls of favourite cafe, having realized that I listen to the sad, loading me melody around, already god knows what time. Having got phone and closing the application, I took several steps forward and crashed into someone. — Excuse. – I told, having mechanically turned back. — Happens. – approximately in meter from me there was a high guy, with hair, dark, carelessly disheveled and slightly moist from a rain. I, hardly, forced itself to turn and take a step in the former direction. — They were closed. – the stranger told, forcing me to stop. — When? – I turned back, having removed suddenly appeared smile from the face. — Now. – he nodded towards cafe and I saw how the waiter overturns an inscription, changing it on "Is closed". — They always work till midnight. – I was surprised and I returned a look to the guy. — They have an inventory or something like that there. – standing on the same place, he examined me with a ghost of a smile. – Did you want to drink coffee? — It is rather … to eat an ice cream. – actually, I decided on the choice just now. — There is one more place. – the guy slightly turned in the necessary direction, inviting me to go with him. We went on damp asphalt silently. Sometimes exchanging glances. Unlike me, the guy didn't hide the smile and the interested look. And I, tried to behave. Though, at me it badly turned out. — At coffee and an ice cream … — the stranger looked on me, expecting choice announcement. — With bilberry. – I answered the waitress at a rack of orders and got behind money. The warm palm covered my hand, hardly I got a purse. Having raised the head, I saw a confident, soft look, tremendous blue eyes. Warmly by hand the guy as if it was transmitted to me through skin. I felt him each section and was unable to move. — Your delivery. – the waitress told, putting in our moment. – The order will be brought in a few minutes. — Thanks. – having taken away a hand with mine, the guy took away delivery and nodded to the waitress – Where we will sit down? I was developed and went forward, being afraid that I will hang again at the moment when I look in his eyes. The order was brought almost at once. By then, we already started a conversation about anything. We didn't speak about each other, about that from where we where and with someone we live. We discussed some life situations, books, music, cinema and any nonsense, without exchanging personal information at all. As if casual acquaintances who will run up soon on the affairs as soon as announce landing to flight of each of them. And, at the same time, we communicated as the best friends who don't need excess words and who very well know each other. — Perhaps still juice. Orange? – the guy when I finished an ice cream asked. — It is possible. – I, really, wanted some orange juice. The guy waved to the waitress and told that it is necessary for us. — Still coffee? – she addressed him. – There is a nut dessert. — Apple pie is more best. – we told with the guy together and exchanged glances. — There is no pie. – having staid over us for about a minute, the waitress told and went for juice. — Do you love apple pie? – still looking in my eyes, the guy asked. — No. Just it seemed to me that you want him. – I answered, noting one more coincidence and I looked away. — I want. – quietly he told and I looked at him again. — Strange. – I felt an attraction between us. It seems we were attached to each other by invisible threads or shrouded in a force field. Since accident I with one person didn't feel so. Nobody caused in me fear, desire and interest at the same time. — I too so think. – the guy answered, still looking in my eyes. — Hi. – we were interrupted by a quiet voice familiar to me. I blinked, turned back and saw Alan standing away from us and obviously hoping for a conversation with me. — Hi. – I answered. — I need to talk to him. – I told, having turned to the new acquaintance whose name still I didn't know. — With you everything will be good? – he asked. — Yes. – I slightly smiled. — Then, we will meet. – the faint smile in reply, the guy gets up and leaves. And his place is quickly taken by Alan. The waitress brings my juice and I, seizing the moment, I look in a trace to the stranger. He slightly turns around, opening a door, looks in my party, hardly considerably smiles and drops out of my sight. — Forgive me for yesterday's. – Alan when the waitress leaves speaks and we remain some. — We already passed all this. I asked yesterday … — I tried to remind. — Yes, I know. But I can do nothing. – he exhaled. – I love you. And all. — But I not … — This is your guy? – Alan kills my thought. — Isn't present of course! – I grinned. – You would know that I meet someone. You are my best friend. – I glanced in his eyes. — Then someone? – he insists. — I don't know. We accidentally faced, and then came here. – I also didn't understand how all this occurred. — I will try. – Alan exhaled, returning me from memoirs of our meeting with the stranger. – I will try not to do what … — he didn't finish speaking, having hung the head. — You need to find the girl who will reciprocate to you. – I tried to bring to reason him. — Or to wait for you. Until you understand … – answered with my intonation and looked to me in eyes. — Only don't make an ass of me more, please. – I asked. – And too. — Well. World? – he gave a hand and I stretched the in reply. Having seen me to the halls building, Alan, happy, but sad, went on the affairs. He once again pledged the word that won't force an event any more and will try to be just a friend. And I promised myself that I will find for him the ideal girl who will force him to forget about nonsenses. I lay in a bed, remembering evening. To me had no time for Friday, not to Alan and not to any other