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There were last minutes of flight. The snow-white liner rocking silvery wings gradually I decreased. I looked in a window at a grayish carpet of clouds, in a bottom the green woods were looked through, blue lakes gleamed in sun beams. Differently uniform fields developed in peculiar a puzzle, there was a wish to move them and to put some beautiful picture. I admired equal ranks of small lodges, they seemed toy. My first flight came to an end. For the first time I was solved on an independent trip abroad, long I hesitated, but I made decisions to accept invitations of the Swedish friend. More than a year I communicated with it on the Internet. Lovely, let already and not the young man many times invited to stay for a while with him week. The liner dived into a fluffy cloud, shots from animated cartoons where heroes could run on them were remembered. The plate lit up, I fastened a seat belt. I glanced at the neighbor, by sight under 70, with beautifully set gray hair, a lung a make-up and red lipstick on lips. Looked slightly not habitually though here pensioners lead active life, but don't think how to save couple of hryvnias to hold on to the following pension. I tried to start with her a conversation, but my knowledge of Swedish were limited to couple of stock phrases, and in English a conversation it didn't turn out. I noticed a gray strip of the airport, it contrasted against the background of the green woods and blue of the Baltic Sea. Shook the plane, I grabbed a seat, I exchanged some views with the elderly neighbor. Deeply I sighed, the rumble of engines became seemed even stronger, every second the earth became closer. Wheels concerned concrete, the liner slid on a strip and reduced speed. I felt simplification, passengers in salon quickened. One problem it is less and if Gustav doesn't meet me. I hung up a small black handbag on a shoulder. Those couple of hundreds of euros that postponed more than half a year for a trip, will leave here for couple of days. I took a backpack from the top shelf, I corrected the short yellow dress. Slowly I went down on a ladder. The breeze from the sea inflated my long fair hair, held them with a hand. On the street rather warmly, without watching that arrived on the North of Sweden. The sun in a zenith warmed in a back. With crowd of passengers I went to the terminal. People muttered something in Swedish. I entered a door small the room. I tried to find a look the friend, on correspondence. People moved and it was impossible to concentrate to me. I stopped at the conveyor and I expected the baggage. Nearby there was with earphones in ears a young nice guy, high slender, a short fair hair, nodded in a melody step, ruminated and something sang along. From under a t-shirt sleeve on the rolled hand it was looked through some by a tattoo. He noticed that I examine him, quickly the pass a view of a board and some advertizing of local airlines. On cheeks the flush appeared, now he, probably, undresses me a look, represents how squeezes my buttocks, rumples my breast of the second size. The shiver ran a body what I think of. Discontentedly I shook the head. I have a guy, let not such nice, but kind and attentive, let slightly and not resolute. Carefully I looked askance on him again, he thumbed through something in the phone and didn't look at me. The conveyor recovered and on it the first suitcases seemed. People dispersed, noticed the gray suitcase. I remained with me since student's times. I lifted him, I pulled out the handle and I drove to an exit. Castors slightly in a disgusting way rustled on a terminal floor. Videla joyful faces meeting, their happy enclasping, handshakes. I peered at men. I remembered his photo, these too young, it is in general some swarty, obviously illocal. At last I noticed familiar lines of Gustov. I waved to him with a hand, I answered me with the same, exchanged smiles. I breathed a sigh of relief that I won't be gone in Lulea and it isn't necessary to think how to reach from Sweden Ukraine back. Already would have heard plenty from parents who dissuaded me several days from a trip though I also told lies to them that I was invited by the girl the coeval, but not the man under 60. Itself didn't know that I found in him, but always easily communicated with him on all subjects. About economy, policy, cinema and music, sport and entertainments, daily affairs, our friends and families, well and, of course, about sex. Gustav is slightly higher than average growth as on the age slender, a short fair hair, a gray hair it was almost not looked through, the small tummy, wrinkles on the face, gray beautiful eyes acted. On him usual jeans and a light t-shirt. — Priv_t Hristinka! — he greeted me in Ukrainian. — I am glad you to welcome in Sweden — he added in English. — How did reach? — Gustav, hi! — cheerfully I answered him in Swedish, I don't know on how many at me it turned out. — I am very glad you to see — I smiled to him broadly and I passed to English. — Everything is normal, was almost not tired. Far farther? — I looked round on the parties. — Give — he reached for my suitcase. — The car on the parking, in an hour we will reach to Piteo, you didn't get hungry? Even I don't know, from the mass of impressions there was no wish to eat at all. Went outside, quietly I went in gym shoes for Gustav, he quickly rolled a suitcase on asphalt. In a distance there were several cars of the taxi and big buses. It seemed that now dirty Roma will come running and will begin to beg and beg for couple of hryvnias or to collect on treatment. Multi-colored cars were beautifully poured in beams of the summer sun. The cool breeze pleasantly refreshed, didn't know where the South or the North here. I held with a hand hair. Some plane with a roar gained height, there was a wish will stop and to make a photo, but I was afraid to lag behind the man. — My Volvo — he pointed by a hand to the gray crossover. — To eat didn't decide? — No — negatively I pomotat the head. — Can then. — You are very beautiful, it is much more best, than on a photo — he turned the head in my party and appraisingly looked up and down. — Slender, sexual, exciting. — Thanks — I thanked it, I reddened from such compliments, I looked down and I examined lines of a marking on parking asphalt. — Don't hesitate of the beauty — he thought and tried to be at proper words. — If again becomes me 25 as to you, would never release you back. I giggled, exchanged with him smiles. He got keys, and the car responded a signal and sparks of blinkers. Numbers by cars something are similar to Lithuanian, only to a turn. Gustav threw a suitcase in a luggage carrier, opened a front door and invited me sits down. — Thanks — easily I got inside, I corrected a dress and I put a backpack on a back seat. The door quietly clicked, the car heated up in the sun and there was a wish to move a little somewhat quicker. I tracked as he bypassed, I examined a car interior. Videla such and at us in the city, but wasn't necessary to go. I will be stopped ringing by the in the evening, let don't worry. And if ask to show the girlfriend, goosebumps ran on a body. The door opened and cool air walked on skin. There was no wish to think of it at present. My senior friend took seat on the driver's place, started the engine. Smoothly I taxied from the parking and on the road. I glanced at him, at the flashing landscapes outside the window. — The guy easily released you? — he asked and slightly I turned a wheel. — Will you remain for a week? — Yes — I nodded and I examined ranks of red lodges outside the window. — At work I took a vacation, and I told lies to the guy that the girlfriend invited me. Whether he all tried to obtain awaking at us sex — the pleasant wave spread on a body. — I don't hide from him the bisexuality, sometimes we play pranks three together, but it not often turns out. I told that most likely will be, but only, between us — I looked at Gustav and I smiled. — Practically I told the same to parents. — He at you not jealous? — the man switched transfer, and the car left for repartitions of the city, got on the shady forest road. — Often with him and other men? — Well — I thought and I glanced at high pines. — Time, at most two in a month. I don't mind and am more often, but it is impossible — made a helpless gesture. — Happens the girlfriend to us I invite. Missed each other with the big bus. At us also I didn't see, the big headlights fixed in top which at us I saw sometimes on the jeeps remade for hunting were evident. The man turned on the music. Some guy quietly sang about something in Swedish, listened to words, but could understand nothing. — About what does he sing? — I asked the friend and I watched the flashing marking hyphens. — The voice is pleasant, but I can understand nothing. — As loved the girl, and she left him and left to other guy, and now he suffers from love to her — with some grief he said and looked at my slender legs and knees. — Did you break to nobody heart? — I don't know — I shrugged shoulders and I thought. — I don't think that someone so suffered about me. Listened to quiet melodies, I didn't get used to communicate in English and the moments it is difficult to be at proper words. The black tape of the road wagged in a wood shadow, wasn't believed that she is such equal. It seemed that behind the next turn precisely it is necessary to go round enormous holes. It put the palm to me on a knee, looked at him, felt a pleasant body. Deeply I sighed, I felt as my hole responded. — It is pleasant to you? — he slightly pulled her on a hip and concerned edge of a dress. — You have such gentle skin — he for an instant stood and pulled slightly above, tried to look at my panties. — You have a beautiful dress in our national colors. — Why yours? — with astonishment I looked at him. — And ours too. Together laughed, and he began to nod enough. I looked at me, at the road. Slightly I stroked my leg, lifting a hem of a dress is higher and higher. There was a wish to pull him down, but I didn't decide to act. Breath became frequent, nipples bulked up. In the head phrases of our correspondence turned. As told him about the sexual adventures in youth, and during study in University, I showed the toys and objects which I caress the hole. Missed each other with blue Audi what beautiful blue color. It is a pity what for my salary of the worker of the social sphere such not to buy me. I presented, kind of in her stylish I looked in the yellow dress. From to stop by on such in the yard of our house, or to taxi up to club. I represent how many delighted looks. Gustav's fingers touched an edge of panties, left from the imaginations, looked at the man. Videla of his wrinkle, an easy bristle, a smile on lips. — What do you think now of? — he asked, without coming off the road. — About you — I gave a hand and gently I touched by a finger his cheek. — Very young you look, would never tell that to you it is so much years. You are more senior than my father. The car, slightly reduced speed. I bent and gently I touched by lips of his cheek, I inhaled a pleasant smell of cologne. The seat belt prevented to move and there was a wish to unfasten it. Missed each other with truck, it seemed that the driver well managed to consider me and Gustov, our small pranks. He still reduced speed, rumpled my hip more actively. The hole was even more humidified. — Remove panties — he quietly asked me and I tried to touch a perineum. Dissolutely I smiled, there was a wish to tease him, but I definitely didn't know how to tell all this to him in English. Thoughts were confused and normally it was impossible to formulate a phrase. The car came up from a wood shadow, green fields outside the window extended. Sunshine were played by patches of light on a metal surface. I looked at the reflection in a rear-view mirror. Not striking make-up, the extended face, a chubby nose, thin lips. Wind only spoiled all hairstyle. Back returned to the forest kingdom of a shadow. — I ask — tenderly and gently I looked at me. — Please the old man. Want I will turn away. I giggled where to him in the car to turn away. I planted the feet against a floor, I raised a bottom, I pulled a dress up, centimeter behind centimeter I bared the slender legs. I heard as he sighed, the car wagged. — More careful Gustav! — I stood and looked at him. He nodded and told something in the language. There was a wish to specify, but excitement seized me more and more. I pulled a dress further, seemed got wet yellow Tanga. I exchanged with it views. Our pranks made horney me. I started fingers under an elastic band, playfully I drove them wasps of the party aside. We were overtaken by some car, but I didn't pay any attention to it. Legs shook, pulled fabric down. A naked bottom I took seat on a leather seat. The heat of passion and excitement rushed a body, cheeks were filled in by a flush, droplets of sweat acted on a back. To a look of the man my pussy opened. The hole slightly opened. Accurate small sponges. The bulked-up clitoris was