nonsense. I saw eyes of the stranger and his smile again. I felt an attraction, it seems it remained with me. Pleasant heat spread on all my body. By Mary's rules I had to write down about it in the diary, but I didn't make it. I decided that this event has to be only mine. I even decided not to tell little girls. For the first time, to me there was something very unusual and pleasant, than I could fill emptiness. And I didn't want to share with anybody it. I didn't want that I was urged on to find the guy or pinned up that I missed the promised. I didn't want that in general someone climbed in this fragment of my life. I accurately understood that I, most likely, any more will never see this guy. Or that, having met me, he will greet and will go further. I wasn't going to see him once again at all. It just was the pleasant accident. A moment, of a couple of hours. But, also, it was the real fragment from the next past. Before I had no secrets. I had a blank sheet. Now, I had the first pleasant memories. Something my, personal and whose is more. Something what I will be able to hold when to me it is bad or lonely. I slept like a log and only at daybreak the short dream dreamed me. I ate an ice cream, just the same as last night. Only I had a spoon not in a hand. Someone fed me with him. And then there was a kiss. When I woke up, I still felt it. Cool lips with taste of bilberry and vanilla, gave me the tenderness kept in that moment. Soft touches and there is a little language, under the end. I sat in a bed and my heart fought very often, forcing me to breathe unevenly. I smiled, understanding that I would give everything for such moment. — Good morning! – the room was entered by Renee. – Did you only wake up? — And what is the time? – I reached for phone. There was nearly a midday. – Do you have a good time? – I asked the girlfriend. — Very well. – her eyes shone, demonstrating that night was successful. – On next weekends at us an appointment. — Did you gather to parents? – I reminded. — Parents won't get to anywhere. Here such dick … — Renee stood, and then quickly approached me. – Forgive. – she told, sat down on edge of a bed and embraced me. — Anything. – I smiled, embracing her in reply. I couldn't tell the girlfriend that I don't grieve for parents. That I don't even remember the feelings in relation to them. I don't know we were on friendly terms or quarreled. With someone I communicated more. Someone loved me more. Whether someone from them loved me, in general. — I constantly talk nonsense. – having discharged of me Renee looked for forgiveness in my opinion. — The guy – it is important too. – I smiled. – And sex – it is important. – and here to me the dream about Alan was remembered and the magic of a kiss with which I woke up disappeared. — I persuaded. I will spend evening with it and I will go in the morning to parents. In two days and three evenings has to be in time everything. – we burst out laughing. Sunday passed quietly. I told nobody neither about the guy, nor about dreams. To neither Rene, nor Fox. And we didn't see Alan and he had no opportunity to ask a question or to tell about our meeting to little girls. But at night I woke up from a new nightmare. — And, if you forget me? Will you never remember any more? – I asked a male voice. — I won't forget. – I promised, wiping tears. – Never. — on feelings both of us were in tears. I saw further events fragments. I sat on hands at the guy, directly in clothes. I felt his strong hands embracing me as last time. I felt how I fall by his dick. As slowly the head, and then and a trunk gets into me. As to me it is sick and good, at the same time. Painfully morally, and it is good – physically. Slow movements, almost without rises. Kisses, long and insatiable. Tears. I woke up, again, all wet. Perhaps, really, it is time for me to change the psychologist. These phantom memoirs, according to her, could be, both fiction, and reality. That is, I could think up all this. I could enter into the past situations and people from movies or any other suitable sources. Also there was only a small chance that they could be real. But, judging by contents, it was the phantom nonsense. I lay, listening as my heart returns a habitual rhythm and tried to understand, than could provoke all this. Perhaps all this because of Alan and his recognitions. Perhaps I need the guy and a normal relationship. And, thus, I try to replace all this. I smiled, understanding that I say precisely as Mary. "Maybe", "precisely", "we will look" — it were her favourite words. Monday as there came Friday didn't manage to begin. We studied as damned to close all questions before a spring break. To them there was one more week, but nobody wanted to prolong pleasure. — You go with us in the evening and a point! – I told Rene, bringing together both of us. — Last time everything so well ended that I am simply obliged to go! – I remembered Alan who hardly saw us this week. — Well, sit in halls all student's life. – quietly Renee agreed. – Maybe you will leave, at least for the sake of me? You will look at Luke. My blond. — And the candle shouldn't be held? – I smiled. — Here ourselves will cope. – Renee put out the tongue at me. – The fox left again. Only you can go with me. — I give up. – I got up, and took away the order selected for me. We came to a party. To the same place. To look at the same people. The blonde Rene slightly was late, but was precisely for the sake of her. He looked at my friend, as at the deity. Well, with recalculation on the fact that it wasn't going for her to pray. I observed how they dance, standing apart. As he embraces her, each time pressing to himself more and stronger. And I rejoiced for them. But I didn't want to be here at all. Week was difficult