allocated, nervously I swallowed. The car wagged the next time. — Gustav — I wanted to tell that we will break, but all English of a word took off from the head. — Infections in аварію потрапимо — I said to him in Ukrainian. I think that he understood me without words. Only I smiled, turned Volvo to some forest road. Slightly rocked on roughnesses. With fear I gazed about, and suddenly now will land me. A lightning the thought in the head rushed. The car stood on a lawn. The motor calmed down, heard only our breath. The man unfastened a belt, it was twisted, extended the right hand. I bent in my party. I met the eyes of him, I pulled my panties further, they slipped on legs and fell to a floor. I acted from them as one leg. Lips are warm touched my cheek, went to an ear. I moved, it became even hotter. Fingers squeezed a damp hole, got inside, pressed on a clitoris knob. The gentle music played, wanted to open a window, but couldn't orient to a descent what of buttons to press. Lips were played with an ear lobe, pulled a small earring. I grabbed a door, it was curved more, all body shivered. Gustav, something whispered in the language, but I understood nothing. Skin burned from heat of excitement how many times I communicated with him about sex, and now it occurs in reality. I closed eyes, the finger got into my hole, pressed on a vagina stenochka. I heard silent champing, mixed up with my groans, all reddened. — Do you like the little libertine? — he whispered to me on an ear and two phalanxes actively I moved in my shchyolochka. — Yes — I moaned and stronger I seized a seat. — Continue. The senior friend smiled, pressed some button, and the back smoothly fell down. Our lips adjoined. I felt his hot breath, he pushed a hand, pressed on a clitoris. I shuddered and groaned, instinctively I moved to him on a meeting. The shiver rushed on a body, moist lips of the man were displaced on my cheeks. I pulled a hand and I stroked his head. Groans mixed up with music and formed a new melody of debauchery and excitement. The hole pulsed as could kissed the partner, felt his bristle. Every second I flowed more and stronger, there was a wish to catch in a hole his dick, I tried to touch him, I stroked a hillock on jeans. There was a wish to ask him to enter me, but I wasn't solved, all suitable English words were instantly forgotten. I rocked to him on a meeting, kissed passionately. I didn't expect that between us such flame of passion and desire will light up. All alarms moved away, categories of pleasure rushed on the body flaring from excitement. Gustav fucked me two or three fingers. I tried to enter more deeply me, I turned them in different directions. Tried not to break off our kiss. I groaned more and more loudly, I closed eyes and the whirlwind of an orgasm carried away my consciousness to the world of pleasure and pleasure. Instantly I became soft. All relaxed, deeply and often breathed. Moist fingers of the friend touched my lips, mechanically clasped them with sponges, felt taste of the allocations. — Terminated? — quietly he asked I admired me. — Yes — with fingers in a mouth shortly I answered it. — Do you like to suck? The dick is pleasant to take in a mouth? I smiled and began to nod. I met the eyes of him. He looked at me and playfully stroked my cheek. Language I turned around fingers, I clasped them more densely and I saw off on all length. The mouth was filled with saliva, several times swallowed. All sweated, it bent and kissed me bluntly. I sat down on the seat, a hand I wiped lips and a chin. — Oh, as hot — I waved on myself a palm. Gustav pressed the buttons and glasses smoothly spread in a bottom. Fresh air rushed into salon, wood sounds, noise of trees, singing of birdies were heard, transport sounds after the journey reached. The body became covered by pimples. Skin with some opposite sound came off a seat. Videla on him a big wet spot. — Thanks — I bent and playfully I gave smacking kiss to the man in a cheek, I carried out by a marigold on a hillock. — What at you there? — a look I hinted at a fly. — Will you show? — Ah, you are a little Ukrainian libertine — he smiled broadly and itself began to undo the belt. — Do you want my sausage? — I want — I giggled and I observed how the man pottered with a metal button. — There will be my first entertainment on the Swedish earth. — She me tasty, sweet and big — he playfully answered me and lovely I smiled. I dipped a hand under jeans I carried out on the trunk fitted by gray pants. He pleasantly responded on my caress. I tried to pull a hand further and to caress balls. I bent to him, I threw hair on one party. I licked lips and I was going to eat the entertainment. He pulled jeans and pants in a bottom. His eregirovanny soldier escaped outside. The 17th centimetric dick which is slightly bent to top, not really thick, the beautiful extended head, knobs of veins pleasantly slid and rubbed about a palm. Several times I swallowed, I bent even more, sitting made some opposite sounds, felt on it the moisture. The uvula playfully touched gentle skin of a head. Gustav made a pleasure sound, stroked my hair, touched them fingers, saw off along a backbone, the hot hand touched the bared bottom, tried to reach a perineum, but in such pose nothing was impossible to him. I clasped with sponges a penis, several times I carried out on all length, I felt his pulsation and taste of lubricant. On cheeks characteristic dimples appeared. The head gradually rocked. — Holy Christ, as well! Long ago so nobody pleased me — he quietly whispered and I leaned back on a seatback. I spoke still something roofing felts Swedish, roofing felts in English. I didn't understand his word, I pushed the head quicker, the head rested against a throat, the hole flowed stronger, there was a wish to start the fingers in a perineum, but continued to be played with his shaved balls. Saliva flew down on a trunk, breath got off. In ears slightly rustled, and wind or trees can. I was fond of blowjob and I didn't pay attention to third-party sounds. Gustav moaned enough, the wheel disturbed a little. I let him for a cheek with one, on the other hand. Densely I squeezed sponges, the body pulsed, seemed such firm. There was a wish to ride out it, to feel in the hole. Excitement captured me, ours the age difference didn't disturb at all. The senior friend enjoyed blowjob, caressed my hair, saw off on a back, gently concerned an ear and a cheek. The hole allocated plentiful portions of lubricant. I didn't know how will more better be located. Several times I sucked to the guy in the car, in it still places less. I threw one leg on a seat, I felt on it the allocations. I stood, several times I swallowed, again I accelerated. Gustav moved, the body for pulsed, and the first portion departed to my hot mouth. He instantly I was filled, tried to swallow tart liquid, it seemed I got even into a nose. I deviated and the portion departed to me on lips and a cheek. I took several gulps, there was no wish that he soiled me, I bent and I accepted the last smaller shots. Slightly I carried out by a uvula around a head. I squeezed out last straws of my entertainment from an obmyakayushchy trunk. The dick released, raised the head, did up hair, met the eyes of Gustav. — You such beautiful now. My wife never swallows — he gave me a compliment and a finger I removed a drop of white liquid from my cheek and touched my lips. — How to you my cum? — Very tasty — I clasped a phalanx and a uvula I pinched a seed. — Thanks for an entertainment — I murmured with a finger in a mouth. — Your wife loses much. The man smiled enough. Slightly I pressed on my language. I heard some rustle, I turned the head. I saw a big deer, he stood isn't far from the car at all and watched us. I turned on the party, I watched them only on TV. By something it was remembered Rozhdestvo and Santa. I got phone and I made several photo. I will show to parents and the guy in the evening. On the road the car rumble was heard, the animal moved and ran in depth of the wood. I noticed the laughing Gustav. — Something not so? — I asked the man and I tried to look at myself in a rear-view mirror. — Everything is normal. Your surprise is simple as - you did a photo with a cum on lips and a cheek. You see — I nodded aside. — Even the deer decided to admire you. We go? I giggled I got wet towel wipes from a handbag. I began to erase traces of our entertainment from a face. The man stretched and pottered with pants and jeans, but all the time admired my actions. I licked lips, I erased everything from a face. I wiped a perineum. — The billeting, is impossible — stopped me. — You will throw out in the city then. Still will fine. — Well — I nodded and I stuck a napkin into a handbag. — And at us throw where see. Along roads and in the forest there is a lot of different garbage — for some reason I looked down there was no wish to speak to him about it, but that is that is. — I didn't hear at all that we for it and have penalties. Can eat, but nobody is fined, and garbage from Lviv, probably, year was found through the whole country in forests. I noticed surprise in his eyes. I decided not to frighten any more. I bent, I lifted and I twirled panties. — The billeting — the friend touched my hand. — You can not dress them. Exchanged glances, lovely smiled. He stretched them and took away. I brought and inhaled aroma of my allocations. I put them in a pocket of jeans. I corrected a dress, it was fastened. The motor quietly began to hum, a car moved a little. Windows were closed, the crossover jumped out on the road. Several minutes just were silent. There was some confusion. I understood that sex is quite expected, but now longed through the fact that I deceived the guy, told lies to parents. But when the chance to travel across Europe, with my salary will drop out. — Did you get hungry? — quietly he asked and I concerned mine a knee. — In a couple of minutes we will arrive. — You so tasty and nourishingly fed me — giggling answered him. The man lovely smiled, clapped me on a hip. and two-storeyed houses. The marking on all roads, around asphalt, rather isn't a lot of people, saw local attractions. The old church which survived after heavy fire, the central square, several museums. Poorly I was guided as the car turned on small streets of the city. I listened to stories by Gustav, the moments I understood not everything, but I didn't interrupt his story. The car stopped at of the same name to the cafe city. — Went — he waved to me a hand. — We will have a bite and will go, you will have a rest after the journey. Today it is warmly possible to iskupnutsya in the lake. We will sit at fire. I nodded in agreement, I got out of the car. Cool wind from the sea walked on the warmed skin. How to bathe in such weather though the northern people, it plus twenty can hot. I pulled a dress down. Entered into cafe, goosebumps ran on skin. All light, simple furniture, large windows, smelled delicious. To steam of people sat at a rack, one table was missed by the man with the newspaper of average years. In a corner the company was placed and actively I talked. — Sit down — Gustav I will pull a chair and I invited me gesture. — I will quickly make the order now and I will return. Don't get bored. I smiled and nodded. The senior friend went to a rack. Videla of a show-window with food, several times swallowed. I noticed how panties stick out of his pocket. The smile stretched on lips, examined attendees, but nobody paid on us special attention. I hung up a handbag on a chair, it is more convenient than the village. I examined the neighboring houses, the passing people, the parked cars. Interestingly by what now Yaroslav is engaged, promised that he will think of me. I met him since student's times. Then, somehow ran up, and now renewed our relationship. Mother about half a year sawed me that we be defined and at last started a new family. — What did the beauty think of? — Gustav pulled a chair and took seat opposite to me. — Now will bring. You will try the real Swedish cuisine. Here in forests there is a lot of game, happens to the brother I go shooting. — About parents — I waved a hand and I sighed. — They long didn't want to release me. Cozy cafe, apparently, everything is so simple — pushed it with a leg and pointed a finger at the looking-out panties. — Oh — the man reddened as the young fellow, quickly corrected the oversight. — I hope, nobody noticed. Sighed and practically at the same time laughed. The man came off the newspaper, looked at us, appraisingly looked at me up and down. It seemed as if he could see that under a dress I have no panties, he took couple of sips. — Your order — I didn't notice how the waiter approached us. Men exchanged couple of phrases in Swedish. Slender high waiter, short fair hair, longish face, chubby lips, small nose. On him a white t-shirt and dark trousers. He carefully put plates. The big juicy piece of meat watered with sauce, a garnish from vegetables. Several times I swallowed, I looked at food, at the waiter. There was a wish to try both