not only because of study. I still twisted all available scraps in the head. The truth there were no nightmares and new fragments any more. But also previous was enough with the head to force my brain to begin to boil. All of them span, strongly confusing me. Several people, in an opposite part of the room, changed the arrangement and I saw it. That guy who treated me with an ice cream. He communicated with some girl. Just I stood nearby. They were obviously not together. The guy told something, threw back the head, and then looked in my party and our eyes met. The girl told something to him in reply, but he looked at me and, appear, didn't react to her voice. — Hi. – before me Alan was drawn, having interrupted ours with the stranger visual contact. — Hi. – I friendly smiled, having looked in other end of the room, already through Alan's shoulder. — You are one. As usual. – my friend exhaled, it is painfully enough for ascertaining of my loneliness. — There is it. – having looked at Alan I returned a look again to the stranger who continued a conversation with the girl, but, also, glanced at me. — And I am one. – Alan exhaled. He precisely was born under an unhappy star, time managed to fall in love with the most inaccessible for him an object. In me. — It is necessary for me in a toilet. – I told. — Oh, it is good. I will wait here. – the encouraged Alan smiled, having independently presented himself this hope. Having looked once again at the stranger, I went towards a toilet. I didn't want to turn around that Alan or someone else didn't suspect that I am interested in him. Having passed by the designated door, I moved further along the corridor. And having heard the muffled steps behind itself, I stopped. — Did you call? – the stranger asked, standing at me behind the back. I turned back, having instantly appeared in his hands holding me waists are slightly higher. — Your girl? – I took an interest, for show, precisely knowing that it not so. — No. – I shook the head with a smile already familiar to me. – Your guy? — No. – I smiled in reply. — We leave? – blue eyes look directly in mine, without giving me chance to collect the thoughts. The room where we came, the aquarium hushfully lit. Furniture minimum. Almost standard bedroom of halls. Here only a bed one. — Do you here one live? – I asked, turning to the stranger. He only smiled, took two steps in my direction, clasped my person with hands and gave vent to the lips. Greedy and, at the same time, gentle movements filled all my consciousness. On all skin goosebumps went, and on veins heat spread. His lips gave me the most pleasant feelings. I felt so, it seems my body waited for them. The guy was discharged, without releasing my head and looking to me in eyes, the look slightly obscured and full of passion. And I smiled and stretched to his lips and, at the same time, to buttons on a shirt. Kissing, he helped me to cope with the top part of the clothes, brought to a table and seated on edge of a table-top. Hands walked from my waist up. One slightly lingered on a breast, and the second returned to my cheek. Having forgotten about everything, I was just given to feelings. At this moment, in my life there was only it. Only this unfamiliar and such important guy. Important, not because of desire with someone to fuck, and because of the feelings connected with it. The stranger took a step back and, slowly translating a look from my eyes to the opening picture and back, lowered dress shoulder straps, from my shoulders. Never before I so wished continuation of the events. The forefinger hooked on soft fabric, on the center of a cut and forced her to slip below, opening my naked breast. Everything stood around. The guy greedy looks at a naked part of my body and pants. I hear how our hearts fight. I look at him and I can't have eyes glued, on slightly intense and madly sexual face. And here, the look of the stranger slides back to my eyes. Hands clasp my person again, and lips kiss mine, sometimes, hurting. I close eyes and I am dissolved in this moment. My hands reach for a belt and a fastener of jeans. When I cope with a lightning, the guy is discharged, gets rid of jeans and, having picked up me under a bottom, bears on a bed. I don't give a damn that all this quickly. To me not to preludes and excess thoughts. I want him. I want to feel him in myself. Seconds for which he takes the place between my legs and puts away our linen from a way, seem to me insufferably long. I am saved only by kisses and an opportunity to meet the guy views. I pant and slightly I smile, itself without expecting from myself such levity. And here, the dickhead gets into my body, and strong palms press mine. Our bodies adjoin at the level of my breast. My intense nipples rest against beefy muscles. Our fingers intertwine and the dick plunges into me at all length. Slowly overcoming millimeter behind millimeter. I look in the tremendous blue face and I see the pure, undiluted desire which is completely reflecting my feelings. For several seconds again everything fades around, and the guy moves back. Sometimes kissing me, he moves at the speed, but completely coinciding with my desires. Literally in two movements, the stranger finds the necessary angle of penetration and gets such points, in me which force my body to shudder. Not in forces to restrain, I twist with legs his waist and I try to move on a meeting. I want more, I want more. At some point, I understand that everything is too ideal. To me it isn't even believed that it can be. I am covered by waves, one by one. My groans fill all room. And the last that I see, is eyes of the guy and his pleased smile, and then I drop out of reality. dating websites headlines uncharted release date in india site mapMain Page