of them. I undressed him a look, there was a wish to see the well-muscled tightened body of the twenty-year-old guy. He wished us most likely bon appetit and disappeared at me behind the back, there was a wish to turn and look at him, but didn't decide. — It was pleasant? — Gustav nodded towards the guy. — Would like with him? He too so looked at you. I didn't know that to answer him. To tell lies or tell the truth. Each of them was pleasant to me in own way, could hardly constrain itself not to look to him in a trace. — You are all the same the best — I smiled and looked at the friend. — Eat, and that will cool down — he reached for the plate and began to cut a portion of a stake. — Do you like to cook? — So-so — I was twisted and began to cut the piece of meat, I threw him in a mouth. — Mm, very tasty... I added to him the second. Even I didn't know to what to compare him, but to sauce very tasty and it was chewed easily. Started a conversation about features of the ethnic cuisine. Though not all words managed to be translated into English. I told it about borsch and vareniki, it to me about different fish dishes, herring, crayfish, options of preparation of an elk and deer, didn't forget also about sweet rolls of a seml. Imperceptibly coped with food. The same waiter approached, I tried not to stare at him now, just looked at the legs and a table. He would know that on me there are no panties. We gathered, went outside. Big glasses of windows gleamed in the sun. I began to remember where I put sunglasses. Gustav was twisted, greeted some plump low man approximately of his age. They about something vividly stirred in Swedish. I understood nothing, except the name of the city or cafe. Just I looked at them, I rocked and I examined the street and houses. There was a wish to walk on small streets of the city, to glance in local shops, to be bought by souvenirs, but time all this for tomorrow in a week I will manage to sight-see all city. Men exchanged some smiles, he clapped Gustav it can do. Really, he told him that I came to visit him and we with him perfectly plaid pranks on the road from the airport. The shiver rushed a body. Videla, as he considers me and if he told that I without panties. The flush acted on cheeks, there was a wish to escape from them. I translated a view of cafe, the waiter served a table. About something I communicated with that company. — Went — Gustav waved to me a hand. — I met the old friend, together with him did military service. Him I didn't see several years. Earlier beautiful I was, young with hair, I will show then you our photos. — Well, and that he so examined me? What did you tell him? — moved to the car, I held with a hand hair. — That you are a girlfriend of my son from Ukraine — he lovely smiled and opened a car. — You stay with us, and I to you show round the city it at work so far. I smiled and got into the crossover. Volvo, wagging small streets was chosen to the country. I made several photo. Nevertheless will want to receive the report on my travel. There was a wish to reach to the Internet rather, I thought over answers for parents and the guy. Outside the window beautiful landscapes flashed, small mountains appeared, in places I saw emerald waves of the wood with small impregnations of sapphire lakes. Couldn't wait to reach somewhat quicker into place. Carried on an ordinary conversation. I told the friend in more detail about twist seven and the guy, he shared with me the same. Cheerfully stirred though the language barrier was shown by the moments always tried to be at similar loss for words. — Christina, look — Gustav of the decree at the elk standing near the road. — We almost arrived. You were tired? — It is a little — I tried to make a photo quickly. — I already almost day on the way. — Nothing, you will have a rest now. Here the quiet place, the wood, the lake, nobody will disturb. You know how to become an inveterate drunkard outdoors. — At you there is a lot of mosquitoes here? — I specified at him and I peered into the forest in hope to see there one more deer or an elk. — Don't worry — slightly I stroked me on a knee. — I have means. We will kindle a fireplace, we will make meat on coals. My trophy, will leave even more tasty than at restaurant. I smiled enough, the crossover turned to the flat forest road. The sun, appear, wasn't going to hide for the horizon. Beams broke to us through dense kroner of high pines. The string of the road bent around thick trunks of trees. — Look there — the friend pointed a finger. — My summer lodge, and there is farther the lake. We iskupntsya now, you have a bathing suit? — Yes — I smiled and I nodded, I tried to remember where I put it in a suitcase. — It is possible also without him — Gustav smiled and appraisingly looked at me. — The next lodge only on the other side of the lake. The car stood, went outside. I heard a low whisper of the wood. Cool air walked on a body. A small cozy lodge, a big porch, with a table and chairs. For some reason painted red, as well as many buildings. Spacious dog enclosure. — Get acquainted — he pointed to running and wagging a tail huskies. — This is Caesar, my loyal friend. I wanted to take him with myself, but I didn't know on what is the time everything can drag on. He approached and opened a cage, the dog ran out on the street and turned around the owner, tried to be played with him practically didn't pay to me attention. Always I asked parents to get a dog, but they refused to me. Here to myself such handsome, I saw them and at us in the city, but it is very rare. The man, something spoke to him Swedish. Caesar turned and not really obeyed. Though he can him and I didn't give commands. — Go, I will acquaint you — I beckoned me to myself a hand. I approached them, the dog pricked up the ears, appraisingly looked at me. Too the man, the smile appeared on a face. Gustav told something to him, but Christina understood only one word. The dog raised a paw, giggled sat down reaped it. There was a wish to stroke, but I wasn't solved. Though the dog, seemed, such darling. — Hi — I greeted him in Swedish. — You were pleasant to him, you see how looks at you. — Aha — I nodded and I smiled to the new friend. — It is possible to stroke him? He doesn't bite? — No, you that! — the man twirled the head. — You would see that with him my grandsons do. — A celestial doggie, будемо tovarishuvat — I addressed him in Ukrainian and the palm slid on warm wool. — Подобається if to you caress? Caesar obviously didn't object, is quiet and without aggression transferred my caress and a tiskanye. I scratched to him behind an ear, I caressed the head and a back. — Do you so love dogs? — Gustav asked and I watched us. — I love, I always wanted to get a dog, but it didn't develop — I sighed and I made a helpless gesture. — Went to the lake, I and have a boat. Then I will take for a drive you if you want — the man offered, took a big plaid from a porch. — Do you like a lodge? — Yes — I began to nod enough. — In real all it is much more best, than on a photo. Beautifully here — I looked around. We have in the region many lakes too, but is rare where is though some infrastructure. — Now water well got warm — Gustav took me by hand. — Do you like to sunbathe naked? I smiled and nodded, we as if young couple went on a forest footpath to water. To gym shoes I struck a cone, and it swept on the road. It is amusing how we were taken a detached view. I felt, heat of his hand, exchanged lovely views. He told me about fishing, but practically understood nothing, listened to him and just nodded. Caesar turned near us, wagged a tail enough, tried to be stuck to me under a dress. I deviated and tried not to allow him to be absorbed in a perineum. Gustav gave him commands, but was enough for a playful doggie of it not on long. He tried to make advances to me again. Just now I remembered that I without panties. The pleasant wave leaked on a body. I squeezed the man's palm stronger. I glanced at Caesar, he didn't depart from us. I didn't know how to drive away him. He doesn't understand either Ukrainian, or English, and my knowledge of Swedish consisted in a few words. Generally greetings and thanks. Surrounded with the dense wood, to a look the big lake, in blue of water as if in a big mirror it was displayed small clouds and the sun opened. A small pier, the sandy coast, the boat quietly I rocked at canes. Quietly I admired local beauty. The dog buried to me between legs again, language slipped on a perineum. — Caesar! — I shouted and jumped aside. Gustav told something to him in Swedish, he isn't guilty sat down on sand and looked at us. The friend threatened him with a finger and told something. I showed in my party, again I understood only the name. — Be not afraid, he won't be any more — the man quietly said and spread a big checkered light brown plaid. — Undress, and you are able to swim? — Poorly — it was twisted and I glanced at the sitting Caesar. — Do you want I will teach? — he offered and pulled down a t-shirt. Only I giggled, I didn't know what to tell him. Just I kept silent. A leg about a leg I pulled down gym shoes I stepped into a plaid. I took off socks and I put them in footwear. I didn't know someone watches me Gustav or Caesar more. Carefully I undid a lock, I pulled a dress and I removed him. I put and watched how funny senior friend tried, it being necessary to take off from myself jeans together with pants. It seemed that he won't be able to keep balance and now will fall down a nose in sand. Warm rays of the sun gently caressed my skin, got rid of a yellow bodice. I didn't know, than to tie hair. All elastic bands remained in a suitcase. I cast away hair back, I twisted the head and I tried to twirl them. — You are beautiful as the forest nymph — heard I a compliment from Gustav. — I can't take away from you eyes. — Thanks — I smiled and confusedly I looked down. — You have a breast, hips... — he thought and looked at me. In confirmation of his words even Caesar gave a vote and again tried to climb to me, but the strict voice of the man stopped him. For the years he looked attractively. Almost there is no excess weight, most likely watched himself and actively I played sports. The dick rocked and it seemed that now Caesar will grasp him by him. — What do you laugh? — he looked at himself then, at me. — I remembered a joke — I smiled and I waved a hand. — Went to bathe. The senior friend smiled dispersed and from a small pier jumped in water, dived and disappeared under water. Waves dispersed on the parties and broke an ideal picture of a water smooth surface, the boat was shaken and hit in a pier. Caesar pricked up the ears, ran on a pier and watched the owner. On a sand I approached water. I wetted a leg what it warm, was discontentedly twisted and slowly I entered further. Nipples hardened at once. With a shiver I plunged into water, the body went goosy. On the other hand, pleasantly I cheered up. I pricked up the ears, the man didn't come up. The shiver swept a body. And if drowned, the bad thought a lightning rushed in the head. — Gustav! Gustav! — I shouted and I peered into water, came almost up to a breast. — Everything is normal? Slowly I went to that place where he dived. Caesar ran from outside aside on a pier, appear, that he is ready to jump in water and to save the owner. — Gustav! Well, enough! Precisely I drowned, I didn't know what is the time passed. How here to call the police or an ambulance. And what I will tell them, I in the forest, here around the wood. On a face the fright mask stiffened. I came almost up to a neck, I didn't feel cold. I exposed hands forward and I tried to find the man. I didn't know at all, what should I do. — Christina! — he jumped out at me behind the back, embraced and grabbed by a breast. — Ідіот, налякав! Ти що, yak small! — I shouted to him in Ukrainian, I turned the head and angrily I looked at him. — I was frightened, and suddenly I drowned what I would make here. — Well, don't become angry — he stroked my sticking-out nipples. — I decided to joke. He so innocently looked at me. Deeply I sighed, he caressed my body, touched perineums. Warm lips touched my cheek. Caesar calmed down and took seat on a pier, watched us. Gustav groped a clitoris, massed sponges. Breath became frequent, he kissed my neck again. I peered at blueness of the sky, the sun fell, but wasn't going to hide for the horizon. Categories of pleasure rushed on a body. I gave a hand back, I undertook his trunk and it was slightly played with it. — So it is pleasant to you? — he whispered to me on an ear. — Yes — I moaned and shuddered. — Only more so don't joke, well? And how small. — I won't be any more — it is guilty his voice sounded. I turned to him, I embraced the friend, I stroked his wet hair. Videla his guilty eyes, he bent, and we merged in a kiss, lips gently adjoined, twirled by the heads in different directions, he pressed me to himself stronger. The sun beat off water and stuck together a little. My improvised tail collapsed and hair a cascade fell down in water. His hot breath pleasantly caressed skin. For an instant it seemed that rare clouds stiffened, and the lake moved a little. I moved, the shiver rushed on skin, got nervous. — Something not so? — through a kiss he asked. — Cold — with an easy shiver in a voice I answered it. — And, so? — Gustav rubbed my back and stronger pressed to himself. — All the same cold — tapping with teeth I answered him. He sharply picked up me on hands and incurred on the coast. I clasped his neck, water droplets on skin were poured and gleamed in beams of the summer sun. It seemed, it became even colder. He washed me ashore and lowered on a plaid. Caesar quietly watched us. The man pressed me to himself, pounded a hand a back, saw off up to a breast. — Did you so freeze? — the senior friend, as could tried to warm me. — Aha — I pressed hands to myself, the body went goosy, the bright sun almost didn't heat. — I will warm you now — Gustav sat down for me and pressed me to himself. — So more warmly? — I rubbed and massed my breast and horney nipples. I nodded, pleasant heat spread a body. I admired beautiful landscapes, I didn't get used to the hilly terrain, then I will make several photo for the. The man kissed a shoulder gently. — Give I behind a towel I run, and you will sit — he offered and looked at me. — Well — I agreed with him and I smiled. — You and so warmed me, hair only wet — touched them by a hand. The friend rose, the shiver rushed a body. I laid down on a plaid, I held up the body to sunshine. Caesar jumped and wagging a tail ran for the owner. He spoke something to him Swedish, stroked his head. I closed eyes a palm, skin almost dried, cold gradually receded. Interestingly, than Yaroslav is engaged now, I promised that he will keep thinking of me. Here I about him think, and he. Or again that will twirl with Oksana, still the bitch. What he found in her, is more senior for him for few years, plump, stirs all the time that at her the small business well, but he didn't bring stable income. Completely I became straight, wouldn't stir kermas from suntan, wasn't enough still to burn down. — Caesar! — I shouted and I rose, didn't know how to him to shout that he didn't climb to me. — Stop — I pushed away him from myself. Gustav gave the command, and the dog quietly took seat nearby, stroked him on the head, he lovely looked at me. I didn't know what still to tell him. — Hold — the man stretched me a big green towel. — Went to the house, I kindled a fireplace. Evening already. — Evening? — with surprise I asked it and I wiped wet hair. — The sun still shines? — I waved a hand in his party. — Polar day — the senior friend smiled and gave me a hand. — Almost now doesn't darken, in the winter darkly happens, we can observe the polar lights. His Videla when be? — Not and — I giggled and I shook the head. — Only on TV in different programs about travel. — Come in the winter for holidays, I will try to spend several days with you. You will drive on the sledge, on skis and skates. It was rolled up п a towel, I took his stretched palm and moved to a lodge. Caesar quietly followed us. Over an ear in a disgusting way reminded of themselves mosquitoes, I waved several times a hand, and my bandage fell down the earth. I reached for her. — There is nobody any more, don't hide the fine body — he asked me and I admired me. — All right — being confused I agreed with him and I put a towel to myself on a shoulder. — So much more better. We go — he nodded towards a lodge. I tried not to step on cones. On the trodden footpath reached a lodge, Gustav opened a door and gesture invited me inside. Caesar dexterously slipped between us and ran into the house. I examined a room interior. Small kitchen in a corner, the small fridge quietly worked. In a metal fireplace firewood, a large bed at a window, a small gray sofa at a wall on the minding TV, an oval carpet of dark gray color crackled. A case and a hanger at a door. Though that else is necessary for outdoor recreation. — Beautifully and comfortably, in real it is even more best, than on a photo. — Went to fire — the man pointed to the inflaming flame. — You see how to Caesar it is good. He sprawled at fire and quietly watched us. I put a towel on a chair, once again I did up hair. Villages on a rug at a fireplace. Orange-red languages of fire beautifully surrounded are light a log, escaped with a bottom, with a side and quickly disappeared. Pleasantly warmly I touched a body. I inclined the head, I tried to dry up hair. Nearby Gustav settled down, concerned me, stroked my shoulders, kissed a neck and a cheek, fingers touched nipples. Deeply I sighed, the hole allocated a portion of lubricant. I put the head on his shoulder. Firewood quietly crackled. I felt how fingers slipped in a perineum, pressed and rubbed a clitoris knob. The shiver rushed a body, the low moan broke. The doggie pricked up the ears, raised the head and looked at us. Funny, I am the first girl whom he sees naked. Watches carnal joys of the owner. I enjoyed his caress, his lips touched mine again. I answered his kiss, I heard how my hole quietly champed. I parted legs more widely, fire of passion inflamed stronger. Recent cold was replaced by heat of desire and lust. The skilled man intuitively uvalivat my erogenous zones. A palm I groped him the dick gaining strength, I drove on him, I touched by nails some eggs. The phalanx slipped in me, shadows of fire played on room walls. Breath became frequent, groans of pleasure broke through a kiss. I shuddered, I tried to move on a meeting to his caress. — It is pleasant? — he whispered to me on an ear. — Do you want? You so flow the dissolute beauty. — Yes — I moaned to him in reply. — Do you want to try something also unusual is newer? — Gustav so tenderly looked at me. — Only trust in me, close eyes, don't shout and be not frightened. Well? I thought for an instant that it planned, I couldn't will concentrate. Looked arches at the friend, I stroked his moist wet hair. He picked up me again, apprehended my silence as consent. I lowered on a rug at a sofa, I rested hands about a sofa. The breast rocked, he placed legs more widely. — Close eyes and don't spot — my voice quietly sounded, pounded my lubricant on a perineum and hips. — Relax, be afraid of nothing, just enjoy. You will remember it well. I lowered eyelids, I listened to sounds. The silence was broken only by a crash of firewood, several times swallowed. I felt how the uvula touched mine a perineum, quickly I slid on sponges, a clitoris, slightly I got into me. The shiver rushed on a body. So yet to me never licked. There was a wish, to look at him. I squeezed fists stronger, categories of pleasure wandered on a body. How can he so? I raised to myself a question, I felt how warm palms wandered on my body. Instinctively I rocked, language without restraint turned extensively, groaned even more loudly. I caved in even more. All shivered from excitement and pleasure. — It is unreal well — loudly I moaned and it was shaken even stronger. Gustav answered nothing. Something warm I touched my back, drops of saliva fell on a back, the paw scratched skin. I didn't keep and opened eyes, the man sat next, he stroked my head. The doggie actively moved a basin, his red core was stuck into my perineum. I moved from surprise. Similar arose in my most dissolute imaginations, and now wasn't believed that happens to me in reality. Perhaps all is a dream? At last he groped the necessary hole and his trunk slipped in my current bosom. I screamed from pleasure, I grabbed a sofa. Caesar adapted and in all hollowed my hole. I heard his breath at myself over an ear, loudly I groaned, on a wall our shadows were cast. The friend watched us and the dick pulled, it seemed to me that he told something to me, but understood nothing. All shook me, the first orgasm pulled out my consciousness and carried away him to the world of debauchery and pleasure. The reality mixed up, but all this concerned my partner a little, he also didn't think to reduce that. The trunk reached a uterus, appear, that the dick increased with each movement that all room shivered. Huskies I calmed down, I felt as his seed fills mine vaginas, it twitched a little, felt how it bulks up him heating flesh. It is a little more and he will break off me, holes pulsed, the new orgasm of unknown force seized me. I cried and failed in nirvana of unearthly pleasure. — Oh — I moved and I opened eyes, pain rushed a body. — Caesar, more carefully. The dog was developed and stood to me a back, moved, felt how the stretched vagina densely held the inflated knot. — Christina, don't twitch — Gustav tried to calm me, stroked on the head and looked to me in the face. — The billeting quietly, now all will fall down, and it quietly will leave. How to you? You were even disconnected. The heat rushed a body, I stood with a dog. The passion and excitement, mixed up with shame and fear. The warm palm stroked my sweated body. The finger slipped in a bottom, moved and twisted. — It is, a little more, of nothing — his voice quietly sounded. — How to you? — Still I had no such orgasms — shortly answered him and didn't know what else to add. — I said what will be pleasant to you — he slightly moved a finger in my bottom. — You not with one man won't test it. Deeply I sighed, I glanced at the friend, at his doggie who quietly breathed, I shook, I felt such fullness. I lost time course, through a window sunshine got into the room, red-orange languages of fire departed to a height. The body shook, horney nipples rubbed about a sofa. Knees slightly reminded of themselves. Several times I swallowed, the shivering hand I took away hair from a face. In a mouth dried up and having felt thirsty. — You are a beautiful girl in the world now — Gustav gave me a compliment, I bent and kissed on a cheek. Exchanged with him dissolute views. Videla his standing dick, a head attracted me again. Caesar moved, his penis slipped out me, heard silent withers from a hole literally poured down, my lubricant mixed up with his allocations scattered from me. I flew down on hips, I dripped on a carpet, I felt such emptiness. Caesar took seat on a rug near us and began to lick the economy. The man moved, became for me. I collected a cum of a dog on fingers, I began to push her into my bottom. I felt slight discomfort, it pressed on stenochki of a gut. I heard as package of condom tore. I didn't notice when he managed to take it. I felt as the head concerned my hole. She resisted, but not long and his tool entered my gut. Quietly I screamed, I writhed some grimace, the body gradually got more deeply. Our bodies adjoined. Gustav bent, tried to caress my breast, turned nipples, from the pussy flowed even more. Pain gradually ceased. The senior friend began to be shaken. — Kristinka, you are just charming libertine — with pauses he said, hands densely held me by a waist. — Not painfully? — Normally — I moaned and gritted teeth. The man accelerated, distinctly under a crash of firewood heard slaps of our bodies. Balls fought about my hips, horney nipples rubbed about a sofa. The body became covered by small droplets of sweat. Holes pulsed, closed eyes, quite recently I was visited for the first time by a dog, now from me his cum follows, I stood with him as his bitch. From such thoughts I flowed even more, this trip will precisely be remembered to me well. Gustav increased amplitude, his body the moments fell out, quickly came back in a hole. It was confused in sounds, I heard his puffing and deep breath, the body pulsed. Itself made upward movement and moved to it on a meeting. Despite the received orgasms there was a wish, again to reach pleasure top. The friend, bent. I told something, but I poorly sorted his words, holes pulsed, there was a wish to give a hand and to massage the clitoris, but a body badly obeyed me. I wasn't fully aware of all event in a day yet. Pushes became stronger, ringing slaps scattered about the room. Gustav nestled a lump not, calmed down, felt a pulsation of his dick. The muffled rattles were carried. Itself often and deeply breathed, Caesar turned near us. But after several teams I took seat and quietly I watched how his owner receives the portion of pleasure. The body gradually decreased. The man shook and the trunk slipped out a gut. — Everything is normal? — he bent and tried to glance to me in eyes. — To help to rise? Nothing I answered him, he easily picked up me on hands and carefully put on a sofa. Holes ached and reminded of themselves, Caesar looked at me. Now, I am his bitch. Goosebumps ran on a body. I closed eyes, the shame and confusion appeared. — You are tea or you will be coffee? — Gustav asked and I pottered with the electric kettle. — Tea — slightly hoarsely I answered it. — You have a rest, I will make everything now. Just I nodded. I closed eyes, I heard a ware ring, a crash of fire and noise of the beginning to boil water. Fireplace fire beautifully lit my naked body. Fatigue and mass of new impressions yielded the result, imperceptibly sank into sound sleep. dating websites cape town date between site mapMain Page